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Marcellus Martin
(1849- ? )


Marcellus Martin was born in August 1849 in Preston County, WV, the son of Henry and Keziah (Miner) Martin.

Little is known of his life, and the scant historical record is very confusing.

In 1868 and 1869, just a few years after his ill-fated brother in law Adrian Johnson drowned while fording a creek, during the Civil War, Marcellus signed paperwork attesting that the widow, Rebecca Catherine (Martin) Johnson, had been left with five minor children to support. At the time, Marcellus was living in Preston County. His signature -- "Mar Sellis Martin" -- is on file today in Adrian's original Civil War pension files at the National Archives in Washington, DC.

Marcellus was joined in matrimony with Addie (?) (1860- ? ). They were a decade apart in age.

In 1880, when the federal census was taken, Marcellus and Addie made their home with his widowed mother in Independence, Preston County, WV. He earned a living at that time as a carpenter.

Court records of Marion County, WV, show that the couple bore an only child, William Martin.

These same court records indicate that Marcellus was deceased by the year 1891.


~ Son William Martin ~

Son William Martin ( ? - ? ) was born in (?).

In 1891, his father having dead, William was named as an heir of his grandmother Keziah (Miner) Martin in a legal filing made by an uncle, Presley Martin. At the time, William made his home in Pennsylvania.

Nothing further is known.


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