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Josephine (Younkin) Moan
(1857- ? )

Josephine Moan was born in 1857 in Kingwood, Somerset County, PA, the daughter of John M. and Laura (Minerd) Younkin.

Josephine married Michael Moan ( ? - ? ), also spelled "Monn," who was a native of Canada.

The Moans later lived in Dunbar, Fayette County, PA.

Together, they bore one known daughter Annie Moan/Monn, born circa 1875.  

They may have been deceased by 1880. That year, daughter Annie was residing in Casselman, Somerset County, with her uncle and aunt, Charles and Sarah (Artest) Younkin.

The Moans' fates are unknown.

In October 1934, Josephine was named in extensive genealogy manuscript records compiled by distant cousins Otto Roosevelt Younkin and Charles Arthur Younkin, who were gathering data in connection with the Younkin clan's new national home-coming reunion. Click here to see Otto's handwritten and typed notes about Josephine, based on an interview conducted with her elderly brother, Daniel Martin Younkin.

This biography is adapted from the article, "Whispers of the Silence and the Slow Time," in the April, May, June 1996 edition of the Younkin Family News Bulletin, published by Donna Younkin Logan.

~ Daughter Annie Moan/Monn  ~

Daughter Annie Moan (1875- ? ) was born in about 1875. Her last name has been spelled both as "Moan" and "Monn."

When she was five years of age, Annie dwelled with her uncle and aunt, Charles and Sarah (Artest) Younkin, in Casselman, Somerset County. She may have been orphaned by that time.

Annie's story is lost to history for now.


Copyright 1996, 2000, 2006 Mark A. Miner