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Solomon Miner
(1807- ? )

Solomon Miner was born in about 1807 the area of Fayette-Somerset Counties, PA, the son of Daniel and Mary Minor.

As a young boy, he moved to near Sego, Perry County, OH with his pioneering parents and siblings. When he was age five, his mother died. His father remarried, and later moved to Cardington, Morrow County, OH.

Solomon could not read or write, evidenced by the fact that he signed his name with an "X."

When the federal census was taken in 1850, when Solomon was 33, he was residing with his brother Jacob near Brownsville in Bowling Green Twp., Licking County.

Other records show that he had two daughters, Sarah A. Miner and Mary E. Miner.

His last known footprint on the paper trail was made on Sept. 2, 1857.  At that time, he was in Cardington, OH, a few years after his father's death. Solomon received a payment of $20.29, as his equal share of his father's estate, and signed a receipt (seen here) acknowledging the payment. The receipt was witnessed by William Shunk.

Their fates after that are unknown.

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