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Margaret (Gaumer) Bainter


Margaret (Gaumer) Bainter was born on Oct. 27, 1813 in Muskingum County, the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Sturtz) Gaumer Jr.

She married John B. Bainter (1809-1890), also a Muskingum native and the son of Adam and Elizabeth Bainter and grandson of German immigrant Godfrey Bainter. They are named in J. Hope Sutor's 1905 book Past and Present of the City of Zanesville and Muskingum County, Ohio


Schoolhouse in Adamsville, Ohio

The Bainters produced eight children -- Andrew A. Bainter, Adam R. Bainter, Elizabeth Holcomb, Jacob H. Bainter, Charles W. Bainter, John H. Bainter, Rachel C. Bainter and Mary M. Vinsel and Catherine Norwin.

John grew up on his father's 200-acre farm in Monroe Township. After completing school, John worked in "merchandising" in nearby Coshocton County but eventually decided that farming would be more rewarding. John's aged parents lived under their roof until their respective deaths.

The Grim Reaper swept away Margaret on Nov. 4, 1885, when she was 72 years old.

At the time of his death, John owned 295 acres in Monroe Township. He passed away on April 25, 1890, at the age of 81.


~ Son Andrew A. Bainter ~

Son Andew A. Bainter (1841- ? ) was born in 1841 in Monroe Township, Muskingum County.

He made his home in 1905 in Monroe Township.


~ Son Adam R. Bainter ~

Son Adam R. Bainter (1844- ? ) was born in 1844 in Monroe Township, Muskingum County.


~ Daughter Elizabeth (Bainter) Holcomb ~

Daughter Elizabeth Bainter (1847-1888) was born in 1847 in Monroe Township, Muskingum County. She may also have gone by the first name of "Selena."

Research evidence suggests that she was joined in matrimony with Charles Holcomb (April 28, 1844-1934), son of Homer and Ellen (Foster) Holcomb of Monroe Township, Muskingum County.

They were the parents of one daughter, Loella Waters.

Charles earned a living over the years as a farmer and merchant.

The federal census of 1880 shows this family living in Monroe Township. The census taker wrote a note in the entry for Elizabeth/Selena, saying she had "Heart disease."

Sadly, Elizabeth died at the untimely age of about 35 on Sept. 30, 1882. Her remains were lowered into repose in New Hope Lutheran Church Cemetery. [Find-a-Grave]

Charles survived his bride by more than half a century. In 1884, he married a second time, to Louisa Jane Waters (1858-1941), daughter of Robert and Judith (Barnard) Waters of Monroe Township, Guernsey County. They dwelled in Otsego and were members of the Otsego Methodist Church. Louisa also belonged to the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and the Women's Society in Christian Service (WSCS).

Charles contracted pneumonia in March 1934 and died at the age of 89 years, 11 months and 5 days on April 3, 1934. Burial was in Otsego Memorial Cemetery in Muskingum County.

Louisa lived as a widow for seven years. Already senile, she came down with bronchial pneumonia at the age of 82 and joined him in death on Feb. 22, 1941. Funeral services were held at the Otsego Methodist Church, said the Zanesville Times Recorder, led by Rev. W.A. Hewitt of Byesville, Rev. N.D. Cunningham of Otsego and Rev. Meckelson, also of Otsego.

Daughter Loella Holcomb (1869-1928?) -- a.k.a. "Louella" -- was born in January 1869 in Ohio. On the Fourth of July 1888, when she was 19 years of age, Loella wedded Alonzo Decatur Waters (1863-1950), son of Robert and Judith (Barnard) Waters of Monroe Township. Decatur was Loella's step-uncle -- her step-mother's younger brother. Rev. W.D. Cherington officiated at the wedding. They lived on a farm in Monroe Township, Muskingum County and bore a son and daughter, C. Emmett Waters and Agnes Waters. The family were members of the Otsego Methodist Church. Sadly, Loella is believed to have passed into eternity in 1928. Decatur lived for another 22 years. His final time on earth was spent at the home of his son in Otsego. After a five-week illness, and burdended with chronic heart disease and senility, Decatur died at the age of 87 on April 5, 1950. Leading his funeral service at the family church were Rev. Charles Finley and Rev. Raney Johnson of Otsego, with an obituary printed in the Zanesville Times Recorder.

  • Granddaughter Agnes Waters (1873- ? ) was born in about 1873.
  • Grandson C. Emmett Waters (1889-1966) was born on Feb. 17, 1889 in Otsego, Monroe Township, Muskingum County. His first wife was Florence Gail Bell (June 10, 1893-1931), daughter of Marshall and Annie (Erman) Bell. Rev. James H. Kinney led the nuptials. They dwelled in Monroe Township and produced four children -- among them Francis E. Waters, Mary Lou McCormick, Carl Waters, Bertha Welker and Lillian Wagner. Sadness enveloped the family in 1923 at the death of son Carl. Eight years later, Florence was stricken with acute kidney disease followed by a coma, and died at age 38 on Nov. 11, 1931. Interment was in Otsego at the Methodist Church cemetery. Emmett was a longtime government worker and retired from this role. He was a member of Otsego Methodist Church and, for more than half a decade, belonged to the Masons lodge in Plainfield. At the age of 65, on Christmas Eve 1953, he was united in wedlock with 72-year-old Mary Laura Brower ( ? - ? ), daughter of Newton and Lizzie (Jones) Lawrence. It was a second marriage for both. That marriage did not last long, and he married a third time, to Amanda Cornelius ( ? - ? ). At age 77, as a patient in Shields Nursing Home, Emmett died on Feb. 27, 1966. Burial was next to his first wife in Otsego Memorial Cemetery, with Rev. David Barbour officiating.

Great-grandson Francis E. Waters (1917-2005) was born on Sept. 15, 1917 in Otsego He served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, seeing duty in the Aleutian Islands. On June 28, 1947, he wedded Jean I. Allen (Dec. 31, 1923-2005), daughter of Roy Bryan and Pauline (Jennings) Allen of South Zanesville. Rev. Waldemar A. Haupt officiated at the ceremony. They produced a son, Jeffrey A. Waters. Francis lived in Lima, OH in 1949, Tiffin, OH in 1950 and in Newark in 1966. He spent 33 years with Ohio Power/AEP company, retiring in 1983. Jean at one time was employed by the Department of Defense at the Pentagon. They both were members of the Coburn United Methodist Church for five decades and, in her free time, she loved to cook and sew. Their home in 2005 was in Nashport, OH. Jean died in Adams Lane Care Center at the age of 81 on Feb. 5, 2005. Francis only survived his wife by a few months. He succumbed at the age of 87 on April 2, 2006, also at Adams Lane Care Center. The Zanesville Times Recorder published obituaries for both.

Great-ganddaughter Bertha Waters ( ? - ? ) married Robert Welker ( ? - ? ). Their home in 1966-2005 was in New Concord.

Great-granddaughter Lillian Waters ( ? - ? ) was joined in wedlock with George Wagner. They dwelled in the mid-1960s in Newcomerstown, OH. She was deceased by 2005.

Great-granddaughter Mary Lou Waters ( ? - ? ) was united in matrimony with Clay McCormick ( ? - ? ). They resided in Norwich circa 1966-2005.


New Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church sanctuary, circa 1913


~ Son Jacob Henry Bainter ~


New Hope Cemetery, Adamsville

Son Jacob Henry Bainter (1848-1936) was born on May 8, 1848 in Salem Township, Muskingum County.

He married Rose Shrigley (April 11, 1855-1953), daughter of John O. and Matilda (Shroyer) Shrigley.

The couple produced three children -- Dora Bell, Ada D. Ross Shepfer and Lily Gosser.

They were farmer and dwelled with Jacob's brother John in 1905 in Salem Township. They were members of the New Hope Lutheran Church and the Eureka Grange for more than half a century.

In March 1936, at the age of 87, he suffered a paralyzing stroke and could no longer work. His health declined further and he succumbed on April 1, 1936. His remains were lowered into the soil at New Hope Cemetery.


New Hope Cemetery, Adamsville

Rose survived her spouse by 17 years. She became a celebrity in old age, and her photograph was published on her birthday for several years running.

She suffered a stroke in October 1953 and lingered for a dozen days until death at the age of 98 on Oct. 13, 1953 in the home of her daughter Mrs. Bell in Adamsville. An obituary in the Zanesville Times Recorder included a large photograph portrait and noted that she was survived by eight grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. Burial was in the church cemetery, following services officiated by Rev. F.M. Koepplin.

Daughter Dora Bainter ( ? - ? ) married D.B. Bell ( ? - ? ) and lived in Adamsville. She was named in the Zanesville Times Recorder obituary of her nephew Harold Bainter Ross in 1968.

Daughter Ada D. Bainter (1878-1963) was born on June 23, 1878 in Salem Township. She was wedded twice. Her first spouse was William A. Ross ( ? -1902). They made their home in Salem Township near Adamsville. They bore one son, Harold Bainter Ross. Heartache blanketed the young family when William died in July 1902 of causes not yet known. After four years of mourning, in July 190, she married Samuel L. Shepfer ( ? -1961) and resided in Adamsville. In 1945, the family hosted the annual Christmas dinner for the Bainter family, with 25 people attending. They were members of the New Hope Lutheran Church, with Ada belonging to the Hope Missionary Society, Eureka Grange and Frank M. Ransbottom chapter of the Order of Eastern Star. Samuel passed into eternity in February 1961. Ada lived for another two years after Samuel's death. She was admitted to Bethesda Hospital and died a week later at the age of 85 on July 22, 1963.

  • Grandson Harold Bainter Ross (1901-1968) was born on May 7, 1901 in Salem Township. He resided for most of his life in the Adamsville area. On Nov. 24, 1932, he was joined in matrimony with Dorothy Orndorff ( ? -1941). Sadly, after only nine years of marriage, Dorothy passed away on Nov. 19, 1941. The grieving widower joined the U.S. Armed Forces and served during World War II. He was employed at Line Material Company, Richmans's and Citizen Budget Company in Zanesville. He also served as organist for New Hope Lutheran Church in Adamsville. He belonged to the Masons lodge in Hubbard. Harold died at home at the age of 67 on Dec. 4, 1968. Services were held in the family church, with Rev. B.C. Kreis overseeing the funeral.

Daughter Lily Bainter ( ? - ? ) married E.H. Gosser ( ? - ? ) and made their home near Sonora.

~ Son Charles W. Bainter ~

Son Charles W. Bainter (1850- ? ) was born in 1850 in Monroe Township, Muskingum County.

He lived in Portland, OR in 1905.


~ Son John Hamilton Bainter ~

Son John Hamilton Bainter (1852-1938) was born on May 10, 1852 in Monroe Township, Muskingum County.

He married Sarah ( ? - ? ). The couple did not reproduce.

He was a farmer and lived in 1905 with his brother Jacob in Salem Township, Muskingum County. In about 1918, he relocated to Adamsville and was a member of the New Hope Lutheran Church.

At the age of 86, he suffered a stroke and died on Nov. 14, 1938. Interment was in New Hope Cemetery, with the funeral service preached by Rev. K.J. Bishop. His sister in law Rose Bainter of Adamsville signed the certificate of death. Said the Zanesville Times-Recorder, he "had been ill from infirmities for sometime but his condition did not become serious until three weeks ago."


~ Daughter Rachel C. Bainter ~

Daughter Rachel C. Bainter (1854- ? ) was born in 1854 in Monroe Township, Muskingum County.

She migrated to Iowa where she resided in 1905.


~ Daughter Mary M. "Mollie" (Bainter) Vinsel ~

Daughter Mary M. "Mollie" Bainter (1856- ? ) was born on July 31, 1856 in Muskingum County.

She married Adams Township resident Solomon Franklin "Frank"  Vinsel (1851-1929), son of George H. and Elizabeth (Wenner) Vinsel. Frank is profiled extensively in J. Hope Sutor's 1905 book Past and Present of the City of Zanesville and Muskingum County, Ohio. The chapter says that Frank's great-grandparents John and (?) (Huff) Vinsel were Germans and settled on a farm in Loudoun County, VA, and that the great-grandfather served in the War of 1812.

Mary and Frank had six children -- George C. Vinsel, Clyde Vinsel, Roy Vinsel, Luta Vinsel, Otto B. Vinsel and Paul Glenn Vinsel.

In about 1872, they established a farm in Adams Township. They were active in the Lutheran Church, and Frank was a member of the Grange. He served as Township Trustee, two terms as Township Assessor and was a school board director. "Active and influential in community affairs," said Past and Present, "his influence is ever on the side of progress, reform and improvement."

Suffering from hardening of the arteries and organic heart disease, Frank fell over dead on Aug. 19, 1929, just a few weeks after celebrating his 78th birthday. The county coroner viewed the body and wrote that there had been a family history of heart problems. Burial was in New Hope Cemetery. Son Glenn Vinsel of Zanesville signed the death certificate.

Mary was still living in November 1938 when named in the Zanesville Times Recorder obituary of her brother John.

Son George C. Vinsel (1878-1892) was born on Nov. 12, 1878. He only lived to the age of 14. He passed away on Jan. 9, 1892.

Son Clyde Vinsel (1878- ? ) was born on Nov. 12, 1878. He resided in Zanesville in 1905.

Son Roy Vinsel (1880- ? ) was born on Dec. 22, 1880. In 1905, his home was in Zering, IA.

Daughter Luta Vinsel (1883- ? ) was born on July 25, 1883.

Son Otto B. Vinsel (1886- ? ) was born on Feb. 12, 1886.

Son Paul "Glenn" Vinsel (1891- ? ) was born on Aug. 18, 1891. In 1929, his home was in Zanesville.


~ Daughter Catherine (Bainter) Norwin ~

Daughter Catherine Bainter ( ? - ? ) was born in (?).

She married (?) Norwin.

In 1905, she dwelled in Iowa.


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