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Hannah (Friedrich) Pauly
(1813- ? )


Hannah (Friedrich) Pauly was born on Feb. 28, 1813 in Rockland Township, Berks County, PA, the daughter of George "Adam" and Sarah (Meinder) Friedrich.

She was baptized three-and-a-half months later at the Salem Reformed Church of Spangsville, Berks County. 

On March 13, 1830, at the age of 17, she wed 23-year-old Abraham Pauly (1807-1891), a native of Pennsylvania. The family name also has been spelled "Pauley" - "Pauli" - and "Paulus" in official records.

They had six known children -- Daniel Pauly Sr., Charles Pauley, Susanna Pauley, Reuben Pauly, Elizabeth Reinert and Frederick Pauley.


Reformed Church in Spangsville,
in use from 1822 to 1902

When the federal census was enumerated in 1860, the family resided on a farm in Rockland Township. By 1870, after they had relocated to Albany Township, Berks County, all of their children except Frederick were no longer in the household. That year, 64-year-old Abraham continued to make a living as a day laborer, while son Frederick worked burning charcoal, likely at a local iron furnace.

The census of 1880, with the family back in Rockland Township, shows that Abraham suffered from rheumatism, and that Hannah could neither read nor write. Their married son Charles lived next door with his large family. 

Hannah's fate is not known.

Abraham died in 1891, at the age of 84. His burial location has not yet been learned.


~ Son Daniel Pauley Sr. ~

Son Daniel Pauley Sr. (1836-1924) was born in 1836. As an unmarried 24-year-old, in 1860, he resided with his parents and worked as a farm laborer. He may be the same Daniel Pauley (1836-1924) who resided in Alburtis Borough, Lehigh County.

If so, he was married to Catharine DeLong (Nov. 20, 1844-1907), daughter of Daniel and Rebecca (Specht) DeLong, a surname sometimes shortened to "Long."

The couple produced these known children -- Daniel Pauley Jr., Hannah C. Bortz, Reuben Pauly, Mary Alice Gehris, Matthias Pauley, Sarah Ann Boyer, Rebecca M. Dries, Henry A. Pauley and John Pauley.

In 1862, the Paulys briefly lived in Ohio at the birth of their daughter Hannah. But within a few years, they returned to Berks County and were members of the Evangelical Church at Shamrock.

Tragically, at the age of 63, Catharine suffered a stroke and died within a day on Dec. 30, 1907. Her remains were lowered into repose in Shamrock Cemetery, Longswamp Township, Berks County.

Daniel lived for another 16 years and endured the heartbreak of the accidental drowning of son Matthias. He died just a few weeks shy of his 88th birthday on June 16, 1924. An obituary in the Allentown Morning Call said that "Death came after a six days' illness with pneumonia" and that all services were held in the home of daughter Hannah Bortz, with Rev. Fassnacht officiating. Burial was in Shamrock Cemetery. On his death certificate, informant son-in-law Charles Bortz of Alburtis gave the name of the deceased's father as "Abraham Pauley" and maiden name of the mother as "Hannah Steele." [Find-a-Grave]

Son Daniel Pauley Jr. (1861- ? ) was born in about 1861. He resided in 1908-1924 in Reading.

Daughter daughter Hannah C. Pauley (1862-1939) was born on Oct. 18, 1862 in Ohio. She and her parents later returned to Pennsylvania. Hannah married Charles O. Bortz ( ? - ? ). Their nine known children were Charles Bortz, Mrs. Erwin Moser, George W. Bortz, H. Jacob Bortz, Daniel Bortz, Mrs. Cyril Smith, John A. Bortz, Mrs. Howard Kline and Edwin S. Bortz. Their home in 1924 was at Lockridge in Alburtis. Suffering from heart disease and hardening of the arteries at age 76, Hannah died on Jan. 19, 1939. Burial was in the Longswamp Cemetery. An obituary in the Reading Times numbered her survivors as 39 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

  • Grandson Charles Bortz lived at home with his parents in Alburtis in 1939.
  • Granddaughter (?) Bortz married Erwin Moser. They lived in Alburtis.
  • Grandson George W. Bortz resided in Alburtis.
  • Grandson H. Jacob Bortz made a home in Reading.
  • Grandson Daniel Bortz dwelled in Macungie.
  • Granddaughter (?) Bortz wedded Cyril Smith. In 1939, they lived in Mountainville.
  • Grandson John A. Bortz made a residence in Alburtis.
  • Ganddaughter (?) Bortz was joined in marriage with Howard Kline. Their home in 1939 was in Emmaus.
  • Grandson Edwin S. Bortz lived in Lansford in 1939.

Son Reuben Pauly (1865- ? ) was born in about 1865. He lived in Reading in 1908-1924 and in Kempton in 1939.

Daughter Mary "Alice" Pauley (1869- ? ) was born in about 1869. She wedded William Gehris ( ? - ? ), also spelled "Gehrit."

Son Matthias Pauley (1870-1913) was born on Sept. 22, 1870. In May 1897, at the age of 26, he married Barbara Einsel ( ? - ? ) of 1345 Cotton Street, Reading, daughter of German immigrants George and Barbara (Springer) Einsel. The Reading Times noted that the nuptials were performed by Rev. C.D. Dreher, in the home of Mr. Rauch, without any attendants present. They dwelled in Reading in 1897-1908, with Matthias earning income as a laborer. He wore a handbar mustache. Their home circa 1913 was at 531 South 17½th Street. On the fateful day of May 3, 1913, the 42-year-old Matthias and his friends Anthony Lemmer and Harry Luebka boarded a boat and went fishing in the muddy Schuylkill River near the dam at Klapperthal, Berks County. After darkness, the men lost their way and were "swept over the waterfall," said the Reading Times. Unable to swim, Matthias and Lemmer drowned, while Luebka was saved. His body was not found for several days. Matthias and Lemmer were pictured in the Times on May 6, 1913, with authorities said to be on "an almost constant search." Their bodies were found on May 8, within 45 minutes and several hundred yards of each other. Burial was in Aulenbach's Cemetery, with Charles Einsel of Reading signing the official Pennsylvania death certificate.

Daughter Sarah Ann Pauley was joined in wedlock with George Boyer. Their home in 1908 was in Fleetwood and in 1924-1939 in Reading.

Daughter Rebecca M. Pauley was united in matrimony with Sylvanus M. Dries, sometimes misspelled "Pries." They made a residence in Fleetwood in 1924-1939.

Son Henry A. Pauley resided in Alburtis in 1908 and in Hancock in 1939.

Son John Pauley is believed to have lived in Reading at 307 South Eighth Street. He remained in Reading as of 1939.


Bird's-eye view of Alburtis, Lehigh County, 1893. Courtesy Library of Congress


~ Son Charles Pauley ~

Son Charles Pauley (1837-1890) -- sometimes spelled "Pauli" and "Pauly" -- was born on Aug. 15, 1837 (or 1840). The 1850 census shows him as a 20-year old "day laborer" living under his parents' roof.

Six months after the outbreak of the Civil War, Charles enlisted in the Union Army on Oct. 13, 1861. He was assigned to the 54th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company K, commanded by Capt. Newhard and Capt. Henry C. Wagner. The Army spelled his name "Pauley" and "Pauli." He received an honorable discharge from the army at Kernstown, VA on Nov. 10, 1864.

On Sept. 15, 1866, in Maxatawny Township, the 27-year-old Charles married 18-year-old Lucinda Folk (1848-1907), a native of Pike Township and the daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Long) Folk. Rev. A.J. Harmar of Maxatawny officiated.

Their six known children were George Pauly, Mary Pauly, Louisa Hilbert, Alfred Pauly, Souri Pauly, Charles Pauley Jr. and Edwin Pauley.

The family belonged to the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Bowers Station, Berks County, and Rev. David K. Humbert baptized several of the children over the years. They lived on a farm of 26 acres which included a house purchased for $850 in 1889.

Charles was stricken with pneumonia, with complications of the stomach and bowels, and died after 21 days of suffering on Aug. 1, 1890 (or Aug. 15, 1891) at the age of 53. The year following his death, Aug. 17, 1891, widow Lucinda, residing in Fredericksville, Berks County, began receiving $8 per month in payments representing his pension. [Widow App. #506.663 - Cert. #413.598].

Lucinda and the seven children agreed to keep the home, she said, "so that we would not need to be all separated." The farm -- said to contain "a considerable portion of wasteland" -- included two cows, 30 chickens and four pigs. Another observer wrote that about two-thirds of the property was arable "interspersed with large rocks and in a low state of cultivation, the other 1/3 is composed of pasture and waste land. One it is erected a stone stable, a one story frame dwelling house and other small outbuildings."

Lucinda outlived her husband by 17 years. She died of heart disease and dropsy at the age of 60 on March 21, 1907. Burial was in New Jerusalem Cemetery. George Pauley of Fredericksville signed the death certificate. 

Son George Pauly (1867-1912) was born on New Year's Day 1867. He was married and widowed as a young adult. He was a longtime farmer. In 1912, his home was in Rockland Township. Suffering from a septic infection, he died at age 45 on May 1, 1912. Burial was in New Jerusalem Cemetery. His younger brother Charles signed the death certificate.

Daughter Mary Pauly (1868-1933) was born on Sept. 8, 1868. She was wedded to Isaac Sanders ( ? - ? ). Her home was at 138 Hudson in Reading. At the age of 65, she was afflicted with decomposition of the heart and died on Oct. 21, 1933. Burial was in the Union Cemetery in Topton, Berks County.

Daughter Louisa F. Pauly (1869-1907) was born on Nov. 21, 1869 in Berks County. She married James Hilbert ( ? - ? ). They lived in on Walnut Street in Alliance, Northampton County, PA. At the age of 37, stricken with cancer of the uterus, she died on June 23, 1907. Burial was in Bowers Station.

Son Alfred Pauly (1873- ? ) was born in 1873.

Daughter Missouri "Souri" Pauly (1874-1932) was born on July 18, 1873 in Rockland Township. She married David Shoemaker, and they resided in Mertztown, Longswamp Township, Berks County. At the age of 59, having contracted colon cancer, she died on Aug. 11, 1932. Burial was in Longswamp Church Cemetery.

Son Charles Pauley (1878- ? ) was born on Sept. 29, 1877. He was baptized on Oct. 31, 1877 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bowers Station, Berks County, by the hand of Rev. David K. Humbert.

Son Edwin Pauley (1887-1908) was born on May 8, 1887. He was baptized on May 24, 1887 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bowers Station, Berks County, by the hand of Rev. David K. Humbert. He was married, and they resided in Longswamp Township. But tragically, in early May 1908, Edwin began to suffer from typhoid fever. After 18 days, he succumbed, on May 28, 1908. His remains were lowered into rest in the New Jerusalem Cemetery.


~ Daughter Susanna Pauley ~

Daughter Susanna Pauley (1841- ? ) was born in 1841.


Kutztown Patriot, March 13, 1897

~ Son Reuben Pauly ~

Son Reuben Pauly (1844-1897) was born in 1844. He was confirmed in the family church by Rev. B.E. Kramlich.

He married (?) Smith and resided in Albany Township near Kutztown, Berks County.

The couple had three daughters -- Emma Pauly, Jane Pauly and Sallie Pauly.

More is known about his death than his life.

At the age of 53 years, two months and four days, on March 9, 1897, he succumbed of pneumonia at home. Reported the Kutztown Patriot, "The funeral was well attended" and was led by Rev. J.N. Bachman of Lynnport. Added the Patriot: "The body was attired in a white shroud and reposed in a walnut casket, trimmed with silver and embellished with a silver plate with the inscription "Father." The floral tributes consisted of a cross made of carnations and roses. The body was covered with an eiderdown blanket trimmed with smilax and roses." His remains were interred in the Eckville Cemetery, carried to his final rest by pallbearers Henry Berk, Joshua Miller, James Leibensperger and J.E. Snyder.


~ Daughter Elizabeth (Pauley) Reinert ~

Daughter Elizabeth Pauley (1845-1923) was born on Sept. 30, 1845 (or 1847).

She resided in Berks County and married (?) Reinert.

In her 70s, widowed and afflicted by heart disease, she was admitted to the Berks County Almshouse in Cumru Township. The almshouse facility included a farm of 514 acres, founded in 1825, in the gently sloping hills of the county. She died there at the age of 76 on Nov. 17, 1923. Burial was in the almshouse cemetery.


Berks County almshouse, where Elizabeth (Pauley) Reinert died in 1923


~ Son Frederick "Fred" Pauley ~

Son Frederick "Fred" Pauley (1848-1922) was born on March 5, 1848. In 1870, at the age of 21, he earned a living burning charcoal at a local furnace in Albany Township, Berks County.

He married Rebecca S. Keller ( ? -1939).

The couple resided in Albany Township and bore one son, Charles W. Pauley.

Frederick supported the family over the years as a laborer.

In about 1920, he became blind and was in darkness for the final two years of his life. Suffering from hardening of the arteries and heart disease, he died on Oct. 24, 1922, at the age of 74. Son Charles was the informant on his official Pennsylvania death certificate. Burial was in the Bolich Church Cemetery. A one-paragraph obituary was printed in the Reading Times.

Rebecca survived her husband by 17 years and was considered "one of the oldest residents of Albany township," said the Times. Her final years were spent in the home of her son. She and her son, granddaughter Mamie A. Kamp, great-granddaughter Mrs. Harry Bowers and great-great grandson Stanley Bowers were pictured in a five-generation photograph in the Times on July 7, 1938. She died at the age of 85 on or about Feb. 24, 1939. Funeral services were held at Bolich's Evangelical Church in Kempton, preached by Rev. Park Adams of Albright College, with an obituary published in the Times.

Son Charles W. Pauley (1870-1945) was born on May 25, 1870 in Kempton, Albany Township, Berks County. He was a farmer and spent his entire life in the Kempton community. In March 11, 1898, the 28-year-old Charles was united in matrimony with 18-year-old Clara M. Turner (Jan. 1880- ? ), daughter of William and Lizzie Turner, also of Albany. Justice of the peace Albert D. Levan officiated. The Reading Times reported on the wedding, saying "After the ceremony the newlywedded pair drove to the residence of the bride's parents, where a wedding dinner was served and a reception was held. A short wedding trip through Lehigh and Schuylkill counties followed." Their children were Mamie A. Pauley, Charles W. Pauley, Lizzie R. Geiger, Jennie A. Wink, Mabel S. Pauley, Emma E. Miller, Fred M. Pauley and Pauline M. Pauley. Circa 1920, they helped raise a young nephew, Paul W. Pauley, whom they may have considered or adopted as their own. The 1900 and 1910 federal censuses showsthe couple in Albany, with Charles marked as a laborer. At some point, Charles retired from farming. They lived in Eckville, PA in 1935. He contracted prostate and heart disease and succumbed to their effects at the age of 74 on April 20, 1945. His remains were placed into rest in Bolich Church Cemetery following funeral services officiated by Rev. Luke Rau. The Allentown Morning Call printed an obituary.

  • Granddaughter Mamie A. Pauley (1899-1976) was born in Sept. 1899 in or near Kempton. She was joined in wedlock with John A. Kamp (Dec. 4, 1894-1958), sometimes misspelled "Kemp." He was the son of William and Louisa (Bailey) Kamp of Albany Township. They lived in Kempton and bore five children, Dorothy Bowers, Esther Nester, Ruth Lenhart, Howard Kamp and Harry Kamp. John was a longtime lumberman and carpenter in a work career spanning four decades. John was a longtime member of Bolich's Evangelical United Brethren Church of Albany Township and the Goodwill Fire Company of Kempton, while Mamie belonged to St. John's Lutheran Church of Hamburg. On July 7, 1938, Mamie was pictured in a five-generation photograph in the Reading Times with her grandmother, father, daughter Dorothy Bowers and grandson Stanley Bowers. Circa 1958, he was a contractor lumberjack working for a lumber firm in New Ringgold. At the age of 63, while working on a slippery piece of lumber, he fell and was badly hurt. The injury led to acute heart problems, and he died a few weeks later on Nov. 17, 1958. Burial was in the Bolich Evangelical United Brethren Church in Albany, Berks County, with an obituary published in the Allentown Morning Call. Mamie lived another 18 years as a widow. Her final years were spent in rural Hamburg. She passed away in the Reading Hospital and Medical Center at the age of 77 on Nov. 21, 1976.
  • Grandson Charles W. Pauley (1901- ? ) was born in about 1901 in or near Kempton. He grew up as a farm laborer. At the age of about 22, on April 9, 1923, he wedded Bertha Fisher ( ? - ? ), a native of Tumbling Run, PA and the daughter of John W. and Emma (Whitman) Fisher. The nuptials were held at Pottsville, PA, officiated by Dr. C.M. Nicholas. Charles made a home in Pottsville in 1945-1976.
  • Granddaughter Lizzie R. Pauley (1902-1945) was born on Christmas Day 1902 in or around Kempton, Albany Township. She married Joseph E. "Joe" Geiger ( ? - ? ). In about 1936, they relocated to rural Hamburg, Windsor Township, Berks County. Their children were Arline Geiger, Eugene Geiger, Joseph Geiger Jr. and Beatrice Geiger. In early September 1945, just five months after her father's death, she was diagnosed with cancer which had spread throughout her body. Physicians could not even determine where the illness had begun, and it was too far gone to treat. She passed away at age 42 on Sept. 11, 1945. Interment was in St. Michaels Cemetery in Tilden Township, Berks County.
  • Granddaughter Jennie A. Pauley (1905- ? ) was born in about 1905 in or near Kempton. Just before Christmas 1921, the 16-year-old Jennie was united in wedlock with Irwin W. Wink ( ? - ? ) of Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill County, PA and the son of John Wink of Kleinsville, PA. A story in the Reading Times said that Irwin was a plasterer and that the couple would "go to housekeeping in the spring at their newly furnished home at Schuylkill Haven." Their known offspring were Harold Wink, Lester Wink, Robert "Bobby" Wink and Betty Wink. Their home in 1945 was in Virginville, Richmond Township, Berks County. Jennie lived in Ocala, FL in 1976 and in Lavelle, Schuylkill County in 1988 and West Hamburg, Berks County in 1989. 
  • Granddaughter Mabel S. Pauley (1906-1987) was born on Sept. 4, 1906 in or near Kempton. She married John R. Hartranft ( ? - ? ). They dwelled in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, PA. Citing "indignities and cruelty," Mabel sued for divorce in May 1944 in Schuylkill County court, with the news reported in the Allentown Morning Call. She remained in Orwigsburg at least as late as 1976. She died in July 1987.
  • Granddaughter Emma E. Pauley (1908- ? ) was born in about 1908 in or near Kempton. Circa 1926, she married Clayton A. Miller (1904?-1968), son of Thomas and Lillian Miller of Kempton. News of their engagement was printed in the Reading Times. They were the parents of Myrtle Wessner. Clayton was employed for many years by the Pennsylvania Department of Highways, today's PennDOT. The Millers made their residence circa 1945 in rural Hamburg and were members of the United Church of Christ congregation of the New Bethel Union Church of Kempton. As a widower, Clayton lived in Lenhartsville, PA. H died at the age of 65 on March 29, 1968. An obituary was printed in the Allentown Morning Call.
  • Grandson Paul W. Pauley (1913-1988) -- possibly actually a nephew whom they raised -- was born on Dec. 6, 1913 in Kempton. In September 1937, he married Daisy Ketchledge (Dec. 28, 1922-2015) of Reynolds, PA, the daughter of Charles and Clara (Lorah) Ketchledge. The family lived in Hecla, Schuylkill County, PA. They bore four known children, Daisy Anne Pauley, Paul C. Pauley, David G. Pauley and Richard R. Pauley. Heartache blanketed the family when daughter Daisy Anne contracted whooping cough and succumbed at age eight months on June 17, 1944. The baby's remains were lowered into tender repose in Friedens Church Cemetery in New Ringgold, Schuylkill County. For about four decades, Paul was a carpenter with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Jointers of America. He retired in 1972 at the age of 59. Daisy worked for Atlas Powder Company of Reynolds and retired in 1985. She was a member of the New Ringgold Fire Company Auxiliary and enjoyed fishing and crocheting. They were members of the Christ United Christian Church of New Ringgold. In September 1987, they celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. Paul passed away at the age of 74 on Jan. 28, 1988. Interment was in Friedens Church Cemetery, with an obituary appearing in the Allentown Morning Call. Daisy outlived her spouse by 27 years, staying in her home on Old Country Lane in Hecla near New Ringgold. She attended Steigerwalt's German Eldership Church of God. As her health declined, she was admitted as a resident of Seton Manor. She died in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County at age 92 on March 4, 2015.
  • Grandson Fred M. "Freddie" Pauley (1915-1991) was born in about 1915 in or around Kempton. At the age of 22, in 1937, he wedded 23-year-old Lottie L. Schwenk ( ? -1989), a resident of New Ringgold, Schuylkill County and the daughter of George W. and Estella (Eckroth) Schwenk. Their engagement was announced in the Reading Times. The marriage endured for 52 years until cleaved apart by death. They produced one daughter, Lila Shenk. The Pauleys dwelled in Kempton in 1945-1989. For three decades, Fred earned income as a molder for the Penn Electric Foundry in Hamburg. Having suffered a disability, he retired in 1968. Sadly, Lottie was admitted to Reading Hospital and Medical Center and died there at the age of 75 on April 11, 1989. An obituary in the Allentown Morning Call said her survivors included six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Fred outlived his wife by two years. He too died in Reading Hospital, at age 76, on July 6, 1991.
  • Granddaughter Pauline M. Pauley (1919-1989) was born in about 1919 in or near Kempton. When she was about 17, circa 1926, she was united in matrimony with 37-year-old George Leibensperger (1889?- ? ), son of James and Emaline "Emma" (Leininger) Leibensperger of Albany Township, Berks County. News of their intended wedding was printed in the Reading Times. The couple were the parents of Paul G. Leibensperger, Earl Leibensperger, Shirley M. Michak and Jean E. Geist Hottenstein. The Leibenspergers made a home in the Kempton area for decades, with James working as a carpenter for a number of local construction firms. They are known to have attended her parents' Mother's Day party at their home in May 1936. Pauline belonged to the United Church of Christ congregation of the New Bethel Union Church of Kempton, and James was a member of the church's Lutheran congregation. George retired in 1960. Sadly, George died on Oct. 27, 1970 at the age of 72 as a patient in Allentown Hospital. She passed away at age 69 just three days into the new year 1989. An obituary was published in the Allentown Morning Call.


Copyright 2013-2015, 2019 Mark A. Miner

Reuben Pauly obituary courtesy of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania