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Jacob Minerd Revolutionary War Grave Marker Report

Reunion Group Seeks Marker for Recognized DAR Patriot of Capt. Foch's Company, Class 3, Berks County (PA) Militia

By Marilyn (Jenkins) Prinzing
For the 2002 National Reunion, July 13, 2002 

Revolutionary War
musket man

Greetings from Illinois to all of my Minerd cousins. On Sunday, July 15, 2001, the second day of our 2001 reunion activities, many of us met at the Indian Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Mill Run, PA. We attended services at the church, and afterward enjoyed fellowship and a picnic in a lovely grove on the church grounds.

Earlier, while at the (approximate) grave site of Jacob Minerd, reunion president Mark Miner expressed a desire to obtain a Revolutionary War stone for Jacob's grave from the Veterans Administration. Since I was already involved with obtaining a War of 1812 stone for a great-great grandfather, I volunteered to work with Mark on this project, so a committee of two was established.


There were several obstacles facing us:

  1. We, nor the church, knew exactly where in the cemetery Jacob was buried. The Veterans Administration form requires a specific grave site location.
  2. Was there some sort of way to establish Jacob's grave within the area where he was assumed buried? Was there a grave detection instrument that could be used to find Jacob?
  3. How could we somehow overcome our lack of specific burial site with the Veterans Administration and still obtain the stone that Jacob richly deserved?


In April of 2002, I discussed our dilemma with Mark Affinito, superintendent of the Monongahela Cemetery located at Monongahela, Washington County, PA. Mr. Affinito and I had corresponded earlier regarding the logistics and cost for placing the War of 1812 stone for my great-great grandfather George Barringer, which Mr. Affinito will accept and place on my behalf. 

Mr. Affinito soon gave Mark Miner and me our first glimmer of hope of obtaining our goal by suggesting we contact the caretaker of the Indian Creek Baptist Church Cemetery to learn whether it would be possible to place a stone for Jacob in the area where we believe he was buried. Mr. Affinito's theory was that as long as there would be no planned future burials in the area; and, provided there were verifiable family graves nearby, we might get the cooperation of the Indian Creek cemetery caretaker to place an official stone.

Current Progress

Mark Miner has contacted Don Bowser of the Indian Creek cemetery, who has agreed to work with us by signing our Veterans Administration form, specify a grave site, accept our stone and place it on a mutually agreed location to honor Jacob. Usually the cost for placing a VA stone is about $150. The stone is free as is the cost of sending the stone to the cemetery.

At this time we are in the process of applying for the Revolutionary War stone from the VA. We expect a delay of about six months before we will know if we have been successful.

Mark Miner and I are hopeful that a dedication ceremony for Jacob Minerd will be celebrated at our Minerd-Miner-Minor Reunion in 2003.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn M. Prinzing
Libertyville, IL  
June 19, 2002

Copyright 2002 Marilyn M. Prinzing and Mark A. Miner