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Arthur W. Mills


Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Arthur W. Mills was born in 1891 in Dunbar, Fayette County, PA, the son of Joseph Henry and Flora (Minerd) Mills Sr.

Arthur was a laborer in the coal and coke industry, and earned a living as a lamp cleaner in the mines. In about 1907, he began working for the Atlas Coal Company at Helen, Fayette County. He resided at Helen, a small town built by the coal company for its employees. 

(The poorly constructed houses in Helen once collapsed due to coal mine subsidence, and were dismantled. The town no longer exists.) 

Arthur also was a member of the Methodist Church at Uppermiddletown, near Smock.


Obituary, 1913

At the age of 21, during the summer of 1913, Arthur endured health problems from heart valve failure called "malignant endocarditis." Tragically, after six weeks of suffering, he passed away on July 20, 1913.

His remains were laid to rest in Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Dunbar, to be joined in time by his mother's and father's.

Unfortunately, his name is misspelled "Auther" instead of "Arthur" on his grave marker. But the grave marker stands true and tall on the steeply sloped cemetery hillside.


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