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What's New on Minerd.com

Your Guide to New and Recently Revised Pages

The award-winning Minerd.com website is ever-changing and continually improving as new research discoveries are made and when cousins and others share their own precious treasures. To help you learn "what's new," this list shows either brand-new or substantially revised pages in the past several months.


~ New/Expanded Features ~

~ New/Expanded Bios ~

Bios (continued)

2019 National Minerd-Minard-Miner-Minor Reunion Album

Honor Roll: 145 Younkin-Younken-Youngkin Civil War Soldiers

Do They Fit?

Braddock's Grave and Fort Necessity: Preserving Historic French & Indian War Landmarks in Southwestern Pennsylvania

D-Day Campaign Memorial

Honor Roll: 49 Accidental Work Deaths in the Manufacturing, Mining and Metals Industries

Younkin-Younken-Youngkin Feature Pages and Biography Table of Contents

Annabelle (Nabors) Buchanan: A Survivor's Story of Childhood Tragedy - The First Five Years, 1923 to 1928 - Life with Grandma 1928-1938 - Grandma Nabors and Lottie - My New Home 1939-1942 - Washington, D.C., June 1942 - My Navy Life - Back to Civilian Life

Gaumer Archives: Johannes Dietrich and Maria Elizabeth (Meinert) Gaumer of Lehigh County, PA and 4 Generations of Their Descendants

Honor Roll: 175 Civil War Soldiers in the Extended Minerd-Minard-Miner-Minor Family

The Mucho-Married Mayle/Male and Minard/Miner Families of the Chestnut Ridge Community of West Virginia and Eastern Ohio

Minerd.com Annual Review 2018: A Report for Family and Friends

Honor Roll: 60 Military Casualties in the Minerd-Minard-Miner-Minor Family

"Nett/Helen Letters" - Pioneer Correspondence Between Sisters Nettie (White) Bailey of Kansas and Helen (White) Clark of Missouri

Unknown Faces and Places

My Grandparents: A Memoir of Joseph and Sadie Harbaugh Ream - by Doris (Sands) Hawker

'Burgh Nation: Pittsburgh's Enduring Legacy of Innovation

Honor Roll: Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection Soldiers

Annette Hanshaw - Paper Artifacts from Her Musical Career

Somerset County (PA) Sheriff's Sale Poster, April 11, 1901

Speckled Legacy: Tom Custer in American Pop Culture

General Custer Family Album

Photo Essay: The Hexebarger Farm of Henry and Polly (Younkin) Minerd Near the Village of Kingwood, PA

Missouri Pacific Lines Magazine - Edited by Edwin H. McReynolds

A History of Old Bethel Church - by Harrison Grant King

Death on the Rails: 40 Railroad and Streetcar Accident Victims


Unknown Shelkey Faces - Photo Album

Presley and Emeline (Zinn) Martin of Rivesville, WV

Sylvester "Monroe" and Kesiah Emeline (Orr) Martin of Preston County, WV

James and Mary (Minor) Burgoin/ Burgoyne of Muskingum County, OH

Orga "Homer" and Lola Rebecca (Minard) Crawford of Clarinda, IA

Frank Errold and Alice (Agett) Wydman Sr. of Corning, NY

George E. and Althea Alice (Prinkey) Rowan of Mill Run, PA

Elizabeth Richardson of Sego, OH

John Andrew ans Susan (Pletcher) Miner of Somerset County, PA

Walter Herbert and Lucinda Katherine (Martin) Skinner of Clarksburg, WV

James H. and Estella (Minor) Ferguson of Marion, IN

Joseph R. and Emma Frances (Gordon) Minor of Newark, OH

Oren Bernard and Lillian May (Tong) Minor of New Philadelphia, OH

Carrie (Minor) Wilson Wilkinson and husbands of Columbus, OH.

John Perry and Lillian Mae (Flowers) Turner of Butler, PA

William Austin Rowan and wives of Ohiopyle & Dunbar, PA

Richard M. and Sarah Ellen (Minerd) Crawford of Uniontown, PA

Marcellus "Bailey" and Hannah A. "Belle" (Maffin) Miller of Preston County, WV & Athens County, OH

Johann "Heinrich" and Catharina (Scherer) Junghen of Niederasphe, Germany & Bucks County, PA

Rudolph "Ralph" and Elizabeth (Hockman) Younkin of Bucks County, PA & Perry County, OH

Marcellus Murray and wives of Scottdale, PA

John "Gilbert" and Harriet "Emma" (Loncas Wright) Miner of Hebron, OH

Ralph and Mary "Leola" (Skinner) Miner of Mill Run, PA

John Leonard and Ollie Margaret (Miner) Plants of Ashtabula, OH

Johannes Jacob "John" and Susannah (Leydig) Gaumer of Somerset County, PA and Danville, OH

Harry H. and Mallzena (Younkin) Shaffer of Connellsville and Rockwood, PA

Daniel Martin Younkin and wives of Rockwood, PA

Michael and Mary Anne (Ream) Weyand Sr. of Somerset, PA

Joseph and Elizabeth (Rowan) Hall of Maple Summit, PA

James R. and Mary Eliza (Harbaugh) Hall of Maple Summit, PA

John and Barbara (Long) Harbaugh of Victoria, PA

Philip and Esther "Hattie" (Fegley) Kline of Clarion County, PA

Johann "Baltasar" and Mary Magdalene (Meinert) Bohm of Berks County, PA

William Judson and Daisy (Glover) Harbaugh of Connellsville, PA

Rev. John Austin Harbaugh and wives of Blue Knob & Indian Creek, PA

Christmas and Fannie Elizabeth (Rankin) Leonard of Ohiopyle, PA

John M. and Salome (Meinder) Lease of Berks County, PA

George "Adam" and Sarah (Meinder) Frederick of Berks County, PA

Gideon and Anna Mathilda (Meinder) Bucher of Lycoming & Union Counties, PA & Warren County, IN

Jesse A. and Flora "Belle" (Farabee) Miller of Prosperity, PA

Thomas and Katherine (Ramsey) Minerd of Smithfield, PA

John William and Phoebe (Maust) Rankin of Elliottsville, PA

Samuel S. and Lula Ethel (Stairs) Swift of Youngwood, PA

Benjamin Franklin "Frank" and Jessie (Thurston) Piper of Mount Pleasant, PA

Clarence "Jay" and Clara Belle (Keffer) McKnight of Dawson, PA

Eli and Catherine (Dean) Leonard of Farmington & Wilkinsburg, PA

George and Christina (Fegely) Pilgert of Berks County, PA

Heinrich "Henry Harrison" and Lisetta "Lucetta" (Fegely) Fegelyof Macungie, PA

George and Maria Anna (Schmick) Fegley of Macungie, PA

Philip and Esther (Gaumer) Kline of Macungie, PA

Jesse and Elizabeth (Baer) Fegley of Macungie, PA

David and Hannah M. (Gaumer) Dankelof Berks County, PA

David Fegely Jr. of Macungie & Emmaus, PA

James and Mary (Bernhard) Fegley of Macungie, PA

Johan "George" and Leah (Conrad) Wetzelof Berks County, PA

Henry and Lydia (Wetzel) Heimbach of Berks County, PA

Nathan and Sarah (Wetzel) Heimbach of Berks County, PA

Elijah and Marietta (Wetzel) Conrad of Berks County, PA

Joseph and Mary (Bastian) Gaumer of Macungie, PA

David M. and Liesetha "Lucetta" (Gaumer) Treichler of Berks & Lehigh Counties, PA

Charles and Judith "Judy" (Gaumer) Wenner of Bortz's Mill, PA

Benjamin Charles and Maria (Mensch) Gaumer of Macungie, PA

Carolina (Gaumer) Fox Schneck and husbands of Berks County, PA

Aaron P. and Anna "Maria" (Gaumer) Jacobs of Allentown, PA

Jonas F. and Ettillia C. "Tillie" (Sieger) Gaumer of Macungie, PA

William and Eliza (Ettinger) Gaumer of Macungie, PA

Heinrich and Catherine (Gaumer) Fögle ("Fegely") of Mertztown, PA

David and Susanna (Gaumer) Fögle ("Fegely") of Macungie, PA

Heinrich "Henry" and Susanna (Mory) Gaumer of Alburtis, PA

Johan Peter and Anna Margaretha (Gaumer) Wetzel of Mertztown, PA

Johann Adam and Christiana (Wesco) Gaumer of Macungie, PA

Grant Ulysses Miner and wives of Connellsville, PA

James and Sarah "Ellen" (Sands) Harbaugh of Maple Summit, PA

Johann Heinrich and Anna Margaretha (Meitzler) Gaumer of Macungie, PA

Johann "Friedrich" and Catharina Barbara (Eisenhardt) Gaumer of Macungie, PA

Jacob and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Sturtz) Comp of Wellersburg, PA

Daniel and Mahala (Younkin) Schrock of New Centerville, PA



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