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Robert Marshall White Sr.


Hopwood Cemetery

Robert Marshall White Sr. was born in 1851 in Fayette County, PA, the son of Perry G. and Charlotte (McClatchey) White.  When he was age seven, in about 1858, his mother died.  His father then married Mariah Minerd

At age 18, Robert labored in a local coke works near Uniontown.

Robert married Mary Rebecca Pope (1855-1937), daughter of Thomas and Mary Pope of Hopwood.

Their children were Mary E. White, Harriet White, Charles H. White, Thomas Perry White, Elizabeth Dawson, Raymond G. White, Daniel D. White, Robert M. White Jr., Lula Mitchell and Jenny (White) Miner. 

Sadly, daughters Mary (age four) and Harriet (age two) died 15 days apart in the summer of 1886, just months after Robert's father died suddenly.

The Whites lived at Hopwood, Fayette County, on the south side of the National Turnpike (Route 40). Following in his father's footsteps, Robert was employed as a laborer under superintendent Jacob M. Beeson on the National Turnpike.  His sons Thomas, Raymond and Charles also were road laborers in Hopwood. 


Daughter Mary, age 4 Daughter Harriet, age 2

In a memoir authored by a niece, she wrote that Robert "was a worker with the five (White) men breaking stones which were used before the pike was paved." 

In the early months of 1909, at age 55, Robert became ill and was unable to work for several months. Despondent over his prospects for regaining his health, he took his own life in the back yard of his home, on May 14, 1909. 

The tragic incident made headline news in the Uniontown and Connellsville newspapers. The Connellsville Courier said that "Some years ago White worked on the old National pike. His father, Perry G. White, for many years kept the toll gate near town and was well known by the older generation." His pallbearers were members of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics. 

Mary outlived her husband by more than a quarter of a century. Suffering from an embolism caused by a fractured left femur, she died at age 82 on June 11, 1937. She rests for eternity beside Robert at Hopwood Cemetery.


~ Son Charles H. White ~


Hopwood Cemetery

Son Charles H. White (1876-1942) was born on Feb. 21, 1876, in Hopwood.

He married Elizabeth Ann Johnson (1876-1965).

Their children were Viola West, Irene Provance, Ralph White and Gerald C. White.

They resided at Hopwood, where Charles worked as a laborer and where they were members of the Hopwood Christian Church. Elizabeth belonged to the church's Elizabeth White Bible Class.

Said the Uniontown Morning Herald, Charles was "employed for a number of years by the Pennsylvania State Highway Department... He also was a devoted member of the Hopwood Central Christian Church and superintendent of the Church Sunday School." He also was a member of the Masons.

Charles suffered from hypertension and blockage of his arteries for the last five years of his life. He died at age 66 on May 5, 1942, at home. Interment was in Hopwood Cemetery, following funeral services held at their church led by Rev. A.J. McCloy and Rev. J.C. Clark.

Elizabeth outlived her husband by 23 years. She died on July 1, 1965, at home.

Daughter Irene White (1904-1983) was born on May 17, 1904. She wed (?) Provance. She resided in Hopwood and was a longtime pianist and private teacher. Circa 1940, she was connected with Cohen's Amateur Hour on WMBS-AM Radio in Uniontown. Irene died on Nov. 17, 1983, with burial in Hopwood Cemetery. Musical notes were inscribed on the face of her grave marker.

Daughter Viola Rebecca White (1908?-1973) was born in about 1908. She wed Charles LaClair West and lived along the National Pike East in Hopwood. Their two children were Ward Lee West and Betty Claire Allen. The family were members of the Hopwood Christian Church. Viola passed away on Nov. 29, 1973, at the age of 65. Funeral services were held in Uniontown's Minerd Funeral Home, led by Rev. Robert E. Miller, followed by burial in Hopwood Cemetery.

  • Grandson Ward Lee West served in 1973 as a commander with the U.S. Naval Air Force in Norfolk, VA.
  • Granddaughter Betty Claire West married John Allen. In 1973, their home was in Denver, CO.

Son Gerald C. White made his home in Hopwood.


Jenny Miner and baby

Charles M. Miner 

~ Daughter Jane "Jennie" (White) Miner ~

Daughter Jane "Jennie" White (1878-1921) was born in about 1878. 

On May 14, 1895, when she was age 18, Jennie married 22-year-old Charles Marion Miner (1874-1962), a native of Ohio, but at the time a resident of Hopwood and the son of William A. and Mary Elizabeth (Smith) Miner. The couple eloped to Cumberland, Allegany County, MD, where Rev. J.C. Nicholson of the Methodist Episcopal Church led the nuptials.

Charles was tall with a medium build, with light brown hair and light brown eyes.

It's not known if Charles is related to our German Minerd-Miner family. His father, born in Meigs County, OH, was raised under the name of "Provance" but later changed to the original Miner.

The Miners lived in Hopwood were members of the Hopwood Christian church. They produced a family of six children -- among them Paul Miner, Arthur Miner, Albert Miner, Charles Wayne Miner and Everett Ross Miner. 


Hopwood Cemetery

Heartache rocked the family in the summer of 1908 when five-month-old son Everett Ross Miner became deathly ill with cholera infantum -- otherwise known as an intestinal infection. The baby died on Aug. 3, 1908, with burial in Hopwood Cemetery. Two other children died before 1910.

When the federal census was enumerated in 1910, the Miners lived in Hopwood, where Charles earned a living as a coal miner. 

With World War I raging in Europe, Charles was required to register for the military draft at the age of 44. At the time, he worked in the Crossland Mine of the H.C. Frick Coke Company.

At the age of 42, in 1920, Jennie was stricken with tuberculosis of her abdomen. While enduring the illness for a year, she was unable to regain health, and died on Nov. 4, 1921. Burial was in Hopwood.

Charles survived his wife by more than four decades, making his home in Hopwood during that time. He was employed by the Curry Lumber Company of Hopwood.

He died in the Weimer Nursing Home at age 87 on Aug. 21, 1962, with burial in the Hopwood Cemetery. The Uniontown Morning Herald noted that he was survived by 14 grandchildren and 16 Grandchildren.


Paul Miner

Paul Miner, World War I

Son Paul Miner (1896-1968) was born on Feb. 25, 1896 in Hopwood, Fayette County. As a young adult, Paul was of medium height and build, with brown eyes and dark hair. In 1917, he was a clerk for the Union Supply Company in Lamberton, PA.  and during World War I served with the U.S. Armed Forces as an infantryman. After the war's end, he returned home, where he married Johanna Hayden (1899-1978). The couple produced these eight known children: Twila Miner, Yolande Yost, Genevieve Fox, Shirley Lois Miner, John G. Miner, Charles Paul Miner, Eugene Miner and Donald Wayne Miner. In the 1920s, Paul served as Sunday School Superintendent at the Hopwood Christian Church under the pastorate of a distant cousin, Ray G. Manley. Later, the Miners belonged to the Lumberton Union Church. He was a member of the Last Battalion of World War I Veterans in Uniontown. At the death of Paul's father, in 1962, Paul was named in the Uniontown Evening Standard obituary and dwelled at the time in Hopwood. Paul died in the Uniontown Hospital at the age of 72 on May 1, 1968. An obituary published in the Uniontown Morning Herald said that he was survived by 21 grandchildren. He was laid to rest in the Hopwood Cemetery. Johanna survived him by a decade. She passed away in 1978 at the age of 79.

  • Granddaughter Yolande Miner married Samuel Yost and lived in Falls Church, VA.
  • Granddaughter Genevieve Miner wed James Fox. In 1968, their home was in San Antonio, TX.
  • Granddaughter Shirley Lois Miner resided at home with her parents.
  • Grandson John G. Miner lived in Macedonia, OH.
  • Grandson Charles Paul Miner dwelled in McLean, VA.
  • Grandson Eugene Miner made his home in Finleyville, PA
  • Grandson Donald Wayne Miner lived in Burbank, CA.

Son Arthur Miner (1900-1943) was born on Oct. 19, 1900 in Hopwood. He married Elsie (?) who had a daughter from an earlier marriage, Matilda. The family resided in Philadelphia at 3481 Emerald Street. Arthur was employed as a machinist at Cramps Shipyard. In July 1943, he received a visit from his aunt Josephine Danser and cousin Elsie (Danser) Roby, who had traveled from their home in Uniontown, Fayette County. Sadly, he died at the age of 43 on Dec. 13, 1943, in Philadelphia. No cause of death was disclosed on his official death certificate. Burial was in Northwood Cemetery. A brief obituary was printed in the Uniontown Morning Herald.


Back row, l-r: Paul and Arthur Miner. Front: Charles and Albert



Albert W. Miner

Son Albert W. "Bert" Miner (1906- ? ) was born in about 1906 in Hopwood. He was united in matrimony with Grace ( ? -1961), daughter of Lilla May Bryant. The couple bore the following children -- Albert Myron Miner, Lilla Mae Miner, Ruth Josephine Miner, Nancy Jane Miner, Carl William Miner and Edward Stewart Miner. Sometime between 1938 and 1940, the Miners relocated to New Jersey where the spent the balance of his years. The federal census enumeration of 1940 shows Albert and Grace and their brood in Camden, Camden County, with Albert employed as a knitter in a hosiery factory. That year, Grace's widowed mother lived in the household. By 1961, they had moved to Delair, NJ. Sadly, Grace passed away in Delair in July 1961. Albert's aunt Josephine (Miner) Danser traveled from her home in West Leisenring, Fayette County, PA to attend the funeral. The widowed Albert dwelled in 1962 in Cherry Hill, NJ at the time he received word that his father died.

Son Charles Wayne Miner ( ? - ? ) served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Later, he lived in Cumberland, MD in 1962. Evidence suggests that he was employed for many years in the tube room of the Cumberland plant of Kelly-Springfield Time Company, celebrating a 30-year work anniversary in December 1975.

(For more on the Provance connection, see the entry on Nancy Miner Provance on our "Do They Fit?" page.)


~ Son Thomas Perry White ~


Hopwood Cemetery

Son Thomas Perry White (1897-1945) was born on Feb. 16, 1897.

He made his home in Hopwood in 1942, and making a living as a laborer on the state highway.

He apparently neither married nor reproduced.

Tragically, on June 27, 1945, the 58-year-old Thomas was discovered lifeless in his home by neighbor Charles Miner. "Police said a .38 caliber revolved was found near the body," said the Uniontown Morning Herald. "A bullet pierced the man's chest."

Burial was in Hopwood Cemetery, with Rev. L.T. Belden officiating. His estate was divided among his sisters and brothers as well as nephews and nieces.


~ Daughter Lula (White) Mitchell ~

Daughter Lula White (1880-1947) was born on April 14, 1880 in Hopwood.

She wed James G. Mitchell (1877-1952). 

They lived at 406 Evans Street in Uniontown and had one son, Lewis Paul Mitchell.

James was a longtime custodian at the Benjamin Franklin Junior High School and the Park School of Uniontown. He retired on June 1, 1947, following two decades of service. They were members of the Central Christian Church, and he belonged to the Fort Necessity Lodge of the Odd Fellows.


Benjamin Franklin School in Uniontown


Sadly, suffering from hardening of the arteries and chronic Lula died at the age of 66 on Jan. 12, 1947.

James survived her by five years in his home at 77 Main Street. He died in Uniontown Hospital at age 75 on Dec. 21, 1952. Burial was in Park Place Cemetery.


~ Daughter Elizabeth (White) Dawson ~

Daughter Elizabeth White ( ? -1945) was born in (?). 

She married Charles K. Dawson ( ? -1965). 

Charles was a graduate of the Barnes School of Anatomy of Chicago, and was a longtime coal miner around Uniontown. He was a member of the Elks and Eagles Clubs and the United Mine Workers of America.

They resided in Hopwood and had these children -- Charles Kenneth Dawson Jr., Mary R. Cramer, Rosamond Addis and Sarah E. Burkett. One unidentified child died in infancy. 

The family were members of the Central Christian Church.

Elizabeth died in 1945.

Heartache rocked Charles again in 1957 at the death of their married daughter Sarah Burkett. 

Charles spent his final years on Pine Knob Road in Hopwood. He died in Uniontown Hospital at age 82 on June 12, 1965. Funeral arrangements were handled by the Minerd Funeral Home. Burial was in Hopwood Cemetery.


~ Son Daniel Downer White ~

Son Daniel Downer White (1893- ? ) was born in about 1893.

On June 3, 1914, at the age of 21, he married 22-year-old Pearl Miller (1892- ? ), daughter of Joseph and Jennie (Hunter) Miller of Fairchance. At the time of marriage, Daniel worked as a clerk while Pearl was a teacher in Hopwood.

Their children were Arden White, Joseph White, Ruth White, Anna Jane White and Martha White. Their home in 1942 was in Hopwood.

Circa 1964, Daniel resided in St. Petersburg, FL.


Robert Jr. and Nora

~ Son Robert Marshall White Jr. ~

Son Robert Marshall White Jr. (1896-1964) was born on Nov. 8, 1896 in Hopwood.

He was of medium height and slender build, and had brown eyes and black hair. At age 21, he was employed as a coal miner with the A.C. Weimer Company of Brownfield, near Uniontown.

He married Lenora "Nora" Turner (1899-1973), a cousin and the daughter of Homer W. Turner.

The Whites lived in Hopwood and were members of the Central Christian Church. They produced four children: Robert W. White, Madeline Walters, Frances Meyer and Sally Cluelow. 

Tragically, son Robert was killed in a truck accident on West Main Street in Uniontown at the age of 30, on Aug. 25, 1950.


Chalk Hill Lutheran Church Cemetery


Robert passed away on April 6, 1964, with burial at Chalk Hill Cemetery following funeral arrangements handled by the Minerd Funeral Home

Later in life, Lenora made her home with or near her daughters in Coraopolis, Allegheny County, PA, where she belonged to the St. Andrew Lutheran Church. She passed away at the age of 74 on Dec. 6, 1973, at the Sewickley Valley Hospital. She was laid to rest in the Chalk Hill Cemetery.

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