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Phoebe (Younkin) Boucher Lybarger
(1816- ? )


Phoebe (Younkin) Boucher was born on Jan. 12, 1816 in Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, PA, the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Weimer) Younkin.


She was united in wedlock with her first spouse, John W. Boucher (July 21, 1811-1848), also spelled "Bouscher," said to have been the son of Henry and Elizabeth (Wright) Boucher.

The couple produced five known offspring -- Harmon Bouscher, Elizabeth Boucher, Henry Boucher, Isaiah Boucher and Anna Maria "Ann" Boucher.

After the birth of their eldest son, the Bouchers decided to depart from Somerset County and pursue other fortunes in the west. Sometime between 1836 and 1838, they pushed into Illinois and put down roots on a farm in Jackson County's northern district.

Sadly, the Grim Reaper cut away John at the untimely age of 36 on June 18, 1848. His remains were lowered into the soil of his adopted state in Holliday Farm Cemetery in Murphysboro, Jackson County. [Find-a-Grave]

The federal census enumeration of 1850 shows Phoebe heading a household of their five children in Jackson County.

Phoebe remarried during the decade of the 1850s to Jacob Lybarger (1825-1872). He was a fellow Somerset Countian by birth and was some nine years younger than his wife.

The Lybargers produced at least two more children, Samuel Lybarger and Elvira Lybarger.

The 1860 census shows the combined Boucher/Lybarger families on a farm in Jackson County, Township 8, Range 2 West. Then during the Civil War, Jacob joined the 63rd Illinois Infantry, Company K. He is believed also to have served in the 27th Illinois Infantry, Company H. The Army appears to have spelled his surname "Leibarger."

Jacob passed away in DeSoto, Jackson County on May 10, 1872, at the age of about 46. Burial was in Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery in Murphysboro, Jackson County.

As he was dying, he filed paperwork for a Civil War pension as compensation for his wartime disabilities. [Invalid App. #175.011 - Cert. #202.444] It was approved the day after he passed, on May 11, 1872.

After waiting for 13 years, Phoebe applied to receive her husband's pension. It was approved just before Christmas 1885. [Widow App. #333.637 - Cert. #225.809]

The Bouchers are named in the 1995 Weimer Genealogical Center book Frederick Weimer (1742-1814).


~ Son Harmon Bouscher ~

Son Harmon Bouscher (1836- ? ) was born in about 1836 in Somerset County.

As a very young boy, he relocated with his parents to Jackson County, IL.

When the United States Census was made in 1860, he lived with his mother and stepfather in Township 8, Range 2 West in the county.

On Jan. 5, 1868, Harmon was united in holy wedlock with Harriet Almira Rees (Oct. 8, 1853-1890). She was a native of Illinois and the daughter of Reuben Ross and Cyrena (Thompson) Rees.

The couple produced a family of children -- Minnie Bouscher, John Henry Bouscher, Reuben Boucher, Ellen N. Boucher, Phoebe Bouscher, Augustus Bouscher, daughter Bouscher, Kate Freiens and Harmon Ross Boucher.

At the age of about 47, Harmon passed into eternity on Feb. 12, 1885. Interment was in Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery in Murphysboro. [Find-a-Grave]

Daughter Minnie Bouscher (1869- ? ) was born in about 1869 in Jackson County, IL.

Son John Henry Bouscher (1870-1924) was born in about 1870 in Jackson County, IL.

Daughter Phoebe Bouscher (1872- ? ) was born in about 1872 in Jackson County, IL.

Son Reuben Bouscher (1875-1882)

Daughter Ellen N. Bouscher (1879-1879)

Son Augustus Bouscher (1876- ? ) was born in about 1879 in Jackson County, IL.

Daughter Bouscher (1880- ? ) was born in May 1880 in Jackson County, IL.

Daughter Kate Boucher (1882-1906)

Son Harmon Ross Boucher (1884-1936)


~ Daughter Elizabeth Boucher ~

Daughter Elizabeth Boucher (1838- ? ) was born in about 1838, the first of the Boucher children to be born in Illinois.


~ Son Henry Boucher ~

Son Henry Boucher (1843- ? ) was born in about 1843 in Illinois.

At the age of 18, in 1860, he resided with his mother and stepfather in Jackson County, IL.


~ Son Isaiah Boucher ~

Son Isaiah Boucher (1845- ? ) was born in about 1845 in Illinois.


Murphysboro (IL) City Cemetery
Courtesy Paul Hoyt

~ Daughter Anna Maria "Ann" (Boucher) Glasby ~

Daughter Anna Maria Boucher (1847-1905) was born on May 12, 1847 in Illinois.

She grew up in the mixed Jackson County household of her mother, stepfather, siblings and half-siblings, and was unmarried at the age of 22 in 1870.

Anna Maria was joined in holy wedlock with William Edward Glasby (1845-1927).

The couple were the parents of a son, Henry K. Glasby. They grieved at his death at the age of seven in 1884.

Sadly, at the age of 58, she died on June 13, 1905. Interment was in Murphysboro City Cemetery.

William survived his bride by 22 years. He passed into the great beyond in 1927.

Son Henry K. Glasby (1877-1884)


~ Son Samuel Lybarger ~

Son Samuel Lybarger (1853-1920) was born in about 1853 in Jackson County, IL.

Hew grew up on the family farm in Levan Township, Jackson County.

Samuel was twice married. His first spouse was Revennia G. "Ravenna" Fulton (Oct. 6, 1853-1882).

Their known offspring were John H. Lybarger, Phoebe A. Lybarger, William Lybarger and Jacob Lybarger.

Circa 1880, the federal census enumeration shows the family living as farmers in Somerset Township, Jackson County.

Grief blanketed the family on Dec. 12, 1882 when Ravenna died at the age of 29. She was laid to rest in Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery in Murphysboro..

After a period of grieving, Samuel married a second time to Mary Caroline Roberts (1852-1934).

Samuel was swept away by the Angel of Death, at age 67, on Aug. 23, 1920. [Find-a-Grave]

Mary Caroline passed into eternity on July 10, 1934 at the age of 82.

Son John Henry Lybarger (1872-1943) was born in about 1872.

Daughter Phoebe A. Lybarger (1874- ? ) was born in about 1874.

Son William Lybarger (1876- ? ) was born in about 1876.

Son Oliver "Jacob" Lybarger (1879-1951) was born in 1879.

Son George Benjamin Lybarger (1881-1961) was born in 1881.


~ Daughter Elvira Lybarger ~

Daughter Elvira Lybarger (1856- ? ) was born in about 1856 in Jackson County, IL.

She grew up on her parents' farm in Jackson County's Levan Township.



Copyright 2016 Mark A. Miner

Research for this page graciously shared by the late Olive (Rowan) Duff and the late Donna (Younkin) Logan.