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Lloyd M. Crosby


Lloyd M. Crosby was born on Oct. 13, 1889 in Bridgeport near Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland County, PA, the daughter of Lewis and Marietta (Minerd) Crosby.

He was tall and of medium build, with brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Lloyd was married twice. His first bride was Hannah Walters ( ? - ? ). They tied the knot in Westmoreland County on Sept. 27, 1916 and lived in Wyano. 

They are believed to have produced a daughter in early 1917.

The marriage did not last. Hannah and Lloyd separated on April 10, 1917.

At the age of 29 in June 1917, when required to register for the military draft as World War I loomed, Lloyd resided at Yukon, Westmoreland County. He earned a living as a coal miner for Whyel Coke Company's mine at Yukon, and claimed that he had a baby child to support.

Within a year, by August 1918, he had changed jobs and worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad, and then obtained employment at a government factory in Grapeville, PA. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was ordered to report to Philadelphia in September 1918, as reported by the Connellsville Daily Courier. He received basic training at Camp Perry in Great Lakes, IL

While in or near Chicago, on Jan. 4, 1919, even though he was still legally married to Hannah, the 31-year-old Lloyd married 23-year-old Maud Boehm (1896- ? ). She is said to have been a "movie star" but later became "big and heavy."

They did not reproduce.

Hannah filed for divorce in Westmoreland County in May 1919.

Lloyd and Maud made their home in Chicago for many years. The federal census of 1920 shows them living on Cicero Avenue in Chicago's Ward 27, with Lloyd working as a "stationery engineer" -- possibly as a custodian. Curiously, the federal census-taker marked his birthplace as "Texas." When the U.S. Census again was taken in 1930, Maud's divorced sister Blanche Kessel and her sons Charles and Arthur Kessel lived in the household on Jackson Boulevard. Lloyd's occupation was marked as "engineer - press co."

Circa 1943, he worked as an electrical engineer. Their address was 6711 North Greenview Avenue.

Sadly, Lloyd died in June 1946 at the age of 52. Burial was in Forest Home Cemetery, in Forest Park near Chicago, and a death notice was printed in the Chicago Tribune. His youngest brother Francis traveled from Pennsylvania to attend the funeral. [Find-a-Grave]

Lloyd's death left Maud a widow at the age of 52. Her fate is unknown.


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