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Sarah (Comp) Lepley


Sarah (Comp) Lepley was born on Oct. 17, 1828, the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Sturtz) Comp.

She married Adam Lepley III (March 5, 1921-1903), son of Adam and Elizabeth (Horn) Lepley Jr.

They dwelled for decades near Wellersburg in Southampton Township, Somerset County.


Wellersburg, early 1900s


Sarah and Adam were the parents of a dozen offspring -- Simon Alexander Lepley, Susannah Matilda Lepley, Elizabeth Lepley, Jacob Lepley, Emma Frances Lepley, Samuel Lepley, Minerva Jane Lepley, Norman Lincoln Lepley, Missouri Lepley, Effie Louellen Lepley, Adam Lepley and Sarah Alice Lepley.

Sadly, Adam passed away at the age of 82 on June 9, 1903. Interment was in the Lepley family burying ground in Wellersburg. Inscribed on his grave marker was the phrase, "Gone but not forgotten."

With her health failing due to the debilities of old age, Sarah died at the age of 80 on Jan. 11, 1909. She was laid to rest in the family cemetery on the farm. Simon Lepley of Wellersburg, Somerset County was the informant for the certificate of death. [Find-a-Grave]


~ Son Simon Alexander Lepley ~

Son Simon Alexander Lepley (1852-1937) was born on April 27, 1852 in Southampton Township.

On Christmas Day 1882, at the age of 30, he was joined in matrimony with 23-year-old Mary Ann Shoemaker (March 14, 1859-1953), daughter of Bailey and Rebecca (Kennell) Shoemaker of Wellersburg.

The couple produced these known sons -- Oscar Lepley, J. Elmer Lepley and Jesse Lepley.

They were longtime farmers in and around Mount Savage, Allegany County, MD about a mile or two from the Pennsylvania state line. They were members of the Reformed Church at Gladdens, Somerset County.

Sadly, Simon died in the home of his som Oscar in Wellersburg at the age of 84 on March 27, 1937. Burial was in Cook Cemetery in Somerset County, led by Rev. R.a. Shontz, with an obituary appearing in the Cumberland Evening Times.

Mary Ann survived another 16 years as a widow. She joined her husband in death at the age of 94 two days before Christmas 1953. Rev. F.D. Oberkircher officiated at the funeral service, held in Wellersburg Reformed Church. The Bedford Gazette printed an obituary.

Son Oscar Adam Lepley (1890-1983) was born on May 9, 1890 in Southampton Township. In 1915, he wedded Cora Elizabeth Getz (1892-1981). The couple were the parents of Hazel Marie Deffenbaugh, John Getz Lepley and Howard Philip Lepley. They lived in Wellersburg in 1937 and Hyndman, Bedford County in 1953. The family worried and then grieved when son Howard joined the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II and was killed when his aircraft was shot down over France. Cora passed away in 1981, ending their marital union which had endured for 66 years. Oscar died at the age of 93 on July 22, 1983. Burial was in Cook Cemetery in Somerset County.


Howard Lepley, standing, 2nd from right, with crew mates from the
doomed Little Sheppard bomber, shot down over France in 1944,


  • Howard P. Lepley

    Courtesy Jason Danielson,

    Grandson Howard Philip Lepley (1923-1944) was born on Sept. 14, 1923. As a young man, he earned a living as a carpenter with Consolidation Coal Company in or around Hyndman, with a home in Mount Savage, MD. He was a member and taught Sunday School in the Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church in Wellersburg. During World War II, on Dec. 4, 1942, he joined the U.S. Army Air Force and trained as a radio operator. He held the rank of technical sergeant with the 714th Bomber Squadron, 448th Bomber Group. Howard lost his life in action on June 10, 1944 when his aircraft -- the Little Sheppard -- was shot down over Ebreux, France. News of his missing in action status was printed in the Pittsburgh Press and Altoona Mirror. Four years after his death, his parents and Uncle Jesse Lepley made a significant donation of chancel furniture and furnishings in his memory to the Zion church. They included an altar, altarcloths, pulpit, lectern, cross, candlesticks and vases, of of which the family had made. A story about the gesture was published in the Cumberland (MD) Evening Times on July 8, 1948. Howard's body was recovered and buried in Europe and later shipped back to the United States for re-interment. In July 1949, a funeral service was held in the family church, with graveside military honors provided by the Old Rail Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Mount Savage. Pallbearers were George Abucevicz, Junior Robinette, Robert Gray, Alfred Pollock, Henry Pfister, Donald Lewis and Orville Bridges. His photograph appeared in a related story the Cumberland (MD) News. A grave marker for him was placed in Cook Cemetery in Somerset County. [Find-a-Grave]

Son J. Elmer Lepley dwelled in Hyndman, Bedford County in 1937.

Son Jesse Lepley made his home in 1937 in Windber, Somerset County and in 1953 in LaVale, MD.


Zion Reformed Church, Wellersburg, PA


~ Daughter Susannah Matilda Lepley ~

Daughter Susannah Matilda Lepley ( ? - ? )


~ Son Jacob Lepley ~

Son Jacob Lepley (1857-1871) was born on Feb. 1, 1857. He only lived into his early teens.

Sadly, Jacob passed away at the age of 14 years, 10 months and 20 days on Dec. 21, 1871.

He rests for all time in the Lepley Family Cemetery.


~ Daughter Emma Frances (Lepley) Baker ~

Daughter Emma Frances Lepley (1859-1935) was born on May 19, 1859.

She was united in holy wedlock with George Baker (1857-1922).

The couple relocated to Iowa, where they put down roots in Marshalltown, Marshall County.

George died on June 24, 1922. Burial was in Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown.

Emma Frances survived him by a baker's dozen of years. She succumbed at the age of 76 on Nov. 5, 1935.


~ Son Samuel Lepley ~

Son Samuel Lepley (1861-1947) was born on Jan. 28 or 29, 1861 in Southampton Township.

He was wedded to a Gaumer cousin, Ida Elizabeth Emerick (March 19, 1864-1941), daughter of Solomon and Mary Ellen "Ella" (Albright) Emerick of Gladdens, Somerset County, of the family of Jonathan and Rachel (Sturtz) Emerick.

They were the parents of Cora Alice Lepley, Earl Theodore Lepley, Ella "Sarah" Korns, James Albert Lepley, Harvey Victor Lepley, Bertha Rebecca Bittner, Alonzo S. Lepley and Mary Edna Lepley.

They were lifelong farmers and made their residence near Wellersburg. The couple belonged to the Wellersburg Reformed Church.

In March 1899, Samuel was a candidate for constable of Southampton Township and was named in the Somerset Herald. The federal censuses of 1900-1920 show the family on a farm in Southampton.

Sadness descended on the family on Oct. 9, 1941, when Ida, age 77, was found dead in bed. Said the Meyersdale Republican, "She had been in failing health for a number of months.... Her death broke a marriage of 57 years." Rev. G.R. Winters officiated at the funeral service held in the family home. Her remains were placed into eternal repose in the Lepley Cemetery in Hyndman. She was survived by her brothers John Emerick and George Emerick and sister Mrs. Christ Emerick as well as 20 grandchildren and a dozen great-grandchildren.

Samuel survived for another six years. At the age of 86, suffering from general arterial and heart valve disease, Samuel died on Nov. 10, 1947. In obituaries, the Bedford Gazette and Cumberland Evening Times reported that Rev. John Bucher, of the Wellersburg Reformed Church, officiated at the funeral service. The headcount of his survivors included 20 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. His remains are at eternal rest in Lepley Family Cemetery in Wellersburg.

Daughter Cora Alice Lepley (1884-1926) was born on Nov. 20, 1884 in Southampton Township. She appears not to have married but to have "spent her entire life at the place of her birth," said the Meyersdale (PA) Republican. At the age of 25, in 1910, she lived at home with her parents. In 1923, at the age of 39, she was confirmed in the Gladdens Reformed Church by the hand of Rev. C.A. Hauser. Sadly, Cora succumbed to death at the age of 42, in Southampton, on Nov. 27, 1926. Following funeral services held at the residence, led by Rev. George Ealey of Hyndman, her remains were lowered into eternal sleep in the home cemetery.

Son Earl Theodore Lepley (1886-1956) was born on July 6, 1886 or 1887 near Wellersburg in Southampton Township, Somerset County. He grew up working on the home farm in Southampton, and made farming his life's occupation. He entered into marriage with his first bride, Anna Mae Delbrook (1888-1928). The known offspring in this family were Ida C. Lepley, Cecil H. Lepley, Irwin T. Lepley, Raymond R. Lepley and Earl Lepley. Sadly, their daughter Ida died in infancy in 1924. Grief swept over the family when Anna Mae succumbed to death in 1928. The widowed Earl lived across the state line in Allegany County, MD as of 1930. Earl wedded a second time to Mary Staggs ( ? - ? ). She had been married previously and brought these additional children into the marriage -- Grant L. Staggs, Carroll H. Staggs and Ida B. Moore. The Lepleys were in Mt. Savage, MD  for decades, living along the Mt. Savage Road. They belonged to the Wellersburg Evangelical United Brethren Church, where he served as an elder. Earl died in their home at the age of 70 on Feb. 24, 1957. His remains are in eternal repose in Cook Cemetery, following services conducted by Rev. F.D. Oberkircher. An obituary appeared in the Meyersdale Republican.

  • Grandson Cecil H. Lepley (1912- ? ) was born in about 1912 in Maryland. He grew to manhood laboring on the family farm. In 1957, he dwelled in Wellersburg.
  • Grandson Irwin T. Lepley (1917- ? ) was born in about 1917 in Maryland. He resided in Mt. Savage, MD in 1957.
  • Grandson Raymond R. Lepley (1921- ? ) was born in about 1921 in Maryland. He relocated to Mt. Savage, MD.
  • Grandson Earl H. Lepley (1926- ? ) was born in about 1926 in Maryland. He made a home in 1957 in Mt. Savage, MD.

Son James Albert Lepley (1888-1984) was born on Nov. 8, 1888. He grew up working on the home farm in Southampton. He tied the knot with Emma Catherine Delbrook (July 27, 1892-1984). The only known child of this union was Gladys Edna Graham (1916-1979). Other children may have been Victor Lepley, Wilbert Lepley and Lucella Lepley. The couple dwelled in Wellersburg/Hyndman circa 1926-1941. Research is underway to confirm whether he is the same man who served as president of the Wellersburg School Board and resigned in 1931 to become tax collector of the borough. James and Emma passed into eternity just a month-and-a-half apart, with her dying on Oct. 14, 1984 and him on Nov. 26, 1984. Burial was in Cook Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Gladys Edna Lepley married (?) Graham.

Daughter Ella "Sarah" Lepley (1891-1969) was born on May 8, 1891 in Southampton Township. She was joined in the bonds of wedlock with Earl Theodore Korns (Feb. 21, 1888-1970), son of John Wilson and Mary Elizabeth (Geiger) Korns. The family dwelled in or near Hyndman, Bedford County and Ellerslie, MD, near the state line. The pair were the parents of Lester H. Korns and Lucretia Sturtz. Sadness blanketed the family when Ella died at age 77 on April 8, 1969 in Cumberland's Memorial Hospital. An obituary appeared in the Cumberland Evening Times. Earl only lived for another 10 months. The grim reaper cut him away at the age of 81 on Feb. 2, 1970. Interments were in Cook Cemetery, with Rev. C.D. Larson preaching the funeral sermon.

  • Grandson Lester H. Korns resided in Hyndman in 1969.
  • Granddaughter Lucretia Korns wedded (?) Sturtz. Circa 1969, she was in Wellersburg.

Daughter Bertha Rebecca Lepley (1893-1950) was born in Jan. 1893 in Southampton Township. In about 1915, when she was about 23 years of age, she wedded widower Allen Bittner (1883-1957), a native of Wittenberg, Somerset County and the son of John F. and Matilda (May) Bittner. Allen's first wife, Annie Elizabeth (Weimer) Bittner, had died in 1913. He brought a daughter from the first marriage into the second, Ruth Viola Kennell. Children of the second union were were Alverta Bittner, Merle Theodore Bittner, Harvey Samuel Bittner and Lester Vernon Bittner. Circa 1926, the family dwelled near Ellerslie, MD and in 1941-1947, resided in Hyndman. Death took away Bertha in 1950. Burial was in the Lepley Family Cemetery.

  • Step-granddaughter Ruth Viola Bittner married Kennell.
  • Granddaughter Alverta Bittner
  • Grandson Merle Theodore Bittner
  • Grandson Harvey Samuel Bittner
  • Grandson Lester Vernon Bittner

Son Harvey Victor Lepley (1896- ? ) was born in about 1896. He made a home in Wellersburg in 1926-1941 and by 1947 was in Sand Patch, Somerset County. He entered into wedlock with Bessie Hall ( ? - ? ). Their children were Alvin H. Lepley, Stanley H. Lepley, Ida Lepley, Marie Lepley, Galen Lepley, Mary Lepley and Faye Lepley. He is known to have been in Meyersdale in 1969.

  • Grandson Alvin H. Lepley ( ? - ? ) made a residence in Cumberland, MD in 1981.
  • Grandson Stanley H. Lepley (1924-1981) was born on Aug. 30, 1924 in Berlin, Somerset County. He served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II. He was joined in wedlock with Lois Jean Bowman ( ? - ? ). Together, they produced two children, Weldon Lepley and Sandy Lepley. The family resided in Meyersdale. Stanley was considered a "Well-known farmer in the Meyersdale area," said the Somerset Daily American. They belonged to the Grace Independent Reformed Church. The family was plunged into mourning when Stanley died at home at the ae of 56 on Feb. 8, 1981. His obituary was published in the Daily American, which noted that his survivors included 17 nieced and nephews.
  • Granddaughter Ida Lepley ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Marie Lepley ( ? - ? ) was united in matrimony with (?) Gnagey. They relocated to New Brighton, Beaver County, PA.
  • Grandson Galen Lepley ( ? - ? ) dwelled in rural Meyersdale in the early 1980s.
  • Granddaughter Mary Lepley ( ? - ? ) wedded (?) Wahl. They migrated to Indiana and in 1981 were in Michigan City, IN.
  • Granddaughter Faye Lepley ( ? - ? ) married (?) Ellis. They made a home in 1981 in Baltimore, MD.

Son Alonzo S. Lepley (1899-1973) was born on April 30, 1899 in Southampton Township. He was united in matrimony with Edna P. (March 8, 1908-1971). Edna passed first, on Dec. 12, 1971. At the age of 74, on July 7, 1973, he succumbed to death. Their remains are in eternal sleep in Lepley Family Cemetery. Inscribed on the face of their grave marker are these words: "Our love for each other will last forever."

Daughter Mary Edna Lepley (1902- ? ) was born in about 1902. She established a residence as of 1941 in Cumberland, MD, when she was named in the newspaper obituary of her mother. She remained as of 1969.


Schellsburg Street in Hyndman, early 1900s


~ Son Norman Lincoln Lepley ~

Son Norman Lincoln Lepley (1864-1940) was born on April 15, 1864 in Wellersburg and named in part for the President of the United States.

He was twice married. His first spouse was Martha E. Boyer (1869-1897).

Their offspring were Gertrude Lydia Emerick, Elsie Nevada Gnagey and Allen M. Lepley.

Sadly, Martha died in 1897, possibly in childbirth with their son Allen. The son died the following year in 1898.

Norman's second bride was Hannah Elizabeth Troutman (Jan. 12, 1868-1931), daughter of David and Mary (Knippenberg) Troutman.

Their children were Erma Edna Kennell and Calton R. Lepley.

The Lepleys lived in Gladdens Run in the early 1930s.

Sadly, stricken with heart disesae and severe gallbladder inflammation, Hannah passed away three days before Christmas 1931. Burial was in Comps Cemetery.

Norman survived his wife by nine years and resided in Hyndman. In about 1937, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and bore the illness for three years until death swept him away on Aug. 14, 1940. Interment was in Comp Cemetery, with son Calton Lepley of Hyndman serving as informant for the death certificate.

Daughter Gertrude Lydia Lepley (1889-1969) was born in 1889. She married (?) Emerick.

Daughter Elsie Nevada Lepley (1890-1965) was born in 1890. She wedded (?) Gnagey.

Daughter Erma Edna Lepley (1901-1987) was born in 1901. She was joined in wedlock with (?) Kennell.

Son Calton R. Lepley (1910-1968) was born in 1910. In 1940, he lived in Hyndman,


~ Daughter Missouri Lepley ~

Daughter Missouri Lepley (1865-1893) was born two days after Christmas 1865 in Southampton Township.

She may never have married. Sadly, at the age of 17, she succumbed on Oct. 25, 1893 in Southampton.

The cause of her untimely death is unknown. Her remains are at repose in Lepley Family Cemetery.


~ Daughter Effie Louellen (Lepley) Kennell ~

Daughter Effie Louellen Lepley (1868-1958) was born on March 13, 1868 in Southampton Township.

She was joined in wedlock with William B. Kennell ( ? - ? ).

The couple produced nine children, among them Dora Alice Kennell, Guy Filmore Kennell, Roy Edward Kennell, Robert Harry Kennell, James Lewis Kennell, Clinton Wilbert Kennell, Albert Adam Kennell, Pearl Emerick, Viola Getz, Jennie Weimer and Clara Kennell.

They were members of the Gladden Reformed Church and in 1947 made their residence in Hyndman.

Effie passed into eternity at the age of 90 on April 9, 1958. Funeral services were held in the family church, with burial following in Cook Cemetery. In an obituary, the Cumberland Evening Times reported that her survivors included 46 grandchildren, 60 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

Son Guy Filmore Kennell (1889-1967) lived in Hyndman,

Son Roy Edward Kennell (1891-1948) was born in 1891.

Daughter Pearl Kennell (1893-1987) was born in 1893. She married (?) Emerick. Her residence in 1958 was in Hyndman.

Son Albert Adam Kennell (1895-1991) was born in 1895. He lived in Wellersburg.

Daughter Jennie Mae Kennell (1897-1987) was united in marriage with (?) Weimer. In 1958, they dwelled in Wellersburg.

Son Robert Harry Kennell (1899-1978) resided in Hyndman.

Daughter Viola Emma Kennell (1901-1984) wedded (?) Getz. Their home was in Hyndman.

Daughter Clara Edna Kennell (1903-1977) may never have married and lived at home with her parents.

Son John J. Kennell (1905-1956) was born in 1905.

Son James Lewis Kennell (1907-1990) was born in 1907. He made his home in 1958 in Hyndman.

Son Clinton Wilbert Kennell (1909-1969) was born in 1909. He dwelled in the late 1950s in Hyndman.


~ Daughter Elizabeth Lepley ~

Daughter Elizabeth Lepley ( ? - ? )


~ Daughter Minerva Jane Lepley ~

Daughter Minerva Jane Lepley ( ? - ? )


~ Son Adam Lepley IV ~

Son Adam Lepley IV ( ? - ? )


~ Daughter Sarah Alice Lepley ~

Daughter Sarah Alice Lepley ( ? - ? )


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