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Mary Coe (1726-1791)


Mary Coe was born in 1726, the daughter of Benjamin and Abigail (Woodward) Coe III and stepdaughter of Rachel.

In adulthood, she dwelled in Morristown, NJ.

Mary was the mother of Sarah (Roberts) Mills, but the identity of the father is not known.

Where the name Roberts fits in is a mystery.

Mary is believed to have died in 1791.

More about her life will be added here once discovered.

~ Three Generations of Mary Coe's Ancestry ~

Mary's parents were Benjamin and Abigail (Woodward) Coe III. Benjamin III was born on April 4, 1702 in Long Island, Queens County, NY, the son of Benjamin Coe and Mary (Everett) Coe Jr. of Jamaica, NY. His wife Abigail was born in 1702. Sadly, at the age of about 59, Abigail died in 1761. As a widower, Benjamin’s second wife was Rachel (1709-1779). He died on Dec. 21, 1788 in Newark, NJ. Burial was in Mount Pleasant Cemetery [where?]. Rachel outlived her second husband by 11 years. Death cut her away in 1779.

Mary's grandparents were Benjamin and Mary (Everett) Coe Jr. Benjamin Jr. was born in 1660 in Jamaica, NY, the son of Benjamin and Abigail (Carman) Coe Sr. His wife, Mary Everett, was born in 1679. Benjamin died at the age of about 49 in 1709. Mary endured another 54 years as a widow. Whether or not she remarried is not known. Mary died in 1763.

Mary's great grandparents were Benjamin and Abigail (Carman) Coe Sr. Benjamin Sr. was born in 1628 in Suffolk, England, of unknown parents. He emigrated to the American Colonies aboard the ship Francis. His wife Abigail Carman was born in 1635 in Roxbury, MA, the daughter of John and Florence (Fordham) Carman, the father a native of Hampshire, England and the mother of Hertfordshire, England. Abigail’s father came to the American colonies at the age of 25 on the ship Lyon, and her mother arrived a year later, in 1632. They established a home in Roxbury, MA, where their daughter Abigail was born in 1635, just a few years after their arrival in America. Benjamin died at the age of about 68 in 1696. The widowed Abigail lived for eight more years. The angel of death whisked her away in 1704.


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