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Daniel H. May


Daniel H. May

Daniel H. May was born on Aug. 4, 1833 in New Centerville, Somerset County, PA, the son of Leonard and Maria "Catherine" (Younkin) May. He was one of five brothers who were veterans of the Civil War.

Daniel grew up in Bard, Bedford County, PA and spent more than 30 years in this location. A friend observed that he was "a stout and able-bodied man before the war." He stood 5 feet, 10½ inches tall, with a light complexion, hazel eyes and dark hair.

He was twice married. His first bride was Julia Ann "Julian" Ringler (March 19, 1838-1891). They were united in matrimony on May 20, 1855, when Daniel was age 21 and Julia Ann 17. Justice of the peace Isaac Coughenour officiated at the ceremony held in Glencoe, PA.

The Mays went on to produce 10 known children -- among them were Rachel "Jane" Shuck, Millard "Filmore" May, Edward M. May, Nancy Catherine "Kate" Wahl, George W. May, Sarah E. "Sadie" Meyers, Annie Elizabeth "Lizzie" Mansbury Smith Harding, James May, Louisa Thomas and Theodore Umphrey May.

Circa 1860, Daniel made a living as a day laborer, and they dwelled near his parents and brother John and family in Juniata Township, Bedford County. He eventually became a carpenter and supported himself through his craft. His residence in the early 1860s was Dry Ridge, Bedford County.

During the latter part of the Civil War, on Nov. 14, 1864, Daniel joined the Union Army and was a member of the 82nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C. He was sent immediately to City Point, VA for duty. He was promoted to corporal. Daniel was afflicted with hemorrhoids in about March 1865 as the war was drawing to a close. Then while on a June 1865 march from Danville, NC to Richmond to Washington, DC, with the regiment stopped at Hanover Court House, VA, he was exposed to heavy rains and began to suffer from kidney problems, including a blockage of his urinary tract. The mud and water along the road delayed the regiment's advance for three days. Daniel experienced throbbing for five or six hours at a time, after which they subsided. He did not report for the sick list, but his friend William M. Hill obtained medicine for him from the regimental surgeon.


Bustling Union Army facility at City Point, VA, where Daniel reported for duty during the Civil War. Below: captured enemy guns at Hanover Court House, VA.

Library of Congress


On July 13, 1865, while at Halls Hill, VA, he received an honorable discharge. In all, he served for eight months. He returned home and resumed his labors in farming and carpentry.

Daniel eventually learned that he was eligible for a military pension. On Oct. 17, 1877, he filed his paperwork, and the pension was awarded. [Invalid App. #243.434 - Cert. #240.627]

In February 1880, the Mayses relocated to Meyersdale, Summit Township, Somerset County. Daniel applied for an increase in his monthly military pension payments. Providing written testimony on his behalf were friends Hill, William H. Holler, Adam Diehl, John H. McCreary, George Troutman and longtime family physician Dr. John C. Ealy Sr.

The special U.S. Census of 1890, of Civil War veterans and their widows, shows Daniel making his home in Wills Creek/Fossilville, Bedford County.

He retired in about 1891, the same year that his wife died on Sept. 27, 1891. Her remains were placed into eternal repose in the Lybarger Cemetery in Madley, Bedford County. [Find-a-Grave]

Later, in nuptials held at Cumberland, MD on the Fourth of July 1893, he wed his second wife, Anna Delilah "Annie" Mull (Sept. 7, 1862-1920). She was 29 years younger than her husband. Rev. Bradley W. Kindley officiated.

Daniel and Annie produced these additional six children -- Thomas C. "Scott" May, Hobert Earl May, Martha Ritenour, Olive Adaline McNamara and Ross May. Son Ross is believed to have died in infancy. One of the daughters married Herman Licking of Connellsville, PA, and another wedded Fred MacFaugh of Connellsville and a third married Chauncey Humbertson of Canton, OH.

In about 1896, Daniel began to be treated by Dr. D.T. Rees of Hyndman. Over the ensuing years, Rees monitored Daniel's health issues including hemorrhoids and diseased lungs. "He coughts a great deal ane expectorate a great deal," Rees wrote. "I find in his left leg quite a large cavity, with all the rolls and lumps which goes with that condition. He is very much emaciated and is loosing flesh all the time."

Daniel himself wrote, "For weeks at a time I am unable to do manual labor in consequence of said diseases."


Bird's eye view of Hyndman, PA


Their home in 1910, as shown by the census, was in Londonderry Township, Bedford County. Circa 1926-1931, they resided at Fossilville near Hyndman, Bedford County.

Daniel spent four decades in retirement, a longer period than some people work. Sadly, he endured the passing of his second wife Annie on Feb. 6, 1920. She too was lowered into repose in Madley Cemetery. [Find-a-Grave]

He outlived Annie by 11 years. He succumbed on Dec. 5, 1931, at the age of 98, due to what a physician noted as "general debility." Son Scott May of Cumberland, MD signed the death certificate. An obituary in the Meyersdale Republican noted that his burial was in the Madley Cemetery.


~ Daughter Rachel L. "Jane" (May) Shuck ~

Daughter Rachel L. "Jane" May (1855-1933) was born on June 14, 1855 in Somerset County.

At the age of about 25, in 1880, she married 18-year-old William U. Shuck (Jan. 1862- ? ), son of William U. and Mary (Patton) Shuck. The groom was six years younger than the bride.

The couple produced seven offspring -- Ira C. Shuck, Hillary U. Shuck, Mary A. Thomas, George H. Shuck, Asa F. Shuck, Albert "Milton" Shuck and Charles E.M. Shuck.


Meyersdale's North Street


They made their home for decades in or near Meyersdale, Summit Township, Somerset County. The 1900 federal census shows William laboring as a farmer and sons Ira and Hillary as coal miners, and his widowed father living under their roof.

In 1909, their home was in Sand Patch, Somerset County and in 1933, they lived in the community of Vim.

Said the Meyersdale Republican, "Mrs. Shuck was a splendid lady and was familiarly known by all her acquaintances as Grandma Shuck. She was a fine mother and good neighbor and friend."

At the age of 78, on Aug. 3, 1933, Jane suffered an acute heart attack. She lingered for a little more than two months but finally succumbed at home on Oct. 9, 1933. Burial was in Union Cemetery in Meyersdale, with Rev. W.C. Price leading the funeral service at the Main Street Brethren Church. An obituary in the Republican attributed her death to "diseases incident to old age" and said she was survived by 30 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

William lived for another nine years as a widower, remaining in the Vim community. He died at home at the age of 80 on April 17, 1942. His funeral service was led by Rev. Orville A. Lorenz.

Son Ira C. Shuck (1878-1949) was born in May 1878. On March 27, 1907, at the age of 29, he was united in holy matrimony with Susan E. Swindell (1886-1977), daughter of Thomas G. and Ida Elizabeth (Logue) Swindell of Meyersdale. Rev. B.B. Collins officiated. In reporting about the wedding, the Meyersdale Republican said that the couple "immediately started in housekeeping on a small farm owned by the father of the bride, southwest of town." They produced these known daughters, Mildred Yoder, Mary Weimer and Gladys Emerick. They made their home in the 1930s in Meyersdale and in 1942 in Vim. Ira passed away in Feb. 1949. Among those traveling to attend the funeral were Ida Swindell and her daughter Mrs. Charles Mazer of Pittsburgh. Susan outlived him by nearly three decades. She was a member of the Meyersdale Church of the Brethren. Her final years were spent under the roof of her daughter Gladys Emerick. Susan died at the age of 91 on March 31, 1977. Burial was in Union Cemetery, following funeral services officiated by Rev. Bobby Phillips. Her obituary in the Republican appeared directly below one for her nephew Harry George Shuck. Survivors included seven grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

  • Granddaughter Mildred Shuck ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). On Aug. 31, 1935, in nuptials held at the parsonage of the Meyersdale Church of the Brethren, she married Menno L. Yoder ( ? - ? ), son of Lewis Yoder of Niverton. Rev. George L. Detweiler officiated. At the time of marriage, noted the Meyersdale Republican, Mildred was employed by Philips-Jones Corporation in Meyersdale, while Menno worked at Swank Hardware Company. Circa 1977, they lived in rural Meyersdale.
  • Granddaughter Mary Shuck wedded Howard Weimer ( ? - ? ). They made a residence in 1977 in rural Meyersdale.
  • Granddaughter Gladys Shuck was united in wedlock with (?) Emerick.

Son Hillary U. Shuck (1883- ? ) was born in Sept. 1883 in Bedford County. He was a longtime tenant farmer. Hillary married Barbara Ellen Siegner (March 16, 1877-1960), daughter of Andrew and Anna Catherine (Werner) Siegner. The couple produced four daughters, Velma Miller, Ida Gray, Leila Shuck and Gertrude Shuck. They made a home in the Meyersdale area, moving to different residences over the years. In February 1914, the Meyersdale Republican announced that Hillary, "one of our good neighbors, will move out to Sara Berkley's in the near future, to farm for Mrs. Berkley." They spent a number of months at Berkley's Mills before moving back to Woodlawn in August 1914. They were in the community of Vim in 1918 and in August of that year moved to a farm near Roxbury. Then in November 1928, the Republican reported that they had "moved from Shaw Mines into the tenant house of P.C. Miller." When Hillary's father died in 1942, the family made a home in Vim. The Shucks were members of the Meyersdale Church of the Brethren. They also were socially oriented and spent many weekends visiting or hosting family and friends. Sadly, Barbara died on Christmas Day 1960 "after a long illness," said the Republican. Rev. William H. Snell preached the funeral sermon. Hillary survived his spouse by seven years. As his health declined toward the end, he was admitted to Meyersdale Community Hospital, where he succumbed at the age of 84 on Sept. 14, 1967. Rev. Snell again officiated at the funeral service, followed by burial in Union Cemetery. In an obituary, the Republican noted that he was survived by four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

  • Granddaughter Velma Shuck wedded (?) Miller and made a home in 1967 in Hackettstown, NJ.
  • Granddaughter Ida Shuck married (?) Gray. Their residence was in Meyersdale in 1967.
  • Granddaughter Leila Shuck was unmarried in 1967 and living near Meyersdale.
  • Granddaughter Gertrude Shuck was single in 1967 and dwelling near Meyersdale.

Daughter Mary Ann Shuck (1886-1954) was born in May 1886. She married James A. Thomas ( ? - ? ). In 1933, their home was in Gray, Somerset County and in 1942 in Meyersdale. Their home in 1954 was located on Lincoln Avenue in Meyersdale. Their children were William Thomas, Clarence Thomas, Percy Thomas, Mrs. Joseph Bittner, Mrs. James Hay and Mrs. William DuVall. Mary Ann was admitted to Somerset Community Hospital where she passed away at the age of 68 on Aug. 30, 1954. Funeral services were held at the Church of the Nazarene on Meyers Avenue, officiated by Rev. John C. Kuhn. Burial followed in Union Cemetery. An obituary in the Meyersdale Republican reported that her survivors included 27 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.

  • Grandson William Thomas lived in 1954 in Elyria, OH.
  • Grandson Clarence Thomas made a home in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA.
  • Grandson Percy Thomas relocated to McKeesport, near Pittsburgh.
  • Granddaughter (?) Thomas wedded Joseph Bittner. Their residence in 1954 was in Meyersdale.
  • Granddaughter (?) Thomas married James Hay. They lived in Somerset.
  • Granddaughter (?) Thomas was joined in wedlock with William DuVall. Their home in 1954 was in Meyersdale.

Son George H. Shuck (1888- ? ) was born in Sept. 1888. He was united in matrimony with Alice Burley (May 2, 1898-1948), daughter of Harry and Mary (Albright) Burley. They dwelled in Salisbury Junction in 1942 and later in Meyersdale. They were the parents of Harry George Shuck, Ira Wiliam Shuck, Stella Edith Shuck, Rachel Jane Kemp, Alice May Atchison and Shirley Livengood. Heartache swept through the Shucks when daughter Stella Edith, age six, died on April 23, 1935 following an attack of bronchial pneumonia. More sadness blanketed the family when, at the age of 50, Alice died at home near Meyersdale on Oct. 24, 1948. Rev. Robert M. Earle, of the Meyersdale Church of the Nazarene, oversaw the funeral service.

  • Grandson Harry George Shuck (1925-1977) was born in about 1925 in Meyersdale. He married Frances Durst ( ? - ? ). Their offspring were Carl Shuck, Paul Shuck, Ira Shuck, Georgia Shuck and Patricia Beal. Harry was a veteran of World War II and a member of the Meyersdale Volunteer Fire Department. For about three decades, he was employed by the Meyersdale Municipal Authority. In 1975, at the age of 50, he announced that he was going to run for the elected position of Summit Township Supervisor. Harry died suddenly at the age of 52 in Meyersdale Community Hospital on March 31, 1977. Rev. Herbert Knox preached the funeral sermon, followed by interment in the Reformed Cemetery. An obituary appeared in the Meyersdale Republican.
  • Grandson Ira Shuck II made his home near Meyersdale in 1977.
  • Granddaughter Rachel Shuck wedded (?) Kemp ( ? - ? ). They dwelled in 1977 in Wheeling, Ohio County, WV.
  • Granddaughter Alice Shuck was twice married. On July 11, 1945, in Cumberland, Allegany County, MD, in a ceremony led by the pastor of the Evangelical and Reformed Church, she wedded Steve Shuba of Dunbar, Fayette County. At the time, Steve was employed on a "camp car crew" operated by the Western Maryland Railway. Later, she was joined in wedlock with (?) Atchison ( ? - ? ). They resided in Rockwood in 1977.
  • Granddaughter Shirley Shuck was joined in wedlock with (?) Livengood. Their home in 1977 was in rural Meyersdale.

Son Asa F. Shuck (1893- ? ) was born in March 1893. He resided in Sand Patch in 1942, rural Meyersdale in 1967 and in Berlin, Somerset County circa 1977. He was married to (?) Handwerk, daughter of Brig. Gen. Morris C. and May S. Handwerk of Meyersdale.

Son Albert "Milton" Shuck (1895- ? ) was born in Oct. 1895 in Summit Township. On March 14, 1914, he married 20-year-old Mary Christner ( ? - ? ), daughter of C.M. and Sarah (Deitle) Christner. Rev. H.L. Goughnour officiated. Milton was a longtime farmer. They lived in Wittenberg, PA in 1942, rural Meyersdale in 1967 and Deal, PA in 1977.

Son Charles E.M. Shuck (1898- ? ) was born in Oct. 1898. He was married. They made a residence for decades in Gray, Somerset County.


~ Son Millard "Filmore" May ~

Son Millard "Filmore" May (1857-1914) -- sometimes known as "Miller" -- was born on May 9, 1857. He appears to have been named after the President of the United States, who had completed his term just a few years before.

As a young man, he made a home in or near Madley, Bedford County.

When he was about 20 years of age, in 1877, Filmore married Hannah (Nov. 1857- ? ), also known as "Helen."

They produced nine offspring, among them James E. May, Lollie A. May, Emma S. May, Nettie E. May, Julia T. May, Vola B. May, Lucretia M. May and Nellie L. May, and one who died young.

Circa 1880-1881, when their two eldest children were born, the family lived in West Virginia. They returned to Hyndman by 1883. Then sometime between 1900 and 1909, the family relocated to Cumberland, Allegany County, MD. There, in 1910, he was employed as a dipper in a tannery, their home was on Smith Street and they kept boarders Cecil Twigg and Wilson Hutchinson.

He is believed to have died in Cumberland at the age of 56 on Feb. 3, 1914. His death was noted in the Bedford (PA) Gazette.

Son James E. May (1880- ? ) was born in July 1880 in West Virginia. He was employed as a railroad fireman in 1900 and lived with his parents in Hyndman.

Daughter Lottie A. May (1881- ? ) was born in Sept. 1881 in West Virginia.

Daughter Emma S. May (1883- ? ) was born in Aug. 1883 in Pennsylvania.

Daughter Nettie E. May (1885- ? ) was born in Dec. 1885.

Daughter Julia T. May (1888- ? ) was born in April 1888. Did she also go by the name "Lucretia?"

Daughter Vola B. May (1891- ? ) was born in Dec. 1891.

Daughter Nellie L. May (1895- ? ) was born in June 1895.

Daughter (?) May married Grover Shumaker, daughter of John Shumaker. The Gazette reported in July 1908 that she was very ill and staying in her father-in-law's home in Hyndman.


~ Son Edward M. May ~

Son Edward M. May (1859-1909) was born on May 26, 1859 in Bard, Bedford County.

He married Mary Owens ( ? - ? ) of Bedford, Bedford County.

They were the parents of Mrs. Andy Hale, Mrs. Peter Siler, Robert Lincoln May, Silas May, Eva May, Rachel May and Florence May.

The couple moved in about 1896 to Meyersdale, Somerset County.  Their home in 1909 was on Large Street.

Edward earned a living as a laborer. The Meyersdale Republican said he "was very well known to all the people of the city among whom he had many friends."

Tragically, he came down with a deadly case of typhoid pneumonia and died on Nov. 18, 1909, at the age of 50. Funeral services were officiated by Rev. C.P. MacLaughlin of the Zion Lutheran Church, assisted by Rev. B.B. Collins. His remains were placed into repose in Union Cemetery in Meyersdale.

Daughter (?) May married Andy Hale and relocated to Johnstown, Cambria County, PA.

Daughter (?) May wedded Peter Siler. Their home in 1909 was in Somerville.

Son Robert Lincoln May ( ? -1964) was born in (?). He married Anna C. Logsdon ( ? -1970), a native of Hyndman and the daughter of Moses and Ellen (Emerick) Logsdon. Their only son was Millard May. They resided in Hyndman, where he earned a living as a painter. They were members of the Hyndman Evangelical United Methodist Church. Robert died at the age of 72 on Jan. 7, 1964 in Lawrence F. Flick Sanitorium in Cresson. Rev. Charles Evans officiated at the funeral, followed by burial in Hyndman Cemetery. An obituary was printed in the Cumberland Evening Times. Anna lived for another six years at the address of 606 Somerset Street in Johnstown. She died in Mercy Hospital at the age of 75 on Nov. 15, 1970. An obituary in the Evening Times said her survivors included siblings Ruth Sarver, Earl Logsdon, Clarence Logsdon, Emanuel Logsdon, Noah Logsdon and Carl Logsdon.

  • Grandson Millard May dwelled in Johnstown, Cambria County, PA in 1964. He was deceased by 1970.

Son Silas E. May Sr. (1890-1960) was born on March 22, 1890 in Meyersdale. He wedded Dorothy C. Diehl ( ? - ? ). Silas secured employment as a foundry laborer, and the couple made their home in Versailles, Allegheny County, PA. Their address circa 1959-1960 was 4500 Second Street in Versailles. Over the years he bore heart disease and silicosis, leading to emphysema. In April 1959, Silas suffered a heart attack and was admitted to John J. Kane Hospital in Scott Township, Allegheny County. He died there at the age of 69 on Jan. 11, 1960. Burial was in Mt. Vernon Cemetery in Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County.

Daughter Eva May

Daughter Rachel May was joined in marriage with (?) Stewart. She dwelled in 1964 in Johnstown, Cambria County, PA.

Daughter Florence May resided in 1909 in Connellsville, Fayette County, PA. She married (?) Humbertson and remained in Connellsville in 1964.


~ Daughter Nancy Catherine "Kate" (May) Wahl ~

Daughter Nancy Catherine "Kate" May (1864-1932) was born on March 12, 1863 or 1864 in Bedford County, PA.

She wedded Albert Wahl ( ? - ? ).

They lived in the Woodlawn section of Meyersdale, Somerset County.

The Wahls were the parents of nine children -- Harvey Wahl, Christopher Wahl, Ray Wahl, George Wahl, Marlin Wahl, Charles Wahl, Hillary Wahl, Eva Seiler and Lulu Ringler.

Said the Meyersdale Republican, "All of Mrs. Wahl's children and grandchildren were much devoted to her. She was a loving wife and mother and was held in very high esteem by a large circle of friends." They were members of the Pentecostal Church. Sadly, they endured the early deaths of their married daughters Eva Seiler and Lulu Ringler.

Agony set in when Kate's appendix became inflamed and ruptured in April 1932, causing a deadly infection of peritonitis. She was rushed to Memorial Hospital in Johnstown, where she died at age 68 on April 18, 1932. Burial was in Meyersdale's Union Cemetery, with Rev. Groves, of the family church, preaching the funeral sermon. "Six grandson acted as pall-bearers," said the Republican. "The funeral was very largely attended by relatives and friends." She was survived by 26 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Son Harvey Wahl lived in Meyersdale in 1932.

Son Christopher Wahl resided in 1932 in Meyersdale.

Son Ray Wahl dwelled in Meyersdale in the early 1930s.

Son George Wahl made his home in Meyersdale. In 1932, when his mother died, the funeral was held at his home.

Son Marling Wahl moved to Cumberland, Allegany County, MD, where he lived in 1932.

Son Charles Wahl resided in 1932 in Boynton, Somerset County.

Son Hillary Wahl made his residence in Hooversville, Somerset County in the early 1930s.

Daughter Eva May ( ? - ? ) married William Seiler ( ? - ? ). They produced one son. Sadly, Eva died sometime before 1932.

Daughter Lulu May ( ? - ? ) was united in holy matrimony with George Ringler ( ? - ? ). They had three daughters. Lulu was deceased by 1932.


~ Son George W. May ~

Son George W. May (1865- ? ) was born on Feb. 22, 1865 at Manns Choice, Bedford County, PA.

He was married and was a longtime coal miner.

They lived in Grassy Run, PA in 1909 and in Coal Run, PA in 1932-1933.

Their home in 1957 was in Boynton, Somerset County.

Sadly, at the age of 86, George was stricken with a cerebral embolism, was rushed to Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital in Johnstown and succumbed five days later on Feb. 28, 1957. Mary Jane Millward of Nanty-Glo, PA signed the official death certificate. His remains were placed into repose in Meyersdale Union Cemetery.


~ Daughter Sarah E. "Sadie" (May) Meyers ~

Daughter Sarah E. "Sadie" May (1867-1913) was born on Feb. 22, 1867 (or 1872).

She was joined in matrimony with (?) Meyers ( ? - ? ).

Her home in 1909 was in Meyersdale.

Widowed at age 41, she made her home at 405 Baldwin Avenue in Connellsville, Fayette County. Sarah was afflicted with cancer of the uterus and died just three days after her 41st birthday on Feb. 25, 1913. J.L. Mansbury of Connellsville signed her official Pennsylvania death certificate. Burial was in Chestnut Hill Cemetery in Connellsville.


~ Daughter Annie Elizabeth (May) Mansbury Smith Harding ~

Daughter Annie M. May (1870- ? ) was born on June 21, 1870.

She is believed to have been thrice married, first to John Wesley Smith (April 22, 1867-1896). They produced two sons -- Oscar Daniel Smith and John "William" Smith.

Sadness enveloped the family when John Wesley died at the age of 29 on Oct. 6, 1896. The cause of his untimely passing is not yet known.

She is believed to have been married to a second spouse (?) Mansbury, of Connellsville, in 1909.

Annie's third spouse was Robert Elton Harding (Aug. 10, 1873-1951). They did not reproduce.

Robert died on July 17, 1951.

The Smiths' great-granddaughter Suzanne (Smith) Chutis was researching this family circa 2010.


~ Son James H. May ~

Son James H. May (1872- ? ) was born on Sept. 14, 1872.


~ Daughter Louisa Ann (?) (May) Thomas ~

Daughter Louisa Ann (?) May (1874- ? ) was born on May 8, 1874.

She was joined in wedlock with Charles Thomas ( ? - ? ).

In 1932-1933, their home was in Cumberland, Allegany County, MD.


~ Son Theodore Humphrey "Umphrey" May ~

Son Theodore Humphrey (or "Umphrey") May (1879- ? ) was born on July 23, 1879.

He dwelled in Cumberland, Allegany County, MD in 1932-1933.


~ Son Thomas C. "Scott" May ~

Son Thomas C. "Scott" May (1893- ? ) was born on Oct. 29, 1893.

He grew up in Londonderry Township, Bedford County and, at the age of 16, worked in a local brickyard circa 1910.

He resided in Cumberland, Allegany County, MD in 1931-1933.


~ Son Hobert "Earl" May ~

Son Hobert "Earl" May (1895- ? ) was born on May 7, in July or on Aug. 7, 1895. (Records differ.)

At the age of 14, he and his brother Scott labored in a brickyard in or near Londonderry Township, Bedford County.

His home in 1932-1933 was in Boynton, Somerset County.


~ Daughter Martha (May) Ritenour ~

Daughter Martha May (1898- ? ) was born on May 21, 1898.

She married (?) Ritenour ( ? - ? ).


~ Daughter Olive Adalein "Ollie" (May) McNamara ~

Daughter Olive Adaline "Ollie" May (1899-1959) was born on April 17, 1899 in Hyndman, Bedford County.

She wedded Frederick C. McNamara ( ? - ? ).

Their home in the late 1950s was at 417 North Pittsburgh Street in Connellsville, Fayette County.

Sadness swept through the family when Olive was diagnosed with cancer of her right breast. She died at the age of 60 on Oct. 28, 1959 while a patient at Connellsville State Hospital. Her remains were interred in Mt. Olive Cemetery in Bullskin Township north of Connellsville.


~ Son Ross May ~

Son Ross May (1902- ? ) was born on the Fourth of July 1902, the youngest in a family of 16 children. Evidence hints that he may have died young.


Copyright 2017-2018 Mark A. Miner

Research for this page graciously shared by the late Olive (Rowan) Duff and the late Donna (Younkin) Logan. May brothers image courtesy Suzanne (Smith) Chutis.