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Johann Dietrich Gaumer Jr.


Johann Dietrich Gaumer Jr. was born on Oct. 15, 1760 in Macungie Township, Northampton County, PA, a son of Johann Dietrich and Maria "Elizabeth" (Meinert) Gaumer Sr. Evidence suggests that he was a Revolutionary War veteran.

He was baptized two-and-a-half months later on New Year’s Day 1761.

On Feb. 1, 1791, at the age of 30, he married Rebecca Margaretha Strunck ( ? -1836), at Amity, Berks County, PA.

The couple produced four known children - Elizabeth Gaumer, Rebecca Gaumer, Amos Gaumer and Salome Däsch Knedler.

Circa 1799, when their daughter Salome was born, the Gaumers lived in Macungie, Lehigh County, PA.

At some point they relocated to Lockport, Niagara County, NY.

Johann Dietrich died in 1818. 

His widow Rebecca Margaretha outlived him by 18 years, and died in 1836. Their burial sites are unknown.


~ Daughter Elizabeth Gaumer ~

Daughter Elizabeth Gaumer


~ Daughter Rebecca Gaumer ~

Daughter Rebecca Gaumer

~ Son Amos Gaumer ~

Son Amos Gaumer.

~ Daughter Salome Däsch (Gaumer) Knedler ~

Daughter Salome Däsch (Gaumer) Knedler (1799-1869) was born on Oct. 19, 1799 in Macungie, Lehigh County, PA.

She wedded Andreas Knedler (June 7, 1787-1860).

Seven children were born to this union -- Josiah Kneedler, Reuben Knedler, John Knedler, Mary Anna Gaumer, Benjamin Franklin Knedler, Charles W.H. Knedler and George F. Knedler.

The couple grieved repeatedly at the untimely deaths of four of their sons -- Josiah in 1857, at age 37; Benjamin in 1853, age 22; Charles in 1854, age 17; and George in 1842, age 2.

A June 1852 article in the German language newspaper Der Lecha Caunty Patriot of Allentown named Andreas as the tax collector for Lower Macungie Township.

When he was age 72, Andreas was swept away by the Angel of Death on April 11, 1860.

Salome lived as a widow for another nine years. She died in Macungie at the age of 69 on June 19, 1869. Her remains were lowered into eternal rest in what today is the Solomons United Church of Christ Cemetery. [Find-a-Grave]

Son Josiah Kneedler (1819-1857)

Son Reuben Knedler (1822-1876)

Son John Knedler (1824-1888) was born on June 2, 1824. He wedded Sallie Ann Muhs (1826-1912). They produced four known children -- Charles Knedler, James F. Knedler, Angelina Gorr and George B. Knedler. The federal census enumeration of 1880 shows the family living in East Texas, Lehigh County, with John employed as a mine contractor. John died at the age of 64 on Dec. 4, 1888. He rests for all time in Solomons Reformed Lutheran Church Cemetery in Macungie, today known as Solomons United Church of Christ. Sallie Ann survived him by 24 years. In 1912, she lived with her son George near East Texas, Lehigh County. She joined her spouse in death on Oct. 19, 1912. Funeral servies were held in the son's home, followed by interment in Solomons Cemetery. An obituary was published in the Allentown Leader, which observed that her survivors included 44 grandchildren.

Daughter Mary Anna Knedler (1829-1878) was born on April 5, 1829. She was united in holy wedlock with a cousin, Moses S. Gaumer (1829-1898), son of Solomon Heinly and Hester Maria (Rumbel Klotz) Gaumer. See the Gaumer biography for more about their lives.

Son Benjamin Franklin Knedler (1831-1853)

Son Charles W.H. Knedler (1837-1854)

Son George F. Knedler (1840-1842)


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