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Bios (continued)

Honor Roll: 184 Younkin-Younken-Youngkin-Younken-Yonkin Civil War Soldiers

Missouri Pacific Lines Magazine, Edited by Edward Harlan "E.H." McReynolds, Special Assistant to the President  

Remembering the Victims of 60 Workplace Accidents in the Manufacturing, Mining and Metals Industries

Remembering 300+ Casualties of Water, Fire/Shock/Freezing and Vehicle/ Aircraft Accidents

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater: Celebrating the Special Relationship Between Our Family and the World's Most Famous Modern House

230 Civil War Soldiers in the Extended Family

"The Great White Fleet" - by Winfield I. Flanigan

Memoir: "My Dad: Jean Flanigan Wetherbee’s Memories of her Father, Winfield I. Flanigan"

Cousin Voices: Unique Writings, Memoirs, Poetry and Essays Authored By Members of the Extended Family

Ross and Ida (Keefer) Minerd Family Reunions at Flatwood, PA in 2002 and 2007

In Lasting Memory: A Tribute to Cousins and Spouses Who Passed Away From Jan. 1, 2022 to Dec. 31, 2023

Meinert Essen Buch 2023 - Compiled by Heather (Miner) Dandy

Poor Polly: The Muddled and Confused Identity and Legacy of Mary "Polly" (Younkin) Minerd/Miner 

Henry and Elizabeth Yonkon Miner Reunions of Washington, PA and Wheeling, WV, 1928-1931 

The National Road: Honoring Cousins of the 1800s Who Lived and Labored Along Our Country's First Super Highway, the National Turnpike, Today's U.S. Route 40

Younkin-Younken-Youngkin Feature Pages and Biography Table of Contents

The Mucho-Married Mayle/Male and Minard/Miner Families of the Chestnut Ridge Community of West Virginia and Eastern Ohio

Braddock's Grave and Fort Necessity: Preserving Historic French & Indian War Landmarks in Southwestern Pennsylvania

D-Day Campaign Memorial:  Honoring Cousins Who Took Part in the Invasion of France During World War II

Minerd.com in the News 2016-2020 

"A Companion to Paddytown of Turkeyfoot" - By Michael Patrick Connelly

2023 National Reunion Marks 110th Anniversary of Inaugural 1913 Family Gathering; 60 Cousins Attend from 7 States and 17 Pennsylvania Towns

Speckled Legacy: Tom Custer in American Pop Culture

General Custer Family Album - Longtime Ohio Neighbors and Unusually Close Friends of One Branch of our Family 

"Paddytown of Turkeyfoot" - by Michael Patrick Connelly

Honor Roll: 97 Known Military Casualties

"I'm Planning Rational Suicide. Here's Why" - by the late Jessica Minerd-Massey

The Constantine and Antonina Balysh Story in Amerika

'Burgh Nation: The Pittsburgh Region's Enduring Legacy of Creativity and Innovation 

West Penn Power and Railways: Steady Employer for Many Branches of Our Family

Lawrence Earl and Isabelle (Coughenour) Minerd Photo Album - Unknown Faces and Places  

Civil War Guide to the Meinert-Minerd-Minard-Miner-Minor Family - Soldiers By Name - Their Regiments - Their Bloodiest Battles - Casualties - Freed Slaves in the Family - Prisoners of War (POWs) - At the Homefront

Who's Who - Map of the First 5 Generations of Offspring of Pennsylvania Germans Friedrich and Eva Maria (Weber) Meinert Sr.

Eva Maria (Weber) Meinert’s Arduous Girlhood Immigration Journey, 1708-1709

Death on the Rails: Remembering 50+ Fatal Railroad & Streetcar Casualties 

Interview with Armena (Cain) Miner Marshall at Her Home in Washington, PA, Dec. 26, 1971

Praying Billy: A Special Memoir by Elaine (Monticue) Brawdy

Remembering Pearl Harbor: Honoring Known Cousins in Hawaii on Dec. 7, 1941

Virginia Governor Glenn Allen Youngkin

Other Inter-connected Families Profiled on Minerd.com

Legacy of the Old McMillan Tannery of Listonville, PA as Somerset County Historians Conserve and Digitize Pre-Civil War Ledger Filled with Everyday Detail

Such Times: A Diary Kept by Josephine Emerick While Visiting Relatives in Pennsylvania and Maryland in 1881

Corinna (Leydig) Talbot: Personal History of the Leydigs in California

Edward J. Van Horn: A Memoir of Early Southern California Life

The Life of Edna Lola (Walling) Dwyer Mundt - by James M. Phebus

Charlotte Zoë Walker: A Remembrance - by Rebecca Mendez

Kissin' Cousins: The Extensively Intermarried Minerds, Younkins, Harbaughs and Mayles of Southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Gaumer-Gomer-Garmer Biography Archives: Johannes Dietrich and Maria Elizabeth (Meinert) Gaumer of Lehigh County, PA and 4 Generations of Their Descendants

40+ Cousins in the 1972 Graduating Class of Connellsville Area (PA) High School

Minder Ancestry - compiled by M. Steven Traynor

Martha Jane (McCaskey) Hanshaw's 1866 Catalogue - Morgantown (WV) Female Collegiate Institute

Coal, Coke and Steel: Honoring More than 400 Cousin Laborers Who Shaped America's Mineral and Metal Industries

George Wilson and Clara (Miner) Tucker of Fort Madison, IA 

Joseph and Laura Jane (Miner) Troxel Jr. of Burlington & Waterloo, IA and Coronado, CA

Philemon D. and Lucinda Jane "Jennie" (Gollada) Armstrong of Yakima, WA 

Alexander and Alice Ann (Simmons) McMurray Jr. of Grove City and Columbus, OH 

Cyrus C. and Mary Louisa (McMurray) Leslie of Springfield, OH 

George H. and Calista (Sparrow) McMurray of London, OH

Corwin Thomas and Ella F. (McMurray) Carter of Madison County, OH

Robert A. and Flora "Flo" (Adams) McMurray of London, OH 

Melville Darwin and Sarah Hortense (McMurray) Ailes of Springfield and Warren, OH 

Foster D. and Florence (McMurray) West of Mechanicsburg and Springfield, OH

John Willis and Maggie Viola (Sherwood) Krick of Paulding, OH  

James Alfred and Nellie B. (Plumley) Krick of Fort Wayne, IN

James and Eva Jane (Krick) Plumley of Convoy, OH

Philip D. and Caroline (Johnson) Krick of Van Wert, OH & Mount Pleasant, MI

Elijah and Ida May (Goodin) Krick Sr. of Monroeville, IN

Harvey S. and Ellen (Ferguson) Bristol of Chicago, IL & Buchanan, MI 

John Henry "Sebastian" and Matilda (Brewster) Houpt III of Sumter County, AL 

Ulysses S. and Eva May (James Drake Mawhorter Burger) Bristol of Buchanan, MI

William B. and Duanna (Burgoyne) Hawkins of Catlin Twp., IL 

Evan and Elizabeth Ann (Taylor) Burgoyne of Wayne, IN; Caitlin, IL; and Chetopa, KS  

Robert L. and Katherine (Mallon) Burgoyne of Buffalo, NY

John Youngken and wives Anna Maria Essig and Barbara Wimmer of Bucks County, PA

Abraham and Elizabeth (Wyker) Youngken Sr. of Bucks County, PA

George and Elizabeth (Bollinger) Yonkin Sr. of Pottsgrove, PA

John "Henry" Sebastian and Maria Catharina (Younken) Haupt/Houpt Jr. of Durham Furnace, PA

Annie Elizabeth Harbaugh of Mill Run, PA  

Isaac Lewis and Eltha Maud (Minard) Slack of Nodaway Twp. & Clarinda, IA

Harriet Jessie Fremont (McFarland) Crooks Bennett and Husbands of Zanesville, OH; Grand Junction, CO; and Salt Lake City

Ralph Edgar and Sabina Aleeta "Bina" (Miner) Johnston of Kenosha, WI; New Orleans; and Ray, Chillicothe & Columbus, OH

Raymond Clarence and Martha Elmira "Mattie" (Torrance) Miner of Cooper, IA and Chicago

George Henry and Clara (Morton) Miner of Charles City and Springfield, MO

Howard Forest and Edna Eleanor (Miner) Talbert of Marshalltown, IA

Frederick William Miner and wives Helen (Smith) Herring and Lola Della Esther "Dolly" Treadway of Marshalltown and Ferguson, IA  

Clyde Henry and Mary Matilda (Miner) Moore of Rippey, Marshalltown and Perry, IA

Jacob and Anna Caroline (Mattern) Gaumer of Fairview and Philadelphia, PA  

William Lewis and Zeruah "Ruby" (Knight) Snyder of Gladwin, MI 

John and Lillie May (Knight) Walters of Gladwin and Nester Twp., MI  

Samuel V. and Cynthia May (Cox) Warner of Arcola, IL

Charles C. and Rebecca Catherine (Warner) Roberts of Arcola, IL, San Benito, TX & Shreveport, LA

Joshua Lewellyn "Lew" and Cordelia (Warner) Roberts of Featherville, ID

Archer Bradley and Mamie (Halfpenny) Averill of Berwick, PA

Charles Wesley and Carrie (Johnston) Hunt of Zanesville & Somerset, OH

Edward Dick and Carrie (Clark) Ogle of Pitcairn, PA 

Margaret (Miner) Sloan Maxwell and Husbands Harvey Sloan and J. Marshall Maxwell of Cardington & Richland Twp., OH

Charles and Martha (Miner) Conner of Shelby County, OH & Kalamazoo, MI

Ziba and Annabelle (Flanigan) Burnworth of Johnson Chapel, PA

Thomas and Mary "Missouri" (Flanigan) McNair of Bruceton Mills, WV & Dickerson Run, PA

Thomas and Sabina (Tissue Burnsworth) Flanigan of Johnson Chapel and Confluence, PA

Marcellus "Tim" and Emily Frances (Parry) Flanigan of Shelby and Manilla, IA

Howard and Martha (Evans) Flanigan of Albia, IA

Archibald and Osie Carrie (Minard) Tucker of Topeka, KS

Charles Jasper and Andora (Minard) Hickcox of Greenville, OH

Mamie (Walker) Rice Poland and husbands of Gypsum & Wichita, KS 

Angie (Walker) Oliver Wilson and husbands of Kirksville & Brookfield, MO & Denver, CO

James "Ellet" and Mary (Lynch) Walker of Brookfield, MO

George Edward and Anna Morris (Swearingen) McReynolds of Rich Hill, MO 

William M. and Mamie W. (Swearingen) Haley of Nevada, MO & Delphos, KS 

Charles Edward and Margaret (Miner) Bottomley of Connellsville, PA 

Lloyd M. and Edna (Gorsuch) Hyatt of Confluence, PA

Thomas "Warren" and Marion (Thomas) Halfpenny of New Columbus, PA

Edward and Angeline (Comfort) Esch of Indiana County, PA & Lisbon, OH

Henry and Anna (Halfpenny) Schreiner of Chester, PA

John Gilbert and Harriet Emily Loncas (Wright) Miner of Hebron, OH  

Vernon Cornelius and Pearl Rebecca (Felgar) Van Dyke of Hunker, PA 

John Henry and Emma (Mayle) Kennedy of Sharpsburg, OH 

Oliver Clyde and Ella Florence (Dawson) Minerd of Connellsville, PA & Fair Oaks, CA

Jasper "Oliver" and Minnie (Minerd) McKnight of Preston County, WV & Fayette, Washington & Westmoreland Counties, PA 

Jacob and Louisa (Finkenbiner) Miner of Tontogany, OH

Jay C. Miner of Tontogany, OH 

Harry Allen and Jennie (Miner) Goodger Jr. of Tontogany, OH

Ivona Jane "Iva" (Van Horn) Brantner Nixon Jones and husbands of Columbus and Creola, OH

Frederick Christian "Dick" and Edna Essie (Miner) Asmus of Haskins, OH 

Gurdon and Edith (Miner) Keeler of Haskins, OH 

William C. and Naomi "Nona" (Minard) Baker of Kansas & Wyoming

William G. and Hattie (Gaines) Miner of Altoona, PA

Simon and Harriet (Weyand) Shaulis of Black Hawk County, IA 

Horton Howard and Dorothy (Thrush) Younkin of Pickaway County, OH

Johann "Herman" Junghen and wives Magdalena and Eva (Kressler) Shill of Germany & Bucks County, PA 

Harold Earl and Esther (Hemerlin) Minor of Cleveland, OH

Rebecca (Birch) McElfish Miller and husbands John Averil McElfish and Robert Miller of Washington, PA & Cleveland, OH

Golie Cephas and Mary Myrtle (Donley) Bedillion of Washington, PA

William R. and Elsa (Bobilin) Bedillion of Washington, Monessen and East Liberty, PA

William Allen Miner and wives Osta Arminta Cain and Laura Thompson of Washington, PA & El Monte & Pomona, CA

Frederick and Elizabeth (Wolfinger) Younken Jr. of Nockamixon Twp., PA

Abraham and Sarah (Montgomery) Younkin Jr. of Ohio and Texas 

George Perry and Mary (Leonard) Potter of Ohiopyle, PA

Reuben and Martha A. (Cunningham) Leonard of Ohiopyle, PA

Lucy (Woody) Kinder Moseley Dalton and husbands of Athens County, OH

Benjamin S. and Allora Ellen (Bush) Johnson of Greenfield, IN and San Benito, TX 

Joseph and Laura (Shoup) Esch of Armagh, PA and Elyria & Fremont, OH

Alexander Blaine and Mary (Houser) McMurray of near Lafayette, OH

John and Catherine (Younkin) Harmon of Brush Valley, PA 

John William and Phoebe Ann (Maust) Rankin of Elliottsville, PA 

Opha Cleophas and Bertie (Mayle) Kennedy of Cecil and Galloway, WV 

Lewis A. and Sarepta (Kennedy) Mayle of Knottsville, WV

James E. and Mary Emma (Ogle) Newingham of Scottdale, PA

William "Alexander" and Hannah Maria (Minerd) Gaither of Chalk Hill, PA 

George Andrew and Grace (Gaither) Reiber of Uniontown, PA 

James C. and Martha (Ream) Park of Muscatine, IA

James Dumphry and Bertha Violet (Gray) Crosby of Mount Pleasant, PA

Gordon and Mary "Alice" (Crosby) Fehr of Mount Pleasant, PA and Detroit, MI

Harry John and Gertrude (Minerd) Thomas of Hopwood and Masontown, PA 

Frances "Fannie" (Minerd) Jeffries Cross and husbands of Richeyville, Centerville and Daisytown, PA 

George Ellsworth and Sarah Jane "Jenne" (Minerd) Baily of Uniontown, Carmichaels, Pittsburgh and Monroeville, PA

Charles Emil and Margaret Ann (Rankin) Fike of Georges Twp., PA and Norfolk, VA

Albert Lloyd and Lucy (Nicklow) Minerd of Smithfield, PA

Clarence "Jay" and Clara Belle (Keffer) McKnight of Dawson, PA and Casper, WY 

Charles Elihu and Nancy Catherine (Kennedy) Mayle of Knottsville, WV  

Charles J. and Sarah Jane (Rankin) Addis of Uniontown, PA 

Mary Ann (Minerd) Crayton Cross and husbands of Mt. Braddock, PA; Warren, OH; and Smithfield, PA 

Elizabeth Ann "Lydia" (Turner) Heltebran Colosimo and husbands of Charleroi, PA

Catherine (Minerd) Nesmith Dean and husbands of Kingwood, WV; Dunbar, PA; Oakland, MD; and Lemont Furnace, PA

Joshua V. Armstrong of Cardington, OH 

Edward George and Sarah (Inks) Chisnell of New Kensington, PA 

Warren McEwen and Sophia (Turner Inks) Dean Sr. of Fayette County, PA

John R. and Susanna Phalitia "Anna" (Long) Kooser of Scottdale, PA and East Liverpool & Sebring, OH

George P. and Ida (Ream) Millis of Iowa, Kansas, Wyoming and California

William and Josephine (Gorsuch) Burkholder of Bartow, FL

Nicholas and Dorcas (Settle) Hartzell Sr. of Humbert, PA

William H. and Sarah Jane (Minerd) Shepard of Tontogany and Haskins, OH

Edwin Jay and Nellie Mae (Rockwell) Jewell of Bowling Green, OH

John William Shepard Jewell and wives of Milan, MI

Samuel Henry and Albertine Clementine (Stimpfling Chandler) Behme of Washington and Oregon


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