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Esther 'Hattie' (Fegley) Kline
(1803- ? )


Esther "Hattie" (Fegley) Kline was born on Sept. 26, 1803, the daughter of David and Susanna (Gaumer) Fögle -- Americanized to "Fegely."

On Sept. 18, 1825, at the age of about 21, she is believed to have married Philip Kline (1799-1848), a native of Northampton County. The wedding took place at the Zion Lutheran Church in Lower Macungie.

Children born to this marriage were John Kline, Charles Kline, William Kline, Sarah Kline, Peter Kline, Elizabeth Kline, Caroline Kline, Susanna Kline and Eliza Kline.

The couple relocated to Clarion County, PA, establishing a home in Richland Township.

Philip is not named on the 1850 United States Census and may have been deceased by that time. The 1850 shows Esther heading a household in Richland Township, with 24-year-old son John laboring as a blacksmith and 22-year-old son Charles as a farmer.


~ Son John Kline ~

Son John Kline (1826- ? ) was born in about 1826. Unmarried at the age of 24, he lived with his widowed mother and family in Richland Township, Clarion County and toiled as a blacksmith.


~ Son Charles Kline ~

Son Charles Kline (1828-1895) was born in about 1828. He grew up learning the farming business and in 1850, at the age of 22, resided with his widowed mother and siblings and farmed in Richland Township, Clarion County.

On Jan. 16, 1859, when he would have been age 30, he married Katherine Ann Shirey (1835-1918).

They produced this family of offspring - Franklin Kline, Josiah Kline, Samuel Kline, James David Kline and Sarah Melissa Texter..

Sadly, the 67-year-old Charles died at home on Christmas Eve 1895 in Clarion County. His remains were lowered into repose in Saint Petersburg Cemetery. [Find-a-Grave] The Clarion Democrat printed a short blurb in its St. Petersburg gossip columns, saying "Charles Kline, an old citizen of Richland township, was buried here recently." The Clarion Democrat also carried a brief death notice.


~ Son William Kline ~

Son William Kline (1831-1851?) was born in about 1831.

He reputedly died in 1851 when he would have been about age 21. Nothing more is known.


~ Daughter Sarah Ann (Kline) Dittman ~

Daughter Sarah Ann Kline (1833-1898) was born on May 3, 1833.

She was joined in holy wedlock with William Dittman (1825-1896), a native of Venango County, PA.

The couple bore an estimated 14 children. Among the known names are David Dittman, John Adam Dittman, Susanna Matilda Morrison, Mary Elizabeth Ashbaugh, Samuel Howard Dittman, Elmer Dittman, Ellen Catherine Downing, Joseph Henry "Joe" Dittman, George Dittman, Ida Clark and and Emanuel Peter Dittman.

Sadly, William passed away at the age of 70 on March 13, 1896.

Sarah Ann only survived her husband by a little more than two years. On June 12, 1898, she died at the age of 65. Interment was in Salem United Church of Christ Cemetery in Lamartine, Clarion County. [Find-a-Grave]


Bird's eye view of Emlenton, PA


Son Samuel Howard Dittman (1878-1945) was born on Jan. 17, 1878 in Salem Township. he married Lula Baum ( ? - ? ). The couple's only known child was Mrs. Harry Switzer. Samuel was considered a "well known farmer of the Emlenton district," said the Clarion Democrat. At the age of 67, he became deathly ill and died two days later on Oct. 28, 1945. Following funeral services in the family home, his remains were placed into repose in St. Mark's Cemetery.

Son Elmer Dittman ( ? - ? ) lived in Lamartine, PA in 1945.

Son Joseph Henry "Joe" Dittman ( ? - ? ) dwelled in 1945 in rural Emlenton.

Son George Dittman ( ? - ? ) made a home in Knox, PA in 1945.

Daughter Ida Dittman ( ? - ? ) wedded (?) Clark. She resided in Knox, PA.


~ Son Peter Fegley Kline ~

Son Peter Fegley Kline (1835-1923) was born in about 1835.

At the age of 15, he helped generate income for his widowed mother by working as a laborer.

He eventually migrated to the Pacific Northwest, establishing a home in Tacoma, Pierce County.

He died in Tacoma on April 2, 1923, at the age of 87.


~ Daughter Elizabeth (Kline) Mays ~

Daughter Elizabeth Kline (1838-1897) was born on Aug. 6, 1838.

She was united in matrimony with farmer John M. Mays (Oct. 9, 1836-1916), son of William and Esther (Hummel) Mays of Clarion County.

They produced these known children -- James Milo Mays, Sara Jane 'Jennie" Steltzer, Eva Viola Mays, John Ervin Mays and Oliver Mays.

Elizabeth was swept away by the Grim Reaper at the age of 59 on Sept. 1, 1897. She rests in Providence Cemetery in Beaver City, Clarion County. [Find-a-Grave]

John lived for another two decades. He was felled by a stroke and passed into eternity at age 79 on May 27, 1916. Son Oliver was the informant for the death certificate.

Son James Milo Mays ( ? - ? )

Daughter Sarah Jane "Jennie" Mays ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). On Jan. 25, 1900, at her father's home, she married William A. Steltzer ( ? - ? ) of Rimersburg. Rev. Cyrus H. Frampton officiated, with the news printed in the Clarion Democrat. In 1915, her home was in Rimersburg, PA.

Son John Ervin Mays (1871-1910) was born on May 1, 1871. He was married. He was stricken with scarlet fever during the winter of 1909-1910 and then contracted a deadly case of acute meningitis. Death cut him away on Jan. 28, 1910. Interment was in Delo Chapel. Eva Mays of Knox, PA signed the death certificate.

Daughter Eva Viola May (1869-1915) was born on April 18, 1869 in Beaver Township, Clarion County. At a young age, she joined the Methodist Episcopal Church under the guidance of Rev. Dr. J. Bell Neff, and remained a member for life. She never married but, at the age of 28, took over the household when her mother died. "With death of her mother the burden of the care of the family home devolved upon her, and right faithfully and efficiently did she perform the task," reported the Clarion Democrat. "She filled the larger place of mother in the home, as well as that of daughter." Her health declining at the age of 46, she received medical treatment but there was no good outcome. As she was dying, she told her pastor, "I am not afraid, Jesus is with me," said the Democrat. "At evening it was light." The end came on May 1, 1915, in the very house where she had been born. Rev. W.H. Robinson of Shippenville led the funeral services in the Mays home, followed by burial in Providence Cemetery. Said the Democrat, "A very large concourse of relatives and friends followed the remains" to the cemetery.

Son Oliver Mays was still alive circa 1915.


~ Daughter Caroline Kline ~

Daughter Caroline Kline (1841-1869?) was born in about 1841.

Evidence suggests that she passed away in childbirth in Clarion County on Feb. 1, 1869, at about the age of 27.


~ Daughter Susanna Kline ~

Daughter Susanna Kline (1843- ? ) was born in about 1843.

She wedded William Beals (Jan. 29, 1839-1913), a native of Venango County, PA and the son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Fry) Beals.

The couple's children included James Sinas Beals, Emma Agnew and John Howard Beals.

They made their home in Emlenton, PA in 1913.

Having contracted cancer of the sternum, William died in Clarion County at the age of 75 on Jan. 29, 1913. His remains were placed into repose in Zion Union Cemetery in Emlenton, Venango County.


~ Daughter Eliza Kline ~

Daughter Eliza Kline (1846- ? ) was born in about 1846.


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