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Sarah (Meinder) Friederich


Sarah's grave, German text

Adam's grave in German.
Photos courtesy Neil D. Scheidt

Sarah (Meinder) Friederich was born on Jan. 22, 1776 in Rockland Township, Berks County, PA, the daughter of Friedrich and Catherine (Nein) Meinder Jr.  

She married George "Adam" Friederich (Americanized to "Frederick") (1778-1858). 

As an infant Adam was baptized at the age of 42 days in the St. Joseph's Hill Church in Pike Township, Berks County, on April 16, 1778.

The couple produced the following 11 known children -- Jacob Frederick Sr., Jonathan "Jonas" Frederick Sr., David Frederick Sr., Lydia Friederich, Peter Friederich, Adam Friederich Jr., Rubin Frederick, George Frederick Sr., Hannah Pauly, Maria "Mary" Walp/Walb and Sarah Frederick. 

When the federal census was enumerated in 1850, Sarah and Adam were listed as residing in Rockland Township, Berks County. Also living under their roof was 11-year-old Elisabeth Frederick, probably a granddaughter. At the age of 73, Adam's occupation was listed as "Farmer" and he had a not-insubstantial estate worth $5,000. The census-taker spelled their name "Frederick."

When a detailed map of Rockland was made in 1854, a cluster of three Frederick farms was depicted in the eastern section of the township.

Very little else is known of their lives.


"A. Frederick" and "Frederick" farms in Rockland Township, 1854



Researcher Eugene Podraza reads
Sarah's German obituary, Reading Adler

Sarah died at the age of 82 on Feb. 7, 1858, in Rockland Township. She was laid to rest in New Jerusalem Cemetery in nearby Fleetwood Township. [Find-A-Grave] Her grave marker was inscribed in German, stating her dates of birth and death, her husband's name and the fact that she was "Geboren Meinder" -- born under the maiden name of Meinder.

Records of the cemetery, prepared in 1986, show that her grave is in Row 10, between her husband and Johannes Jaus. (The report's editors were Fay L. Cox, Anna Schroeder and Elaine D. Schwar.)

A brief obituary was printed in the Feb. 23, 1858 edition of the weekly Reading Adler newspaper. In German, it reads: "Starb: - am 7ten Diefes, in Rocland, Sara Friedrich, Sattin von Adam Friederich, im Ulter von 82 Jahren und 16 Tagen. Translated into English, it reads: "Died: - on 17 [Diefe], in Rockland, Sara Friederich, wife of Adam Friederich, in age of 82 years and 16 days."

Original copies of the Adler (German for "Eagle") are preserved and on file today at the Historical Society of Berks County. Sarah's obituary is translated in the publication Deaths Reported in the Reading "Adler," compiled in 1981 by Warren D. Faust.

Adam passed away the following month, on March 15, 1858. He also rests for eternity in New Jerusalem. [Find-A-Grave]

Today the church is a mixture of the Evangelical Lutheran and United Church of Christ denominations.


Old, fading German graves in the New Jerusalem Church, Berks County


~ Daughter Lydia Friedrich ~

Daughter Lydia Friedrich (1805-1876) was born on Aug. 13, 1805 in Rockland Township. 

She died in 1876, also in Rockland.


~ Son Peter Friedrich ~

Son Peter Friedrich (1807- ? ) was born on Jan. 16, 1807 in Rockland Township.


~ Son Adam Friedrich ~

Son Adam Friedrich (1809- ? ) was born on Feb. 27, 1809 in Rockland Township.


~ Son Rubin Friedrich ~

Son Rubin Friedrich (1809-  ? ) was born on Oct. 10, 1809 in Rockland Township. His birthdate needs to be verified as it is only eight months following the birth of his older brother Adam.


~ Daughter Sarah Friedrich ~

Daughter Sarah Friedrich ( ? - ? ) is a mystery, other than her name.


Copyright 2013-2015, 2019 Mark A. Miner

Sarah and Adam Friederich grave photos courtesy of Neil D. Scheidt