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Irene Edna Dean

Irene Edna Dean was born in November 1888 or March 6, 1894 in or near Uniontown, Fayette County, PA, the daughter of Isaac N. and Mary "Belle" (Minerd) Dean.

She married Alec Ellis ( ? - ? ). Sadly, the marriage ended in divorce, and she took back her maiden name.

She had one known son, William Dean.

In the fall of 1907, Irene and her mother and friend Miss Mary Belle Mitts of Lemont spent a day in Hopwood, Fayette County, visiting their cousin Maude Goff. The news was reported in the gossip column of a local newspaper, the Hopwood Chronicle, edited by Minerd cousins William A. Stone and Simeon T. Goff.

When Irene's father died in a coal mine accident in 1913, and when her mother passed away in 1921, Irene was unmarried, and resided in the family home in Lemont Furnace, near Uniontown, Fayette County. 

In about 1924, she was appointed as federal postmistress at Lemont Furnace, an industrial community near Uniontown. She held the post for nine years, until her death. 

She was afflicted with chronic pulmonary tuberculosis which she endured for nine years. But "complications," she went to reside in the household of an aunt, Minnie McCann, in Morgan Station, Fayette County. She died there at the age of 41 on Aug. 28, 1935. 

The Uniontown Morning Herald reported that she was age 41 at death, when in fact her age was closer to 47. The funeral was held at the home of William Dean in Lemont Furnace, followed by services in the Lemont Methodist Episcopal Church, led by Rev. Harry Humbert. Her remains were laid to rest in the Cove Run Cemetery.

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