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Elizabeth (Wortman) 
Purinton Sisk

(1879- ? )

Elizabeth (Wortman) Purinton Sisk was born on Feb. 24, 1879 in Dunbar, Fayette County, PA the daughter of Moses "Ross" and Hester Ann (Minerd) Wortman. The family name also has occasionally been misspelled as "Workman." 

At the age of 19, in about 1878 or 1879, Elizabeth married her first husband, Orpheus Boutwell Purinton (1873-1913). He was a native of Newburg, Preston County, WV, and the son of Francis Wayland and Florence Bell (Howell) Purinton and grandson of Rev. Jesse M. and Roxa Boutwell (Buell) Purinton. (One of Orpheus' cousins, Thomas Lagee Purinton, also of Newburg, wed Elizabeth's distant cousin Matilda "Tillie" Hanshaw.) 

The Purintons had five children, of whom only three lived to adulthood -- Rev. Ross Edward Purinton, Raymond Purinton and Dorothy Purinton. All three children were born in Cumberland. 

The federal census of 1900 shows the couple living apart -- and in the households of their respective parents in Cumberland. Elizabeth is marked as having been "married" for one year and as the mother of one child.

When the federal census was taken in 1910, the Purintons had been married for 11 years and made their home on Pennsylvania Avenue in Cumberland, where Orpheus was employed as a "hostler" with the steam railroad, servicing engines at the end of a run.

The National Highway (U.S. Route 40) cuts through the middle of Cumberland, with the bypass bridge shown here

Tragically, Orpheus died at the age of 40 on Feb. 25, 1913, at Cumberland. The cause of his untimely passing is not known. 

Elizabeth spent a number of years as a widow. In 1920, the census shows her boarding as a "domestic" in the home of Dr. A. Leo Franklin, a surgeon in Cumberland, with three other adults and four Franklin children in the residence that year. 

Sometime during the decade of the 1920s, Elizabeth married again, to James W. Sisk (1872- ? ). He was eight years older than she. James brought at least two adult sons to the marriage -- William H. Sisk and Laurence E. Sisk. James' occupation was as a railroad engineer in Cumberland. 

In 1930, Elizabeth, James, daughter Dorothy, the Sisk stepchildren and boarder William Brown lived together on Mary Street in Cumberland.

Circa 1939, at the death of her elderly mother, she resided in Cumberland, Alleghany County, MD. 

Their fates after that are not yet known.

The family is profiled in the genealogical study, The Descendants of Thomas (5) Buell, compiled in 1956 by Harlow Dunham Curtis of Manlius, NY.

~ Son Rev. Ross Edward Purinton ~

Son Rev. Ross Edward Purinton (1900-1986) was born in 1900. He married Helen V. Weltman (1902- ? ) on March 31, 1928. She was the daughter of George and Marion M. Horchler Weltman of Newburg. They had one daughter, Judy Purinton. Circa 1930, Ross and Helen made their residence in Berks County, PA, boarding in the residence of Robert A. and Fanny Miller, with Ross serving as minister of a local Methodist church. During World War II, he was a U.S. military chaplain stationed overseas. Circa 1956, he and Helen made their home at 101 West Linden Street in Alexandria, VA. He died at the age of 86 on May 18, 1986, and was buried at Fort Logan National Cemetery n Denver, Denver County, CO.

~ Son Raymond Purinton ~

Son Raymond Purinton (1901- ? ) spent his fatherless years in the home of an aunt and uncle, Ada and Edward Collins of Cumberland. He married Mary Margaret Hayes ( ? - ? ), the daughter of Charles and Sally Hayes. They had no children. Raymond was a foreman in a machine shop in Cumberland, and resided at 312 Park Street.

~ Daughter Dorothy Purinton ~

Daughter Dorothy Purinton (1906- ? ) never married. She made her home circa 1956 in Cumberland at 3 Marion Street.

Copyright 2006, 2009, 2014 Mark A. Miner

Descendants of Thomas (5) Buell cover courtesy of Google Books