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Younkin Profiles: A Table of Contents
Younkin Reunion, Kingwood, PA, 2009



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~ Younkin Feature Pages on Minerd.com~


Younkin and Faidley Family Intermarriages

Delilah (Faidley) Younkin's Family Bible

Younkin and Hartzell Family Intermarriages

Younkin National Home-coming Reunion Archives - Held in Kingwood, Somerset County, PA - 1934 to 1941

Younkin Migrations from Pennsylvania to Kansas, 1800s and Early 1900s

History of the Younkin Reunion - by Otto Roosevelt Younkin, 1934

A Special Message from Your Secretary: Would You Want to Do Something to Preserve Younkin Posterity?

Younkin Family News Bulletin of the 1930s

Younkin Reunion Planning Committee - June 1936 - Numbered Faces


Younkin Reunion of Kansas

Rev. J. Frederick Kuhlman - Sketch Prepared by Himself, Ponca City, Nebr., May, 1917

William Street Younkin Family Photo Album

Kissin' Cousin Marriages

The Elusive, Zigzag Search for "Mysterious Henry" Minerd




~ Family of Johannes "John" (a.k.a. "John
Michael") & Catharina (Dorscheimer) Younkin


~ Family of Yankee John & Nancy (Hartzell) Younkin ~

Elizabeth Andrews

Polly Minerd - children Ephraim Minerd, Chauncey "Chance" Miner, Henry Harrison Minerd, Susan Birch, Andrew Jackson Miner, Nancy Farabee, Sarah Minerd, Elias Minor, Jacob Minerd, Catherine Bedillion

Susanna Schrock

Jacob H. "Devil Jake" Younkin

Ephraim Younkin

Sarah "Sally" Kreger

Mahala Schrock

Syvilla Rush - children Candace "Candy" Minerd, Margery Victoria Williams

John H. Younkin

Nancy Sanner


~ Family of Jacob "of John" and Eleanor (Chambers) Younkin ~

John M. Younkin Catherine "Katie" Firestone Wilhelm "William" Younkin - sons John X. Younkin, William Younkin

~ Family of Charles & Jane (Johnson) Younkin ~

Franklin B. "Frank" Younkin

Rebecca "Becky" Imel

Catherine Christner

Nancy Jane Johnson Rowan

Charlotta Younkin - sons William "Dayton" Younkin, James "Dempsey" Younkin

~ Family of George & Nancy (Johnson) Younken ~

Charles L. Younken - children Daniel H. Younken, Jefferson Younken, William "Henry" Younkins Sr., Mary Dorsey, Eliza Finnegan, Thaddeus A. Younken, Nancy L. Barnett

Samuel "Freeman" Younkin

George A. Younkin - sons William "Dayton" Younkin, James "Dempsey" Younkin

Jane Showman

Jeremiah Younkin


~ Family of Jacob & Catherine (Younkin) Minerd Jr. ~

John Minerd - children Henry A. Miner, Catherine Rose, Sarah Minerd, Susanna Rose, Martin Miner, Joanna Enos, Hannah Murray, Michael A. Firestone

Burket Minard - children Margaret Martin, Catherine Nesmith Dean, Jeremiah Minard, Mary Cole Minerd, Louisa Hoye

Henry Minerd - children Ephraim Minerd, Chauncey "Chance" Miner, Henry Harrison Minerd, Susan Birch, Andrew Jackson Miner, Nancy Farabee, Sarah Minerd, Elias Minor, Jacob Minerd, Catherine Bedillion

Laura Younkin - children Catherine Younkin, Eli Younkin, William "Shedrick" Younkin, Charles Younkin, Josiah Younkin, Jacob M. Younkin, Daniel Martin Younkin, Josephine Moan, Mary Caton Davis

Jacob Minerd III - daughter Elizabeth Long Gallentine

Charles Minerd - children Josephine Hall, Lucinda J. Hall, Rebecca "Jennie" Conley Woodmency, Martha "Matt" Gorsuch, Lawson H. Minerd, Almira Malissa Overholt, Sarah "Sadie" Luckey

Catherine Barnhouse - children Clarissa "Clara" Huston, Esther Resler Freed, Susan Stoner, William Marcy Barnhouse

Joel Minerd - children William Henry "Squire" Miner, David R. Minerd, Elizabeth Rosensteel Zadowsky Wilson, John Wesley Minerd, Ella R. Pritts Polen Pryor

Eli Minerd - children Emma C. Thurston, Rev. Isaac Herschel Minerd, Charles Marion Minerd, Martha Jane Stairs, William Osborne Minerd, Marietta Crosby, Margaret "Maggie" A. Minerd


~ Family of George and Mary (Younkin) Hartzell ~



~ Family of Jacob and Hannah (Nicola) Younkin ~


~ Family of Henry and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Weimer) Younkin ~

Rachel Husband

David Younkin

Phoebe Boucher

Sarah "Sally" Whipkey

Susan Lichliter

Mary "Polly" Knable

Catharine Luddington

Anna Maria McNeil


~ Family of John J. & Mary "Polly" (Hartzell) Younkin ~

Jacob J. "Dorcas" Younkin

Nancy Johnson

Susan Younkin

Hannah Smith - daughter Louisa Kuhlman

John Harrison Younkin

Mary Ann Phillippi

Catherine "Katie" Lichliter

Rev. Harmon ("Herman") Younkin

Elizabeth "Betsy" Hare

Jonas H. Younkin


~ Jacob and Sarah Salome (Weimer) Younkin Jr. ~

Elijah Younkin

Isaac Younkin

Barbara King

Jacob W. "Weasel Jake" Younkin

Frederick J. Younkin

Eli S. Younkin

Daniel W. Younkin




~ Family of Frederick G. Younkin & Wives ~

Frederick Younken Jr.

Col. John C. Younkin

Catharine Lehmer

Frederick F. Younkin - children Mary A. Griffiths, Michael Younkin, Jacob C. Younkin, Catherine Gass, Barbara Jean Swarner, Nancy Trimpey, Salome Liston, Frederick Younkin III, William Henry Younkin

Sarah “Sally” Weimer King

Henry F. Younkin - children Jeremiah Younkin, Moses Younkin, William K. Younkin, Delilah “Hila” Faidley, Catherine “Cassie” Myers, Alfred Younkin, Harrison K. Younkin, Silas Younkin, Rachel Myers, Ross Younkin Mary E. Stewart

Christina Dull - children Elizabeth Dumbauld, Frederick Dull, Mary Ann Critchfield, Lucinda Hauenstine, John Dull, William Dull, Sarah Ann "Sally" Saylor, Christina Sweitzer, Josiah Dull.

Margaret Rebecca “Peggy” Pringey




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