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William Lincoln Younkin


Margaret and William Lincoln Younkin
Courtesy Linda Marker

William Lincoln Younkin was born on June 9, 1866 in Hexebarger near Kingwood, Somerset County, PA, the son of Frederick J. and Delilah (Faidley) Younkin. He may have been named for President Lincoln's son who had died in the White House just a few years earlier, much to the grief of the nation.

William was joined in the bonds of matrimony with Margaret Nicola (1867-1934), the daughter of John and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Kreger) Nicola, and granddaughter of Jonas and Margaret (Ansell) Nicola, commonly spelled "Nicklow," a family with deep roots in the historic Jersey settlement in nearby Lower Turkeyfoot.

Just a few days before Christmas in 1897, he purchased a farm from William W. Nicola that had originally been settled circa 1804 by kinsmen Jacob and Catherine (Younkin) Minerd Jr. and inherited circa 1847 by the Minerds' eldest son John. The homeplace was a few miles west of Kingwood in what is considered Hexebarger, near the Old Bethel Church of God.


Margaret and children, 1895
Courtesy Linda Marker

Their eight children were born over the span of 19 years -- Harvey Carl Younkin, Sally Younkin (died in infancy in 1888), Delilah Edna "Lila" Younkin, Charles Milton Younkin, Amelia Elizabeth Younkin, Frank Glen "Kooze" Younkin, Verner Floyd Younkin (who expired at age two in 1906) and an unnamed infant son.

Their infant son was stillborn on the second day of 1908. "There was no attending physician. Cause unknown," wrote local registrar J.F. Harah. Neighbor Harrison G. King provided details for the Pennsylvania certificate of death. The unnamed baby was buried in the Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery, with a small stone erected at the grave.

Margaret was "a devoted wife and mother, a helpful neighbor, and a life-long, consistent member of Old Bethel congregation of the church of God in Upper Turkeyfoot Township," said a newspaper.

At the age of 60, in about 1929, Margaret began to undergo the burden of diabetes which she endured for the final five years of her life. On March 7, 1934, she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and passed away peacefully, four days later, at their home. William lived on for another two years as a widower, making his home with his grandson Alvin Trimpey.

In the late summer of 1934, William became aware that distant cousins were planning to hold a Younkin family reunion at the nearby Kingwood picnic grove. He liked the idea and expressed his support to reunion organizer Charles Arthur "Charleroi Charley" Younkin. Writing to cousin David Franklin Younkin in Johnstown, PA, Charley said: "Wm. L. Younkin near Bethel Church, they all seem to want to help go along in any move to hold a Younkin Reunion."


Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery

William is believed to have been among 400 cousins who attended the first Younkin Reunion in Kingwood in September 1934. Either there or later, he was interviewed by Charley and shared his knowledge. Charley later wrote: "I am sure that Wm. L. Younkin told me that this Jacob W., Eli and Frederick were brothers as well as did this Jas. Wesley and Henry who were sons of the Jacob W. or "Weasel Jake."

In August 1936, he attended the annual Kingwood Picnic, held at the Odd Fellows Grove, and in greeting his many friends " apparently appeared in the best of health," reported a newspaper.

But just a few days later, having been burdened with heart valve disease, and with his son Alvin away in Baltimore, William was found dead in bed on Aug. 30, 1936 at the age of 70. His lifeless body was discovered by his daughter in law Grace (Beachy) Younkin, and a physician attributed the cause to a heart attack. Son Harvey signed the official Pennsylvania death certificate.

They rest together in the Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery. An obituary -- reprinted in the inaugural edition of the Younkin Family News Bulletin (Christmas Number 1937) -- noted that William was survived by 24 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.


Above, William L. Younkin's barn in Hexie ca. 1960 and below, 1986


~ Son Harvey Carl Younkin ~

Son Harvey Carl Younkin (1885-1957) was born on July 11, 1885. He married a cousin, Georgianna Moon, daughter of Andrew Jackson "Andy" and Harriet V. (Younkin) Moon. See the Moon biography for details.


William and Lila, 1906. Courtesy Linda Marker.

~ Daughter Delila Edna "Lila" (Younkin) Trimpey ~

Daughter Delila Edna "Lila" Younkin (1889-1950) was born on June 14, 1889 in Hexebarger near Kingwood, Somerset County.

At the young age of 14, in 1906, she eloped with 23-year-old William Arthur Trimpey (1883-1957), son of Henry M. and Amanda E. (Meyers) Trimpey of Upper Turkeyfoot. Lila and William stole away to be married in Cumberland, Allegany County, MD where there was no waiting restriction for couples.

William's great-grandfather, Dietrich Trimpey, had emigrated from Germany to the United States around 1825.

Lila and William went on to produce 10 children -- Edward Carl Trimpey, Ralph Frederick Trimpey, Harry Trimpey, Charles A. Trimpey, Alvin W. Trimpey, Mary Alice Stairs, Bessie Catherine Berthold, Esther R. Critchfield, Mabel Louise Marker and Marguerite "Margie" Faidley.


Lila (foreground) at Old Bethel Church

They were longtime farmers and made their home in Humbert in the early years. Later, they moved back to near Kingwood, with a post office of "Markleton."

The federal census of 1930 shows the family in Upper Turkeyfoot, next door to his parents surrounded by other families of the Younkin, Nicklow and Tressler surnames.

Lila was a longtime and faithful member of the Old Bethel Church of God, located a short distance from their farm on what today is known as Old Bethel Road.

The 1940 census also shows them in Upper Turkeyfoot, with all of their children gone from the household except for 18-year-old married daughter Margie. In 1940, they lived on farms next to their son Ralph and family and Lila's married sister Bessie Berhold.

Stricken with colon cancer, Lila became an invalid leading up to her death at the age of 61 on Nov. 30, 1950. Her remains were placed into eternal repose in the Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery.

William lived for another seven years. In June 1956, he bore the heartache of the death of 41-year-old son Edward. Having endured hypertension, he was felled by a cerebral hemorrhage and died 20 days later in Somerset Community Hospital on Oct. 22, 1957. 


Lila Trimpey -- beaming at center -- with her daughters, L-R: Mary, Margie, Mabel, Esther, friend (?) Viola Faidley and Bessie Trimpey, circa 1926. Below, left: William splits rails at his barn in the middle of winter. Right: Lila and sister Amelia, Somerset County Courthouse, ca. 1910. Courtesy Linda Marker.


Son Charles A. Trimpey (1909-1985) was born on Jan. 27, 1909 in Humbert, Somerset County. On Nov. 19, 1937, the 27-year-old Charles was married to 20-year-old Thelma R. Knox (1916-2003), daughter of Mahlon and Minnie A. (Frazee) Knox of Ursina. The couple had eight offspring -- Clifford E. Trimpey, Everett D. Trimpey, Lester C. Trimpey, Ivan Mahlon Trimpey, Roger A. Trimpey, Ella Jean Willard, Lois Kay Nemec and Mary E. Rybaski. Their home was in Buena Vista, PA. Thelma was a member of the Merritt Primitive Methodist Church of Buena Vista for 40 years, teaching Sunday School and volunteerign with the Missionary Society. Charles died two days after Christmas 1985 at the age of 76. Interment was in Round Hill Cemetery. An obituary in the Somerset Daily American reported that he was survived by 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Thelma lived as a widow for the next 18 years, during which time the number of her great-grandchildren swelled to 17. She endured the death of their son Lester. In her latter years, Thelma moved into the Briarcliff Pavilion for Specialized Care in North Huntingdon, Westmoreland County. She died there on Oct. 4, 2003. Rev. Dennis Moriarty officiated at her funeral service

  • Grandson Ivan Mahlon Trimpey (1943-2018) was born on April 13, 1943 in Confluence. In about 1965, he was united in wedlock with Betty Jean Dady ( ? -living), daughter of Lagora and Jean Dady. They made a home in Port Vue near McKeesport, Allegheny County, PA. The Trimpeys were the parents of two sons -- Keith Trimpey and Kenneth Trimpey. Ivan served for a time in the U.S. Army. Later, during his working career, he was employed by Yarborough Development Corporation as a carpentry foreman. In his free time, he belonged to the Campers Bowling League and was an outdoorsman, enjoying fishing, gardening and hunting. Following retirement, he volunteered his time and expertise in the restoration of the Port Vue Methodist Church and with the congregation's food bank. Ivan died in Jefferson Hospital at the age of 75 on Oct. 3, 2018. Funeral services were led by Rev. Hung Suk Joe and Rev. Jody Dausey, with burial in the Penn-Lincoln Memorial Park in North Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County.
  • Grandson Clifford Eugene Trimpey (1938-2019) was born on Sept. 16, 1938 in Lower Turkeyfoot. He was married, resided in Latrobe, Westmoreland County, PA and was the father of three -- David Trimpey, Carla Lombardo and Cynthia Price. For three decades, he was employed as a machinist at Carbide Components in Latrobe. He retired as plant manager in 1990, with the company eventually renamed as Elizabeth Carbide Components. In his free time, he was "very good at woodworking, making furniture, picture frames, musical instruments, and flintlock rifles often using wood from logs he sawed on his Wood Mizer sawmill," said a newspaper. He " enjoyed a simple life of growing and canning his own food, bee keeping and wine making, but his passion was playing the acoustic guitar. In particular, Cliff liked to play bluegrass and folk music and attended many bluegrass music festivals. He regularly attended family reunions and played sing-along and old Gospel songs at these events. He was a member of the Alwine Civic and Square Dance Center in Greensburg, PA where he played guitar and did square dancing for many years." He also entertained with cousin Howard Duff at the Younkin Reunions in Kingwood. At the age of 81, he passed away in Warren (PA) General Hospital on Dec. 3, 2019. In an obituary, the family asked that any memorial donations be made to the Alwine Civic Center or the Warren County Summer Music School.
  • Grandson Roger Trimpey wedded Debra "Debbie" and dwells in Buena Vista, Elizabeth Township.
  • Granddaughter Mary Trimpey married William "Bill" Shaw. They reside in Grenock, PA.
  • Granddaughter Jean Trimpey was joined in wedlock with Frank Willard. Their home is in White Oak near McKeesport.
  • Granddaughter Lois Trimpey was united in matrimony with Frank Nemec. They live in Orlando, FL.
  • Grandson Everett Trimpey was deceased by 2018.
  • Grandson Lester Trimpey was deceased by 2018.

Son Ralph Frederick Trimpey (1907-1991) was born on Nov. 21, 1907 in Upper Turkeyfoot. On Feb. 10, 1933, when he was 25 years of age, Ralph was united in matrimony with Minerva "Ruth" King (March 17, 1913-1991), daughter of Samuel and Martha "Mattie" (Firestone) King of Upper Turkeyfoot. The couple remained together for an extraordinary 58 years until cleaved apart by death. In an interesting twist. Ralph's brother Harry married Ruth's sister Mary Catherine King, and their cousin James Arthur Younkin -- of the family of William Henry and Rachel (McClintock) Younkin -- married Ruth's sister Mahala Elizabeth King. They went on to produce eight children -- Lois Joanne Baker, Ralph Frederick Trimpey Jr., Mildred Elizabeth King, Carol Ann Trimpey, Judy Marlene Gober, James Austin Trimpey, Richard Wayne Trimpey and Daniel Clyde Trimpey. The family spent their lives as farmers in the Kingwood area and are shown there in the 1940 federal census enumeration. Grief swept through the family in the winter of 1961 when their 21-year-old daughter Carol was electrocuted and died after taking a bath in their farmhouse. Both suffering from dementia, Ralph and Minerva both died on the same day -- Christmas Day 1991 -- but in different places. He passed in Katie Miller's Personal Care Home in Confluence, while she succumbed in Somerset Hospital. Observed the Somerset Daily American, they were survived by 33 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren aind five step-grandchildren. Rev. Thomas Zimmerman and Rev. James Monticue presided over their funeral services.

  • Granddaughter Lois Joanne Trimpey (1933-2020) was born on Sept. 5, 1933 in Upper Turkeyfoot. On Feb. 1, 1951, when she was 17 years of age, Lois wedded 19-year-old Donald G. "Sharkey" Baker (May 1, 1930-2019), son of Lester and Blanche (Knopsnyder) Baker of Acosta, Somerset County. The couple bore six children -- Frederick Baker, Laberta Kreger, David Baker, Paul Baker, Keith Baker and Rex Baker. Donald was a truck driver for 39 years. Upon retirement, he then became employed as a school bus driver by Turkeyfoot Valley School District. They were longtime members of the Kingwood Church of God. In his spare time, Donald enjoyed being out of doors and hunting. Donald passed into eternity at the age of 88 on Feb. 25, 2019. Rev. James Monticue officiated at the funeral service, followed by interment in Old Bethel Cemetery in Hexebarger. Lois outlived her spouse by about a year-and-a-half and went to live with a married granddaughter Crystal Faidley and her husband Joshua. At the age of 87, on Sept. 25, 2020, she was spirited away by the Angel of Death. Rev. Monticue again led the funeral service, after which Lois' remains joined those of her husband in Old Bethel. She was survived by a dozen grandchildren and many great-grandchildren. Her obituary was published in the Somerset Daily American.
  • Grandson Ralph Frederick Trimpey Jr. relocated to New Jersey and was there in 1961. He married Catherine ( ? - ? ). They lived in Vineland, NJ in 1991. He was deceased by 2020.
  • Granddaughter Mildred Elizabeth Trimpey (1938-2013) was born on Feb. 17, 1938 in Upper Turkeyfoot. She was united in holy matrimony with Charles Vann King ( ? - ? ). They dwelled in Rockwood and were the parents of Harold King, Charles Vann King II, Pamela Weimer, Maria Kreinbrook, Ruth Temple, Becky Brougher, Joy Svonavec and Sandra Stevanus. The family were members of the Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church. Mildred died in Somerset's In Touch Hospice House of Journey's Rest at the age of 74 on Jan. 9, 2013. An obituary in the Somerset Daily American said that her survivors were counted as 19 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held in their church, co-led by Rev. Denton Lester and Rev. James Monticue, followed by interment of the remains in Old Bethel Cemetery.
  • Granddaughter Carol Ann Trimpey (1940-1961) was born on June 11, 1940. As an 18-year-old, in May 1958, she was pictured in the Somerset Daily American as a member of the Rockwood High School graduating class. She was interested in learning how to become a telegraph operator and earned a living as a worker in an undergarment factory in Rockwood. She also liked to swim, travel and take photographs. At the age of 21, still single, she lived at home with her parents in the Markleton area. On the fateful day of Feb. 11, 1961, she was electrocuted to death in a freak accident. She had just finished taking a bath using a sun lamp for warmth. She reached for the lamp, with the moisture on her body causing a short, and the voltage went through her body. She was badly burned on the neck and right elbow. Several minutes later, she was dead. Her remains were lowered under the sod of the Old Bethel Cemetery, and an obituary appeared in the Somerset Daily American.
  • Granddaughter Judy Marlene Trimpey wedded George Gober. Circa 1991, the couple were in New Port Richey, FL, and in 2013 in Oakland, MD.
  • Grandson James Austin Trimpey (1947-2001) was born on May 25, 1947 in Upper Turkeyfoot. He was married and the father of Scott Trimpey. He served in the U.S. Army circa 1968 and was deployed for 13 months to Korea, where he provided guard duty. After completing his military duty, James lived in Rockwood and was a member of the Kingwood Church of God. He belonged to Laborer's Union Local 1058. Circa 2001, he was employed in Pittsburgh by Dick Corporation, a major construction manager and design-build contractor. Sadly, he died at the age of 54, on Oct. 10, 2001, as a patient in the Medical Center of Beaver. The body was returned to Kingwood for funeral services, led by Rev. James Monticue, and burial in Old Bethel Cemetery. An obituary was printed in the Somerset Daily American.
  • Grandson Richard Wayne Trimpey (1948-2023) was born on Oct. 19, 1948 in Upper Turkeyfoot. He served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Richard was the father of Chad Trimpey and Dakota Trimpey. Richard resided in Markleton for decades and was employed by the Laborers Council Local 1058 of Pittsburgh. Said an obituary, "He loved the woods and outdoors, especially hunting spring gobbler and cutting and splitting wood with his grandpap’s old faithful maul (ax). He enjoyed helping people in the community and had a deep respect for those who served in the military." Richard died at home at the age of 74 on Sept. 24, 2023.

    Great-grandson Chad Trimpey married Brittaney. They have made a home in Pittsburgh.

    Great-grandson Dakota Trimpey settled in Pittsburgh. 

  • Grandson Daniel Clyde Trimpey relocated over the state line to Accident/Oakland, MD and was there in the 1991-2020 time period.

Son Alvin W. Trimpey (1910-1993) was born on Oct. 1, 1910 in Humbert. In 1934, at age 23, Alvin was united in holy wedlock with Leona B. Vansickle (1914-1983), a native of Friendsville, MD and the daughter of Lloyd and Lavina (Slauger) VanSickle. They did not reproduce. Alvin served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was a longtime educator in the Rockwood and Somerset school systems, teaching industrial arts and social studies. He also was a member of the Kingwood Odd Fellows Lodge, American Legion and Grace Methodist Church of Somerset. Leona was active with the Kingwood Church of God and the Rebekah Lodge of Somerset. Their address in the 1980s was Ankney Avenue in Somerset. Sadly, having been admitted to Somerset Community Hospital, she died there at the age of 69 on May 18, 1983. Rev. Douglas W. Baker preached her funeral service. Alvin survived her by a decade and at the end lived in Easy Living Estates in Ligonier, Westmoreland County, PA. In his final illness, he was admitted to Latrobe Hospital, where he died on March 3, 1993 at age 82. Burial was in the Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery in Hexebarger, with Rev. Charles E. Olson officiating. An obituary was printed in the Somerset Daily American.

Son Harry M. Trimpey (1913-1998) was born on Jan. 12, 1912 in Lower Turkeyfoot. At the age of 21 or 22, in 1935, he was wedded to Mary Catherine King (1917-2003), daughter of Samuel G. and Martha (Firestone) King. (The Kings and Trimpeys were close, with Harry's brother Ralph marrying Mary Catherine's sister Ruth, and Mary's other sister Mahala Elizabeth "Lizzie" King wedding Harry's cousin James Arthur Younkin of the family of William Henry and Rachel (McClintock) Younkin.) They remained wedded for 63 years. Their children were Norma Jean Baker, Barbara Ann Shroyer, Doris Johnson and William J. Trimpey. Harry spent his working career as a coal miner in the Somerset County area and was a member of the United Mine Workers of America, District 2. They attended the Old Bethel Church of God in Hexebarger and the Alliance Church in Rockwood. Heartache enveloped the family in 1986 when their 50-year-old, married daughter Norma Jean Baker, the mother of eight grown children, died in Johnstown's Mercy Hospital. Harry died at home at age 86 on June 28, 1998. In an obituary, the Somerset Daily American noted that his survivors numbered an astonishing 16 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren and 10 great-great grandchildren. Burial was in the Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery following funeral services at the church led by Rev. Douglas Baker. Mary survived alone for five years, attending the Independent Bible Church in Markleton. She too died in their home on March 10, 2003.

  • Granddaughter Norma Jean Trimpey (1936-1986) was born on Feb. 12, 1936 in Upper Turkeyfoot. She married Kenneth O. Baker ( ? - ? ). The couple's marriage endured for 34 years. They resided in Somerset in 1953 and in Rockwood in the 1980s. Their nine children were Janet Louise Stevanus, Samuel Keith Baker, Kenneth E. Baker, Brenda Singo, Rita Hackwelder, Edward D. Baker, Daniel Baker and Jeffrey Baker, plus a daughter who died in infancy. The Bakers attended the Old Bethel Church of God in Hexebarger. Sadly, Norma Jean died on Sept. 9, 1986 at the age of 50 in Johnstown's Mercy Hospital. Rev. Douglas Baker led the funeral service, with burial in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Rockwood. The widowed Kenneth married a second time to Judy ( ? - ? ).

Great-grandson Samuel Keith Baker ( ? - ? ) wedded Susan Jane Fisher ( ? - ? ) of the family of Mark and Kim Younkin.The Bakers produced a son, Joseph Keith Baker. The Bakers lived in Rockwood. Their son Joseph married Jessica Ann Marie Burnsworth, daughter of Eric and Amanda Burnsworth. Joseph served as a combat engineering in the U.S. Army during the War in Afghanistan and later was employed as a welder by GS Products in Lavansville helping to build mobile solid waste and recycling equipment. Tragically, at the age of 26, Joseph was killed at work on April 16, 2018 when he "got caught between two pieces of metal while working at the business," reported the Somerset Daily American.

Great-granddaughter Janet Louise Baker (1953-2018) was born on Jan. 15, 1953. She was married to Ronald Stevanus ( ? -2015), died in Conemaugh Hospital in Johnstown at the age of 65 on April 20, 2018.

Great-grandson Kenneth E. Baker (1954-2021) was born on July 8, 1954. He was a 1973 Rockwood High School graduate. On Sept. 21, 1996, in a ceremony held in the Meyersdale Fire Hall, Kenneth married Linda L. (Staton) Gerhart ( ? -living), daughter of John E. and Dolores A. (Harvey) Staton Sr. of Akron, OH. District Justice William Roush officiated. He was the father of Jackie Baker, Jennifer Bentz, Julie Kimmel, Kenneth E. Baker Jr. and stepfather of Angela Santichen and Heather Breath. The couple jointly owned their business L&K Crossties. Later, he earned a living over the years as operator of heavy equipment. Kenneth died as a patient in UPMC Somerset at the age of 66 on June 23, 2021.

Great-granddaughter Brenda Baker wed Robert Singo. They lived in the outskirts of Rockwood in 1986.

Great-granddaughter Rita Baker
was united in wedlock with Richard Hackwelder.

Great-grandson Edward D. Baker

Great-grandson Daniel R. Baker

Great-grandson Jeffrey Baker

  • Granddaughter Barbara Ann Trimpey was united in matrimony with (?) Shroyer. Her residence in 1986 was in Danville, PA and in 2003 in Markleton.
  • Granddaughter Doris Trimpey married Donald Johnson. The couple relocated by the mid-1980s to Denver, CO. In time, by 2003, they returned to Somerset.
  • Grandson William J. Trimpey entered into marriage with Sally. They have lived in the Kingwood/Markleton area.

Daughter Mary Alice Trimpey (1913-1991) was born in about 1913. Her husband was John Raleigh Stairs (1909-2007), son of William and Elizabeth (Colborn) Stairs of Upper Turkeyfoot. Their six children -- three daughters and three sons -- were Marjorie Reed, Donna Thomas, Mary Jane Smith, John Stairs, Harold Stairs and Tim Stairs. John spent 34 years laboring in the local clay mines in Fort Hill, Somerset County. "In 1957, he founded Stairs' Restaurant on old Route 219, which remained in operation in the family for 50 years," reported the Somerset Daily American. In about 1972, they retired and moved to Florida, where they spent the remainder of their years together. She died in 1991. John outlived her by 16 years and reached the age of 97. He died in St. Vincent's Hospital in Jacksonville, FL on March 25, 2007. His remains were transported back home for interment in Somerset County Memorial Park in a service conducted by a presumed relative, Rev. J.R. Stairs

Son Edward Carl Trimpey (1914-1956) married a double cousin, Rosie Erma Gary (1919-1985), daughter of Jacob and Minnie (Miner) Gary. See the Gary bio for more.

Daughter Bessie Catherine Trimpey (1916-1993) was born on April 8, 1916 in Upper Turkeyfoot. She was joined in marital union with George "Warren" Berthold (1912-1966). They produced three offspring -- George Berthold, Margaret Ann "Peggy" Marker and Janice Berthold. Warren was a railroad employee in and around the Steel City's mills and was fond of drink. They dwelled in Braddock, near Pittsburgh in 1935 but by 1940 had relocated back to Upper Turkeyfoot. Warren passed away on May 21, 1966. Bessie survived him by nearly two decades. In 1985, she resided in Elizabeth, Allegheny County, PA. She died on Jan. 11, 1993. They are buried in Round Hill Cemetery in Elizabeth. [Find-a-Grave]

  • Grandson George Berthold
  • Granddaughter Margaret Ann "Peggy" Berthold married George D. Marker. Their known daughters were Lydia Ann "Lee" Harvey and Susan Logothetis. Sadly, Margaret Ann passed away at a young age. George married a second time to Margaret Ann Halt ( ? - ? ). The family lived in the South Allegheny School District.
  • Granddaughter Janice Berthold


Left: Bessie en route to the Pittsburgh Zoo circa 1943 with son Chuckie and nieces Joan and Violet "Bunny" Trimpey and nephew Eddie Trimpey. Right: Warren Berthold. Courtesy Linda Marker


Daughter Esther R. Trimpey (1920-1994) was born on July 8, 1920. She was married to Ambrose Critchfield ( ? -1991). Their two sons were Joseph Critchfield and James Critchfield. They made their home in Fishertown and Bedford, Bedford County, PA. Ambrose succumbed on July 11, 1991. Esther survived him by three years and died in Altoona General Hospital, Cambria County, PA at the age of 73 on April 3, 1994. Her remains were placed into etrenal rest in Bedford County Memorial Park. An obituary was printed in the Somerset Daily American.

Daughter Marguerite "Margie" Trimpey (1921-1977) was born on Oct. 29, 1921 in Upper Turkeyfoot. Her husband was Ralph Faidley ( ? - ? ). They lived in Upper Turkeyfoot and had three offspring -- David Faidley, Esther Stone and James Faidley. Interestingly, Ralph may have worked away from home early in the marriage as Margie, wedded and age 18, lived under her parents' roof in Upper Turkeyfoot in 1940. The family were members of the Old Bethel Church of God in Hexebarger. Margaret died at home in Markleton at age 56 on Nov. 15, 1977. She was interred in the Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery following funeral services led by Rev. Paul Tobias. Ralph survived her and his story will be added when learned.

Daughter Mabel Louise Trimpey (1923-2005) was born on April 14, 1923 in Hexebarger. On July 18, 1939, at the age of 16, she was united in matrimony with 17-year-old Galen R. Marker (1922-1993). They produced two daughters, Linda Lee Marker and Nancy Manges Gloss. The couple were members of the Kingwood Church of God, and Galen belonged to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of American. The couple eventually divorced, and Galen remarried circa 1965. Mabel earned a living working for the Coleman Company. Galen died at the age of 71 on Oct. 18, 1993, in Somerset Hospital. Burial was in the Kingwood Odd Fellows Cemetery, after a funeral service officiated by Rev. James Monticue. Mabel spent her final years in Rockwood and endured Alzheimer's Disease. She passed away on Sept. 5, 2005 at the age of 82. Rev. Monticue performed her funeral as well. The Somerset Daily American said in an obituary that she "was the last of 10 children, and has family on both sides."

  • Granddaughter Linda Marker has been an active volunteer with the Junghen-Younkin Reunion over the years including as secretary of the organization. Linda also serves as editor of the Younkin Family News Bulletin and a board member of the Rockwood Area Historical Society.
  • Nancy Gloss
    Courtesy Linda Marker
    Granddaughter Nancy Marker (1940-2022) was born on March 3, 1940 near Kingwood. She was thrice-wed in her lifetime. In late 1958 or early 1959, she traveled to Cumberland, MD to marry William E. Manges ( ? - ? ), son of Annie Manges of Central City, Somerset County. The wedding was held in the Assembly of God Church, by the hand of Rev. Vespa. Their union was announced on the pages of the Somerset Daily American, which said that the bride "selected a street length dress of light blue faille, two piece. The skirt was pleated, and the bodice fitted, being trimmedin black velveteen. She wore black accessories and a small white hat with brief veil." The newlyweds made their first home in Panama, where he was based at Albrook Air Force Base. The pair eventually produced four offspring -- Owen Manges, Timothy Manges, Amy Walker and William Manges. The Manges' residence in the mid-1960s was in Elizabeth, PA. The marriage ended in divorce in June 1973. Evidence suggests that her second spouse was (?) Davies ( ? - ? ). Then in 1979, using the name "Davies," she entered into marriage with Richard L. Gloss (Oct. 4, 1933-2021), son of John W. and Helena (Sisco) Gloss of Port Vue near McKeesport, PA. The couple maintained a longtime home in McKeesport. Their only daughter was Michelle Conley. Richard was a veteran of the U.S. Navy. He spent his working career with the National Tube Works of United States Steel in McKeesport. Said the Daily American, "Nancy lived life out loud and was quick to make friends. She was always busy planning meals and family get-togethers, or reading or embroidering. She loved having Bible study every morning and she and Richard shared everything." For many years, she was a part-time caretaker for retired Pittsburgh Press executive managing editor Leo Koeberlein and his wife Marian. Upon his retirement, the couple relocated to the Kingwood/Markleton area, with her working at the Patriot Manor nursing home and rehabilitation center. Added the Daily American, "He and his wife then spent their retirement in the mountains of Somerset County, where they enjoyed church and family, gardening, and cooking. Rich was skilled at woodworking, and created many pieces of furniture over the years which he enjoyed giving as gifts." Sadly, at the age of 88, Richard was gathered away by the angel of death at home in Glassport near McKeesport on New Year's Eve 2021. Nancy only survived him by 16 days. She passed into the realm of eternity in Glassport on Jan. 16, 2022. The couples' remains jointly were placed into rest in the cemetery of historic Mount Union Church near Casselman in May 2022.

Great-grandson Owen Manges wed Insuk. They are the parents of Kay and dwell in Paso Robles, CA.

Great-grandson Timothy Manges was joined in wedlock with Wanda. Together they bore a daughter, Becky Linderman.

Great-granddaughter Amy Manges married Paul Walker. They have resided in Michigan with a family including Corey Walker, Rebecca Green and Shaena Goff.

Great-grandson William Manges was united in matrimony with Elena. Their only son is Thomas Manges. Circa 2022, they were in White Oak near Pittsburgh.

Great-granddaughter Michelle Gloss entered into marriage with Sean Conley. The couple planted roots in Elizabeth, near Pittsburgh.


Charles Milton Younkin

~ Son Charles Milton Younkin ~

Son Charles Milton Younkin (1891-1977) was born on Oct. 2, 1891 in Hexebarger.

On Aug. 2, 1917, when he was age 25, Charles was united in holy wedlock with 19-year-old Grace Elizabeth Alma Beachy (1899-1993), daughter of John L. and Ida (Peck) Beachy of Bittinger, MD. They were separated in age by eight years.

Their five children were Pauline Frances Hoover Thomas, Galen Glen Younkin, Faye Louise Sanner Poling, Ruby Marlene Conroy Zolle Hough and Helen Loraine King.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1920, the young family dwelled on their farm in Hexeberger, with their neighboring families including Charles' parents and brother William as well as Levi and Sarah Heinbaugh. That same year, Charles' bachelor uncle George Washington Younkin lived under their roof. 

On July 20, 1928, Charles purchased his parents' farm in Hexebarger. The 1930 census shows that the Younkins remained on their farm as did Charles' parents and brother William. Among their other neighbors in 1930 were Orion and Nannie (Saylor) Nicklow -- many years later, as a widower, Orion would marry a high school friend, widow Evanell (Miner) Kimmel, daughter of John Andrew and Susie (Pletcher) Miner, also of Hexebarger.

In 1940, their Hexie neighbors included Eli and Helen Rugg, Bruce and Susan Nicklow and Alex and Mattie Ohler, with the census-taker noting, "No house numbers."


Above: Charles in his hayfield, 1960s. Courtesy Linda Marker. Below: his and Grace's 50th wedding anniversary with their adult children, 1967.


Later in life, Charles corresponded with a double Younkin cousin Velda (Gingrich) Stitt of Kansas -- the daughter of Goldie (Younkin) Gingrich and granddaughter of Nesley and Caroline (Kreger) Younkin -- who was asking questions about the Younkin family. (Copies of the letters were collected by Donna [Younkin] Logan and kept among her papers.)

Charles died at home at the age of 85 on March 16, 1977. 

Grace survived as a widow for 16 years and spent her final years in Listonburg, Somerset County. She passed away on Oct. 13, 1993 at the age of 94.


Pauline Hoover Thomas

Daughter Pauline Frances Younkin (1919-2014) was born on Feb. 19, 1919 in Markleton, Somerset County. She was twice married. Her first spouse was Marshall W. Hoover ( ? - ? ). The family lived in Confluence. Four children known to have been born to this union were Mabel Suder, Jack Hoover, James Edward "Jim" Hoover and Roger Hoover. Her second husband was widower Frank H. Thomas (Feb. 29, 1904-1984), a native of Markleysburg and the son of Barbara Thomas Turney. Frank previously had been married to Hanna Tallentire. The seven known offspring were produced by the second marriage -- Frank Harold Thomas, Thomas "Tom" Thomas, Rita Burow, Peggy Mackey, Leanna Burow, Delores Perry Mowell and Kay Koontz. Pauline was a member of the Old Bethel Church while Frank held a membership in the Brethren Church of Markleysburg. At one time, Pauline and Frank lived in Listonburg, Somerset County. Sadly, Frank passed away at home at the age of 80 on June 16, 1984. His funeral was led by Rev. Dr. Arthur Gotjen and Rev. Richard McClintock, with burial of the remains in Thomas Cemetery in Markleysburg. Pauline lived for another 30-plus years as a widow. By the 1990s, she was in Confluence. Toward the end of her life, she became a resident of Goodwill Mennonite Home in nearby Grantsville, Garrett County, MD. She died there at the age of 95 on May 13, 2014. An obituary in the Somerset Daily American gave the count of her survivors as 28 grandchildren, 62 great-grandchildren, 32 great-great grandchildren and one great-great-great grandchild. Her funeral was co-officiated in the Old Bethel Churcy by Rev. Duane Riddle and Pauline's son-in-law Rev. Joseph Suder. Interment was in Addison Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Mabel J. Hoover married Rev. Joseph Suder. The couple dwelled in 1984 in Dallas, PA. She was deceased by 2014. Joseph remarried again and was in Kissimmee, FL in 2014.
  • Grandson Jack Hoover was united in matrimonial union with Linda. The couple put down roots in LaPlace, LA by 1984 and in time relocated to Magnolia, TX.
  • Grandson James Edward "Jim" Hoover (1940-2020) was born on Jan. 4, 1940 in Confluence. In about 1968, he married Helen Marie Smearman ( ? -living). Their marital union endured for an exceptional 58 years. The Hoovers resided for many years in Cumberland, Allegany County, MD. Their two sons were Gregory L. Hoover and Richard Hoover. James earned a living through 35 years of employment with CRH Vending Company. The family were members of the LaVale United Methodist Church. In his free time, James was an avid fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers and Penguins, and like to hunt. Stricken with pancreatic cancer, James died at the age of 80 on Nov. 2, 2020. Rev. Bernadette Ross and Cindy Morral officiated at the funeral service. Burial was in Addison Cemetery.
  • Grandson Roger Hoover was joined in the bonds of wedlock with Laura. They have lived in Addison, Somerset County.
  • Grandson Frank "Harold" Thomas wedded Peg. They relocated to Louisiana and in 1984 were in Lettsworth, LA and by 2014 were in Natchitoches, LA.
  • Grandson Thomas "Tom" Thomas married Ellen. They have lived in LaPlace, LA in 1984 and eventually in Newville.
  • Granddaughter Rita Thomas married (?) Burow. Her home in 1984 was in Listonburg.
  • Granddaughter Margaret "Peggy" Thomas was joined in matrimony with (?) Mackey. They resided in Boiling Springs, PA in 1984 and in Confluence in 2020.
  • Granddaughter Leanna Thomas wedded Carl Burow. Their home in 1984 was in Glen Burnie, MD.
  • Granddaughter Delores Thomas was first united in wedlock with (?) Mowell. They lived in Seville, OH. Later, she married William "Bill" Perry. They made their home in 2014 in Central Lake, MI.
  • Granddaughter Kay Thomas married Thomas "Tom" Koontz ( ? -living). They established a residence in Mesa, AZ by 1984.


Faye Sanner Poling

Daughter Faye Gertrude Younkin (1933-2022) was born on Feb. 22, 1933 on the family farm along Old Bethel Road in Kingwood, Somerset County. She was united in matrimony with a cousin, Everett Elwood Sanner (May 2, 1931-1992), son of Charles and Zelda (Younkin) Sanner of the family of William Henry and Rachel (McClintock) Younkin. The couple settled in Ohio and together produced two daughters, Bonnie Sue Sanner and Victoria Ann Olwin Hester. Everett was a long-distance truck driver by occupation, usually at the helm of 18-wheelers. He made news in the New Philadelphia (OH) Daily Times in February 1955 when fined for operating an overloaded vehicle. He also was a talented piano player with a special love for Floyd Cramer songs. They are known to have been in New Carlisle, OH in 1967 and to have divorced in May 1970. Faye wed her second husband, widower Arthur Stuart "Buck" Poling (1925-2012), a native of Grafton, Taylor County, WV and the son of Isaac and Hallie (Blake) Poling. Their wedding took place in October 1976. Arthur brought four stepchildren to the second marriage -- Adonis “Donie” Edens, Arthur S. Poling Jr., Leo Poling and Edward Lee Poling. They dwelled circa 1977 in Grafton at the time of her father's death. During World War II, Arthur served with the 4th Marines, Company A, 25th Division, specializing as a machine gun operator. He is known to have taken part in the Battle of Iowa Jima, part of an invasion force coming ashore in a landing craft. He received a Purple Heart. After the war, he was employed for 23 years with Union Carbide. He and Faye liked to attend Marine retiree events and were members of God's Word of Life church in Bridgeport, WV.


Vickie Hester with her distant double cousin, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin

Faye and Arthur eventually also divorced. On July 9, 1983, she remarried to her first husband Sanner, with the marriage license announced on the pages of the Lancaster (PA) New Era. The Sanners resided at 486 Greenland Drive in Lancaster. The pair divorced again in August 1984, with her moving to Confluence. She remarried her ex Poling and moved back to Grafton, residing together circa 2000-2002. Arthur belonged to God's Word of Life Church, and in his free time he was a gun collector and enthusiast and belonged to the National Rifle Association. In the 2010s, he was bestowed a Distinguished Mountaineer Award from West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin. She is known to have corresponded at some point in time with distant Younkin double-cousin Velda (Gingrich) Stitt of the family of Nessly and Caroline (Kreger) Younkin of Kansas. Former husband Everett Sanner made a home in 1970 in New Carlisle, OH and married that year to 30-year-old Ella Mae Hawkins ( ? - ? ) of Tipp City, OH, with the union ending in divorce a year later. He returned to Somerset County and made a home in Landisville. At age 53, he married 43-year-old Connie Hoffman ( ? - ? ) of Somerset County. In his final years, he lived at Rear 150 Plank Road near Somerset. He was a member of the Abundant Life Christian Center. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 61, in Pittsburgh's Allegheny General Hospital, on July 6, 1992. Interment was in Old Bethel in Hexebarger near Kingwood, and his obituary appeared in the Somerset Daily American. Husband Arthur Poling died on Nov. 8, 2012 and is buried beside his first wife, Gloria J. Gerkin ( ? -1973), in Bluemont Cemetery. Faye outlived her second spouse by a decade. Said the Daily American, she "was born and raised during the Great Depression and as everyone who lived through that time, she was very resilient. She loved gardening and watching things grow, which most surely came from being raised on a farm, a way of life that is too quickly disappearing. She also enjoyed cooking for everyone, crocheting and making crafts." She surrendered to the spirit of death at age 89 on Sept. 13, 2022. She sleeps for the ages in the Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Bonnie Sue Sanner dwelled in Grafton, WV in 1992 and in Somerset in 2022.
  • Granddaughter Victoria Ann "Vickie" Sanner (1951-living) was born in 1951. She has been twice-wed. Her first spouse was (?) Olwin ( ? - ? ). Their two sons were Nicholas Olwin and Christopher Olwin. After a divorce, she resided in Virginia Beach, VA. Then on April 2, 1988, she married a second time to Luther Milo Hester (1951- ? ), son of Llewellyn T. and Frances Ernestine (Brinkley) Hester. Presiding at the ceremony was Rev. Michael M. Simone. Today Vickie dwells in Pringe George, VA.


    Great-grandson Christopher Olwin was united in matrimony with Barbara. They have resided in Virginia Beach. 

  • Step-grandson Leo Poling entered into marriage with Rona. They live in Grafton.

  • Step-grandson Arthur Poling dwells in New Carlisle, OH.


Ruby Hough

Daughter Ruby Marlene Younkin (1939-living) was born on July 18, 1939 in the Hexebarger section of Kingwood, Somerset County. In young womanhood she migrated to Cleveland, OH. On May 30, 1960, Ruby first married Lawrence James "Jim" Conroy (Feb. 5, 1928-1999), son of Lawrence Patrick and Leona Juanita (Johnson) Conroy. Lawrence was a native of Lakewood near Cleveland. He was a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II, having served aboard the destroyer DE-584. The Conroys bore two daughters together, Kathleen Conroy and Susan Conroy. They established a home in Michigan, and in 1977 resided in the community of Bista. They divorced in April 1979. Seven years later, in April 1986, Ruby wed a second time to John F. Zobel ( ? - ? ), son of Frank and LaFerne Zobel. John brought two offspring of his own to the marriage, Peter Zobel and Clare Zobel. The cruel hand of fate intervened just a month later when John died at age 51 on May 22, 1986. His funeral mass was sung at the St. James Church in Ferndale, MI. A death notice was published in the Detroit Free Press, with the family requesting that any memorial donations be made to the Catholic Relief Fund. The widowed Ruby dwelled in Detroit in 1993. By 2002, she had entered into matrimony with her third spouse, Carl Hough ( ? - ? ). The Houghs have made a home in Gladwin, Gladwin County, MI. Former husband Lawrence Conroy spent his final years in Macomb, MI and passed away there on May 13, 1999. His funeral mass was conducted in St. Therese of Lisieux Catholic Church, with the remains placed into eternal repose in Resurrection Cemetery in Clinton Township, Macomb County. The Houghs lived in Michigan as of 2022.

  • Granddaughter Kathleen "Kathy" Conroy ( ? - ? ) married Brad Boyle.
  • Granddaughter Susan Diane Conroy (1964- ? ) was born in 1964 in Ohio. She wed (?) Gannon.


Helen King

Daughter Helen Loraine Younkin (1941- ? ) was born on Sept. 2, 1941. In about 1961, when she was 19 or 20 years of age, Helen was joined in holy matrimony with a cousin, Roy Emerson King (Sept. 5, 1937-1991), son of Winfield and Ruby (Bungard) King and the stepson of Thelma Louise (Mosgrave) King. Roy's mother Ada Savanna (Dumbauld) Bungard was of the family of Jonathan Cable and Elizabeth (Dull) Dumbauld -- and his sister Loretta was married to Eldon Sechler of the family of Rev. Herman and Susanna (Faidley) Younkin. The couple stayed together for three decades until cleaved apart by death. Three children born to this union were Stanley King, Eric King and Remona Helen Putman. The Kings made their home in Scullton and Rockwood. Roy was self-employed as a partner in the King and Bungard Lumber Company. He and Dalton King were owners of the business in 1986. In his spare time he held memberships in the Scullton Rod and Gun Club, where in 1964 he was elected as vice president. He also belonged to the National Rifle Association. Kingwood Lodge of the Odd Fellows and Kings Mountain Golf Club. Grief blanketed the family when Roy, at the age of 53, succumbed to the spirit of death in Somerset Hospital on June 9, 1991. The Somerset Daily American published an obituary. Rev. Thomas Zimmerman officiated the funeral service, held at the family's church, Wesley Chapel United Methodist, with burial following in the church cemetery. Helen has survived her spouse by more than three decades. In July 2007, she endured the untimely death of a step-grandson, 22-year-old William Carl Ogline. Her home in 2022 was in Scullton.

  • Grandson Stanley King married Ann Young, daughter of Max and Jean Young. They put down roots in Berlin, Somerset County and are the parents of a son and daughter.
  • Grandson Eric D. King wed Valerie Cass. Circa 1991, they were in rural Rockwood. By 2007, he married Laura Nanette (Sanner) Ogline. She brought a son to the union, William Carl "Billy" Ogline. The family was plunged into mourning at the death of stepson William Ogline at age 22 on July 21, 2007..
  • Granddaughter Remona Helen King resided in the Rockwood area in her growing-up years. She received a bachelor of science degree in accounting in May 1994 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. On July 16, 1994, in nuptials held at the Old Bethel Church near the old Younkin farm, the 22-year-old Remona was united in holy matrimony with 33-year-old Charles Eric Putman ( ? - ? ), son of Charles and Leona Putman. Rev. Douglas Baker officiated. Charles earned a living at the time as a union carpenter.


Amelia on a hike along railroad tracks

~ Daughter Amelia Elizabeth (Younkin) Friend ~

Daughter Amelia Elizabeth Younkin (1895-1978) was born on June 9, 1895.

On Feb. 24, 1934, in neighboring Fayette County, the 39-year-old Amelia was wedded to 40-year-old coal miner Lester Donald "Les" Friend (1893 - ? ).

In 1936, when Amelia was named in the newspaper obituary of her father, she and Lester made their residence in Friendsville, MD.

The census of 1940 confirms their home together in Friendsville. The couple later divorced.

Circa 1978, Amelia resided in Bunker Hill, Macoupin County, IL.

Evidence suggests that she died in Bunker Hill in October 1978 at the age of 83.


~ Son Frank Glen "Kooze" Younkin ~

Son Frank Glen "Kooze" Younkin (1901-1978) was born on June 21, 1901 in Hexebarger near Kingwood, Somerset County.

At the age of 22, on July 5, 1923, he was united in holy matrimony with Hazel Annie Tressler (1905-1956), daughter of William and Cora (Growall) Tressler.

They produced six children -- Robert Nathaniel Younkin, Randall Younkin, William Younkin, Kathleen Wheaton, Dolly Kinsinger, Cenneth Younkin.

Sadly, son Robert died in 1942 at the age of 19, with his remains placed into repose in Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery near Kingwood.

Kooze and Hazel dwelled in Scottdale and Upper Turkeyfoot during their married life together. Perhaps as a result of having given birth to so many offspring, Hazel became obese while in her 40s and remained so for the final decade of her life. She also was afflicted in her 40s with "myelogenous leukemia," cancer of the white blood cells in her bone marrow. Hazel's heart began to fail when in her late 40s, and congestive heart failure set in as the new year began in 1956.

After that, her health declined rapidly, and, despite medical care from Dr. Edwin M. Price of Confluence, she died at home three months later on March 29, 1956, at the age of 51. Burial was in the Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery.

Kooze lived as a widower for another 22 years. He died in Somerset Community Hospital at the age of 77 on Aug. 9, 1978. Rev. Donald DeHaven preached the funeral service followed by burial in Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery. His obituary was printed in the Meyersdale Republic, which noted that he was survived by 15 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Son Randall Gerald "Jeff" Younkin (1926-1978) was born in Aug. 1926. He was joined in marriage with Theodosia "Sis" Fitch (Dec. 27, 1930-2013), daughter of Lewis and Claudia (Hensel) Fisch. They lived in Rockwood and were the parents of Brian K. Younkin, Randall D. Younkin, Lanny Younkin, Christine Miller and Melissa Hemminger. Theodosia enjoyed playing bingo and was a member of the Somerset Order of Eagles. She died at Windber Hospice in Windber at the age of 82 on April 18, 2013. Burial was in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Kingwood.

Son William Richard "Bill" Younkin Sr. (1928-2000) was born on Jan. 16, 1928 in Honesdale near Scottdale. He served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II. At the age of 20, on Feb. 16, 1948, he was united in wedlock in Cumberland, MD with 17-year-old Dorothy Jean "Dot" Conn (Feb. 18, 1930-living), daughter of Donald and Bertha "Blanche" (Ream) Conn. They were the parents of Marlene Kay Pletcher and Charlene Eller. For 35 years, William earned a living at GTE. After a divorce, William married again to Eugenia (Hill) Fike ( ? - ? ). Eugenia had been married previously to Jerry C. Fike and brought a stepdaughter into the union, Lisa Anne Fike. William and Eugenia are thought to have borne a son of their own, William Richard Younkin Jr. Over the years, William was a member of the Addison Cemetery Association board of directors. Eugenia has been employed as a substitute postal carrier and been very active in community and historical work. Circa 1974, she was an assistant troop leader with the newly formed Confluence Brownies; in 1987 as a volunteer with the American Cancer Society; in 1990 with the Old Petersburg Historical Society, which operated the Old Petersburg Toll House; and in 1996 with the Old National Road Pike Festival. In 2011, she co-authored the book Remembering about Civil War soldiers from Addison. Sadly, William died at the age of 72 on Dec. 1, 2000. Rev. Timothy Rogers officiated at the funeral service, with interment in Addison Cemetery. In an obituary in the Somerset Daily American, the family asked that any memorial donations be made to InTouch Hospice or to the Addison United Methodist Church. See the Conn biography for more about the first marriage.


Eugenia (Hill) Younkin's articles in the booklet History of Addison.


  • Granddaughter Marlene Younkin ( ? -living) married Frank A. Pletcher Jr. (Sept. 14, 1946-2019). See the Conn biography for more.
  • Granddaughter Charlene Younkin married (?) Eller. See the Conn biography for more.
  • Step-granddaughter Lisa Anne Fike (1966-2023) was born on Feb. 10, 1966. She was a 1964 graduate of Turkeyfoot Valley High School and served in the U.S. Navy. She attended the Addison Methodist Church and enjoyed following the Pittsburgh Steelers, tending her garden and pets, and celebrating Christmas with her family. She did not reproduce. Sadly, at the age of 57, on June 20, 2023, she passed away in Ruby Memorial Hospital at West Virginia University in Morgantown. Rev. Samuel McClintock led the funeral rites, with burial in Addison Cemetery.
  • Grandson William Richard Younkin Jr. ( ? - ? ) entered into marriage with Lisa. They have dwelled in Addison.

Daughter Kathleen Joan Younkin (1929- ? ) was born in Sept. 1929. She was twice married. Her first spouse was Douglas Wheaton ( ? - ? ). They were the parents of two children, Sharyn Wheaton and Douglas Wheaton. Later, she married her second husband, William Robert "Bob" Smith (Feb. 9, 1928-2001), son of James Ralph and Bertha Pearl (Rowan) Smith Sr. of the family of William Austin Rowan. See the Rowan biography for more.

Daughter Dolly Viola Younkin (1932- ? ) was born in April 1932. At the age of 21, on Oct. 28, 1953, she wedded Edgar Kinsinger ( ? - ? ). The couple eloped to Oakland, MD to be wedded, by the hand of Rev. Peterson. Their three children were Debra Kinsinger, Edgar Kinsinger and Heidi Kinsinger. In the late 1970s, Dolly lived in Confluence.

Son Cenneth Younkin (1946- ? ) was born on Dec. 23, 1946. On Sept. 1, 1970, at the age of 23, he was united in matrimony with Dorothy Jane Beener ( ? - ? ). They produced two daughters, Jennifer Anne Younkin and Angele Lynne Younkin.


Graves of Verner and his infant brother

~ Son Verner Floyd Younkin ~


Son Verner Floyd Younkin (1904-1906), sometimes known as "Vernon," was born on Jan. 20, 1904 in Hexebarger.


Sadly, the next-to-youngest of his nine siblings, Verner only lived to the age of two years, 10 months and 13 days.

Suffering from acute kidney disease -- "nephritis" -- the boy passed away on Nov. 16, 1906. A physician was called, but "child died before I got there," wrote Dr. Winfield Scott Kuhlman of nearby Ursina, a cousin on the Younkin side, the son of Louisa (Smith) Kuhlman.

His tender remains were placed into eternal rest in the Old Bethel Church of God Cemetery. The marker was erect and legible when photographed by the founder of this website in the early 2010s.


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