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Mary 'Elizabeth' (Miner)
Wilkins Moore



Mary "Elizabeth" Minerwas born on Aug. 20, 1864 in Ohio, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Jane (Courtney) Miner. Over the span of two marriages, she produced an astounding 25 children.

As a girl, Elizabeth moved with her parents and siblings to Logan County, OH.

At about the age of 15, on Dec. 18, 1878, Elizabeth married Lewis A. Wilkins ( ? - ? ). Because she was underage, she fibbed that she was actually 16, and also had to secure the consent of her parents. Rev. Quincy A. Randall performed the nuptials in Logan County. The marital union apparently did not last long.

In 1880, the 16-year old Elizabeth lived with her parents and three younger siblings in Rush Creek Township, Logan County, OH. The whereabouts of Lewis Wilkins that year are lost to history.

Elizabeth married again, on Aug. 19, 1881, to James "William" Moore (1858- ? ), a native of Illinois. She was age 17 at the time of the second marriage.

Of the 25 children, only these 13 names are known -- a baker's dozen: Joseph Moore, twins Mary and Emma Moore, Bessie Dean, Pearl Halstead Pickard, Maude Moore, Hally Smith, Hester Moore, twins Francis and Fannie Ford, twins Elias and Elihu Moore, and Clarence Moore.

The Moores resided in Palmer, Putnam County, OH where William earned his living as a day laborer. When the federal census was enumerated in 1900, William and Elizabeth had been married for 20 years, and she disclosed to the census taker that she had birthed 16 children, with 7 of them alive at the time.

They migrated to Michigan sometime between 1900 and 1904. In Michigan, they made their home in Union City, Branch County, and in Calhoun County. When the federal census was taken in 1910, the Moores were in Burlington, Calhoun County, with William laboring as a farmer.

She suffered from Bright's Disease, an affliction of the kidneys, and this developed into toxic uremia. She died on Sept. 3, 1915, just 13 days after celebrating her 51st birthday. Her remains were laid to rest in Burlington Cemetery. 


~ Son Joseph Moore ~

Son Joseph Moore (1884- ? ) was born in 1884 in Ohio. He may have been named for his maternal grandfather, Joseph Miner. 

Joseph did not marry until he was age 35 and living in Burlington Township, MI. On July 25, 1920, he wed 35-year-old Annie Flagg, of Douglas, MI, and the daughter of David and (?) (Wright) Flagg. Rev. George B. Miller, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, led the ceremony held in Saugatuck, MI.


~ Daughter Mary Moore ~

Daughter Mary Moore (1885- ? ) was born in July 1885 in Ohio and was a twin with her sister Emma Moore.


~ Daughter Emma Moore ~

Daughter Emma Moore (1885- ? ) was born in July 1885 in Ohio and was a twin with her sister Mary Moore.


~ Daughter Bessie (Moore) Dean ~

Daughter Bessie Moore (1887- ? ) was born in 1887 in Ohio. 

In the summer of 1907, she made her home in Kalamazoo, MI and was employed as a laborer. On Aug. 28, 1907, at the age of 20, she married 29-year-old Samuel Dean, son of Jack and Margaret (Townsend) Dean of Iowa. Sam was a laborer, residing in Athens, MI, and was nine years older than his bride. The ceremony was held at Scotts, MI, with Rev. Charles J. Bradley officiating.


~ Daughter Pearl (Moore) Halstead Pickard ~

Daughter Pearl Ann "Pearly" Moore (1890- ? ) was born in September 1890 in Ohio. 

At the age of 18, in 1904, she resided in Kalamazoo County, MI. That year, she married 32-year-old Ira Halstead (1872- ? ), a native of Ohio, and the son of Clark B. and Mary A. (Bickford) Halstead. The ceremony took place in Leroy, MI, on June 28, 1904, with justice of the peace Frank E. Nixon officiating. Ira disclosed on the marriage license that he had been wed once before. 

After her first marriage ended, Pearl made her residence in Union City, Branch County.

Pearl married her second husband, Owen D. Pickard (1899- ? ), on Oct. 14, 1924. The groom was eight years younger than the bride, and was a cook from Kent City, MI. He was the son of Abram and Myrtle J. (Allen) Pickard. Justice of the peace Byron W. Bray officiated, with Pearl's sister Fannie Ford serving as a witness. 


~ Daughter Hally (Moore) Smith ~

Daughter Hally Moore (1894- ? ) was born in June 1894 in Ohio. 

She was married at the age of 18, on Dec. 6, 1911, to 22-year-old laborer Thomas Smith (1890- ? ). He was the son of W.H. and Fannie (Collier) Smith of Burlington Township, Branch County, MI. Rev. George D. Yinger officiated at the nuptials, held in Union City.


~ Daughter Hester Moore ~

Daughter Hester Moore (1897- ? ) was born in September 1897 in Ohio.

She is believed to be buried at Burlington Cemetery in Calhoun County, MI.


~ Son Francis Moore ~

Son Francis Moore (1900- ? ) was born in 1900 in Ohio and was a twin with his sister Frances "Fannie" Moore. 

He is believed to be buried at Burlington Cemetery in Calhoun County, MI.


~ Daughter Frances L. "Fannie" (Moore) Ford ~

Daughter Frances L. "Fannie" Moore (1900- ? ) was born in 1900 in Ohio and was a twin with her brother Francis Moore. She lived as a young adult in Union City, Branch County. 

At the age of 19, on Dec. 10, 1919, Fannie married 23-year-old Chester L. Ford, son of Charles H. and Mary (Sprung) Ford. The marriage was held at Coldwater, MI with justice of the peace Edson S. Taylor leading the ceremony.

Chester was a veteran of World War I, and was a farmer of Sherwood, MI.


~ Son Elias Moore ~

Son Elias Moore (1904- ? ) was born in 1904 in Michigan and was a twin with his brother Elihu Moore.


~ Son Elihu Moore ~

Son Elihu Moore (1904- ? ) was born in 1904 in Michigan and was a twin with his brother Elias Moore.


~ Son Clarence Moore ~

Son Clarence Moore (1906- ? ) was born in 1906 in Michigan. 

At the age of 19, he made his home in Battle Creek, MI and held a job at the A.B. Stove Works. 

On July 25, 1925, he married 16-year-old Lila Wellington, a native of Athens, MI and the daughter of Pearl and Iva (Outman) Wellington. The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Charles A. Blanchard in Marshall, MI. On the marriage license, Clarence mis-wrote his mother's maiden name as "Vinings" rather than "Miner" -- understandable since his grandmother's name at the time was "Vinings" due to a second marriage.


Copyright 2011-2013 Mark A. Miner