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Mahala (Younkin) Schrock

Mahala (Younkin) Schrock was born in 1825 in Turkeyfoot Township, the daughter of "Yankee John" and Nancy (Hartzell) Younkin. She may also have used the spelling "Mahalia" and/or the name "Matilda."

She is said to have married Daniel Schrock (1822-1856). 

Their three children were Anne Matilda Schrock, Caroline "Carrie" Spangler and John Ellis Schrock. 

Daniel is said to have died at the age of 34 on July 8, 1856, possibly in [New] Centerville, Somerset County. 

When the federal census was next taken, in 1860, the widowed Mahala lived in Milford Township, Somerset County with her three children in the household. 

Family lore states that Mahala died on Jan. 12, 1864, possibly also in Centerville.

~ Daughter Anna Matilda Schrock ~

Daughter Anna Matilda Schrock (1844- ? ) was born in 1844 in Milford Township. 

At one time it was believed that she was united marriage with (?) Spangler. But this is believed to be false.

~ Daughter Caroline "Carrie" (Schrock) Spangler ~

Daughter Caroline Schrock (1848-1911) was born on March 23, 1848 in Somerset County. 

She was wedded to (?) Spangler (? - ? ). Her husband died before she did. 

As a widow, Carrie resided in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County.

Sadly, at the age of 63, Carrie was felled by a stroke of paralysis, and died a day later, on Nov. 25, 1911. Interment was in Walker Cemetery. Mrs. Jonathan Spangler of Shanksville, Somerset County provided details for the death certificate.

At one time, research notes stated that Carrie had been married to Amos Schrock ( ? - ? ), but this may have been in error. As well, she is not to be confused with Caroline (Rayman) Spangler married to Peter Spangler.

~ Son John Ellis Schrock ~

Son John Ellis Schrock (1856- ? ) was born in 1856 in Milford Township, Somerset County. 

He apparently was born the year his father died.

Copyright 2013 Mark A. Miner

Research for this page graciously shared by Olive (Rowan) Duff and Donna (Younkin) Logan.