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Andrew Jackson Miner


Marietta National Cemetery, Georgia
Courtesy Davis McCollum

Andrew Jackson Miner was born in 1830 near Sego, Perry County, OH, the son of Frederick and Jane (Richardson) Miner Sr. As a soldier during the Civil War, he gave his life for the Union cause.

When Andrew was 17, in 1847, he resided in Perry County. One of his neighbors was Elizabeth Smitley (Feb. 6, 1842-1913), the daughter of farmers Solomon and Mary M. Smitley.


Brother Thomas

A few months before the Civil War erupted, the 31-year-old Andrew was united in marriage with 19-year-old Elizabeth on Jan. 31, 1861. The ceremony was performed in Muskingum County, OH by Rev. Joseph M. Adair, a Methodist minister. Andrew was 12 years older than his wife.

Later that year, on Oct. 13, 1861, the newlyweds' son William Augustus Miner was born. Mary Flowers attended Elizabeth as a midwife during the birth of the boy.

Andrew and his brother Thomas joined the Army at Somerset, Perry County in 1862. They were assigned to Company H of the 90th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Their brother Frederick also served in the Union Army, with the 10th Ohio Cavalry. Also joining the 90th Ohio Infantry was Andrew's neighbor and brother in law John Smitley, who later recalled: "... we enlisted together and went in the same company and regiment.... I lived neighbor with him for years before."

During the war, while her husband was away, Elizabeth and her son resided at Moorefield Township, Clark County, OH.

Both Andrew and Thomas served in the famous Atlanta Campaign. During that time, the brothers suffered terribly from severe diarrhea. 


The Battle of Atlanta, where the Miner brothers fought prior to Andrew's death



Winslow Homer's drawing, "News
from the War,"Harper's Weekly

Tragically, Andrew died from its effects on Aug. 2, 1864, at Vining Station, GA, a stop along the Chattanooga and Atlanta Railroad.

Originally buried at Vining Station, Andrew's remains later were removed and re-interred at the Marietta National Cemetery in Marietta, GA. He rests there for eternity in Section I, Gravesite 9555.

Major N.J. Hitchcock of the 90th Ohio wrote a letter of condolence to Andrew's grieving widow in a letter dated Sept. 19, 1864:

Doubtless ere this you have received the sad news of the Death of your husband, your brother being present. I depended on him and doubtless he has given you all the particulars. And it only remains for me to say to you that I have forwarded his final statement papers to the 2nd Auditor, Washington D.C. and now all you have to do in order to procure the pay due him and Bounty to refer to the 2nd Auditor, showing him that you are the Legal Widow of the Deceased, &c.

After the war, Elizabeth resided in Tippecanoe, Miami County, OH. She successfully obtained a pension from the federal government to compensate her and her son for their loss. She drew the pension until 1869, when she remarried and thus lost her eligibility to receive her first husband's pension payments.


Springfield Sun, 1902

On Aug. 22, 1869, at age 27, Elizabeth married 43-year-old widower Joseph A. Clippinger (July 22, 1826-1902), the son of Joseph and Elizabetha Clippinger, and a native of Hagerstown, MD. Their wedding took place in Tippecanoe.

Joseph had been married once before, to Sarah Ann Bowen (1824-1868), and brought five children to the second marriage -- William H. Clippinger, Charles Edward Clippinger,Emma Stine, Olive "Ollie" Muntz and Franklin Clippinger. (His offspring David, Martha and Montel had died in infancy.)

Elizabeth and Joseph went on to have six children of their own -- Ada Clark (born 1870), Norris Clippinger (1872), Joseph "Granville" Clippinger (1873), Benton Clippinger (1876) and twins Mabel Kirkpatrick and Clifford Clippinger (1880- ? ).

The year that Elizabeth remarried, her son William resided with H. Funderburgh in Troy, Miami County. Later, William's stepfather became his legal guardian. When William's grandfather, Frederick Miner Sr., died in 1871, the boy inherited funds from the estate.

The Clippingers resided in New Carlisle, Clark County, OH and in 1877 relocated to Springfield, Clark County. Joseph worked there as a shoemaker and photographer ("picture agent").. The Springfield Sun said that Joseph was "prominently identified with society here, and being possessed of a pleasing address and capable of making friends easily, his aquaintance is very extended." Their home in 1880, as recorded by a federal census taker, was on Jefferson Street in Springfield.

Joseph died suddenly of a heart attack on March 24, 1902. According to the Sun:

[Joseph] was found dead in bed yesterday morning by his wife, who went to ask him if he was feeling any better, as he had complained the previous day of being ill.... On Sunday he was indisposed, and yesterday morning at 5 o'clock Mrs. Clippinger asked him if he felt any better. He replied that he did not, turned on his side, and her next visit to the bed was to find him a corpse.


Elizabeth's obituary, 1913

A family friend testified that after her second husband's death, Elizabeth "owned no property nor anything and has no income from any source and never did own any property or have any income. She has no means of support only her wash tub."

Elizabeth then petitioned the government to receive her first husband's pension. She resided at 11 North Shaffer Street in Springfield. Later, she lived with son Granville at 800½ Main Street.

Sadly, while at 1021 Kelly Avenue, she passed away from the effects of a gastric ulcer and exhaustion on Dec. 30, 1913. She is buried with her second husband at New Carlisle Cemetery. [Find-a-Grave] Daughter Mabel Kirkpatrick signed the official Ohio certificate of death.


~ Son William Augustus Miner ~

Son William Augustus Miner (1861- ? ) was born on Oct. 13, 1861, believed to have been in Muskingum County, OH. Family friend Mary Flowers assisted in the birth.

The year that his mother remarried, 1869, William was age eight and resided with H. Funderburgh in Troy, Miami County. Later, William's stepfather became his legal guardian. When William's grandfather, Frederick Miner Sr., died in 1871, the boy inherited funds from the estate.

Nothing more is known.


~ Elizabeth's Other Children and Step-Children ~

Elizabeth's stepson William H. Clippinger (1849-1912) was born on March 24, 1849. He married Anna M. Akers (1853-1927). William died on Oct. 10, 1912. Anna survived him and passed on March 23, 1927.

Elizabeth's stepson Charles Edward Clippinger (1855- ? ) was born in 1855. On Aug. 14, 1879, he married Emma C. Dotze (1859-? ). They resided in Logan County..

Elizabeth's stepdaughter Emma Clippinger (1860- ? ) was born in about 1860. She wedded B.G. Stine ( ? - ? )..

Elizabeth's stepdaughter Ollie Clippinger (1864- ? ) was born in about 1864. She was joined in matrimony with Fred Muntz ( ? - ? ). They made their home in Montgomery County, OH.

Elizabeth's stepson Franklin Clippinger (1868- ? ) was born in about 1868. He is believed to have been united in wedlock with Ella Norton ( ? - ? ).

Elizabeth's daughter Ada Clippinger (1870- ? ) was born on July 16, 1870. She married Harry Clark ( ? - ? ).

Elizabeth's son Norris Clippinger (1871-1942) was born April 16, 1871. On Sept. 29, 1892, he was wedded to Emily M. McLaren (June 28, 1873-1940). Sadly, Emily passed away on Dec. 6, 1940. Norris followed her to the grave two years later, on Dec. 5, 1942.

Elizabeth's son Joseph Granville Clippinger (1872-1947) was born on Nov. 27, 1872. At the age of 40, on June 25, 1913, he was joined in wedlock with 38-year-old Flora E. (Smith) Scott (Aug. 27, 1875-1955), daughter of Samuel Lemon and Ann Elizabeth (Paynter) Smith of Rising Sun, IN. Joseph succumbed on Aug. 28, 1947. Flora outlived him by eight years. She died on Oct. 30, 1955.

Elizabeth's son Benton Clippinger (1875- ? ) was born on July 22, 1875. On June 1, 1905, he was united in matrimony with Emma Wildman (1879- ? )..

Elizabeth's daughter Mabel Clippinger (1880- ? ) was born on May 18, 1880, a twin with her brother Clifford. She married Kirby Kirkpatrick ( ? - ? ). She died in Long Beach, CA.

Elizabeth's son Clifford Clippinger (1880- ? ) was born on May 18, 1880, a twin with his sister Mabel.

~ More ~

Many of Elizabeth's descendants remained in Clark County. Her grandson Howard G. Clippinger, of Tremont City, was a 60-year member of the Boy Scouts, was a recipient of the Benjamin F. Prince Award by the Clark County Historical Society, and President of the Ohio Long Rifle Collectors. His wife Almeda Jane (DeGroot) Clippinger was President of the Clark County Genealogical Society, author of several papers on Ohio gunsmiths, and was the first woman paramedic in Clark County.


Copyright © 2001, 2005, 2012, 2017 Mark A. Miner

Minerd.com extends its gratitude to Eugene F. Podraza and the late Almeda Jane (DeGroot) Clippinger of Tremont City, OH for their contributions to this page.