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Dalton Dow Edward Woody

Dalton Dow Edward Woody was born on Nov. 9 (or Jan. 14) 1897 in or near Stewart, Athens County, OH, the son of Fleming and Susanna (Minerd) Woody

He was born mentally retarded -- "idiotic" in the medical terminology of the day. He may also have suffered from polio, as he is known to have used a wheelchair. 

At the age of two, Dow was enumerated with his parents and siblings in the 1900 federal census, with his name recorded as "Dalton E."

When he was age 23, in 1920, Dow resided with his married sister Lucy and her husband Ezra Dalton in Rome Township, Athens County.

Dow passed away at the age of 27, on Jan. 13, 1924. The cause of his untimely passing is unknown. 

His remains were placed into interment at the Stewart Cemetery. A brief epitaph was carved on his upright grave marker -- reading "A little bud of love, Gone to bloom with God above..." The year of death is shown as "1923" but his official Ohio death certificate is dated "1924."

His grave marker is seen here, as photographed in April 2005.

Copyright 2011 Mark A. Miner