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Johannes Dietrich and Maria Elizabeth
(Meinert) Gaumer of Lehigh County, PA
~ Biographies of 4 Generations of Their Descendants ~
The Gaumer branch of our cousins was formed in 1748 with the marriage of Maria Elizabeth Meinert to Johannes Dietrich Gaumer. From their home in Alburtis, Lehigh County, PA, they produced 11 known children who in turn bore 40+ grandchildren and 120+ great-grandchildren. This table of contents page will lead you into their stories and experiences as these descendants broadly helped to shape Americana over the past 270 years.



~ Family of Johann 'John' and Albertina Christina (Dean) Gaumer ~

John and Albertina Christine produced 7 known children. Their biographies follow, in this order: Johann Richard Gaumer, John Dietrich "Dieder" Gaumer, Johannas Jacob Gaumer, Johann Henry Gaumer, Johann Adam Gaumer, Elizabeth Allen, Charles Gaumer

~ Family of Johann Richard and Mary Ann Gaumer ~

Samuel and Susanna (Korns) Gaumer- children Lydia A. Gaumer, Emanuel Gaumer, Catharine Gaumer, Rosanna "Anna" Gaumer, Levi Gaumer, Samuel K Gaumer, Matilda Gaumer, Amanda Gaumer, Richard Henry Gaumer.

Daniel and Elizabeth (Korns) Gaumer - children Delilah Gaumer, George Gaumer, Rebecca Gary, Elizabeth Gaumer, Solomon Gaumer, Julia Ann Gaumer, Hannah Gaumer, Edward Gaumer, Simon Gaumer, Lavina Jordan, Minerva Gaumer.



~ Families of John Dietrich "Dieder" and Johann Adam Gaumer ~

Nothing known

~ Family of Johannes Jacob and Susanna (Leydig) Gaumer ~


Little known

~ Family of Johann Henry and Margaret (?) Gaumer ~

Henry Gaumer -

Julia Ann Gaumer -

Mary "Louisa" Gaumer

Margaret M. Gaumer -

Francis A.L. Gaumer -

Unidentified daughter -


~ Family of Lewis and Elizabeth (Gaumer) Allen ~

  Nothing more known  

~ Family of Charles Gaumer and Wives Justina (?) and Sarah "Sally" Shoemaker ~

John and A.E. Gaumer - children Elizabeth Gaumer, Margaret Gaumer, Samuel Gaumer, Charles Gaumer, Hannah Kennell.

John Ernst "Frederick" and Hannah (Gaumer) Bossemeyer - children John Frederick Bossemeyer, Louvena Bossemeyer, Laura Bossemeyer, Mary Bossemeyer, Charles B. Bossemeyer, George L. Bossemeyer, Lydia Weed, Ada L. "Addie" Bossemeyer, Emma B. Bossemeyer.

Susanna Gaumer -

Peter Gaumer -


Jesse and Malinda (Kendall) Gaumer - children Wilson Gomer, Sarah Gomer, Marras (or 'Marnass') Gomer, Rachel Gomer, Charles E. Gomer, Ida B. Gaumer, Cora A. Gaumer, James G. Gaumer and Earl Gomer, Mary P. Gomer.

Daniel Gaumer -

Sarah Ann Gaumer -




~ Family of Johann 'Friedrich' & Catharina
Barbara (Eisenhardt) Gaumer
Friedrich and Catharina produced 6 known children. Their biographies follow, in this order: Jacob Gaumer, Johann Dietrich "Dieter" Gaumer, Friedrich "Frederick" Gaumer, Andreas "Andrew" Gaumer, Catharina "Catherine" Gaumer, Margaretha "Margaret" Gaumer, Johannes Gaumer

~ Family of Jacob and Catarina (Kaiser) Gaumer ~

Daniel David and Susnna D. (Ziegler) Gaumer -

Lydia Gaumer -

Maria Magdalena Gaumer -

Anna Maria Gaumer - died young

George Gaumer -

~ Family of Johann Dietrich "Dieter" and Anna Elizabeth (Heinly) Gaumer ~

Henry and Catharina Heinly "Kate" (Gaumer) Acker - children Carolina Woodring, Matilda Keck, Henry Acker, Jonas Acker, Catherine Anna (Acker) Acker, Jonathan Acker, Massya ("Messiah?") Acker.

David Gaumer - died young.

Sophia Gaumer - died young.

Samuel and Permelia (?) Gaumer -

Elisabeth Gaumer - died young.

Moses D. and Sarah (Frankenfield) Gaumer - children Lewis Frank Gaumer, Josephine Gaumer, Henry W. Gaumer, Wiley Gaumer, Roseann Gaumer, Emma Gaumer. Stepchildren Matilda Frankenfield, Franklin J. Frankenfield.

Solomon Heinly and Hester Maria "Esther" (Rumbel Klotz) Gaumer - children Moses Solomon Gaumer, Jonathan Gaumer, Ann "Caroline" Ihrie, Samuel Gaumer, Sarah Ann Wiltrout, Solomon Gaumer, Benjamin Lewis Gaumer.

Nathan Gaumer -

William Gaumer -

James Gaumer -

Benjamin Gaumer -


~ Family of Friedrich "Frederick" and Hannah (Barber) Gaumer ~

Charles B. Gaumer -

Hannah Gaumer -

Susanna Gaumer -

Samuel Gaumer -

Elias and Salome Hannah (Desch) Gaumer -

~ Families of Andreas "Andrew," Catharina "Catherine,"
Margaretha "Margaret" and Johannes Gaumer ~

Nothing known



~ Family of Johann 'Heinrich' and Anna Margaretha (Meitzler) Gaumer ~
Heinrich and Anna Margaretha produced 6 known children - Catherine Fögle (Fegely), Susanna Feglie, Heinrich "Henry" Gaumer, Anna Margaretha Wetzel, Johann "Adam" Gaumer, Jacob Gaumer, Elizabeth Gaumer, Salome Gaumer. Their biographies follow, in this order:
~ Family of Heinrich and Catharine (Gaumer) Fögle (Fegely) ~

George and Christina (Gaumer) Pilgert - children Willoughby Pilgert, Henry Edwin Pilgert, George M. Pilgert, Reuben F. Pilgert, Rebecca Jacobs.


Heinrich "Henry Harrison" and Lisetta "Lucetta" (Fegely) Fegely - Jacob Fegley, Elias H. Fegely, James Fegely, Charles Fegely, William Balentin Fegle, Ellen Jane Dorney, Hiram R. Fegely, Sarah Reese. George and Maria Anna (Schmick) Fegley - children Levi Fegely, Fiett Fegely, Franklin Fegley,William Fegley, Alfred Fegley, Hannah Phillia Philomela Bilger, George J. Fegely.
~ Family of David and Susanna (Gaumer) Fögle (Feglie) ~

Philip and Esther (Gaumer) Kline -

Jesse and Elizabeth (Baer) Fegley - children Maria Sarah Bortz, Caroline Fisher, Ephraim B. Fegely, Willoughby Fegley, Elizabeth A. Rothrock, Martha Ann Schlicher.

David and Hannah M. (Gaumer) Dankel - no children

David Fegely - not married


James and Mary (Bernhard) Fegley - children Marietta Eck, Martin F. Fegley, Clara Coletta Schmick, James O. Fegley, Aquilla DeLong Wolfe.

~ Family of Heinrich "Henry" and Susanna (Mory) Gaumer ~
Adam and Amanda (Schmoyer) Gaumer - children Henry Wilkison Gaumer, Cecilia Gaumer, Catharine S. "Cassa" Schmoyer, Daniel Nathan Gaumer, Victor M. Gaumer, Lewis Oscar Gaumer, Ellen Jane Seifert, Jonas Gaumer, Minnie A. Meyer.    
~ Family of Johan Peter and Anna Margaretha (Gaumer) Wetzel ~
Johan George and Leah (Conrad) Wetzel - children Peter Wetzel, Maria Wetzel, Charles C. Wetzel, Caroline Wetzel, David C. Wetzel, Henry C. Wetzel, Lovina Wetzel, Catharine Wetzel, Levi Wetzel, Amanda Rothenberger. Nathan and Sarah (Wetzel) Heimbach - child Lovina Leibensperger. Elijah and Marietta (Wetzel) Conrad - child Alfred Wetzel Conrad.
~ Family of Johan "Adam" and Christiana (Wesco) Gaumer ~

Lucetta (Gaumer) Treichler - children David Treichler, James Treichler, Samuel Treichler, Mary Treichler, Emma Bittenbender, Mrs. J.M. Grimley, Mrs. James Butz.

Joseph and Mary (Bastain) Gaumer - children Mrs. William Walbert, Caroline Snyder, Mary Ann Kern, Amanda Gaumer, John J. Gaumer.

Benjamin Charles and Maria (Mensch) Gaumer - children Henry Gaumer, Ella Hopkins, Mrs. A.P. Wenner, Hannah Gaumer.

John and (?) (Gaumer) Schneck -

Aaron P. and Anna Maria (Gaumer) Jacobs - children Clement A. Jacobs, Jennie A. Gross.

Charles and Judith (Gaumer) Wenner - children Anna Maria Koch, Elemina A. Stettler, Charles Edwin Wenner, Pollyanna Kuhns, Allabella C. Bortz, Malissa Reichard.

Jonas F. and Ettillia C. "Tillie" (Sieger) Gaumer - son William "George" Adam Gaumer.

William and Eliza (Ettinger) Gaumer - children Clinton Gaumer, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gaumer, Bella Aurora, Priscilla Weidner, William Gaumer.





~ Family of Johann 'Jacob' and Maria Catharina (Sowash) Gaumer Sr. ~
Jacob and Maria Catharina produced 8 known children. Their biographies follow, in this order: Daniel Gaumer Sr., Elizabeth Welker, Maria "Catherine" Sturtz, Sarah "Sally" Fox Sturtz, Jacob Gaumer Jr., Susanna Sturtz Baughman, John Gaumer, Mary Welker.
~ Family of Daniel and Hannah (Baughman) Gaumer Sr. ~

David and Lydia (Gaumer) Shirer Sr. - children Levi Shirer, Thomas Shirer, Elizabeth Plank, George W. Shirer, Peter Shirar, Mary J. Cline, Charles Shirar, Lewis Shirer, Rebecca Ann Shaffer, infant daughter

Samuel Gaumer -

Valentine and Catherine (Gaumer) Shirer Jr. - children James Riley Shirer, Haley Wilson Shirer, Rebecca Leydig, Eunice Crane and Valentine Wills Shirer

William and Sarah (Swigert) Gaumer - children George Washington Gaumer, Elizabeth Ann Gaumer, Mary Ann Gaumer, Charles Harrison Gaumer, Peter Gaumer, Sarah Jane Hewitt, Henry Wilson Gaumer, William Sommers Gaumer, Isaac Newton Gaumer, Francis Marion Gaumer.

Valentine and Hester "Esther" (Gaumer) Shirer Jr. - children Annette Samantha Lacey, Lydia Ellen Bell Kerr, Eliza Jane Vensil, Winifred Agnes Leydig, Rev. Daniel Gurley Shirer, Saline Shirer, Hannah Leydig, Mary Charlotte Shirer, Greenwell Reasoner Shirer, Catharine Mahala Sutton, Sarah Shirer, Cidna E. "Sidney" Shirer.

Jacob Gaumer -

Gideon Gaumer -

John and Rebecca (Gaumer) Wymer - children Alfred Wymer, Daniel Wymer, Louise J. Wymer, Hester Ann "Esther" Werts, Rebecca Maria Taylor, Alzina Winn.

Daniel and Amelia (Wisecaver) Gaumer Jr. - children Eleanor Ann Werts, Jerome Gaumer, Hannah Iliff.

Lebanon and Nancy (Reynolds) Gaumer - no offspring.

Rev. George and Mary Anna (Kelly) Gaumer - no offspring

Jonathan and Mahala (Barrett) Gaumer - children Thomas Melancthon Gaumer, Charles Newton Gaumer, Hannah Jane Buker, Rachel V. Palmer, John O. Gaumer, Daniel Harvey Gaumer, Martha Gaumer, Mary Dean, Cinda Alice Barr.

Charles and Mahala (Kline) Gaumer - children George Franklin Gaumer, M.E. Gaumer, D.H. Gaumer, T.C. Gaumer.

Jesse and Belilla "Betsy" (Wagoner) Gaumer - children Elizabeth A. Gaumer, George A. Gaumer, Charles H. Gaumer, Sarah C. Gaumer, Mary A. Gaumer, Lydia E. Gaumer, Lovisa Evelyn Sneegas.

Anthony and Catherine M. (Titus) Gaumer - children Henry W.D. Gaumer, Flora J. Gaumer, Mary Josephine Gaumer, Horace G. Gaumer, Lilly May Gaumer.

~ Family of John and Elizabeth (Gaumer) Welker Sr. ~

William and Esther (Welker) Simon - possible children Elizabeth Simon and Louisa Simon, a.k.a. Simmons.

Samuel and Sophia (Darling) Welker - children Milan Welker, Claborne Welker, Normanda Welker, Sherman Welker, Nora M. Welker, Wilson "Shannon" Walker, Lybrand Welker, several infants.

Rev. John and Elizabeth (Griffin) Welker Jr. - children Robert G. Welker, Marilla Hammond, Matthew Stewart Welker, Leonidas Bruce Welker, Eliza M. Lawler.

Benjamin and Delilah (Welker) Meredith - children Elizabeth J. Meredith, Margaret M. Tucker, Sarah E. Meredith, Mary S. Meredith, Leander W. Meredith, Lucinda F. Meredith, John S. Meredith

Jonas and Catherine (Welker) Tucker - children Elizabeth Tinker, Barnett Tucker, William Tucker, John Tucker, Wilson Tucker, Mary Frances Tucker, James Tucker, others?

David Welker and wives Margaret Darling/Durbin and Rachel M. (Riley) Morningstar - 1st children Rhoda Workman, Dickson Lemuel Welker, Dora Price, Lilburn Welker, Mary Markley Stephens, Jane Butler, Sarah Welker, Marilla Shaw, Catherine Welker, Wilburn Morgan Welker - 2nd children George Riley Welker, Eda L. Welker, Emma Welker, Charles W. Welker - stepchildren Abraham Morningstar, James Morningstar, Carrie Morningstar, Philander Morningstar.

Daniel and Sabra (Critchfield) Welker - children Shipley Welker, Curtis Welker, Edith F. Lydick, Maria L. Welker, Dillon Welker, Elizabeth Welker.

Nelson and Elizabeth (Wolford) Welker -

Martin and Maria (Armor) Welker -

John W. and Drusilla (Welker) Moffitt - children Dillon W. Moffitt, Edith Parish, Joshua Moffitt, Charles Rollin Moffitt, M.D., Benjamin Y. Moffitt, Robert Bruce Moffitt, John H. Moffitt.

Obadiah and Edith (Welker) Dillon - children Mary A. Dillon, Lucinda F. Dillon, Winfield (or "Stanfield") Dillon, Charles Roland Dillon, Lulu G. Dillon.

Edwin and Rebecca (Engle) Welker -

Dillon and Mary Ellen (Casper) Welker - children Candice Frasthing, Emma K. Lehman.

Jacob and Lucinda S. (Casper) Welker - children Clement B. Welker, Ardell Welker, John Adam Welker.

~ Family of John “Adam” and Maria "Catherine" (Gaumer) Sturtz Sr. ~

Jacob and Lydia (Leydig) Sturtz - son Valentine Sturtz

Adam and Catherine (Sturtz) Sturtz - nothing more known

Rev. John and Susanna (Sturtz) Hoyman - children Catherine Hoyman, Charles Hoyman, Elizabeth Hoyman, George Hoyman, Mary Hoyman, Susanna Hoyman, Henry Hoyman, Matilda Hoyman, Nancy J. Hoyman, Louise E. Hoyman

Jacob and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Sturtz) Comp - children Elizabeth Hufferd, Lucinda Geller, John Comp, Solomon Comp, Samuel Comp, Jacob Comp Jr., Adam Andrew Comp, Catherine Ann "Caty" Comp, Matilda Beltz, Hannah Diehl

Solomon and Hannah (Sturtz) Comp - children Susan Wisel, Dennis Comp, Hannah Shirey, Elizabeth Kennel, Katherine Korns, Ellen Jane Comp

Solomon "Sollie" and Elizabeth (Troutman) Sturtz - children Jacob Sturtz, Adam C. Sturtz, Margaret Moss, John Sturtz, Catherine Jane "Kate" Moss, Lydia Sheets, Benjamin F. Sturtz, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ellis, Susan Ann Eikenberry.

Samuel and Lydia (Sturtz) Boyer Sr. - children Lydia Boyer, John Boyer, Mary Ellen Shaffer, Samuel Boyer Jr.

Jonathan and Rachel (Sturtz) Emerick Sr. - children Nathan Emerick, Jacob Emerick, Catherine Troutman, Emanuel Emerick, Christina Burkett, Josiah Emerick, Jonathan Emerick Jr., Solomon Emerick, Rebecca Knieriem, Lafayette Emerick, John Emerick, more?

John Adam and Susanna (Troutman) Sturtz Jr. - children Solomon Sturtz, Michael Sturtz, Rebecca Ann Earnest, Sarah C. Sturtz, Adam Sturtz, Mary Ellen Sturtz, Jacob Sturtz, Charles W. Sturtz, Franklin M. "Frank" Sturtz.

~ Family of Sarah "Sally" (Gaumer) Fox Sturtz ~
Nothing known
~ Family of Jacob and Elizabeth “Betsy” (Sturtz) Gaumer Jr. ~

Eliza A. Gaumer - nothing known

William and Rachel (Gaumer) Bell - children Elizabeth Sarah Minnick, George Washington Bell, Jacob Israel Bell, Elizabeth C. Bell, John Riley Bell, Jared C. Bell, 2 infants.

John B. and Margaret (Gaumer) Bainter - children Andrew A. Bainter, Adam R. Bainter, Elizabeth Holcomb, Jacob H. Bainter, Charles W. Bainter, John H. Bainter, Rachel C. Bainter and Mary M. Vinsel, Catherine Norwin.

Hannah Gaumer - nothing known.

Abraham and Susannah (Bainter) Gaumer - children Jacob Riley Gaumer, Malinda Sturtz, Henry Gaumer, Mary Delilah Gaumer.


Lyman and Mary (McClanahan) Gaumer - children William H. Gaumer, Mary Elizabeth Browning, Amanda Gaumer, Eliza Jane Gaumer, John L. Gaumer, George "Marion" Gaumer, Charles H. Gaumer, Margaret Browning.

Jacob and Mary A. (Gaumer) Bainter - children Martin Bainter, Elizabeth A. Bainter, Matilda J. McCall, William A. Bainter.

Adam and Nancy (Boies) Gaumer - children Eliza A. Gaumer, Henrietta Gaumer, Emma Gaumer, William Franklin Gaumer.

Solomon and Catherine (Bainter) Gaumer - children Mary Elizabeth Vensel, Charles N. Gaumer, Samuel Gaumer.

Samuel and Lucina (Bainter) Gaumer - children Amanda Melissa Maxwell Hainline, William Newton Gaumer, Mary E. Gaumer, Peter Alvin Gaumer, Thomas Marion Gaumer, Perninah A. Gaumer, Franklin Samuel Gaumer, Martha J. Gaumer, Emma E. Gaumer, Jesse D. Gaumer.

Solomon Huff and Malinda (Gaumer) Werts - children Susanna Simon, Elizabeth Barcroft, Crawford Werts, Jacob Howard Werts, George R. Werts, John "Calvin" Werts.

Riley and Elizabeth (Zimmer) Gaumer - children William O. Gaumer, Harvey Chalmer Gaumer, Melvin C. Gaumer, Albert Gaumer, infant son.

~ Family of Susanna (Gaumer) Sturtz Baughman ~

Daniel Sturtz - died young.

Charles and Rachel (Bainter) Sturtz - children Elizabeth L. Sturtz, Margaret Sturtz, Adam Claude Sturtz, Susan C. Sturtz, Jacob L. Sturtz, John P. Sturtz, Mary M. Sturtz, Charles N. Sturtz, Rachel A. Sturtz, Josiah Sturtz, Andrew J. Sturts.

Brown and Lucinda (Sturtz) Brelsford, a.k.a. Belford - children D. Brelsford, Joshua Belford, Priscilla Chapman, Brown B. Belford, Lucinda Belford.

Catherine (Sturtz) Horschmann Palmerton - little known.

Susanna Sturtz - died young.

Jacob and Lydia (Sturtz) Knapp - little known.

Adam and Jane (Wiggins) Sturtz - children Sarah M. Sturtz, Calvin Sturtz, John Sturtz, Amanda Scott, Martha Isabella Wiggins, Annis Jemima Waters Buckles, Lydia Loy, Decatur Sturtz, Adam Lawson Sturtz, Ida Susan Smith Buckles.

Andrew Jacob and Mary McClure(Reeser) Sturtz - children Alice Sturts, Marshall Sturts, Emma Sturts, Charles Sturts, Andrew M. Sturts, one unknown, Olive Mansfield (adopted).

Martin Sturtz - died young.

Margaret (Sturtz) Mowry - little known.

Solomon and Margaret (Mowry) Sturtz - little more known.


~ Family of John and Mary Magdalena (Shirer) Gaumer ~

Chester Thompson and Mary "Jane" (Ransopher) Gaumer - children John Riley Gaumer, Andrew J. Gaumer, Mary Ann Adams, Julia Gaumer, Aaron Gaumer, C.T. Gaumer.

Peter and Mary "Polly" (Gaumer) Herbert - children Chester Herbert, Mary A. Herbert, Martha J. Herbert, Saloma J. Herbert, Laura B. Herbert, William Herbert, Eliza A. Herbert, Jacob R. Herbert, Maggie Ailer, Charles H. Herbert.

Jacob "Riley" and Mary E. (Baker) Gaumer - children Ada May Hosick, Sarah H. Gaumer, Edward C. Gaumer, Charles M. Gaumer, Frances L. Gaumer.

John Adam and Elizabeth (Fuller) Gaumer - children James Ozro Gaumer; William Riley Gaumer, Mary Magdaline Royce, Benjamin Franklin Gaumer, Nancy Jane "Jennie" Shaw, Sarah Elizabeth Ryan, Valentine F. Gaumer, infant son, Harriet Edna "Hattie" Sanders, Jesse Hannah Ries.

Valentine "Val" and Saloma (Gaumer) Zimmer - children unknown.

Elizabeth Gaumer - nothing known.

Hannah Gaumer - nothing known.

Susanna Gaumer - nothing known.

~ Family of William and Mary (Gaumer) Welker ~
Nothing known



~ Family of Johann George Gaumer ~
Nothing known



~ Family of Mary Catherine Gaumer ~
Nothing known



~ Family of Johann Dietrich and Rebecca
Margaretha (Strunck) Gaumer Jr.
Johann Dietrich and Rebecca Margaretha produced 3 known children -- Elizabeth Gaumer, Rebecca Gaumer, Amos Gaumer. Their stories and fates are not yet known.




~ Family of Heinrich 'Henry' and Maria
Gertrude (Gaumer) Meitzler
Heinrich and Maria Gertrude produced 1 known child -- Maria Rothenberger.
~ Family of Joseph P. and Maria (Meitzler) Rothenberger ~
Joseph S. Rothenberger - little more known.    


~ Family of Johann 'Adam' and Regina Gaumer ~
No known children


~ Family of Heinrich 'Henry' and Elisabetha (Gaumer) Schanckweiler ~
Heinrich and Elisabetha produced 5 known children. Their biographies follow, in this order: -- Elizabeth Trexler, Catharina Stout, Thomas Shankweiler, Henry Shankwiler Jr., James Shankwiler
~ Family of Thomas and Elizabeth (Schanckweiler) Trexler ~
Elizabeth Trexler - little more known.    
~ Family of (?) and Catharina (Schanckweiler) Stout ~
Mahlon Stout - little more known.    
~ Family of Thomas and Hannah (Burroughs) Shankweiler ~
Dewitt "Perry" and Mary Jane (Thomas) Shankwiler - children Charles Thomas Shankwiler, Edward P. Shankwiler, Chester L. Shankwiler.    
~ Family of Henry and Mary Ann (?) Shankwiler Jr. (unproven) ~

Catharine E. Shankwiler - never married.

Henry Francis and Mary Elizabeth (Miller) Shankwiler - no children.

Mary E. Shankwiler - never married.

James A. Shankwiler - nothing known.

Lorinda P. Shankwiler - nothing known.

George W. Shankwiler - nothing known.

Charles E. Shankwiler - nothing known.

Emma C. Shankwiler - nothing known.

William P. Shankwiler - never married.

Elmer E. Shankwiler - never married.

~ Family of James and Elizabeth (?) Shankwiler ~
Maria Shankwiler - nothing known.    


~ Family of Peter Gaumer ~
Nothing known


~ Family of Jacob and Catherine (Keiser) Gaumer ~
Jacob and Catherine produced 4 known children -- Daniel Gaumer, Lydia Gaumer, Anna Maria Gaumer, George Gaumer. Their stories and fates are not yet known.



This compilation of Gaumer names and relationships has only been possible through the research, writing and/or gracious sharing of the following individuals: Eber and Marguerite (Lepley) Cockley - Gilbert R. Gaumer - Jeanne Gaumer - Lucie (Burditt) Gaumer - Paul K. Gaumer - William "Bill" Gaumer - Jeannie (Beghart) LaCues - Kenneth Moffitt - Eugene F. Podraza - Mary L. Shirer - Garold W. Sneegas - Keith Sturts - Paula (Gaumer) Tooke - Barbara (Moss) Wardsworth - Myrtle (Knepper) Weniger.
Copyright © 2018 Mark A. Miner

Reproduction forbidden without permission in writing.