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Elsworth Absalom
'Elza' Schofield



Mt. Perry Methodist Church

Elsworth Absalom "Elza" Schofield was born in June 1853 at Mt. Perry, Perry County, OH, the son of Joseph and Mary (Danison) Schofield. 

At the age of 20, Elza married 17-year-old Hattie Law Smith (1866-1951), the daughter of James and Louisa (Law) Smith, on Sept. 26, 1883, at "the house of Rev. E. Rose," news that made the pages of the Perry County Tribune.  

The Schofields lived at Mt. Perry in Madison Township, and farmed for some 55 years. They were members of the Mt. Perry United Presbyterian Church. 

They were the parents of Ray E. Schofield, Joseph Schofield, Fred James Schofield and Carl Lee Schofield.

The federal censuses of 1900, 1910 and 1920 show the family residing at Mt. Perry. In 1910, 18-year-old son Carl worked as a salesman in a local general store. By 1920, Elza and Hattie were empty-nesters. They continued to farm well into their 60s, as shown by the 1930 census. 


Perry County Tribune

Elza served as a trustee of Madison Township in 1907, as a Republican. The other two trustees, also Republicans, were J.E. Wilkins and O. Burgess. They are listed in the 1905 book, Ohio - Federal, State, County, Township and Municipal Officers (page 229).

Elza died of heart disease on Dec. 5, 1938, at the age of 75.  A newspaper obituary said he was "a lifelong resident of Mt. Perry [and] was well known throughout the community."

Hattie survived the heartache of the death of her son Ray, who passed away in 1941. (See below for more.) She outlived her husband by 13 years.

She died of a stroke at the age of 84 on Jan. 7, 1951. They are buried at the Mt. Perry Methodist Church, in a row with his parents and pioneer grandparents, who originally owned the land on which the church and cemetery sit.



Mt. Perry Methodist Church

~ Son Ray E. Schofield ~

Son Ray E. Schofield (1884-1941 ) was born in 1884 in Mt. Perry. 

He was employed for many years as assistant cashier of the New Somerset Bank. He never married. 

Ray died of heart disease at the age of 57 on Nov. 21, 1941, just a few weeks before the United States was plunged into World War II. He was laid to rest at Mt. Perry Cemetery.


~ Son Joseph Clair Schofield ~

Son Joseph Clair Schofield (1885-1926) was born on Dec. 26, 1885 in Mt. Perry. He was a longtime farmer in Mt. Perry, and was of medium height and build, with brown eyes and hair.

At the age of 24, Joseph married 22-year-old Anna Shelly (1888- ? ), daughter of Jefferson and (?) (Cooperrider) Shelly of Glenford, Perry County. Rev. C.J.E. Lautenschlauger oversaw the wedding, held on Oct. 20, 1910. 

They had one known daughter, Pauline Schofield.

Their home farm was in Glenford, Hopewell Township, Perry County. During World War I, Joseph registered for the military draft, and disclosed that he was a self-employed farmer and that Anna was his next of kin. By 1920, as recorded by a federal census-taker, he worked as a day laborer.

Joseph was stricken with a serious case of appendicitis in the dead of winter of 1926. While under medical treatment, plagued by an abundance of pus, his health declined, and sadly he died at the age of 39, on Feb. 28, 1926. His remains were placed into eternal rest in Highland Cemetery in Glenford, Perry County. 

Anna's fate after that is unknown. 

Daughter Pauline Schofield (1913- ? ) was born in 1913. 


Famous three-way "Y" bridge in Zanesville


~ Son Fred James Schofield ~

Son Fred James Schofield (1888-1953) was born on Nov. 3, 1888 in Mt. Perry. He was tall and slender, with light brown eyes and black hair.

He married Flossie Campbell (1890-1931), the daughter of O.E. and Emma (Ramsey) Campbell. At the time of marriage, on May 21, 1908, Fred was age 19 and Flossie 17. Rev. H.J. McClure led the ceremony. The Schofield and Campbell families were close, and Fred's brother Carl wed Flossie's sister Faun.

The Schofields had five children: Virgie  Schofield, Willabel Schofield, Phillip Schofield, Ruth Helen Schofield and Charles E. Schofield. 


Grave of twins Ruth and Charles, 1919

They lived in Mt. Perry, where Fred initially worked as a railroader. By 1920, when the federal census count was made, Fred had turned to farming. 

Heartache rocked this family the fall of 1919. Twins Ruth and Charles died shortly after birth, with Charles passing the same day, Oct. 14, 1919, and Ruth living only 13 days, until her demise on Oct. 27, 1919. Their tender remains were placed into eternal repose at Mt. Perry Cemetery, with a curved marker standing at their grave.

Flossie contracted a brain abscess in June 1931, and "was admitted to the hospital in critical condition for medical treatment, but an operation became necessary as her condition grew worse," said the Zanesville Signal. Sadly, she died of at the age of 40 on June 18, 1931, in Good Samaritan Hospital in Zanesville. Burial was in Mt. Perry. 

Fred married again, in 1935, to Emma Denison (1886-1976), the widow of Raymond Denison. The following year, they moved to Zanesville, Muskingum County, and lived at 813 Arch Street. Emma, said the Zanesville Times Recorder, "was a 50-year member of South Zanesville United Methodist Church and its CIC Sunday School class." Fred worked as an oiler in the Columbia Cement plant in Zanesville for 19 years. Circa 1946, they lived in Norval Park near Zanesville. 

He died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 64 on Feb. 27, 1953. His remains were laid to rest in the Mt. Perry Cemetery. At the time of his death, said the Zanesville Signal, he was survived by 15 grandchildren.

Emma outlived Fred by 23 years. She died at age 90 on Dec. 13, 1976, after becoming ill while celebrating her 90th birthday at an open house. Burial was in Highland Cemetery in Glenford.

Daughter (?) Schofield married Ralph Dickson and resided in Mt. Perry. They had at least one daughter, Sally Kay Dickson, who served as music director of the United Presbyterian Church of Mt. Perry circa 1950.

Daughter (?) Schofield wed Roy Beardsmore and lived in Mt. Perry.

Son Phillip Schofield served in Germany during the Korean War era. He made his home in 1976 in California.

Stepson Ralph E. Denison lived in South Zanesville. He was a member of the board of the Muskingum County Commissioners in 1953. 

Stepdaughter Mary Ellen Denison wed Carl Smith and lived in Zanesville circa 1976.


~ Son Carl Lee Schofield ~


Mt. Perry Methodist Church

Son Carl Lee Schofield (1891-1961) was born on Dec. 28, 1891 in Mt. Perry. As a young adult, he was short and slender, with dark brown hair and eyes.

He married Faun Campbell (1895-1992), the daughter of O.E. and Emma (Ramsey) Campbell, on July 23, 1913. Rev. L.A. Kerr, of the United Presbyterian Church, officiated. The Schofield and Campbell families were close, and Carl's brother Fred wed Fern's sister Flossie. 

At the time, Carl was age 22 and employed as a clerk, while Faun was 18.

They had two sons, John F. Schofield and Donald L. Schofield. Nephew Philip Schofield also lived with the family for many years. 

Carl and Faun resided in Mt. Perry. During World War I, Carl was required to register for the military draft. At the time, he stated he was employed as a clerk in the store of E.E. Thompson of Mt. Perry, and that he was married and had a three-year-old child at home. By 1920, when the federal census was enumerated, Carl's occupation was marked as "Farmer."

Carl served in about 1938 as township clerk in Madison Township, following in the footsteps of his grandfather some three decades earlier. He also was elected vice president of the Farmers Institute in Perry County in January 1943. 

Faun and their niece (?) (Schofield) Dickson attended the second annual O.E. Campbell reunion in Mt. Perry in August 1957. Reported the Zanesville Recorder, "43 persons [were] in attendance. A basket dinner was served and games and contests enjoyed."

Carl died in 1961 at the age of 70.

Faun survived him by more than three decades. She passed away in 1992, at the age of 98. 

Son John Schofield (1915- ? ) was born in 1915 in Mt. Perry.


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