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Sarah 'Sally' (Younkin) Trout
(1801- ? )


Sarah “Sally” (Younkin) Trout was born in 1801 near Lovettsville, Loudoun County, VA, the daughter of Rudolph "Ralph" and Elizabeth (Hockman) Younkin. While the details about her birth are hazy, she was presumed by expert Younkin researcher Donna (Younkin) Logan to have been of this family.

On Nov. 28, 1823, in Perry County, OH, at the age of 22, she was joined in holy wedlock with 25-year-old Johannes "John" Trout (March 13, 1798-1836), also a native of Lovettsville and the son of Casper and Mary Ann (Ament) Trout. Her brother "Squire" John Younkin, a local justice of the peace -- who was married to John Trout's sister Margaret -- performed the nuptials ceremony.

The couple initially made their home in Ohio. Their children were Eli Trout, Harrison Trout, Mary Jane Trout and William Trout.

Sadly, John died young -- age about 37 or 38 -- in 1836. His remains were placed into eternal rest in Holcomb Cemetery in Yellowtown, Perry County..

Then in the Spring Term 1845, in Perry County Court of Common Pleas, the widowed Sarah along with Harrison Trout, Mary Jane Trout and William Trout were sued by John Younkin and Isaac Bennett in a legal move to partition the family farm so that its proceeds could be divided equally among heirs.

The widowed Sarah set her sights on her future and decided that her prospects in the West were appealing. Sometime in the late 1840s, she and her children relocated to Iowa, settling on a farm in Mahaska County. She is shown there in the 1850 and 1860 federal census enumerations. Her farm in 1860 was in Madison Township, and her post office was Oskaloosa.

Charlotte's fate is not yet known.


~ Son Eli Trout Sr. ~


Eli and Charlotte Trout. Courtesy Jerry Coffman

Son Eli Trout Sr. (1823-1903) was born on March 28, 1823 in Beaver City, Perry County, OH.

During the 1850s, he married New York native Charlotte Mettler (Sept. 1823/1828-1901).

They initially lived near Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, IA and were the parents of Sodema (?) Trout, Ira Trout, George Trout, Eli Trout Jr., John W. Trout, Lusetta M. Dunsmoor and Irvin Ellis Trout.

Eli successfully obtained a patent on 40 acres of "Des Moines River Land" in Mahaska County. When the federal census enumeration was made in 1880, Eli and Charlotte resided in Madison Township, Mahaska County, near to the homeplace of his brother Harrison.

During the period between 1880 and 1900, the couple pushed into Nebraska and settled in Western, Johnson County. During the winter of 1893, wrote S.B. McVey in the Religious Telescope newspaper, Eli "was converted and joined the United Brethren Church ... and remained an esteemed and faithful member until the day of his death."

The 1900 U.S. Census shows them as boarders in the home of their married daughter Lusetta Dunsmoor and family. They are known to have been in Lewiston, Johnson County, NE.

Sadly, Charlotte passed into eternity in Crab Orchard, Johnson County on Jan. 7, 1901.

Eli outlived her by about two years and died at the age of 78 on Jan. 20, 1903. Burial was in Vesta Cemetery.

Daughter Sodema (?) Trout (1852- ? ) was born in about 1852 in Mahaska County, IA.

Son Ira Trout (1854- ? ) was born in about 1854 in Mahaska County, IA. Unmarried at the age of 26 in 1880, he worked as a farmer on his parents' farm in Mahaska County.

Son George Trout (1855-1936) was born on Dec. 29, 1855 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, IA. When he was 23 years of age, on Jan. 9, 1879, he wedded Mary Margaret Pickrell (April 26, 1858-1930), daughter of Jacob and Rachel (Marmon) Pickrell. The wedding ceremony was held in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, IA. They relocated to Nebraska after the birth of their eldest son circa 1881-1882 and dwelled in Johnson County. Their home in 1900 was in close proximity to the residences of George's parents, married sister Lusetta Dunsmoor and brother Irvin. They produced three known children, Linneaus Trout, Dora Trout and Clarence Gilbert Trout. Then in about 1905, they moved to York, NE. George and his brother Irvin are known to have traveled to Crested Butte, NE in August 1921 to spend a week visiting with their nephew Carlton "Carl" Dunsmore. Mary Margaret died at the age of 72 in York on July 26, 1930. An obituary in the Lincoln Nebraska State Journal said she had lived in York for 24 years. George lived for another five-plus years and was carried away by the Angel of Death at the age of 78 on Dec. 8, 1936. They are buried in Vesta, NE.

  • Grandson Linneaus "Lineous" Trout (1880- ? ) was born in Dec. 1880 in Iowa. Circa 1930, he dwelled in Lincoln, NE.
  • Granddaughter Dora Trout (1883- ? ) was born in April 1883 in Nebraska. She married (?) Manning ( ? - ? ) and lived in York, NE in 1930. Then by 1936, she was wedded to Elmer Monnismith ( ? - ? ) of York.
  • Grandson Clarence Gilbert Trout (1885- ? ) was born in Jan. 1885 in Nebraska. He resided in Hayes Center in 1930 and in Culbertson in 1936.

Son Eli Trout Jr. (1860- ? ) was born in about 1860 near Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, IA.

Son John W. Trout (1860-1938) was born in about 1860 in Iowa. He grew up on his parents' farm and in 1880, at the age of 26, lived at home and earned a living as a farmer. He was married to (?) Stevens ( ?- ? ). She had been married previously and brought two sons to the union -- Ray Stevens and Lee Stevens. The couple bore two sons of their own -- Myron Trout and Byron Trout. They lived in Blue Springs near Beatrice, NE in 1911 and in October that year attended the county fair. Their residence in 1928 was Wymore, NE. Sadly, John's wife died on Jan. 22, 1928 "after suffering with cancer for more than a year," said the Beatrice (NE) Daily Sun. Funeral services were held in the Methodist Church, preached by Rev. Trowbridge. Said the Daily Sun, "The large number of friends present and the many floral offerings showed the deep respect in which the deceased was held in the community." In late December 1936, John and Mr./Mrs. Ray Stevens and Myron Trout traveled to Vesta, NE to attend the funeral of John's brother George. John succumbed at the age of 78 on Feb. 28, 1938. An obituary in the Daily Sun noted that he had been a Wymore resident for 25 years. In addition to his son Byron, those who traveled to attend John's funeral were Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Trout, Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Trout, Mrs. Alice Whitehead and Mr. and Mrs. Lane.

  • Byron Trout ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). He was married. Byron made his home in 1923 in Bloomfield, Knox County, NE and in 1938 in Bloomington, Franklin County, NE. When his father died in the winter of 1938, Byron and his wife traveled to Wymore for the funeral.
  • Grandson Myron Trout lived at home in Wymore, NE in 1928.
  • Step-grandson Ray Stevens dwelled in Wymore in 1938.
  • Step-grandson Lee Stevens resided in 1938 in Grand Island, NE.

Daughter Lusetta M. Trout (1862- ? ) was born in May 1862 in Iowa. In about 1884, when she was age 21, she wedded Albert M. Dunsmoor (April 1863- ? ) of Iowa. The couple were the parents of Eleanor Dunsmoor, Etta Dunsmoor, Carlton "Carl" Dunsmoor, Edna Dunsmoor, Harry Dunsmoor, Chester A. Dunsmoor, Myrtle Dunsmoor and Wilbur Dunsmoor. Sadly, three of the children died prior to 1910. Sometime between 1883 and 1885, they migrated to Nebraska and settled on a farm in Western District, Johnson County. In 1892, at the birth of their son Harry, they were in South Dakota, but soonafter returned to Nebraska. The 1900 U.S. Census shows this family in Western, with Lusetta's parents boarding under their roof. During the decade between 1900 and 1910, the Dunsmoors migrated to Colorado and in 1910 are listed as living there in Fowler Township, Otero County. In Fowler, Albert was proprietor of a grocery store, while son Carl was a salesman at the store and son Harry the driver of a delivery wagon. By 1920, in Otero County's Precinct 26, he had given up the store and was listed as a farmer in the U.S. Census, with his married son Chester living next door. Sadly, Lusetta died during the 1920s. Census records for 1930 show the widowed Albert heading a farming household in Fowler with 24-year-old son Wilbur under his roof.

  • Grandson Eleanor Dunsmoor (1883- ? ) was born in Dec. 1883 in Iowa.
  • Granddaughter Etta Dunsmoor (1885- ? ) was born in Aug. 1885 in Nebraska.
  • Grandson Carlton L. "Carl" Dunsmoor (1887-1981) was born in Nov. 1887 in Nebraska or South Dakota. (Sources differ.) At the age of 21, in 1910, he lived with his parents in Fowler, CO and worked as a salesman in his father's grocery store. He married Laura (1897- ? ), a native of North Carolina. The couple's known children were Agatha K. Dunsmoor and Marion F. Dunsmoor. They dwelled on a farm in Precinct 26, Otero County, CO in 1920 and at Crested Butte, CO in 1921. In late August 1921, Carl hosted a visit from his uncles George and Irvin Trout of Nebraska City, as noted in the gossip columns of the Nebraska State Journal. When he was age 48, in 1935, he married again to Eva Violet Porter (July 17, 1893-1955). In Jan. 1981, at the age of 93, Carlton died in Colorado. Burial was in New Hope Cemetery in Fremont County.
  • Granddaughter Edna Dunsmoor (1889- ? ) was born in Oct. 1889 in Nebraska.
  • Grandson Harry Dunsmoor (1892- ? ) was born on Oct. 9, 1892 in South Dakota. When he was 17, in 1910, he drove a delivery wagon for his father's retail grocery store in Fowler, CO. In 1919, he was united in marriage with Sallie Pearl Bevard (1895-1975). Their home in 1920 was in Fowler, Otero County, CO, where he made a living as a driver with an automobile livery. At the age of 87, he was cut down by the Grim Reaper in Florence, Fremont County, CO on Oct. 23, 1979. Burial was in Fowler Cemetery in Otero County.
  • Grandson Chester Olas Dunsmoor (1895-1979) was born on March 30, 1895 in Nebraska. At the age of 23, in about 1918, Chester wedded 18-year-old Gladys "Fay" Crites (1899-1985), a native of Oklahoma. Their one known son was Donald L. Dunsmoor. Chester served as a private in the U.S. Army during World War I. The couple dwelled next to his parents in Precinct 26, Otero County, CO in 1920. By 1930, Chester had secured employment as janitor of a public school in Fowler, Otero County. He died on April 21, 1979 and is buried in Fowler Cemetery in Otero County.
  • Granddaughter Myrtle Dunsmoor (1900- ? ) was born in 1900 in Nebraska.
  • Grandson Wilbur Dunsmoor (1905- ? ) was born in 1905 in Nebraska. In 1920, at 14 years of age, Wilbur assisted his father with work on the home farm in Otero County, CO. He died at the age of 36 on March 23, 1942 in Fowler, Otero Couinty. An obituary was published in the Fowler Tribune, and burial took place in Fowler Cemetery.

Son Irvin Ellis Trout (1864-1932) was born on Nov. 28, 1864 near Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, IA. In about 1888, when he was age 24, he was united in matrimony with Minnie Alta Pickrell (Jan. 24, 1868-1936), daughter of William Henry and Katherine Alma McKee (Michael) Pickrell. The couple bore these known sons -- LeRoy E. Trout, Orville Trout, Harold Harvey Trout and Hubert LaVerne Trout. Within a few years of marriage, the Trouts left Iowa and relocated to Nebraska, putting down roots on a farm next to his sister Lusetta Dunsmoor in Western District, Johnson County. Irvin and his brother George are known to have traveled to Crested Butte, NE in August 1921 to spend a week visiting with their nephew Carlton "Carl" Dunsmore. At the age of 67, Irvin died in Crab Orchard, Johnson County on March 23, 1932. His remains were lowered into eternal repose in Vesta Cemetery in Johnson County. As a widow, Minnie survived for another four years. She joined her husband in death on Feb. 1, 1936. Rev. Murdock preached the funeral, and a male quartet provided vocal music, among them Rev. Smitheram and Messrs. Bryson, Marshall and Shelley. In reporting on her funeral, the Beatrice Daily Sun said that "Relatives from a distance to attend were John Trout and son Myron of Wymore. The roads were badly drifted and extra work was necessary to open them."

  • Grandson Leroy E. Trout ( ? - ? ) may have died young.
  • Grandson Orville Trout (1891- ? ) was born in Oct. 1891 in Nebraska.
  • Grandson Harold Harvey Trout (1895- ? ) was born in Jan. 1895 in Nebraska.

~ Son Harrison Trout ~

Son Harrison Trout (1827-1910) was born on March 10, 1827 or 1830 in Ohio. He never learned to write.

At the age of 33 in 1860, unmarried, he lived with his widowed mother near Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, IA and earned a living as a farmer.

Then in about 1866, he was joined in holy wedlock with widow Elizabeth J. (Cruzen) McLean (March 8, 1939-1918). She appears to have been married before to Jonathan McClean (1839-1863) and brought offspring to the second union, Charles H.M. McClean and Jennie G. McClean.

When in 1880 the United States Census was taken, the family lived near Harrison's brother Eli and family and Elizabeth's relatives James and Jerome Cruzen in Madison Township, Mahaska County. They made a longtime home in Mahaska.

Harrison entered eternity on Oct. 5, 1910.

Elizabeth passed away on New Year's Day 1918. They are buried in Madison Cemetery in Mahaska County.

Stepson Charles H.M. McClean

Stepdaughter Jennie G. McClean


~ Daughter Mary Jane Trout ~

Presumed daughter Mary Jane Trout ( ? - ? ) is only known from when she was named in a lawsuit where her mother and siblings were sued to force a division of the family farm in Perry County, Ohio.


~ Son William Trout ~

Son William Trout (1831- ? ) was born in about 1831.


Copyright 2019 Mark A. Miner

Research for this page graciously shared by the late Donna (Younkin) Logan and Maxine Fisher.