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Thomas A. Hinerman (1849-1934) and
Experience 'Perie' Grimm


Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery

Thomas A. Hinerman was born on Nov. 14, 1849, presumably in Greene County, PA, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hinerman Sr

Thomas' father was a native of Pennsylvania though some thought he was born in Germany. It's likely then that German was spoken in this family and that son Thomas also grew up speaking a mixture of English and German.

Among Thomas' known siblings were William Hinerman, Henry Hinerman, Jackson Hinerman, Nelson Hinerman, Albert Hinerman, Elizabeth Hinerman and Eliza Jane Hinerman. 

They were a close-knit family and in 1870, when the federal census was taken, the Hinermans lived within a few doors of Anderson and Prudence "Prudy" Hinerman and also Jesse and Rebecca Hinerman. They received their mail over the years from rural post offices in New Freeport and Rogersville.


Perie (Grimm) Hinerman

Thomas' first wife was Experience "Perie" Grim (1848-1879?), daughter of Harvey and Permelia (Headley) Grim

The couple produced four children -- Lillian Groff Allison, Maud Alice Ullom, George Hinerman (Hineman) and Clark Hinerman. 

Thomas made a living early in the marriage as a day laborer in and around Aleppo Township.

Tragedy struck this family in October 1879, when Perie contracted a deadly case of typhoid fever. She was treated by Dr. William Parry, but could not rally. She died an untimely death at the age of 30. Her passing left a widower with four young children. 

When the federal census was taken in 1880, Thomas and the children were under the same roof in Aleppo Township. Their next door neighbor was young widow Melissa Ann (Hupp) Ullom whose son Lantz later married Thomas' daughter Maude.

Daughter Lillian was taken in to raise by a family named Chess in Greene County, and later migrated to Keyser, Mineral County, WV; while daughter Maud, age 16 months, was cared for in the household of Al Hinerman.

Thomas married a second time, to Marietta "Mary" Hennen (1862-1927). She was 13 years his junior in age.

They had more children of their own -- Patrick Hinerman, Isaac "Ike" Hinerman, Garnet Hinerman, Fannie Ray, David Charles Hinerman, Ruth Koontz and Ann Evelyn Sweeney. Sadly, the children from the first marriage did not particularly acknowledge the second group as legitimate siblings.


Moundsville Daily Echo

In about 1907, the Hinermans relocated to Moundsville, Marshall County, WV. They remained there for the rest of their lives. 

Later in 1907, in July, they grieved when learning that son Clark, a wealthy saloon owner living in Ohio, had been shot and killed in a late-night fight.

Thomas is said to have been employed at one point selling tombstones for a Moundsville firm. 

Burdened with organic heart disease, Marietta died at the age of 65 on Feb. 7, 1927. Dr. L.H. McCuskey treated her in her final illness.

Thomas spent his final years living on Pine Avenue in Moundsville. He had a glass eye and like to scare his grandchildren by removing it in their presence. One of his daughters did not particularly care for him. She was ashamed to say she was a Hinerman and never had anything to do with the Moundsville relatives.

Suffering at the age of 85, Thomas succumbed on Feb. 11, 1934, "at his home following a brief illness," said a newspaper. He was laid to rest in the Fairview United Methodist Church Cemetery east of Moundsville on Route 250. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. DeGarmo. The newspaper said he was survived by seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. 

His grave was at the furthest corner from the church building next to Route 250. One of his granddaughters, who was age 30 at the time of his death, accurately recalled to the founder of this website in 1992 that it was "clear to the lower end."


Fairview Methodist Church near Moundsville, where Thomas' grave is at the lowest corner of the cemetery


~ Daughter Lillie May (Hinerman) Groff Allison ~

Daughter Lillie May Hinerman (1875-1938) was born on March 12, 1875 in Aleppo, Greene County, PA. She was but four years old when her mother died. 

At some point during her young life, she relocated to Shaw, Mineral County, WV. There, at the age of 22, on Aug. 10, 1893, she married 39-year-old Charles Groff Jr. (1854- ? ), son of Charles and Mary Groff Sr. Charles was a native of McKean County, PA but at the time a resident of Randolph County, WV, and working as a laborer. The ceremony took place in Keyser, Mineral County. 

Interestingly, because of the great tearing of her family connections in early age, Lillie knew practically nothing about her parents. On her and Charles' marriage license application, she was unable to state her parents' names. In the federal census of 1900, she did not know her their birthplaces.


Claysville Cemetery

The Groffs resided in St. Marys, Pleasant County, WV and had four known children -- Joseph "Raymond" Groff, John M. Groff, Lillian Audrey Groff and one who died young.

When the federal census was enumerated in 1900, the family made its home in Pleasant County, with Charles' occupation listed as "laborer."

Later, Lillie wed Forrest W. Allison (1870-1952) and moved back to Claysville, Washington County, PA. The Allisons had one son, Donald E. Allison. 

For many years, the Allisons made their home in Claysville, Washington County. The 1920 census gives the family's place of residence in Claysville along the Claysville-Burnsville Ridge Road, with Forrest earning a living as a teamster for a lumber camp.

When the census again was taken in 1930, the family lived along Burnsville Road, with Forest working as a road caretaker. That year, his 87-year-old uncle James B. Allison lived under their roof.


Main Street East, Claysville


Later, Lillie moved in with her daughter at 5437 Ellsworth Avenue in Pittsburgh. She suffered from diabetes and may have needed the personal care that only a daughter could provide.

The Grim Reaper claimed Lillie in 1938, when she was visiting at the home of her married sister Maude Ullom in Washington. Lillie fell into a stupor and then a coma, and was rushed to Washington Hospital, where she died. Rev. John W. Love of the First Christian Church of Washington officiated at her funeral, followed by interment in Washington Cemetery.

Forest passed away in 1952, at the age of 82. Burial was in Claysville Cemetery.


Fairview Church Cemetery

Son Joseph "Raymond" Groff (1894- ? ) was born in July 1894 either in Pennsylvania or at St. Marys, Pleasant County, WV. (Sources differ.) He was a chauffeur and resided in Claysville. On Dec. 15, 1915, at the age of 21, he married 18-year-old Martha "Mae" Schrecengost ( ? - ? ), daughter of S.D. and Sarah (Gailey) Schrecengost of Indiana County, PA. Rev. W.J. Wilson performed the nuptials in Indiana. They resided in Cherry Tree, Indiana County, PA. At one point, Raymond made his home in Forest Glen, MD. Mae may have remarried to (?) Culver and relocated to Gettysburg.

Son John M. Groff (1896-1974) was born on April 28, 1896 in Pleasants County or in Washington, Washington County, PA. He was tall and of medium build, with brown eyes and brown hair. When registering for the military draft during World War I, he declared his occupation as a lineman for the Bell Telephone Company of Moundsville. He married Clara Belle (?) (1894-1966). They lived in Moundsville, but nothing more is known about their adult lives.. Sadly, Clara Belle died in 1966, at the age of 72. As a widower, John became a resident of a Veteran's Home in Chillicothe, OH. He died on Sept. 8, 1974. He rests in the Fairview United Methodist Church Cemetery east of Moundsville.

Daughter Lillian Audrey Groff (1900-1970) was born on Feb. 13, 1900 at St. Marys, Pleasant County, WV. She never married. She resided in Pittsburgh and became a legal secretary. For many years, starting Oct. 1, 1927, she was the personal secretary to John G. Buchanan, founder of the law firm Smith, Buchanan, Scott & Gordon, forerunner to today's legal giant Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney. Their offices were in the Union Trust Building. Her initial salary of $150 monthly grew to $225 by 1944. She died on Jan. 16, 1970, at the age of 79. The funeral service was held in the East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, followed by burial in Washington Cemetery.



Lillian Groff, in a portrait by John Henderson. In the snapshot at right, circled, at a Labor Day 1957 picnic at the home of her cousin Thelma (Ullom) Riggs in Washington, PA. Her cousin once removed, O. Wayne Miner, at right, was the father of the founder of this website.



Donald Allison

Claysville Cemetery

Son Donald E. Allison (1913-1994) was born on Dec. 26, 1913. He married Velma Allison (1913-1975). They lived in Wolfdale, Washington County. They had at least one daughter, Donna Barnes. Velma passed away in 1975 at the age of 64. Don outlived her by almost two decades. He and his daughter Donna visited with the founder of this website in October 1992, at the home of Don's cousin, Mildred (Ullom) Day, in Washington, and shared much interesting and useful Hinerman history details. Don passed away in 1994, with burial beside his wife in Claysville Cemetery.

Granddaughter Donna Allison (1936-2010) was born on Sept. 17, 1936. She married J. Milton Barnes on Dec. 14, 1957, when she was age 21 and he 24. They resided in the Claysville area. Milton passed away on Oct. 28, 2009. Donna followed him to the grave 13 months later on Nov. 11, 2010. They rest together in Claysville Cemetery.


~ Son Clark L. Hinerman ~

Son Clark L. Hinerman (1876-1907) was born in 1876 in Aleppo Township. He was just two or three years old when his mother died. 

Clark grew up with an independent, risk-taking spirit. He eventually moved to East Liverpool, Columbiana County OH, where he purchased saloon properties there and across the Ohio River in nearby Chester, Hancock County, WV. 

He married Maud Smith of Wheeling, Ohio County, WV. No record of their marriage has been found in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania sources. Perhaps they eloped to Maryland, Virginia or elsewhere. Their nuptials did not become public until after Clark's tragic death.


East Liverpool's famed "Diamond"

Circa 1907, when he was 31 years of age, Clark was considered to be "wealthy" with cash and property assets valued at $25,000. He was "a quiet man," reported the Waynesburg Republican. "He was never known to be in any trouble and only twice has he been arrested for selling liquor after hours."

But in his work, he made natural enemies with local clergymen, reformers and prohibitionists who were trying to close down his business. One of his chief antagonists was Rev. T.W. Lane, of the First Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Trouble arose when his East Liverpool saloon was forced to shut in about 1907. In the wee hours of a late July night, he found himself in a deadly fight with several men on Broadway. A shot was fired, and a bullet penetrated his stomach. He was rushed to the local hospital. 

As he lay dying, and knowing that "the spark of life could not long burn," Clark requested that his enemy Rev. Lane "come to his side," noted the Republican. He finally succumbed in the hospital on or about July 26, 1907. His body was taken to Moundsville for burial.

Among the suspects in the killing were Herbert and George Heckathorne and local photographer Hazel Mercer. Said an article in the Republican, "none of the men will talk and it is impossible to learn the facts of the crime." Herbert Heckathorne was identified as the shooter, and he was held on $2,000 bail, while his companions received a fine and were released.


~ Son Isaac William "Ike" Hinerman - 2nd Marriage ~


Moundsville's famed Grave Creek 
Mound dating to prehistoric times

Son Isaac William "Ike" Hinerman (1886-1968?) was born on June 16, 1886 in Greene County. 

As an adult, he was of medium build and height, with blue eyes and dark hair.

He married 19-year-old Wetzel County native Bessie Shaw (1891- ? ) on April 5, 1910, when he was 23 years of age. Leading the nuptials ceremony was Rev. Arthur Hauk.

Ike and Bess lived in Moundsville and attended the Church of God. They produced three known children -- George A. Hinerman, Wanda Schreiber and Helen Holiday.

During World War I, he was required to register for the military draft during World War I. He told the registration officer that he was employed as a coal miner with Mineral State Coal Company of Moundsville. He also disclosed that he had a wife and child to support.

Later, Ike joined the United States Stamping Company and circa 1920 was a "dipper" in the enamel works. He spent many years working -- and retiring from -- the company. His brother David and brother in law Quincey "Quince" Ray also were employed in the plant.

Ike Hinerman's employer, the U.S. Stamping Company in Moundsville



Moundsville Daily Echo

Toward the end of his life, Ike was admitted to the Lewis Wetzel Nursing Home in New Martinsville, Wetzel County, WV. He died there on March 9, 1968, at the age of 87. Interment was in Fairview Cemetery near Moundsville. Funeral services were led by Rev. B.J. Clyburn of the House of Prayer, followed by interment in Fairview Cemetery. An obituary in the Moundsville Daily Echo noted that his survivors included 10 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Son George A. Hinerman (1911- ? ) was born in about 1911 in Moundsville. He served as a police chief in Moundsville in the 1960s.

Daughter Wanda Mae Hinerman (1920- ? ) was born in about 1920. At the age of 17, on Jan. 10, 1938, in Elm Grove near Wheeling, Ohio County, WV, she was wedded to 37-year-old divorcee Charles Otto Schreiber (1900- ? ) of McMechen, Marshall County. Rev. John Q. Myers officiated. Because she was legally too young to marry, her parents had to provide their consent in writing. She resided in Moundsville circa 1968.

Daughter Helen Hinerman (1926- ? ) On Jan. 30, 1943, when she was age 16, Helen was wedded to 19-year-old Michael Holiday (1923- ? ) of Wheeling. Officiating at the wedding, held in Wheeling, was Rev. O.O. Boggess. In 1968, their home was in New Madison, OH.


~ Daughter Fanny (Hinerman) Ray ~

Daughter Fanny Hinerman (1889-1937) was born on Feb. 1, 1889 in Greene County, PA. In about 1900, she and her parents migrated to Moundsville, Marshall County.

On March 22, 1910, at the age of 22, Fanny married 28-year-old Quincy Coleman "Quince" Ray (1882- ? ) of Moundsville. They were wed by the hand of Rev. A.B. Riker, pastor of the Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church. Quince was tall and slender, with blue eyes and black hair.

They had at least one daughter, Genevieve Polenski a.k.a. "Zink."


Moundsville from the air -- photo by U.S. Army Air Service



Moundsville Daily Echo

In 1918, their home was located at 8 Oak Avenue in Moundsville. There, Quince earned a living as a laborer with U.S. Stamping Company, as did his brothers in law Isaac W. and David Hinerman.

Quince is said to have been abusive to his wife and family, and had sexually transmitted diseases, but he and Fanny never divorced. 

The 1930 federal census shows her living under her parents' roof in the Washington District of Marshall County. In the 1930s, her address was 110 Pine Avenue in the Glendale section of Moundsville. She was a member of the Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Fanny was afflicted for 19 years with endocarditis, an infection of the heart muscle. She was forced to give up housework in July 1937. A 14-year-old girl was brought in to help provide care, and Quince allegedly got her pregnant.

On Sept. 9, 1937, at the age of 48, Fanny died in Moundsville at Reynolds Memorial Hospital. Her sister in law Bessie (Shaw) Hinerman was the informant on her West Virginia certificate of death. Her funeral was preached by Rev. G.M. Taylor of the Church of God, and burial was in Moundsville's Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery. An obituary in the Moundsville Daily Echo said she had resided in Moundsville for 37 years and had two grandchildren.

Quince's fate is unknown. 

Daughter Genevieve Ray (1907- ? ) was born on Dec. 8, 1907 in Moundsville. On Sept. 4, 1928, when she was 21 years of age, Genevieve was married to Paul George Polenski (1901- ? ). Rev. Nelson Maconomy, rector of the Trinity P.E. Church, officiated. Paul was a native of Schuylkill County, PA, and his parents were Lithuanian immigrants. They relocated to Detroit, where Paul unofficially shortened his name to "Zink." They produced two offspring, Frances M. Zink and (?). The Zinks made their home in a rented house along Detroit's Roosevelt Avenue in 1930, where Paul had found employment as a laborer with Ford Motor Company. Sadly, the couple divorced on Nov. 14, 1935, with Genevieve claiming she had been subjected to "extreme and repeated cruelty." In 1940, census records show Paul "Zink" boarding in the home of Lithuanian immigrant Joseph Smolski and earning a living as a machine sitter in an automobile factory. Nothing more is known.

  • Granddaughter Frances Polenski, a.k.a. Zink (1929- ? ) was born in about 1929 in Detroit.


~ Son Patrick Henry Hinerman - 2nd Marriage ~

Son Patrick Henry "Pat" Hinerman (1890-1972) was born on Jan. 8, 1890 in Greene County. When he was about age 10, he moved to Moundsville, Marshall County, WV with his parents and siblings.

He was of medium height and slender build, with black eyes and dark hair. 


Moundsville Daily Echo

At age 23, on May 5, 1913, Patrick married 22-year-old Austa M. Norris (1891-1976) of Moundsville. Rev. James B. Smith officiated at the ceremony held in Moundsville.

The family made their home in Moundsville, where in 1920 Patrick was a glass worker with Fostoria Glass Company. In 1930, he was a foreman in a local zinc smelter. He later joined Marx Toy Company and worked there until retirement. He was a member of Ash Avenue Church of God and of the Woodmen of the World. Their address in the early 1970s was 6 Pine Avenue.

They had two children -- Audrey Geraldine Brookes and J.T. Hinerman. When the federal census enumeration was made in 1930, four-year-old nephew Glenn Ward lived in the home.

Patrick passed away on July 5, 1972, at the age of 82. He is buried in Jones Family Cemetery in Moundsville. The Moundsville Daily Echo reported in an obituary that he was survived by three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. 

Austa survived her husband by four years. She joined him in eternity in 1976.

Daughter Audrey Geraldine Hinerman (1911-2005) was born on Jan. 9, 1911 in Moundsville. On April 11, 1936, at age 25, she was united in holy wedlock with 24-year-old Richard Louis Brookes (1912- ? ), a native of Newell, Hancock County, WV. Rev. O.J. Howearth, pastor of the Christian Church, led the nuptials. They produced two children -- Richard L. Hinerman and Linda Markey. For years, their home was along Fifth Street in Moundsville. They were members of the Simpson United Methodist Church and the American Legion and Auxiliary. Audrey passed away in Reynolds Memorial Hospital at the age of 94 on Aug. 29, 2005. Interment was in Riverview Cemetery, with Rev. Michael E. Taylor leading the funeral service.

Son J.T. Hinerman (1913- ? ) was born on Dec. 6, 1913 in Wellsburg, Marshall County. As an adult, he resided in Moundsville and was employed as a furnace man in a zinc smelter. On Sept. 20, 1940, when J.T. was age 26, he was married to 20-year-old Melba Ruckman (1920-), daughter of Denton and Cora Ruckman and a native of Moundsville. Rev. J.H. Carson of the Methodist Church in Moundsville officiated.


~ Son David Charles Hinerman - 2nd Marriage ~

Son David Charles Hinerman (1891-1954) was born on Aug. 26, 1891 in Jollytown, Greene County. David migrated to Moundsville as a boy and at the age of nine went to work in the glass factory of Fostoria Glass. 

In adulthood, he was of medium height and slender build, with dark hair and dark eyes.


Moundsville Penitentiary entrance

On Dec. 22, 1909, 18-year-old David married 16-year-old Gertrude "Gertie" Lightfritz (1894-1975) of Marshall County. 

Their two children were Garnet Mae Klem McFeley Shook, Lillian "Pearl" Drain and Paul D. Hinerman.

The Hinermans were members of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

As with his brother Patrick, circa 1918, David earned his wages as a glass worker with Fostoria Glass in Moundsville. He was a council commander of the Woodmen of the World local union no. 88 -- the Local Glass Workers Union no. 13 of Imperial Glass Company -- and local no. 1111 of the West Virginia Penitentiary Employees Union.


Moundsville Daily Echo

The 1920 federal census lists his occupation as "glass blower," and they lived on Waynesburg Avenue.

Later, David worked as a foreman at the U.S. Stamping Company in Moundsville, as did his brother Isaac and brother in law Quincey Ray. David obtained work in about 1942 as a guard at the West Virginia Penitentiary. 

When the federal census was taken in 1930, they lived at 2316 First Street in the city, with their married-but-separated daughter and single son under their roof.

David was stricken with a heart attack while at work. He was rushed to Reynolds Memorial Hospital, where he succumbed at the age of 62 on July 21, 1954. Burial was in Halcyon Hills Cemetery.

Gertie lived as a widow for two decades. She died on Aug. 30, 1975. 

Daughter Garnet Mae Hinerman (1911-1992) was born on Oct. 23, 1911. When she was age 16, on July 28, 1928, Garnet was united in marriage with George Klem (1905- ? ), a native of Belmont County, OH. Rev. Samuel Charles Jones of Moundsville's Calvary Church officiated. On the marriage license, she fibbed and gave her age as 22. When the marriage fell apart within a year or two, she moved back into her parents' home in Moundsville, and is listed in their household in the 1930 U.S. census. Garnet married for a second time on July 21, 1934, at the age of 23. Her second spouse was Victor Herbert McFeley (1908- ? ), age 26, of Bellaire, Belmont County, OH. Rev. H.K. Freeman of Moundsville officiated. She was wedded for a third time on Aug. 8, 1941 to James Kenneth Shook (1914- ? ), son of Harry and Mattie Shook of Limestone, WV. Rev. J.H. Carson of Moundsville's Methodist Church led the nuptials. She is believed to have died in 1992 with interment in Halcyon Hills Memorial Gardens in Moundsville.

Daughter Lillian "Pearl" Hinerman (1912- ? ) was born on July 28, 1912 in Moundsville. Her first husband was (?) Hartley. At the age of 33, on Dec. 8, 1945, she was wedded to 21-year-old Robert Eugene Drain (1924- ? ), a native of Wilkes-Barre, PA and the son of Artie and Fay Drain. Rev. Edward Michael Flanigan of the Presbyterian Church in Moundsville performed the nuptials. Their dwelling in 1954 was in Moundsville.

Son Paul D. Hinerman (1914- ? ) was born in about 1914. At the age of 16, he worked as a laborer in a Moundsville glass factory. On June 26, 1934, at the age of 20, Paul married 18-year-old Blanche Harrison (1916- ? ), of Reader, Wetzel County, WV. Their nuptials were performed at Holliday's Cove, WV by Rev. J. Albert Hall of the local Christian Church. Because the bride was underage, her mother Mrs. L.J. Springer provided consent in writing. The Hinermans' home in 1937 was at 27 Maple Avenue in the city. Sadly, while pregnant with their daughter Hope, Blanche over-exerted herself with work in preparation for the birth. The baby, born three months prematurely on Dec. 13, 1937, only lived for six hours and 30 minutes. At her death, her tender remains were placed at rest beside Paul's grandfather Thomas A. Hinerman in the cemetery of the Fairview United Methodist Church along Route 250 east of Moundsville.


~ Daughter Ruth (Hinerman) Koontz - 2nd Marriage ~

Daughter Ruth Hinerman (1895- ? ) was born in 1895 in Moundsville. 

She married Clarence Weber Koontz (1895-1951) on Oct. 6, 1920, when she was age 25 and he 26. The son of Frederick and Elizabeth (Chrisman) Koontz, Clarence was a native of Wheeling and lived there at the time of marriage. Rev. Clarence E. Allen performed the nuptials in Wheeling. 

Clarence was tall and slender with blue eyes and dark brown hair. A few years prior to marriage, circa 1917, he had been employed as an automobile driver for Charles E. Wells in Glover Gap, WV. He then served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War I.

At some point the marriage ended, though the details are not yet known. The couple eventually divorced.

Circa 1937-1940, Ruth's home was in Denver, CO, where she and her widowed sister Evelyn Sweeney boarded together and both worked as hotel maids.

Following their divorce, Clarence worked in a Wellsburg, WV lunch restaurant as a "counterman." He made his home on Washington Pike in Wellsburg. He died of cancer at age 56 in the Veterans Administration Hospital in Dayton, OH on Jan. 12, 1951.


~ Daughter Evelyn Ann (Hinerman) Sweeney - 2nd Marriage ~

Daughter Evelyn Ann Hinerman (1898-1973) was born in 1898 in Moundsville.

In Wheeling on Sept. 20, 1920, at the age of 22, Anne married 23-year-old Wheeling native Charles J. Sweeney (1897- ? ). Rev. O.H. Moye officiated.

The couple relocated to Denver, CO, where in 1930 Charles' occupation was driving for a trucking company.

Sadly, Charles died in 1938 at the age of 41. The cause of his untimely demise is not known. His remains were placed into repose in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, CO. [Find-a-Grave]

Evelyn lived for another 35 years as a widow, residing in Denver, CO in the late 1930s through the early 1970s. She lived at one time with her sister Ruth Koontz on Syracuse Street in Denver, and both earned a living as maids in a local hotel. 

At the age of 74 or 75, Evelyn passed into eternity in 1973. She rests with her husband. A Christian cross is carved prominently in their upright grave marker, which is inscribed with this epitaph:


None knew how sad the parting 
     Or what the farewell cost. 
But God and His loved Angels 
     Have gained what we have lost.


Copyright 2014-2017, 2019 Mark A. Miner