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Visualizing the Generations

A Graphic Representation of Everyone in the First Four Generations of Offspring of Southwestern Pennsylvania Pioneers Jacob and Maria (Nein) Minerd Sr., shown by Headcount and Gender

Generation 1 - Jacob and Maria's 12 Children - only 8 are known - 6 sons and 2 daughters


Generation 2 - Jacob and Maria's grandchildren: 89 known names - 50 males and 39 females


 Generation 3 - Jacob and Maria's great-grandchildren: 516 known names - 259 males and 262 females


Generation 4 - Jacob and Maria's great-great-grandchildren: 1,729 known names - 880 males and 849 females - virtually all born by the year 1900


Notes: The headcounts include natural-born, step, foster and adopted children, including infants who died at birth, except where the gender is not known.


Copyright 2020 Mark A. Miner. Reproduction forbidden without consent.