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Frederick Arthur Behme



Fred and Myra

Frederick Arthur Behme was born in October 1876 near Tontogany, Wood County, OH, the son of Nathaniel A. and Rebecca (Minerd) Behme. As a boy, Fred and his parents migrated west to Iowa.

In 1898, at the age of 22, Fred married 20-year-old Elmira Maude "Myra" Stoddard (1878-1941), a native of Humboldt County, Iowa and the daughter of Chester and Catherine (Bootz) Stoddard.

They together bore a brood of seven children -- Helen Ivy Lange, Maude Myrtle Elliott, Thornton A. Behme, Isabelle Klassen Hyle, Mabel E. Caughell, Gordon Stoddard Behme and Doris Irene Ayers.

Fred's parents separated (and perhaps divorced) while in Iowa. His mother Rebecca soonafter moved to Washington State, leaving with Fred, in her words, her "feather bed & pillows I got from home. They have all the house things I had when I lived in Minneapolis & what I had in Iowa too. So they have two outfits & it seems that Fred wants to run it all his way." She also gave each of her children some of her "trinkets & keep sakes .. for fear I never got back again."

The first two of Fred and Myra's children (Helen and Maude) were born in LuVerne, Kossuth County, IA circa 1899-1901. 


Three generations of Behmes, Britt, Iowa. 
Fred is seated. Back row, L-R: sister Clara
wife Myra, father Nate and brother Sam.

In one holiday season, perhaps 1899-1900, Fred's mother traveled from Washington to visit Fred and his family in Iowa, and later wrote: 

I had a pleasant visit home Christmas time. Found them very well fixed. Fred has a sweet little girl. She puts me in mind of Clara when she was little. She is so cute you would laugh to hear her talk. She swears a little & it sounds so funny. You remember Fred used to swear so when he was small.

Another of his mother's letters of that era said that Fred was feeling "poorly. He has phthyic so bad. I am afraid he will not live long. The doctor told him a change of climate would do him good & nothing else would..."

Fred's mother must have encouraged them all to move to Washington State. Fred's in-laws were native Iowans, and Myra apparently was reluctant to relocate. However, circa 1903, Fred and his family made the migration to Washington State, settling in Custer, Whatcom County. There, the rest of their children were born. At the birth of son Gordon in 1906, they lived in Custer and Fred toiled as a mill worker.

Much of what we know of Fred's life comes from letters his mother sent to relatives back home in Ohio. In one such letter, dated Nov. 18, 1907, she wrote: "Fred & wife lives at Custer. They are all well. Also his health has been so much better since he came out west..." In early October 1908, the Lynden (WA) Tribune reported that Fred "has moved onto his ranch three miles north of Custer. Fred says no more mill work [for] him -- ranching suits him better." Yet by 1910, census records show that Fred was employed as an engineer in a shingle mill in Excelsior, Whatcom County. 

During the decade of the 1910s, Fred and Myra separated, with him leaving the household and Myra having sole responsibility for their children. Myra is shown in the 1920 census was heading her household and working as a private duty nurse. The census taker marked her as "widowed" even though Fred was still living. In 1930, the 52-year-old Myra lived under the roof of Katherine and Felix Olson in Bellingham, Whatcom County, with her status correctly marked as "divorced" and with her continuing to provide private care nursing.

Bellingham, WA 

Myra married again to Wesley John Levitt (1876-1953), a Canadian native. He brought a daughter to the marriage, Effie Louise Mustoe. Myra died in a Bellingham hospital on April 12, 1941. Her obituary in the Bellingham Herald said she had been a "Blaine resident since the early 1900's." [Find-a-Grave] Wesley survived her by a dozen years and passed away, also in Bellingham, on July 7, 1953.

At some point, Fred also remarried, to Theresa A. Rosin (1881-1967), an emigrant from Germany. She brought a son to the marriage, Trist William B. Stokes. They resided in Portland, Multnomah County, OR. Theresa was a member of the Peace Lutheran Church. In 1930, they lived in Portland, where Fred earned a living as a laborer in a cooperage, and provided a home for his son Gordon. Circa 1940, the Behmes dwelled at 7817 North Brandon Street in Portland.

On March 11, 1940, Fred passed away in Portland at the age of 65. Funeral arrangements were handled by Peninsula Funeral Home. The Bellingham Herald carried an obituary, saying he had "lived in the Custer district a number of years ago." He is entombed in the Historic Columbian Cemetery in Portland. [Find-a-Grave]

Theresa outlived her husband by more than a quarter of a century, and remained in her home for most of that time. She died in early January 1967, with funeral arrangements provided by Mikeworth's Peninsula Funeral Home.


~ Daughter Helen Ivy (Behme) Lange ~

Daughter Helen Ivy Behme (1899-1970) was born on March 24, 1899 in LuVerne, Kossuth County, IA. 

She migrated to Washington State with her parents when a young girl. 

Circa 1919, Helen married Michigan native William Edward Lange (Aug. 24, 1898-1973), son of William Lange. 

The couple produced three known children -- Marvin L. Lange, Norraine Ila Lange and Wilma Perkins Graham.  

In 1920, when she was age 20 and he 21, the newlyweds resided with her mother in Custer, Whatcom County. William was employed in 1920 as a laborer in a local shingle mill. Later they lived in Retsil, WA (1940), Selah, Yakima County (1941) and in about 1943 relocated again to Sedro-Woolley.

The family was plunged into grief when their 21-year-old daughter Norraine was electrocuted to death in a freak accident at home in 1945. 

By 1950, the Langes divorced. The 1950 U.S. Census shows Helen and their son residing in Bellingham, with her furnishing housework and him laboring as a pile driver in the fish cannery business.

Helen hosted a family reunion for 41 guests in December 1969 with potluck dinner held at Washington Square, Bellingham, where she made her home. As of 1970, Helen dwelled at 2501 East Street, Bellingham. 

On the fateful day of Sept. 26, 1970, while riding in an automobile with her sisters, Helen at age 71 suffered a broken leg and her sister Mabel was killed when the vehicle "went off Interstate 5 four and a half miles south of Everett," reported the Spokane Chronicle. The driver, Regina Olson, age 79, suffered a dislocated shoulder and sister Maude Elliott, age 69, a dislocated shoulder. Helen lingered for almost three months in a Seattle hospital until death claimed her on Dec. 19, 1970. An obituary in the Bellingham Herald said that Rev. Vincent Crane led the funeral service and that interment was in Haynie Cemetery. 

William relocated to Vancouver, WA and married again to Helen Brown ( ? - ? ). He earned income as a serviceman in the mobile home industry, with a home address of 3921 Fourth Plain Boulevard. Suffering from diabetes and hardening of the arteries, he contracted bronchial pneumonia, with death sweeping him away on April 14, 1974. Interment was in Park Hill Cemetery, Vancouver.

Son Marvin Leverne Lange (1921-2002) was born on Nov. 8, 1921 in Custer, Whatcom County. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Navy. At the age of 26, on March 20, 1948, he was married to Angela Ronzani (1916-2002), a native of New Baden, IL and the daughter of John and Marianna (Dalle Carbonari) Ronzani. Angela had worked for Boeing during the war. The couple produced one daughter, Judith Louise Ockinga. They resided in Bellingham, WA, where Marvin earned a living in the construction trade for more than a half century. Angela enjoyed baking, real estate and collecting interesting objects. Their address in 1971 was 3020 Cottonwood Avenue. In the 1980s and '90s, he occasionally published letters to the editor in the Bellingham Herald. He died at home at the age of 80 on Aug. 24, 2002. Burial was in Bayview Cemetery in Bellingham, and he was pictured in his obituary in the Herald. [Find-a-Grave] Angela only lived for a few weeks after Marvin's death and passed into eternity at age 86 on Sept. 12, 2002. 

  • Granddaughter Judith Louise "Judi" Lange ( ? - ? ) has been thrice-wed. On July (?) 1971, in rites held at the Catholic Church of the Assumption, she was joined in wedlock with Earle William Judd ( ? - ? ), son of Earle E. Judd of Bothell, WA. Rev. Gregory Schneider officiated. In announcing the marriage, the Bellingham Herald said she "wore a gown of lace over sparkle crepe and hem length veil trimmed with seed pearls, both designed and made by her aunt, Mrs. Maude Elliott. She carried pink rosebuds, large pink daisies and stephanotis and wore a pearl necklace and earrings worn by her mother at her wedding and a sixpence in her shoe."  At the time, Earle was a student at Western Washington State College. Later, she appears to have wed Gary Smith ( ? - ? ). Together, they bore a daughter, Christine Elizabeth Jackson. The couple divorced, with both remaining in Bellingham. Then in 1989, when both were age 39, Judith was united in matrimony with Denny Ockinga ( ? - ? ). The Ockingas make a home in Bellingham. She has contributed important content for this biography.

    Great-granddaughter Christine Elizabeth Smith ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). She was a graduate of Mount Baker High School and as a senior worked for Taco Time. On Dec. 18, 1993, she entered into marriage with Sean Edward Jackson ( ? - ? ), son od David and Debbie Jackson of Acme. Their nuptials were held at the Acme Presbyterian Church, led by Rev. Sharon Hare. The bride and groom were pictured in a wedding announcement in the Bellingham Herald. At the time, Sean was an alumnus of Mount Baker and employed by Gourmet Treasures as a warehouse manager. 

Daughter Norraine Ila Lange (1924-1945) was born on June 25, 1924 in Custer. She grew up in Bellingham and then in the early 1940s relocated with her parents to Sedro-Woolley, WA, where she completed high school. When she was 21 years of age, on the fateful day of Nov. 6, 1945, she was killed at home by electrocution "when she turned on the water tap in the laundry room of her parents," said the Bellingham Herald. "Police here said a power line transformer near the Lange home was burning at the time and in some manner the Lange's private water system became charged with electricity... Officers said Mrs. Lange, in an adjoining room, heard her daughter call for help and rushed in to find she had collapsed. A respirator was called from this city but efforts to revive the girl was futile." The funeral and burial were presided over by Rev. Phil Warmenan. The Associated Press version of the obituary was published throughout the state, including in the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

Daughter Wilma Lange (1924- ? ) was born in about 1924 in Washington State. As a young woman, during World War II, she made her residence in Bremerton, WA. Circa 1943, she entered into marriage at the age of 20 with 22-year-old Robert James Perkins (1922- ? ), an Oregon Native. At the time he was serving in the U.S. Navy, with the marriage license issued in Seattle. The pair's trio of offspring were Helen Perkins, Thomas Perkins and Cheryl Ann Perkins. They dwelled in Portland, OR in 1945 and in Richmond, Contra Costa County, CA in 1950. As of 1950, Robert remained with the U.S. Armed Forced. Wilma filed for divorce, which was granted in Marin County, CA in March 1954, after 11 years of marriage. She returned to Whatcom County, WA and he remained in California. Under the terms of the Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Law, she petitioned the courts of her home county in 1957 to compel Robert to fulfill his obligation to make $120 in monthly support payments. Later, by 1970, she married (?) Graham ( ? - ? ) and dwelled in Auburn, WA. 

  • Granddaughter Helen Perkins (1944- ? ) was born in about 1944 in Washington State.
  • Grandson Thomas Perkins (1945- ? ) was born in about 1945 in Washington State.
  • Granddaughter Cheryl Ann Perkins (1948- ? ) was born in about 1948 in Washington State.


~ Daughter Maude Myrtle (Behme) Elliott ~

Daughter Maude Myrtle Behme (1901-1984) was born on Jan. 25, 1901 in LuVerne, Kossuth County, IA. 

She relocated to Washington State in her youth, settling in Whatcom County. After her parents separated, to earn badly needed income, Maude went to work as a servant in private homes in or around Custer, Whatcom County. 

On Feb. 1, 1922, she wed World War I veteran Wirt John Elliott (Dec. 31, 1892-1953). a resident of Bremerton. The ceremony was held in the parsonage of the Methodist-Episcopal Church of Bellingham. Reported the Bellingham Herald, "The young couple were accompanied by Mrs. Myra Behme, mother of the bride, and Mr. Lyle Whitford of Hayne. Rev. J.W. Moles read the service and amidst the good wishes of all the young people left at once for their new home in Port Orchard, going by auto to Bellingham and thence by boat."

Wirt had been married before, to Margaret E. Johnson (1890-1966), and brought two stepchildren into the union with Maude -- Charles F. Elliott and Hazel Frances Wood Dodd. 

During the world war, Wirt had served as a corporal in the 2nd Mechanics Regiment and was decorated for bravery in France. Upon his return to the states, he resumed his job as a policeman in Bellingham in 1919, with his brother J.M. also on the force. But he resigned by July of the following year. 

The Elliotts were in Sedro-Woolley circa 1932. Around that time, Wirt became employed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, working at the Mount Baker National Forest as a foreman. 

They resided in Port Orchard in 1941, Seattle in the mid-1940s and in Everson in 1953. He held a membership in the Christian Church and the Sedro Woolley lodge of the Masons. She belonged to the Everson Presbyterian Church.

Grief cascaded over the family on Aug. 25, 1953 when Wirt suffered a heart attack and died while on a business trip to Anacortes, WA. "Mr. Elliott was driving his car about 4 p.m., when he felt ill and pulled off to the side of the road," said a newspaper. Passersby summoned an ambulance, but he succumbed a few minutes after reaching the hospital. He had lived in Whatcom county 40 years, [and] was a retired instrument maker at the Puget Sound Navy Yard." Rev. C. Eugene Sabin officiated the funeral, with burial following in Bayview Cemetery.

On the tragic of Sept. 26, 1970, while riding in an automobile with three of her sisters on Interstate 5 south of Everett, Maude at age 69 suffered a dislocated shoulder when the vehicle left the highway. Her sister Mabel Caughell was killed in the accident, while sister Helen Lang and driver Regina Olson also were seriously hurt.

Maude was active in the Nooksack chapter of the Order of Eastern Star. In March 1964, she was installed as worthy matron of the organization.  

Maude spent her final years at 700 32nd Street, Bellingham. She died at the age of 83 on Jan. 25, 1984. An obituary appeared in the Bellingham Heraldbut the stepchildren were not named. Rev. David Loper, her pastor, presided at the funeral, with interment at Bayview.

Stepson Charles F. Elliott ( ? - ? )

Stepdaughter Hazel Frances Elliott (1911-1963) was born on Oct. 8, 1911. She appears to have been twice-wed. Her first spouse was (?) Wood ( ? - ? ). She made a home in Seattle in 1953. In time she married again to Orville W. Dodd (March 19, 1902-1971). She succumbed to the spectre of death on May 27, 1963, at the age of 51. She reposes for eternity in Greenacres Memorial Park in Ferndale. Orville survived his wife by eight years. He passed away on April 1, 1971.


~ Daughter Mabel Edith (Behme) Caughell ~

Daughter Mabel E. Behme (1903-1970) was born in about 1903 in Whatcom County. 

She was united in marriage in 1923 with Eathen Vigil Caughell (1898-1946), a native of Sandusky, MI. 

Together, they produced a trio of sons -- William Caughell, Kenneth Caughell and Donald Caughell. 

Eathen had moved to Bellingham at the age of 15 with his parents, and settled there for good a few years later.

The Caughells' address in 1936 was 2424 Madrona Street and in 1945-1960 at 2333 Moore Street, Bellingham. Eathen belonged to the Methodist church and the International Brotherhood of Pulp and Sulplhite Workers. 

Mabel was named in a Herald article in 1950 when contesting the will of her aunt, Clara (Behme) Jensen Kiggins Young. The aunt had bequeathed her entire $3,000 estate to her husband's nephew, Charles A. Copps of Bellingham. Said the story, "The niece objects to the omission of the will from probate because ink marks on the face of the will (two commas) are not initialed. Also, a change in the date of signing in which the word 'April' was crossed out and 'July' filled in also was not initialed."  

On the fateful day of  Sept. 26, 1970, while riding in an automobile with her sisters, Mabel was killed when the vehicle "went off Interstate 5 four and a half miles south of Everett," reported the Spokane Chronicle. The driver, Regina Olson, age 79, suffered a dislocated shoulder, sister Helen Lange, age 71, a broken right leg and sister Maude Elliott,  age 69, a dislocated shoulder. Rev. Vincent Crane officiated at the funeral, followed by lowering of the remains under the sod of Haynie Cemetery. Sister Helen lingered for almost three months in a Seattle hospital until death claimed her on Dec. 19, 1970.  

Son William E. Caughell (1925- ? ) was born in 1925. He lived in Bellingham in 1970. He is believed to hve died in Bellingham at the age of 87 on Jan. 18, 2013, with private family funeral services, and a brief death notice printed in the Bellingham Herald. This needs to be confirmed.

Son Kenneth Lee Caughell (1936- ? ) was born on April 5, 1936 in St. Joseph's Hospital in Bellingham. He was a 1954 graduate of Bellingham High School and then worked for McBeath Glass. On April 27, 1956, in a ceremony held in the Garden Street Methodist Church, Kenneth tied the marital knot with Joyce Adrian Ray ( ? - ? ). Rev. Clarence J. Forsberg officiated. The happy couple was pictured in a related story in the Bellingham Herald. Two sons born in this family were Brad Caughell and Michael Gregory Caughell. Kenneth served in the U.S. Army during the early years of the Vietnam War, and trained at Fort Belvoir, where he learned how to install, operate and repair high output generators, motors, frequency changers and engineer equipment use in guided missiles. in 1960 was assigned to the 43rd Artillery at Fairchild Air Force Base as a member of the Nike-Hercules missile unit. The Caughells dwelled in 1970 in Bellingham. Kenneth was deceased by 2023.

  • Grandson Bradley "Brad" Caughell ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). He wed Michelle Rose Johnson (March 7, 1960-2013), daughter of John "Jack" and Rose Johnson of Bellingham. Michelle was the mother of Eric Summer, Monica Pense and Sarah Day. Said the Bellingham Herald, Michelle "found joy in roaming the coastal beaches in the search of sea shells and other treasures. [She was a] strong woman full of compassion for others..." Michelle died unexpectedly at the age of 53 on April 30, 2013. A memorial service was held at Sudden Valley Community Church. Bradley was deceased by 2023, although his details are not known.
  • Grandson Michael Gregory Caughell (1962-2023) was born on Oct. 23, 1962. He was close with his cousin Rob Caughell and "heart sister Val Kalma and her husband Jake. Michael made his residence in Bellingham. Said an obituary, "Mike enjoyed the simple things in life... fishing, golf, baseball and a good visit with friends and family. Mike had many bumps in the road, and through it all would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need." He died without warning on April 30, 2023, on the 10th anniversary of his sister-in-law Michelle's passing.

Son Donald Curtis Caughell (1938- ? ) was born in about 1938. He grew up in Bellingham. He entered the U.S. Marine Corps and in 1956-1958 was posted to Camp Pendleton, CA. On Oct. 15, 1960, he was joined in matrimony with Claudette Marie Bonchard ( ? - ? ), a native of Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, Canada, and the daughter of Conrad Bonchard. Claudette's wedding portrait ws published in the Bellingham Herald. The couple resided in Seattle circa 1970. They brought a landmark legal complaint in the case known as Claudette Caughell and Donald Caughell, wife and husband, Appellants, v. Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound; Robert Sherry, M.D., and Jane Doe Sherry and the marital community thereof; and Hoffman-La Roche, Inc., Respondents, 124 Wn. 2d 217; 876 P.2d 898; 1994 Wash. LEXIS 453.. The matter is referenced in the book The Age Of Anxiety: A History Of America's Turbulent Affair With Tranquilizers by Andrea Tone.


~ Son Thornton A. "John" Behme ~

Son Thornton A. "John" Behme (1905-1981) was born on June 19, 1905 (or 1904) in Custer, WA. 

At the age of 28, on Sept. 7, 1933, he married Clara Jeannette Nordby (Feb. 3, 1915-1998) in nuptials held in Ferndale. Clara was the daughter of Julius and Clara (Martin) Nordby and a  native of Ferndale.

Three children born of this union were John C. Behme, Diane Carole Grim Scansen and Myra Lynn Jonak Olson Kubic.

Thornton earned a living for 42 years with Georgia Pacific Railroad. 

As of 1945, when their niece Norraine was electrocuted to death, the Behmes were named in the Bellingham Herald obituary with an address of Ferndale. They resided in the early 1980s in or near Bellingham, Whatcom County, at the address of 4915 Spanish Way.

Thornton died on June 2, 1981 with burial in Ferndale Cemetery in Whatcom. [Find-a-Grave] An obituary was published in the Herald in which the family asked that any memorial donations be made to St. Joseph Hospital. Rev. Patrick Callahan led the funeral service.

Clara survived her husband by 17 years and in 1986, at the death of her son John, was in Bellingham, where she remained for good.

She surrendered to death on Oct. 12, 1998. Funeral services were conducted by her son-in-law Rev. Jerry Scansen, with burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. An obituary in the Herald said that "Her family and home were her treasures. Her talents included oil painting and writing, both of which the family will continue to appreciate through the many paintings and writings she has shared with them through the years."

Son John C. Behme ( ? -1986) was born on (?). He was an alumnus of Ferndale High School and for two years attended Western Washington College. In about 1958, he joined the U.S. Army during the early years of the Vietnam War. Circa 1959, he was stationed at the Army hospital at Fort Buckner, Okinawa, and was named "soldier of the month" He was united in matrimony with Regina Juvet ( ? - ? ), daughter of Henry and Janet Juvet of Ferndale. The pair's three daughters were Shannon Belle Behme, Sarah Behme and Jenny Behme. The Behmes made a home in Corvallis, OR in 1961 and in Ferndale, WA in 1971-1981 at the address of 2561 Thornton Road. They moved to Bellingham and dwelled there in 1986 at the address of 3500 Ridgemont Way. Sadly, following what the Bellingham Herald called "an extended illness," John died on Aug. 22, 1986. Chaplain Harold Minkler performed the funeral rites, with burial in Woodlawn Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Shannon Belle Behme (1961- ? ) was born in 1961. The Bellingham Herald announced her birth. She grew up in Corvallis, OR and Ferndale, WA.
  • Granddaughter Sarah Behme (1965- ? ) is believed to have been born in 1965 in St. Lukes' Hospital. Her birth was announced in the Bellingham Herald. She grew up in Ferndale.
  • Granddaughter Jenny Behme (1971- ? ) is believed to have been born in 1971 in St. Joseph's Hospital. News of her birth was printed in the Bellingham Herald. She grew up in Ferndale.

Daughter Diane Carole Behme ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). She appears to have been married twice. Her first husband, whom she wed on June 28, 1958, was Gary Lee Grim Sr. (June 24, 1936-2012), a native of Hastings, NE and the son of Robert R. and Anna (Placke-Stromer) Grim of Bellingham. The nuptials were performed by Rev. Norman Dahle in Faith Lutheran Church. In announcing the happy event, the Bellingham Herald said she "wore a white taffeta sheath dress with full overskirt of the same material. Her flowers were white rosebuds and stephanotis." The known offspring of the couple were Gary Lee Grim Jr., Matthew Grim, Mark Robert Grim, Adam Grim and perhaps others. Gary was a 1954 graduate of Bellingham High School and served in the National Guard in young manhood. He attended Bellingham Success Business College and Western Washington University. Gary served in the Army's Anti-Aircraft Artillery, the Field Artillery Military Police and Combat Engineers. Said the Herald, "Serving as First Sergeant for seven years, he retired as a Master Sergeant from the U.S. Army. After military retirement he accepted a commission as a Captain from the Washington State Guard Militia for two years. Gary worked at the Morse Hardware Company as a Store Merchandiser-Outside Sales Representative for 10 years. He later became a Staff Supervisor of Central Stores at Western Washington University, from which he retired in 1991." The couple divorced in 1975 after 16 years of marriage. Gary then made a home in Bellingham and married again to Nadean M. Dunkin-Little. Circa July 1977, living at 3034 Lynn Street in Bellingham, Diane entered into matrimony with 41-year-old Rev. Jerry Scansen ( ? - ? ), son of Clarence Herbert and Evelyn W. Scansen Sr. The Scansens lived circa 1981 in Bellingham, in 1986 in Portland, OR and in 1998 in Salem, OR. Jerry is known to have officiated the funeral service of his mother-in-law in 1998. Former husband Gary died at the age of 76 on Dec. 11, 2012. Interment was in Greenacres Memorial Park. In an obituary, the family asked that any memorial donations be made to the Salvation Army Church. 

  • Grandson Gary L. Grim Jr. ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). He was an alumnus of Bellingham High School and studied circa 1984 at Western Washington University. He also earned income in young manhood through work for the City of Everett, WA. He entered into marriage with Caren ( ? - ? )
  • Grandson Matthew A. Grim married Lorrie Day ( ? - ? ), daughter of Leo and Doris Day. 
  • Grandson Mark Robert Grim ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). He was an alumnus of Bellingham High School and a graduate of Eastern Washington University. He founded and operated two businesses, Panhandle Premium and Student Prints Buttons and Machines, both located in Birch Bay, WA. On May 27, 2002, in nuptials held at Lake Tahoe, NV, he wed Charisma Baflor Jugan ( ? - ? ). She was the daughter of Emmanuel and Apolenaria Jugan of Cebu, the Philippines. Their wedding photograph was printed in the Bellingham Herald. Charisma was an alumnus of Juyang High School in her hometown.
  • Grandson Adam Grim moved to Escondido, near San Diego, CA and was employed by Consolidated Electrical Distributors. In May 1988, he wed Dianne Moore ( ? - ? ), daughter of June Sanemitsu of Los Angeles and Roger and Micehlle Runkle of Hollidaysburg, PA. The happy couple were pictured in the Bellingham Herald. At the time, Dianne worked as a bank officer for San Diego's First National Bank. by 2012, he was a companion of Debbie Carlson.

Daughter Myra Lynn Behme ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). She has been thrice-wed. On April 25, 1964, at the age of 18, she married 20-year-old Ferndale resident Edward F. Jonak ( ? - ? ). The wedding was held in St. Joseph's Catholic Church of Ferndale, led by Rev. Kevin Coyle. Myra was pictured in a bridal portrait in the Bellingham Herald, which reported that she "wore a floor length gown of chantilly lace over crystal peau de soie made by her sister, Mrs. Gary Grim, from a Paris original pattern. It featured a short lace balero. Her shoulder length veil of illusion was held by a fabric headpiece and she carried a bouquet of gardenias and yellow rosebuds." Together, they bore a brood of offspring, among them Ed Jonak and David Jonak and perhaps others. In time she was united in wedlock with (?) Olson. Circa 1981, she was in Bellingham and in 1986-1998 in Ferndale. Later still, she became the bride of Richard J. "Dick" Kubic (Dec. 18, 1946-2010), son of John and Florence Kubic and originally from Olean, NY. Sadly, believed to have been suffering from Parkinson's, Richard died at home at the age of 63 on Sept. 11, 2010. He was pictured in his Herald obituary. 

  • Grandson Ed Jonak attended Ferndale High School He married Brandy Farris. He has been employed in the airline industry. 
  • Grandson David Jonak is married and has worked as a manager for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


~ Son Gordon Stoddard Behme ~

Son Gordon Stoddard Behme (1905- ? ) was born on Feb. 4, 1905 or 1906 in Custer, WA. 

As of 1929, he served in the U.S. Army and was deployed to Manila, the Philippines, via San Francisco, traveling aboard the transport ship  U.S. Grant.   

Unmarried at age 24, circa 1930, he lived with his father and stepmother in Portland, Multnomah County, OR.

He made his way to Montana by 1936 and was there when his father died in March 1940, and named in the father's Bellingham newspaper obituary. 

At the death of his mother in 1941, said the Bellingham Herald, his residence was "unknown."  Then at the passing of his aunt Clara (Behme) Kiggins Jensen Young in 1950, his home was listed in the newspaper as Rainier, OR.

His final fate is not yet known.


~ Daughter Doris Irene (Behme) Ayers ~

Daughter Doris Irene Behme (1907-1936) was born in on Oct. 3, 1907 in Custer, WA. 

When she was 21 years of age, on March 10, 1930, she married Virgil Lorenzo Ayers (Feb. 12, 1901-1976), also misspelled "Ayres." Justice of the peace D.W. Featherkill presided, and Vera Shetler and Doris' sister Isabelle served as witnesses.

The pair made a home in Harrison, ID and do not appear to have reproduced. 

Tragedy shook in March 1936 when Doris, burdened with multiple adhesions of the abdomen, was diagnosed with several feet of bowels infected with gangrene. She was rushed to Home Hospital in Coeur d'Alene, ID where, at the age of 28, she died on March 26, 1936. Her mother and sisters Helen Lange and Isabelle Klassen and brother Thornton Behme are known to have traveled to attend the funeral, with obituaries published in the Spokane Spokesman-Review and Bellingham Herald. Following rites led by Rev. Ralph I. Thomas, the remains were laid to rest in Coeur d'Alene's Forest Cemetery.      

Virgil outlived his first bride by four decades. On Feb. 22, 1945, living in Pinehurst, ID, he married again to Lola Mae (Appell) Bates (1912-1974) of Kellogg, ID. Justice of the peace Gates presided at the wedding, held in Superior, MT. The union was "soon over," said the Spokesman-Review, with Lola May suing for divorce in May "on grounds of cruelty." He died in Medimont, Kootenai County, ID at the age of 75 in March 1975. Burial was in Forest Cemetery.


~ Daughter Isabelle (Behme) Klassen Hyle ~

Daughter Isabelle K. Behme (1910- ? ) was born on June 21, 1910. 

At age 19, she resided with her divorced mother in the Bellingham, WA residence of J. Felix and Katherine P. Olson. 

She was twice married, first before 1935 to widower Dick Klassen (1889- ? ), a native of Nebraska and a foreman at a Wiley City fruit farm. 

Circa 1940, they lived on a farm along Old Naches Highway in Gleed, Yakima County, WA. 

Dick had been married before -- possibly to Pearl Aust ( ? - ? ) -- and brought at least three daughters to the marriage with Isabelle -- Beulah Klassen, Mabel E. Klassen and Neva Klassen. 

By 1950, Isabelle wed her second husband, Thomas G. Hyle (May 10, 1909-1986), a North Dakota native.

The Hyles made their residence in Yakima in 1950-1981, where he was employed as a carpenter and she earned income through babysitting. They enjoyed hunting and salmon fishing as well as outings to Mount Baker.

Isabelle died at the age of 71 on July 10, 1981. Her remains sleep for the ages in Yakima's Terrace Heights Memorial Park. 

Thomas lived for another five years. He passed into eternity on Nov. 14, 1986. 

Stepdaughter Beulah Klassen (1919- ? ) was born in about 1919 in Washington State.

Stepdaughter Mabel E. Klassen (1920- ? ) was born in about 1920 in Washington State.

Stepdaughter Neva Klassen (1926- ? ) was born in about 1926 in Oregon.


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