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Eicher Reunions
Archive of the Annual Gathering of the
Neri and Lucy (Murray) Eicher Family


1968 - July - The first reunion of the Neri and Lucy Eicher clan was held Sunday at Trent Park, near Somerset, with one hundred persons in attendance. It was decided to hold a reunion every year, the next one to be Sunday, July 20, 1969, at the same location. Lloyd Richter of South Connellsville, the oldest person present, received a prize. Other recipients of prizes were: Douglas Eicher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Neri Eicher Jr. of Leisenring, youngest in attendance; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Richter of Normalville, having the most children, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Christman of Ohio, traveling the furthest distance. Games were played with prizes awarded the winners. The committee in charge of the games was composed of Mrs. Freda Grimm, Mrs. Clarence Richter, Mrs. William Richter and Mrs. James Richter. Mrs. Neri Eicher Jr. will be in the charge of the games at the 1969 reunion. (from the Connellsville Daily Courier)

1970 - July - The third reunion for descendants of the late Neri and Lucy Eicher was held recently at Trent Park. Picnic meals were served the seventy-five persons attending. Prizes were given the following: Oldest attending, Lloyd Richter of South Connellsville; youngest, keith Christman of Lorain, Ohio; having the most children, Mr. and Mrs. James Richter, and traveling the greatest distance, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Christman of Lorain. Mrs. Lee Porterfield and Mrs. Leslie Hall were in charge of entertainment. The 1971 reunion will be Sunday, July 18, at the same location. Mrs. Clarence Richter and Mrs. James Richter will have charge of arrangements. (from the Connellsville Daily Courier)

1971 - July 18 - Eighty-seven descendants of Neri and Lucy Eicher attended the family reunion held at at Trent Park. Prizes were won by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Snidemiller, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hall, Mrs. Donald Hack, Vickie Hack, Deborah Grimm, David Richter. R. Herman and Brenda Porterfield. In charge of the entertainment for next year's reunion are Mrs. Neri Eicher, Mrs. Eugene Prinkey and Mrs. David Hack. (from the Connellsville Daily Courier)

1973 - June 24 - Descendants of Neri and Lucy Eicher will hold their sixth annual reunion on Sunday, June 24, at East Park (Connellsville Daily Courier, June 21, 1973).


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