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George Clinton
Gilmore Van Horn


George Clinton Gilmore Van Horn was born on Jan. 14, 1860 near Grand Rapids, Wood County, OH, the son of Eli and Mary Ann (Kimberlin) Van Horn.

On July 29, 1887, in nuptials held in Henry County, the 27-year-old George was joined in holy matrimony with 22-year-old Artie M. Devore (Oct. 1865-1900).Justice of the peace W.H. Mitchell officiated the wedding.

The couple resided in Deshler, Henry County.

Together, they bore two children, both of whom died young. In 1889, son Kyle Van Horn died in Deshler on Dec. 9, 1889, at the tender age of one month and 13 days, from the effects of stomach problems. The identity of the other child is not known.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1900, George and Article remained in Deshler, with him laboring as a carpenter.

Sadly, Artie died later in 1900 at the age of about 35.

George outlived her by nine years, passing away in 1909. He sleeps for all time in Deshler's Woodlawn Cemetery. A hand-lettered, faded stone marks the grave.

In 1941, at the death of his brother Austin, George was mentioned in the newspaper obituary, but only in reference to the fact that he was deceased.


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