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Peter Gaumer


Peter Gaumer was born on Sept. 20, 1814 in Somerset County, PA, the son of Johannes Jacob "John" and Susannah (Leydig) Gaumer.

On Sept. 7, 1839, when he was age 25, he wedded Susannah "Susan" Hauger (Nov. 30, 1810-1891), also a native of Pennsylvania.

The couple appears to have immediately left for a new life in Ohio, establishing a home in Union Township, Knox County where their eldest daughter was born in 1840. 

In all, they bore seven known children: Sarah Gaumer, John "Jerome" Gaumer, Jefferson Gaumer, Trusilla Gaumer, Elizabeth Gaumer, Mary Hartman and Alwilda Lepley. They grieved when daughter Trusilla died at the age of about two on Feb. 20, 1849.

The U.S.  Census of Knox County of 1850 lists the family in Union Township -- of 1870 in Harrison Township -- and of 1880 in Butler Township.

Susannah was swept away by the Grim Reaper in Harrison Township at the age of 60 on Oct. 10, 1891.

Peter lived for another nearly five years. At the age of 81, he succumbed in Harrison Township on April 11, 1896.

Their remains are interred in Mount Zion Cemetery in Gambier, Knox County. [Find-a-Grave]


~ Daughter Sarah Gaumer ~

Daughter Sarah Gaumer (1840- ? ) was born in about 1840 in Union Township, Knox County.


~ Son John "Jerome" Gaumer ~

Son John "Jerome" Gaumer (1842-1917) was born on June 12, 1842 in Union Township, Knox County.

On March 4, 1869, he wedded Caroline Freeman (Aug. 13, 1845-1894), daughter of Catherine (Wolford) Freeman, by the hand of Rev. J.G.L. Jacobs.

They were the parents of Clay Freeman Gaumer, Floyd Gaumer, Hattie Dudgeon, Thomas Jefferson Gaumer, Susanna Ross and Lewis E. Gaumer.

In 1870, census records show the family living next door to Jerome's parents, with him working as a farmer.

Heartbreak cascaded over the family when Caroline passed away on Oct. 14, 1894 at the age of 49.

Jerome lived for another 23 years as a widower and dwelled in Butler, Knox County. At the age of 75, having suffered from hardening of the arteries, he died on July 25, 1917. He rests in Mount Zion Cemetery in Gambier.

Son Clay Gaumer (1870- ? ) was born in 1870 in Harrison Township, Knox County.

Son Floyd Gaumer (1871-1949) made his home in Howard, Knox County in 1917.

Daughter Hattie Gaumer (1874-1960) was born in 1874. She married (?) Dudgeon.

Son Thomas Jefferson Gaumer (1876-1951).

Daughter SusannaH Gaumer (1878-1958) was born in 1878. She wedded Lemuel W. Ross ( ? - ? ). Among their children were Charles Russell Ross, John Walter Ross, Robert Merle Ross and Rodney J. Ross.

Son Lewis E. Gaumer (1884-1934).


~ Son Jefferson Gaumer ~

Son Jefferson Gaumer (1844-1921) was born in about 1844 in Union Township, Knox County.

A bachelor at the age of 25 in 1870, he lived with his parents and provided laborer on their Harrison Township farm.

He remained in their home at least through 1880.

Evidence suggests that he passed away in 1921 with burial in Mount Zion Cemetery in Gambier, Knox County.


~ Daughter Elizabeth (Gaumer) McArtor ~

Daughter Elizabeth Gaumer (1848-1893) was born on Sept. 5, 1848 in Union Township, Knox County.

In 1868, when she was age 19 or 20, she is believed to have married James Oscar McArtor (June 20, 1848-1929), son of Jonathan and Minerva McArtor.

Their union produced a daughter Lulu B. "Linza" Horn.

They were farmers in Howard, Knox County.

Sadly, the marriage ended with her death at the age of 44 on Feb. 6, 1893 in Gambier.

James outlived her by some 36 years. He succumbed to bronchial pneumonia on Dec. 7, 1929, at 81 years of age. They rest together in Mount Zion Cemetery.

Daughter Lulu B. "Linza" McArtor (1869-1955) was born in 1869. She was joined in marriage with (?) Horn. She died in 1955.


~ Daughter Mary (Gaumer) Hartman ~

Daughter Mary Gaumer (1850- ? ) was born on Nov. 16, 1850 in Knox County.

At the age of 29, in 1880, she was unmarried and resided under her parents' roof in Harrison Township, Knox County.

Mary married Lorenza Hartman ( ? - ? ).

Circa 1926, her home was in Howard, Knox County.

Burdened with acute kidney disease and hardening of the arteries at the age of 75, she died on Aug. 30, 1926. Her nephew Clay Gaumer, of Howard, OH, was the informant for the official Ohio certificate of death. Mary rests beside her bachelor brother Jefferson in Gambier's Mount Zion Cemetery.


~ Daughter Alwilda (Gaumer) Lepley ~

Daughter Alwilda Gaumer (1854-1901) was born on May 24, 1854 in Knox County.

On April 16, 1874, in nuptials held in Knox County, she was joined in marital union with Samuel Warden "Ward" Lepley (March 9, 1851-1939), son of William and Dencey (Purdy) Lepley.

The only known offspring born to this couple was Estella M. Lepley.

Alwilda died at the age of 47 on Oct. 27, 1901. Her remains were lowered into rest in Mount Zion Cemetery in Gambier.

Ward survived her by 38 years and lived to the ripe age of 88, making his home near Gambier. After suffering a cerebral hemorrhage, he was cut down by the Grim Reaper on Aug. 20, 1939 in Knox County, at the age of 88. He was not buried beside his wife but in fact purchased a separate lot in the center of the burying ground, where he rests today under a red barre granite marker.

Daughter Estella M. Lepley (1875-1923).


Copyright © 2000, 2017-2019 Mark A. Miner
Carlton Greve graciously has furnished substantial material for this biography.