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Jacob Gaumer


Jacob Gaumer was born on Nov. 21, 1773 in Macungie Township, Lehigh County, PA, the son of Johann "Friedrich" and Catharina Barbara (Eisenhardt) Gaumer.

He was baptized at the tender age of eight days on Nov. 29, 1773. Then when he reached the age of 15, he was confirmed in the family church on April 5, 1789, with his great-uncle Mateis "Mathias" Gaumer serving as his sponsor.

On Aug. 9, 1796, in Lehigh County, the 23-year-old Jacob was wedded to 32-year-old Catarina Keiser (Jan. 8, 1765-1840). She too had been baptized as an infant on April 9, 1765 and confirmed as a teenager on Oct. 12, 1782.

Their four offspring were Daniel David Gaumer, Lydia Gaumer, Ana Maria Magdalena Gaumer and George Gaumer.

Sometime after their fifth child was born in 1802, and the late 1830s, they migrated to Columbia County, PA.

Jacob died in Hemlock Township, Columbia County on Feb. 8, 1833.

Catarina lived for another seven years after her husband's death. She relocated to the southwestern part of the state, beyond the Allegheny Mountain range, and settled in Southampton, Somerset County, PA.

She passed away there in about 1840.

The names of Jacob, Catarina and children Daniel, Lydia, Anna Maria and George, as well as their marriage date, are listed in Myrtle Knepper Weniger's typescript work, The Gaumer Family and Allied Lines (Corvallis, OR: 1946). They were reproduced in the manuscript “Gaumer Family Notes” compiled in 1964 by researcher Eber Cockley of Meyersdale, PA, co-founder of the Somerset (PA) Historical Society. Weniger believed that Jacob was a son, instead of a grandson, of Johann Dietrich and Maria "Elizabeth" (Meinert) Gaumer Sr.


~ Son Daniel "David" Gaumer ~

Son Daniel "David" Gaumer (1797-1871) was born on Jan. 29, 1797 in Macungie Township, Lehigh County. At an age of but one week, he was baptized on Feb. 5, 1797.

When he reached the age of 21, on April 19, 1818, he was confirmed in the family church.

On July 8, 1819, he was united in holy matrimony with Susanna D. Ziegler (1798-1866). Her birth year also has been calculated as 1805.

They bore two known sons -- David Gaumer and Moses Gaumer.

The couple dwelled in Franklin, Montour County, PA in 1850, with David earning a living as a laborer. By 1860, they had relocated to Catawissa, Columbia County, PA, where he continued to work as a laborer.

Sadly, Susanna passed away on July 16, 1866.

Daniel survived her by five years. The federal census enumeration of 1870 shows him at the age of 73 in Catawissa, providing farm laborer. That year, 16-year-old William Thomas was in the household and working as a railroad laborer.

He died in Catawissa on Sept. 3, 1871. He is believed to be interred in the Union Cemetery in Catawissa. [Find-a-Grave]

Son David Gaumer (1827- ? ) was born in about 1827.

Son Moses Gaumer (1831- ? ) was born in about 1831.


~ Daughter Lydia Gaumer ~

Daughter Lidina "Lydia" Gaumer (1798-1879) was born on Oct. 17, 1798 in Macungie Township. She received the rite of Christian baptism on March 2, 1799, when she was four-plus months old.

Lydia received confirmation in the family church at the age of 19 on April 19, 1818.

She entered eternity in Milton, Northumberland County, PA on April 15, 1879, when she would have been 81 years of age.


~ Daughter Ana Maria Magdalena Gaumer ~

Daughter Ana Maria Magdalena Gaumer (1800-1842) was born on Oct. 12, 1800 in Macungie Township. She was baptized on either April 26 or 29, 1801, by the pastor of Zions Union (Lehigh) Church, today known as the Zion Lehigh Evangelical Lutheran Church. Her sponsors were her uncle and aunt, Johann Adam and Regina Gaumer. A record of the baptism was noted in the family Bible (using the name "Ana") and also in church records (using the name "Maria Magdalena"), with the variant dates used.

On Dec. 19, 1820, she was joined in holy wedlock with her husband, whose name has not yet been identified.

In the early 1840s, she made her home in Liberty Township, Montour County, PA.

She died in Liberty at the age of 42 on Feb. 24, 1842.


~ Son George Gaumer ~

Son George Gaumer (1802-1873) was born on Nov. 1, 1802 in Macungie Township. His name also has been spelled "Gormar."

George received the rite of Christian baptism on Feb. 28, 1803, when he was just under four months of age.

Then at the age of 17, he was confirmed in the family church.

George was joined in marriage with Sarah Moyer (1800- ? ).

They produced a family of children, among them Mary Gaumer and Eliza Gaumer. Evidence hints that they also had sons Joseph Gaumer and Charles Gaumer.

The couple established a longtime home in Catawissa, Columbia County, PA, where George plied his skill as a stone mason. In 1850, the United States Census shows them in Catawissa, with daughters Mary and Eliza under their roof.

He continued his masonry labors over the decades in the Catawissa area, as listed in the 1870 census. That year, presumed son Charles and his family dwelled next door.

George died in Catawissa on March 24, 1873.

Sarah's final fate is not yet known.

Daughter Mary Gaumer (1826- ? ) was born in about 1826. Unmarried in 1850, at the age of 24, she resided at home.

Daughter Eliza Gaumer (1827- ? ) was born in about 1827. Single at the age of 23, she lived with her parents in Catawissa in 1850.

Presumed son Joseph Gaumer (1837-1915?) is thought to have been born on Jan. 6, 1836. He was united in holy matrimony with Elizabeth (1840- ? ). They may not have reproduced. Circa 1880, their home was next to his brother Charles' in Catawissa, Columbia County, PA. Burdened with gastritis, he may have died at the age of 79 on May 7, 1915 in Plymouth, Luzerne County. His remains were transported to Catawissa for burial.

Son Charles F. Gaumer (1843-1918) -- a.k.a. "Garmer" -- was born on July 6, 1843. He was joined in wedlock with Lovina Gottschall (June 3, 1843-1912), daughter of Phillip and Rebecca (Yeager) Gottschall. The couple produced a family of children -- Sarah J. Gaumer, George P. Gaumer, Mary E. Gaumer, Sarah Gaumer, Catherine R. Gaumer, Elizabeth Bowes, Lawson D. Gaumer, Bertha Bowes and Maurice Edward Gaumer. In 1870, the federal census enumeration places the family in Catawissa, Columbia County, next door to Charles' aging parents. By 1880, Charles had become a machinist in the Catawissa area and resided next to his presumed brother Joseph Gaumer. His occupational specialty was making boilers for locomotives. Lovina was stricken with a stroke of paralysis and died at the age of 68 on April 21, 1912. Suffering from heart disease, Charles died at the age of 75 on Aug. 11, 1918. His remains were interred with Lovina's in the local McIntyre Cemetery. [Find-a-Grave] Inscribed at the bottom of their grave marker is the text "Gone but not forgotten." Two of the daughters married Robert Bowes and Edward Bowes, both of Berwick, PA.

  • Granddaughter Sarah J. "Sadie" Gaumer (1865-1929) was born on March 26, 1865. At the age of 15, in 1880, she lived at home with her parents. She married William Henry Hilner (1858-1920). Their two known offspring were Lizzie Alverna Clark and Charles Franklin Heilner. She died on July 15, 1929, at the age of 64. Her remains were lowered into eternal slumber in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Tamaqua, Schuylkill County.
  • Granddaughter Mary Gaumer (1865- ? ) was born in about 1865 or perhaps in 1869. She is thought to have wedded (?) Jamison and to have lived in Elizabeth, NJ.
  • Grandson George P. Gaumer (1867-1930) was born on Aug. 10, 1867 in Catawissa. When he was 19 years of age, he left home and moved to Shamokin, Northumberland County, PA. He worked there as a carpenter and with his uncle A.J. Gottschall of Philadelphia is known to have helped construct the Luke Fidler breaker in Shamokin. With that successful project under his belt, he secured employment with the Reading Railroad, first as a brakeman, with subsequent promotions to fireman and engineer. The Shamokin News-Dispatch once said that "For forty-three years he was one of the most competent railroad men in the service of the company and for many years was engineer on a passenger train between Newberry and Port Clinton... [He] "was one of Shamokin's sterling citizens and a devoted husband and father." Circa 1889, he married Viola B. Iungerick ( ? - ? ) in nuptials held in Catawissa. Their union endured for 41 years. The couple's family of children were J.C. Gaumer, Olive E. Gaumer and Mary A. Gaumer. George was injured in an engine-on-engine collision in Lewisburg in about 1900, suffering a broken kneecap, but otherwise avoided serious injury over the years. Their home was at 13 South Gold Street. He belonged to the Lincoln Street Methodist Episcopal Church, the Marksmen's Club, the Patriotic Order of the Sons of America, the Order of Moose and the Railroad Brotherhood. With just a few years to go before retiring with a pension, he contracted pneumonia in July 1929, and his health declined after that. On the fateful day of April 29, 1930, he spent the morning driving around town, doing errands. He returned home and had a "hearty" lunch, reported the News-Dispatch. Feeling tired, he tried to take a nap on the couch in the parlor, where he soonafter gasped and then died. Funeral services were held in the family home, co-officiated by Rev. Gordon Arch Williams of the Lincoln Street church and Rev. C.B. Schneder of the Reformed Church. Interment was in Grubb's Church Cemetery near Liverpool.

Great-grandson J.C. Gaumer lived in Hamburg, PA in 1930.

Great-granddaughter Olive E. Gaumer relocated to New York City, where she was a trained nurse in 1930.

Great-granddaughter Mary A. Gaumer made her home in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA in 1930 and worked in the state insurance department..

  • Granddaughter Sarah Gaumer (1870- ? ) was born in 1870 in Catawissa, Columbia County.
  • Granddaughter Catherine R. Gaumer (1871- ? ) was born in about 1871 in Catawissa, Columbia County.
  • Granddaughter Elizabeth A. "Lizzie" Gaumer (1873-1931) was born on May 1, 1873 in Catawissa, Columbia County. She wedded Robert H. Bowes ( ? - ? ). (Her sister Bertha married his brother William the same day.) At the time of marriage, he was employed as a puddler in a local foundry or mill. They lived in Berwick, Columbia County. She passed away on June 7, 1931. Interment was in Pine Grove Cemetery Annex in Berwick.
  • Grandson Lawson D. Gaumer (1878- ? ) was born in about 1878 in Catawissa, Columbia County. When he was 23 years of age, he left home in Catawissa and came to Sunbury seeking a job. He apparently did not succeed but decided to return home the same day. While in the railyards of the DY, "he went to the upper yard where a train was being made up to go the desired direction," reported the Sunbury Daily Item. Seeing a car coming down the track he stepped in ahead of the brakeman and attempted to make the coupling," with his hand getting caught and three fingers crushed. Circa 1900, he was accused by Nelson Blair, and found guilty, of violating a legal agreement that he would not commit a future offense, known as "surety of the peace." Then on Dec. 5, 1901, he married Hattie M. (?). After a dozen years of marriage, he moved out on Dec. 5, 1913, and she sued for divorce. The divorce was granted in Allentown in September 1918. He relocated to New York City and was there in 1930.
  • Granddaughter Bertha E. Gaumer (1881- ? ) was born in 1881. On Feb. 1, 1900, she was wedded to laborer William E. Bowes ( ? - ? ). Rev. G.S. Womer officiated at the nuptials held in Nescopeck. (Her sister Elizabeth married his brother Robert the same day.) One known son was born to this marriage, Orval Gaumer Bowes.
  • Grandson Maurice Edward "Morris" Gaumer (1883-1932) was born on Oct. 5, 1883. He was joined in marriage with Hattie Adella Stout (1886-1955). The children produced by this marriage were Byron Stout Gaumer, Pauline Edith Gaumer, Ethel Arline Gaumer, Audrey Bernice Gaumer, Dorothy Olive Gaumer, Gaylord Harold Gaumer, Rodney LaRue Gaumer, Richard Maurice Gaumer and Garwood Gerald Gaumer. Sadness blanketed the family when daughter Audrey died in 1912 at the age of two. Maurice worked for many years at the A.C.F. Company in the Berwick area. They belonged to St. Pauls Evangelical Church. While at work one day, Maurice was stricken with chest pain and fell. He was rushed to the hospital but died there at the age of 49 on Nov. 4, 1932. He rests in Roselawn Cemetery, Columbia County. Hattie outlived her spouse by more than two decades and lived in the early 1940s at 1221 Orange Street. In October 1943, grief blanketed the family when son Garwood was killed in a crash of a B-25 bomber at the Army Air Base in Greenville, SC..

Great-grandson Garwood Gerald Gaumer (1923?-1943) was born in about 1923. In young adulthood he lived in the Wilkes-Barre area. He was arrested for reckless driving in July 1941 when, while driving an Oldsmobile sedan, he collided head-on with a small Army combat tank and sustained injuries to his jaw and face. During World War II, he joined the U.S. Army Air Force and trained at Meridian, MS. While there, he wedded Hazel Sult ( ? - ? ), daughter of Harvey Sult. He then was assigned to a B-25 bomber squad as an engineer. Tragically, on the fateful day of Oct. 5, 1943, he and four crewmates were killed when their aircraft crashed and burned shortly after take-off at an Army Air base in Greenville, SC.

Great-grandson Byron Stout Gaumer married Gloria. They were the parents of Gerald Garwood Gaumer. In 1971, Byron lived in Pompano Beach, FL and Gloria in Endicott, NY.


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