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Delilah (Welker) Meredith


Delilah (Welker) Meredith was born in about 1808 in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA, the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Gaumer) Welker Sr. As an infant, she would have made the trek to Ohio with her family, settling in Knox County. 

On Nov. 28, 1833, when she was 25 years of age, she married Benjamin Meredith (1810-1847). Justice of the peace Josiah Ewing officiated.

They produced seven children -- Elizabeth J. Meredith, Margaret M. Tucker, Sarah E. Meredith, Mary S. Meredith, Leander W. Meredith, Lucinda F. Meredith and John S. Meredith.

Sadly, Benjamin died at the age of 37 on the Fourth of July 1847 in Howard Township, Knox County. The cause has not yet been determined. 


~ Daughter Elizabeth J. Meredith ~

Daughter Elizabeth J. Meredith (1834- ? ) was born in about 1834. 

She was deceased by 1881.


~ Daughter Margaret Marilla (Meredith) Tucker ~

Daughter Margaret Marilla Meredith (1836-1915) was born on Aug. 6, 1836 in Union Township, Knox County. 

On Nov. 27, 1853, in Knox County, she was married to her first cousin Barnett Tucker (1831- ? ), son of Jonas and Catherine (Welker) Tucker

See their expanded bio on the Tucker page.


~ Daughter Sarah E. Meredith ~

Daughter Sarah E. Meredith (1838- ? ) was born in about 1838.


~ Daughter Mary S. Meredith ~

Daughter Mary S. Meredith (1841- ? ) was born in about 1841.


~ Son Leander W. Meredith ~

Son Leander W. Meredith (1843- ? ) was born on Jan. 4, 1843 in Union Township, Knox County. He grew up in Knox County with his Moffitt cousins and spent a lot of time playing with his cousin Dillon Moffitt, who was about seven months younger.

In about 1864, when he would have been age 21, he was wedded to 16-year-old Martha J. Dillon (1848- ? ).

Their children were Eva Meredith, Charles Meredith, Louis Meredith and Mertie Meredith.

Sometime in the late 1860s or early '70s, the family migrated to Illinois, where their son Charles was born in 1874. But they eventually moved back to Knox County. When the federal census enumeration was made in 1880, the couple resided in Union Township, where Leander earned a living as a plasterer. Then again in April 1882, they relocated to Indiana, settling in Rochester, Fulton County.

Leander gave testimony in an affidavit in January 1893 supporting a claim by his uncle and aunt, John W. and Drusilla Moffitt, for a military pension following the Civil War death of their son Dillon.

Daughter Eva Meredith (1868- ? ) was born in about 1868 in Ohio.

Son Charles Meredith (1874- ? ) was born in about 1874 in Illinois.

Son Louis Meredith (1877- ? ) was born in about 1877 in Ohio.

Daughter Mertie Meredith (1879- ? ) was born in about 1879 in Ohio.


~ Daughter Lucinda F. Meredith ~

Daughter Lucinda F. Meredith (1845- ? ) was born in about 1845.


~ Son John S. Meredith ~

Son John S. Meredith (1848- ? ) was born in about 1848. He was deceased by 1881.

Copyright 2000, 2015-2018 Mark A. Miner

Many thanks to Ken Moffitt for sharing his family's history compilations.