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Funeral of Civil War Veteran John V.S. Minerd - 1907




John Vernon Smith Minerd (1830-1907) was a laborer from Fayette County, PA who
migrated into Ohio, served with an artillery unit in the Civil War and later returned to
Western Pennsylvania for good. His 1855 work at an iron furnace is the earliest
documented specific industrial activity in the family.

All evidence suggests that this photograph was taken at his funeral in mid-February
1907, in Hunker, Westmoreland County, PA, showing his widow, children and
grandchildren. Only 27 of the 40 human and canine faces have been identified, but not
all. Can you help?



1. Lizzie (Minerd) Kelly 11. 21. Possibly Bessie Irene Hower? 31.
2. James E. Kelly 12. Bertha (Minerd) Van Dyke 22. Possibly Emma K. Hower 32. Anna Belle (Trout) Hower
3. Possibly Leona (Kelly) Henderson 13. William Henry Minerd 23. Dollie Missouri Trout 33. John Calvin Hower
4. Possibly Anna (Kissinger) Minerd 14. Missouri (Shelkey) Minerd 24. 34.
5. Andrew Minerd 15. Minnie (Minerd) McKnight 25. Possibly Bessie Irene Hower? 35. James Stanley Hower
6. 16. Isaac Franklin Trout 26. 36. (?) Kelly?
7. 17. Emma (Minerd) Trout 27. 37. Irene (Kelly) Kunkle?
8. Charles B. Minerd 18. Irene (Trout) Poole - connection unknown 28. 38. Elmer F. Hower
9. Widow Elizabeth (Livingston) Minerd 19. 29. 39. William B. Hower
10. 20. Earl C. Trout 30. James H. Hower 40.


Copyright 2016 Mark A. Miner
Many thanks to Donald Kuhns Jr. for the image and select photo IDs