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Louisa (May) Beltz


Louisa (May) Beltz was born on Dec. 26, 1842 in Bedford County, PA, the daughter of Leonard and Maria "Catherine" (Younkin) May.

On Dec. 12, 1857, when she was age 15 and he 21, Louisa was joined in matrimony with Samuel G. Beltz (May 10, 1836-1921), also spelled "Belts." He was the son of Jacob and Nancy (Conrad) Beltz.

They are believed to have produced these four children -- Manda Catherine Beltz, Franklin Beltz, Nancy Margaret Beltz and Sarah Beltz.

During the midst of the Civil War, when the Union Army ranks ran low, a federal draft was instituted, and Samuel was drafted on July 5, 1864. His name appeared on a list of local draftees published in the Bedford Inquirer. He was assigned to the 88th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company G.

Sadly, Louisa died young, at the age of 19, on March 6, 1862 (or 1863). Evidence suggests that she may have died in childbirth with Sarah, but this needs to be confirmed.

Samuel is believed to have outlived his wife by nearly six decades. He spent his life farming in Hyndman, Somerset County. In 1877, he was awarded a federal government pension for his military service. [Invalid App. #243.385 - Cert. #512.875]

He married again twice. His second bride was Sarah Ann Wolford (Feb. 16, 1840-1890. Sadly, Sarah died on May 9, 1896, with burial in Lybarger Cemetery in Madley, Bedford County.


Unpaved Washington Street in Hyndman, Bedford County


Marrying a third time, Samuel was joined in matrimony with Laura Lovena Dunlap (April 20, 1855-1935), daughter of John and Sarah (Tharp) Dunlap of Maryland. She may have been married previously and brought a daughter, Mrs. Daniel Moreland, to the marriage.

He retired in about 1908 and is known to have endured back pain. Their home during that time was on Church Street in Hyndman. At Christmastime 1908, Samuel gave an endorsement for Doan's Kidney Pills which was published in the Bedford Gazette: "I suffered for some time from backache and other annoyances, arising from diseased kidneys. When I leanred of Doan's Kidney Pills I procured them and it required just one box to effect a complete cure. I am today without a sign of kidney trouble and in viewe of my experience gladly add my name to the list of endorsers..." The endorsement was reprinted at intervals during 1909-1913.

Lovena hosted a dinner at their home in May 1912 to celebrate the 82nd birthday of her mother. Among those attending were Annie Horner and Children, Mr. and Mrs. John Dunlap and Charles Dunlap, and Hannah Smith.

Suffering from insufficient flow of blood to his heart, Samuel succumbed at the age of 84 on Feb. 3, 1921. Interment was in Hyndman. [Find-a-Grave]

Lovena outlived Samuel by 14 years, remaining in Hyndman. Just 16 days after becoming a widow, she was awarded her late husband's Civil War pension and received monthly checks for the balance of her life. [Widow App. #1.170.172 - Cert. #908.738]

She succumbed from the effects of kidney and heart valve leakage just four days after her 80th birthday on April 24, 1935. Mrs. Annie Horner of Hyndman signed the official certificate of death.


~ Daughter Manda Catherine Beltz ~

Daughter Manda Catherine Beltz (1859- ? ) was born on May 22, 1859.


~ Son Franklin Beltz ~

Son Franklin Beltz (1860- ? ) was born on Aug. 14, 1860.

~ Daughter Nancy Margaret Beltz ~

Daughter Nancy Margaret Beltz (1861- ? ) was born on Oct. 30, 1861.

~ Daughter Sarah Beltz ~

Daughter Sarah Beltz (1862?- ? ) was born in late 1862 or sometime in 1863.


Copyright 2016-2018 Mark A. Miner

Research for this page graciously shared by MayHouse.org, the late Olive (Rowan) Duff and the late Donna (Younkin) Logan.