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Stephen T. Minerd


Lucy, Steve and their eldest daughters

Stephen T. Minerd was born on Jan. 7 or 17, 1870 in Barbour County, WV, the son of Ruth Ann (Minerd) Kennedy, who was not married at the time. 

While Stephen told his children that his father was "Edward Minerd" and his mother "Ruth Kennedy," he actually was raised under his mother's maiden name and kept it for good. The identity of his birth father is lost to history.

Stephen may have been raised in part by his grandparents, Jacob and Ruth (Adams) Minerd Sr

Stephen's grandfather Minerd was considered a "Dutchman" (Pennsylvania German) and was from the precise area of the Fayette/Somerset County, PA, border region where our Minerds were pioneers in the 1790s. We also know that Stephen's grandmother Minerd was a Native American and that Stephen's mother, uncles and aunts thus were considered of mixed race (or "mulatto" in the language of the mid-1800s).

Little is known of Stephen's young life, other than as a teenager, he traveled between West Virginia and Ohio, likely as work opportunities came and went.

On Sept. 23, 1888, in Doddridge County, WV, Stephen married Lucy Lorraine Hill (1872-1939), a native of Morgan County, OH. The nuptials took place at the home of John Hill, and were led by Rev. George W. Duff. Stephen was age 19, and Lucy 16, at the time. (Their marriage license also is on record in Athens County, OH.)

The Minerds had 10 children in all -- Lydia Ann Minerd, Mary Ethel Goins, Jessie Mae Kennedy, Myrtle Minerd, Leslie Ray Minerd, Everett Elwood Minerd, Ivy Lucille Fischer, Harry Gillion Minerd, Chalmer Taylor Minerd and Bernice Marie Smith. Their children were born in different communities -- Berrysburg in West Virginia and Watertown, Barlow and Lathrop in Ohio.


Flemington, Barbour County, WV


Steve (left, holding jug) with Roy 
Kennedy and Kenneth Goins (right)

Sadly, Stephen and Lucy lost four of their children at young ages -- Lydia (age 7 in 1896) -- Myrtle (1896) -- Leslie Ray (1900) -- and Chalmer Taylor (1908) as infants.

In a 1930s land deed of Taylor County, WV, Stephen is listed as "a brother of the half-blood" of a group of the Kennedy clan -- Josiah Kennedy (died 1934) who was married to cousin Icy Minerd; John H. Kennedy, Sarepta Mayle (who was separated from her husband), Opha Kennedy (widower), Jefferson and Edith Kennedy, Harrison and Elsina Kennedy, Ray and Cora Kennedy, Howard Kennedy (separated from his wife), and Nancy Catherine and Charles Mayle

[The Kennedy, Minerd and Mayle clans were close, and Stephen's sister in law Cora Bell (Mayle) Kennedy (1900-1976) was the daughter of Emily Jane "Emma" (Minerd) Mayle and the granddaughter of William Minerd.]

In 1900, when the federal census was taken, the Minerds resided in the Flemington area of Taylor County. Boarding in their home that year were Stephen’s brothers in law Chancy Hill, Waitman Hill and James Hill. 

Stephen and Lucy eventually migrated for good into Ohio, following the pattern set by other of their relatives. Stephen found work there as a coal miner. 

Their daughter Jessie Mae Kennedy was born in Watertown in 1891 and Mary in Athens County in 1893. By 1903, when their son Everett was born, they had returned to West Virginia and remained for a few years in the Berryburg community. Sometime between 1906 and 1910, they appear to have moved back to Athens County for good, and in 1912 were in Lathrop, a small mining community which for all intents and purposes no longer exists. 

When the federal census was enumerated in 1920, the family resided in Sharpsburg, Bern Township, Athens County. The census-taker marked Stephen as a coal miner and daughter Iva, age 14, as a store clerk. Their near neighbors were of the Mayle, McCune and Hill families.

The Minerds remained in Bern Township during the decade of the 1920s and are shown there in the 1930 United States Census. That year, Stephen continued his labors as a coal miner. Living nearby were their married daughters Jessie Kennedy and her husband William and Iva Fischer and her spouse Jessie.


Above: Steve in a favorite chair at Christmastime. Courtesy Vicki Kennedy/Brenda Curtis. Below: Bird's eye view, Stewart, Ohio

Lucy passed away at age 67 on May 13, 1939 in Marietta. The cause of death was liver cancer of six months' duration. She was laid to rest at Mount Hermon Cemetery in Athens County, OH. She is said to have "a very old headstone which is very hard to read."


Athens Messenger, 1950

Stephen outlived his wife by 12 years. In 1940, at the age of 70, and with no occupation, he dwelled with his widowed daughter Jessie Kennedy and her children in Bern Township.

He spent the last years in the home of daughter Iva Fischer in Sharpsburg. On or about May 14, 1950, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, but lingered for another nine months. He finally passed away, relieved of his suffering, on Feb. 13, 1951. His obituary noted that he was survived by a sister, "Mrs. C. Mayle, Grafton, W.Va., ... along with seven half-brothers, 22 grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren," said the Athens Messenger. He had no Social Security number.

Stephen is buried beside Lucy at Mount Hermon, but there is no headstone marking his final resting place. Rather, circa 2005, a small metallic grave plaque identified the site. 

Demonstrating the closeness of the Hill and Kennedy/Minerd clans, two of Lucy's grand nieces married two of Stephen's grand nephews -- Harley Leon "Bud" Hill was wedded to Carolyn Sue Mayle, and Lee Hill was united in wedlock with Patricia Mayle, both women of the family of Opha Cleophas Kennedy.

The family is listed and profiled extensively in Benjamin F. Bain's book, Multiracial Pioneers of the Ohio Valley (volume 3).



Stephen's grave at Mount Hermon Cemetery near Athens, OH

~ Daughter Jessie Mae (Minerd) Kennedy ~

Daughter Jessie Mae Minerd (1891-1985) was born on April 10, 1891 in Watertown, Washington County, OH.

On May 28, 1909, the 18-year-old Jessie married 24-year-old William Henry Kennedy (1884-1932). He was of medium height and build, with brown eyes and black hair, and the son of Alexander "Alex" and Josephine (Male) Kennedy (also spelled "Kennada") of Washington County, OH. 

They made their home in Sharpsburg, Bern Township, Athens County, where William made a living as a coal miner. In 1918, when he registered for the military draft during World War I, he listed his employer as Black Diamond Co. of Lathrop, Athens County. He also stated that his race was "negro."

Their children were William Thaddeus Kennedy, Gracie Marie Hardin, Delcie Mae Lewis, Della Faye Churchill, Glenn Kennedy, Glenola Barnett and Thelma Louise Jackson. Sadly, son William died at the tender age of six months.


Nelsonville coal mine, 1910. Note the Hocking Valley Railroad coal cars.


Zanesville Times Recorder

When the federal census count was made in 1930, the Kennedys made their residence near Sharpsburg in Bern Township, Athens County. William's occupation was marked as "laborer - odd jobs." Jessie's parents and married sister and brother in law Iva and Jesse Fischer dwelled that year in nearby homes. 

Tragically, William suffered from stomach cancer, and succumbed to its effects at the age of 45, on March 10, 1932. His remains were laid to rest at Mount Hermon Cemetery. On William's death certificate, he was listed as "colored." His grave is not known to be marked.

In 1940, census records show the widowed Jessie living with her children and 70-year-old father in Bern Township. None of them had an occupation that year. Jessie's brother Harry and his family were next door neighbors.

Later in life, circa 1964, Jessie lived in Zanesville, Muskingum County, OH, with an address of 820 Jackson Street. She was a member of the Greater Apostolic Church of Christ in Zanesville. In all, she outlived her husband by more than half a century.

Jessie died at age 94 on Sept. 28, 1985, and is buried with her husband. Elder James Gaiters officiated at her funeral. At the time of her death, said the Zanesville Times Recorder, she had produced an astounding headcount of 20 grandchildren, 63 great-grandchildren and 29 great-great grandchildren. Their grave marker is inscribed "Precious Memories."

Son William "Thaddeus" Kennedy ( ? - ? ) was deceased by 2015.


Grace Hardin

Daughter Gracie Kennedy (1910-1997) was born on May 11, 1910 in Straitsville, Athens County. She wed Walter Hardin Sr. (1897-1989), son of Marshall and Elsie (Dutton) Hardin of Blatchford, Hocking County, OH. The couple produced four children -- among them Walter Hardin Jr., Donald E. Hardin and Gloria LaVerne Hardin. The family belonged to the Apostolic Christian Church in or around Zanesville, Muskingum County. In July 1945, Grace and Walter purchased a town lot (no. 36) in the South Cliffwood addition of Zanesville, with the address of 560 Cliffwood Avenue. They are known to have hosted a birthday party in October 1948 honoring her twin nephew and niece, Glenn Kennedy and Glenola (Kennedy) Barnett, an event reported in the gossip columns of the Zanesville Times Recorder. Grace was politically active and in April 1970 served as a delegate representing the Muskingum County Chapter at the spring convention of the Ohio Republican Council, held in Columbus. She also was elected assistant recording secretary of the chapter. In the fall of 1970, she traveled to Cincinnati to attend the convention of the State of Ohio Republican Council. At the Cincinnati gathering, she got to hear speakers such as Senate candidate Robert Taft Jr., gubernatorial candidate Roger Cloud and Republican National Committee assistant chairwoman Elly Peterson. Walter passed away in Zanesville on March 1, 1989 at the age of 92. Gracie survived him by more than eight years. She joined him in eternity while a patient in Zanesville's Good Samaritan Hospital on June 4, 1997 at the age of 87. They rest together in Woodlawn Cemetery in Zanesville.

  • Grandson Walter Hardin Jr. (1930-1997) was born on July 5, 1930. On April 6, 1958, when he was age 28, Walter married Loretta Mae Martin ( ? - ? ), daughter of Harley Martin of 830 Turner Street in Zanesville. News of their engagement was published in the Zanesville Times Recorder, which said that "The custom of open church will be observed." The wedding was held on Easter Sunday on the Wings of Hope Tabernacle. At the time, Walter worked for Burnham Boiler Corporation and Loretta for the RCA plant in Cambridge, OH. They went on to have two children -- Kimberly Jean Hardin and Von Clay Hardin. In 1961, their home was at 830 Turner Street in Zanesville. The couple moved from Zanesville to North Hollywood, CA, where their son was born. After a divorce, Walter married again to Della Mae Tolbert (1910- ? ), who was two decades older. Walter died in Zanesville in May 1997, at the age of 67. 
  • Grandson Donald E. Hardin (1932- ? ) was born on Oct. 7, 1932. In 1957, at the age of 25, he was employed with J.C. Penney Company in Zanesville. On June 8, 1957, he was united in matrimony with Bonita Anna Norris ( ? -  ), daughter of Blake Norris. She worked for Ballas Egg Company at the time. News of their engagement was published in the Zanesville Times Recorder, which included a large photo portrait of Bonita. He also may have wedded Dottie Parker ( ? - ? ). He is said to have had a daughter, Shelia Marie Hardin.
  • Granddaughter Gloria LaVerne Hardin (1937- ? ) was born on Aug. 3, 1937. She married Robert "Bob" Williams ( ? - ? ) and they made their home in Wichita, KS. Their four children were Stephen Michael Hardin, Aaron Bruce Williams, Jestina DeeAnn Williams and LaVerne Leslie Williams. 

Daughter Delcie Mae Kennedy (1912-1991) was born on Feb. 17, 1912 in Straitsville, Athens County. She was united in marriage with James William "Vic" Lewis ( ? -1993), son of Elmer Clyde and Jessie May (Milton) Lewis. They produced five children -- Esther Mae Lewis, Eva Marie Lewis Dickinson, Elizabeth Montcella Curtis Jones, James William "Buck" Lewis Jr. and Clyde Victor Lewis. They belonged to the Greater Apostolic Church of Christ. Delcie passed away in Zanesville's Good Samaritan Hospital on Feb. 28, 1991 at the age of 79. Her husband lived for another two years and died on May 23, 1993. Burial was in Mount Hermon Cemetery near Sharpsburg.

  • Vietnam War casualty
    John Louis Morgan Jr.
    Granddaughter Esther Mae Lewis (1928-living)   was born in Feb. 1928. She married David S. Green Sr. ( ? - ? ), son of Arthur Harrison and Paula (Robinson) Green. Their six children were Paula Wakefield, David S. Green Jr., Shelley Morgan Betts, Michael Allen Green, Bruce Green and Bradley Green. In 2017, she and her sister and families traveled to attend our national reunion. She marked her 95th birthday in 2023.

Great-granddaughter Paula Green ( ? - ? ) married (?) Wakefield ( ? - ? )

Great-grandson David S. Green Jr. ( ? - ? )

Great-granddaughter Shelley Green (1952-living) was born in 1952. She grew up in Zanesville and is a 1970 graduate of Zanesville High School. She first wed (?) Morgan ( ? - ? ), son of Jack and Gertrude Louise (Kirby) Morgan. Their two offspring are Millicent "Millie" Morgan and David Morgan. She also is the mother of Brianna Betts. Shelley studied at Ohio State University and was employed by the Ohio State University Medical Center. Today her residence is in Reynoldsburg, OH. Shelley and her daughter Millicent attended our national reunion in 2017.

Great-grandson Michael Allen Green (1959-2017) was born two days before Christmas 1959. Following graduation from Zanesville High School, he joined the National Guard. In his spare time, he loved to travel. Sadly, at the age of 58, Michael died at home in Zanesville on Nov. 11, 2017.

Great-grandson Bruce Green ( ? - ? ) attended Zanesville High School. He entered into marriage with Tammy S. ( ? - ? ) and makes his residence in Columbus, OH.

Great-grandson Bradley Green ( ? - ? )

  • Granddaughter Eva Marie Lewis (1929-1992) was born on Nov. 21, 1929 in Morgan County, OH. She wed John Louis Morgan Sr. ( ? - ? ). Their five children were John Louis Morgan Jr., Jacqueline Irene Jones, Wanda Lynn Hazelwood, Dianna Kay Cooksie and Keith Anthony Morgan. Tragedy rocked this family when son John Jr. was killed during the Vietnam War. In 1975, at the age of 46, Eva Marie married again, to John H. Dickinson ( ? - ? ). She died on Jan. 26, 1992 in Bethesda Hospital in Zanesville.

Great-grandson John Louis Morgan Jr. (1948-1969) was born in 1948. As a young adult, he resided in Pacoima, Los Angeles County, CA. He served as a corporal in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War as a member of Company B of the 31st Infantry, 9th Infantry Division. Tragically, at the age of 21, John was killed in the Mekong Delta on April 10, 1969, after stepping on a land mine. His remains were returned stateside for burial in Zanesville in the Veterans Memorial Garden of Woodlawn Cemetery. His marker, as photographed by Sue Wolf, is seen here. John's name also is inscribed on the Muskingum County Vietnam War Memorial in Zane's Landing Park along the Muskingum River in Zanesville, and on the Minerd.com "Military Casualties" webpage.

Great-granddaughter Jacqueline Irene Morgan ( ? - ? ) was united in marriage with (?) Jones.

Great-granddaughter Wanda Lynn Morgan ( ? - ? ) wed (?) Hazelwood.

Great-granddaughter Dianna Kay Morgan ( ? -living) is an alumna of Zanesville High School. She was joined in wedlock with Gill Cooksie (Sept. 5, 1951-2024). She once was employed by Ohio Bell and Southwestern Bell. She resides currently in Grand Prairie, TX and has studied at the Richland campus of Dallas College. She attended our 2017 National Minerd-Minard-Miner-Minor Reunion. The family was plunged into grief when Gill passed away on April 8, 2024. Interment was in the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.  

Great-grandson Keith Anthony Morgan ( ? - ? )

  • Granddaughter Elizabeth Montcella "Libby" Lewis (1931- ? ) was born in April 1931. She married Leon Burdette Curtis Sr. (1929-1972), son of Christmas C. "Chris" and Lena (Jackson) Curtis. He was a veteran of the Korean War. They produced a family of three children -- Karen Sue Whitner, Brenda Louise Kelley and Leon Burdette Curtis Jr. Their home was at 1519 South State Street, and they were members of the State Street Wesleyan Methodist Church. Leon was employed by the Muskingum County Highway Department in Zanesville as an operator of heavy equipment. Sadly, stricken by a heart attack at home, he died on Jan. 18, 1972, at the age of 42. An obituary was printed in the Zanesville Times-Recorder. Libbylater married James Maurice Jones (1935-1987), son of Frances Jones of Louisville, Jefferson County, KY. The couple lived in Zanesville and had six more children -- Robin S. Goins, Mary Frances Jones, James Maurice Jones Jr., Larry M. Jones, Jonathan M. Jones and Jared Jones. Libby became a widow for the second time when James died in South Zanesville on July 11, 1987, at the age of 52. Libby has outlived her spouse by many years. She and her daughter Karen attended our 2017 national Minerd-Minard-Miner-Minor Reunion.

    Great-granddaughter Karen Sue Curtis ( ? - ? ) married (?) Whitner. Karen and her mother came to our 2017 national family gathering.

    Great-granddaughter Brenda Louise Curtis ( ? - ? ) wed (?) Kelley 

    Great-grandson Leon Burdette Curtis Jr. ( ? - ? ) has served as a military policeman in the U.S. Army. 

  • Grandson James William "Buck" Lewis Jr. (1933-2017) was born on July 24, 1933 in Chesterhill, Morgan County, OH. He and his first wife produced these known children -- Millicent May Lewis, Dr. Marcia Louise Lewis, Cynthia Brando Watson, Stacey Lynn Williamson and James Craig Lewis. In the early 1950s, he served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and may have trained in Wichita, KS. By 1959, he was back in Zanesville. He was employed by Watiker and Sons Construction and retired from the company. He also was a member of the Zanesville Clint Kramer chapter of the Disabled American Veterans and American Letion Post. Sadly, he endured the untimely death of his son James. On Dec. 5, 1997, at the age of 64, he was joined in wedlock with his second wife, Lenora (Harris) Lewis. She brought these offspring to the second marriage -- Donna Harris, Mary Harvey, Shannon Hill and Ricky Marshall. On April 7, 2017, at the age of 83, James died at home "following a long illness," reported the Zanesville Times Recorder. Following funeral services at the Greater Apostolic Church of Christ in Zanesville, a full military burial was held in Woodlawn Cemetery Veterans Gardens, officiated by Elder Terrence E. Brown.

    Great-granddaughter Millicent May Lewis ( ? - ? ) resided in Raleigh, NC in 2017.

    Great-granddaughter Dr. Marcia Louise Lewis ( ? - ? ) served in the U.S. Army. Marcia has dwelled in Zanesville.

    Great-grandson Cynthia Lewis ( ? - ? ) was joined in wedlock with (?) Brando and Tony Watson. Circa 2017, they were in Raleigh, NC.

    Great-granddaughter Stacey Lynn Lewis ( ? - ? ) married Timothy Williamson. They put down roots in Pataskala, OH. 

    Great-grandson James Craig Lewis ( ? - ? ) was deceased by 2017.

  • Grandson Clyde Victor Lewis (1935-2013) was born in 1935. In 1957, he wed Alice Faye Bass (Feb. 16, 1939-2021), daughter of Elijah "Bub" Bass and Frances Mae Jones Ellis of Madera, CA. She brought a stepson to the union, Michael Ray Jones. They became the parents of three sons -- twins Donald Lewis and Ronald Lewis and Timothy Eugene Lewis. Alice was a 1956 graduate of Berkeley (CA) High School and studied at Grove Street College in Berkeley. After the birth of her twins, said an obituary, she committed her life to "being a fantastic and wonderful mother [who] excelled at propping up members of her family and supporting them through the many passions and difficulties of their lives. She made it her mission to improve the lives of others. Reading was a passionate hobby and when she wasn’t filling her home with warmth and kindness, she could be found in her kitchen reading her love stories."The family made its home in Berkeley. He died in late December 2013. Pastor Terrence Brown officiated at the funeral, held at the Greater Apostolic Church of Christ, with burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. Alice Faye outlived her husband by nearly eight years and dwelled in Rocklin, CA. She died in her sleep at the age of 82 on Aug. 4, 2021. Her ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

    Great-grandson Donald Lewis ( ? - ? ) is a twin with his brother Ronald.

    Great-grandson Ronald Lewis ( ? - ? ) is a twin with his brother Donald.

    Great-grandson Timothy Eugene Lewis ( ? -living) spent his early years in Berkeley, CA. On Feb. 24, 1986, he entered into marriage with Zironya "Rhonda" Ellison (1959-living). He served as an airborne warning and control systems specialist (AWACS) with the U.S. Air Force and as a mail handler for the U.S. Postal Service. He also has studied electronics engineering technology at Rose State College, astrophysics at CA Merced and theology at GFDT Bible College. They make their residence in Oklahoma City.

Mount Hermon Cemetery

Della Churchill

Daughter Della Faye "Dellie" Kennedy (1914-2010) was born in 1914 in Ohio. At the age of 15, while in Amesville and not married, she gave birth to a baby whom she named Wanda Clarina Kennedy. Later, she married Jonathan Budwell "Bud" Churchill (1906-1989), son of Nora (Warren) Churchill of Louisville, KY. He was eight years her senior. The Churchills had two sons -- Budwell William Churchill and Herbert Allan Churchill -- and helped to raise Ronald Brown. Said the Zanesville Times-Register, Della "was a member of the Greater Apostolic Church of Christ, a former employee of the Ballas Egg Company and retired from Essex Wire after 30 plus years of service. Mrs. Churchill enjoyed shopping and spending time with her children and grandchildren." Bud died in Zanesville on Sept. 11, 1989. Della outlived him by nearly 21 years. She passed away at the age of 96, at Willow Haven Care Center, on July 8, 2010, and was laid to rest beside her husband at Mount Hermon Cemetery in Athens County. At her death, she was survived by more than 95 grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

  • Granddaughter Wanda Clarina Kennedy (1929-2012) was born on Aug. 22, 1929 in Amesville. Her mother was unmarried and age 15 at the birth, and baby Wanda was raised for a time in the household of her grandparents, William and Jessie (Minerd) Kennedy. Wanda and Clarence Junior Gibson ( ? -1969), who were not married, produced a baby girl Linda Sue (Gibson) Mayle. Wanda and "Skip" Johnson bore a second child, Jocelyn Faye (Johnson) Crumpler. Wanda later married Joseph Bailey ( ? - ? ) and had two more children -- Col. Jonathan D. Bailey and Janet Bailey. Her last birth was a son, Howard Anthony Eric "Biff" Sweed. Wanda was baptized in 1994 in the Wings of Hope Tabernacle of Zanesville and was an active member of the church. She also was involved in many community activities, among them the Zanesville Appalachian Arts Project, the Wanda Morgan Club for Women, the Pioneers of America, the Putnam Underground Railroad Education Center and the Nelson T. Gant Foundation. She also wrote grants for Zanesville's 8th Ward. Wanda was employed with Lucent Technology and retired in 1987, at the age of 58. Suffering from Alzheimer's in later years, she died in Zanesville on Sept. 4, 2012, at the age of 83. 
  • Grandson Budwell William Churchill (1947-living) was born in 1947. He resides in Zanesville.
  • Grandson Herbert Allan Churchill (1949-2018) was born on Oct. 21, 1949 in Zanesville. He was united in wedlock with Darla Annette Felix ( ? -living). Their offspring were Denise Hughes Laser, Anthonette Martin Covington, Starla Kay Churchill and Kisha Taloma Churchill. They make their home in Zanesville. Sadness blanketed the family when Herbert died at the age of 68 on May 28, 2018. Elder Terrence Brown officiated at the funeral service, with burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. He was survived by 11 grandchildren.
  • Foster grandson Ronald Brown ( ? -living) was born in (?)  and was raised by Della and Budwell. He married Gloria (?), and they dwell in Zanesville.

Daughter Thelma Louise Kennedy (1924-2015 ) was born on Jan. 14, 1924 in Plantsville, Athens County. She had one daughter, Saundra Kay Kennedy. In about 1967, at the age of 43, she married Frank Jackson ( ? - ? ) and they remained wed for 48 years until the separation of death. The Jacksons made their home in St. Clairsville, Belmont County, OH and were members of Shiloh Temple Church of Bridgeport, OH. They also helped raise Caressa and Melania Hutchins and several children named Agnew. Thelma at one time was a nursing assistant working with the elderly. Reported the Zanesville Times Recorder, "She enjoyed and was well known for baking cakes and pies, she also loved and helped raise many children and over the years." Thelma died at the age of 91 on Aug. 17, 2015. Following funeral services at the family church, led by Pastor Tyron C. Spencer, burial was in Holly Memorial Gardens. An obituary was printed in the Times Recorder.


Glenn Kennedy

Daughter Glenola Kennedy (1926- ? ) was born on Oct. 25, 1926 in Lathrop, Athens County, OH. She was a twin with her brother Glenn. On Dec. 6, 1943, during World War II, when she was 17 years of age, she married 19-year-old Joseph M. Barnett (1924-1999). They resided in Zanesville and in 1961 in California. Their seven children were Joseph Glenn Barnett, Kenneth Wayne Barnett, Terry Lee Barnett, Kathy Marie Barnett, Dianna Kay Barnett, Curley Lynn Barnett and George Milton Barnett. Joseph passed away on Jan. 31, 1999 at the age of 75 and is buried in Zanesville's Woodlawn Cemetery. In the 2010s, Glenola dwelled in Zanesville.


  • Grandson Joseph Glenn Barnett was born in 1946 in Zanesville. He married Ella Page and had four children -- Pamela Barnett, Timothy Barnett, Cassey Barnett and Adrian Barnett. They lived in California. With Mary Mayle, Joseph produced a daughter, Gina Mayle.
  • Grandson Kenneth Wayne Barnett was born in 1947 in Zanesville. He lived in California and had three children -- Andre Barnett, Kelly Barnett and Kyra Barnett.
  • Grandson Terry Lee Barnett was born in 1949 in Zanesville. He and Brenda Lawson resided in Zanesville had two children: Latanya Barnett and Andre Barnett.
  • Granddaughter Kathy Marie Barnett was born in 1951 in Zanesville. She lived in California in the early 1970s and by 1973 was back in Zanesville. Her four children were Donita, Joseph, Marlon and Thomas.
  • Granddaughter Dianna Kay Barnett was born in 1953 in Zanesville. She married Lorenco C. Rush Jr., of California. They had three children, among them Tamara C. Rush, Kristy R. Rush and Loranza C. Rush.
  • Granddaughter Curley Lynn Barnett (1958-1992) was born on May 5, 1958 in Zanesville. She married Leonard C. Cooper and lived in Zanesville with their daughter Elizabeth Mary Cooper. She was a member of the Church of God and Saints of Christ Church. Sadly, she died on Nov. 2, 1992 at the age of 34 in Zanesville's Bethesda Hospital. She was laid to rest in Zanesville's Woodlawn Cemetery.
  • Grandson George Milton Barnett was born in 1961 in California. He made his home in Texas and produced a daughter, Ashley Barnett.

Son Glenn Kennedy (1926-2017) was born on Oct. 25, 1926 in Lathrop, Bern Township, Athens County. He was a twin with his sister Glenola. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Two days after Christmas 1952, in Zanesville, the 26-year-old Glenn married 18-year-old Bonnie Lee Mayle (1934- ? ), daughter of Herbert and Martha Jane Mayle. The couple lived in Zanesville for decades and had one known daughter, Vickie Lee Kennedy. Glenn drove a cement truck for Adams Brothers in the Zanesville area, retiring after 41 years of service. He was a longtime member of the Zanesville Esquire Club and, after retirement, traveled with Bonnie Lee, golfed, watched sports on television and spent time at Bates Auto Isle. He died at Willow Haven Care Center in Zanesville at the age of 90 on Aug. 15, 2017. Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery in Zanesville, following funeral services led by Rev. Terry F. Norman at the Wings of Hope Tabernacle. An obituary was published in the Zanesville Times-Recorder.

  • Granddaughter Vickie Lee Kennedy ( ? - ? ) resided in Columbus circa 2017.

~ Daughter Mary Ethel (Minerd) Goins ~


John and Mary Goins, year unknown


Mary on the farm, date unknown

Daughter Mary Ethel Minerd (1893-1986) was born in 1893 in West Virginia.

At the age of 18, on July 30, 1911, she was united in marriage with 25-year-old John Henry Goins Jr. (1885-1981), the son of John H. and Elizabeth (Kennedy) Goins Sr. of Washington County, OH. 

John was tall and thin, with grey eyes and black hair.

The Goinses had nine known children -- among them Luwilda "Willie" Ashby, Wilbur S. Goins, Laura "Lucy" Parsons, Elsie Goins, Kenneth Goins, Evelyn " Maxine" Mayle, Dorothy Taylor, John Henry "Junior" Goins Jr. and Elsie Anderson.

John was a longtime coal miner in the Lathrop and Zanesville areas of Ohio. In September 1918, he registered for the military draft during World War I. He listed his employer as Black Diamond Company of Lathrop, Athens County, and that Mary was his nearest relative.

Federal census records for 1920 show the family residing in Bern Township, Athens County, with John earning a living as a coal miner. By that time, four of their children had been born. 

During the 1920s, employment ended for John in Athens County, so he found a coal mining job in Rendville, Monroe Township, Perry County, OH. The family relocated with him and is shown in Rendville in the 1930 United States Census.



John and Mary Goins, in their home


Mount Hermon Cemetery

Rendville was a safe haven for persons of color, and one of its citizens was elected as the first African American mayor in Ohio. Another local man, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., was "saved" at the First Baptist Church and went on to become a prominent national civil rights activist. 

The decade of the 1930s, when the nation was in the grip of the Great Depression, was exceptionally difficult for unskilled laborers. By 1940, John found work with the Works Progress Administration (WPA), one of the Roosevelt Administration's largest and most ambitious undertakings of the "New Deal." The WPA hired millions of out-of-work individuals to build public works projects, such as roads, bridges, retaining walls and buildings. 

The 1940 census shows Mary and John and family in Zanesville, Muskingum County, OH. At one point in time, when there was a discussion among her children and grandchildren as to the family's mixed racial nature and heritage, Mary pulled aside an granddaughter and, covering her mouth and in hushed tones, told her that the family was German and had come from Pennsylvania. When the granddaughter later shared this with her family, it was met with disdain which has continued to this day.

Mary was a member of the Apostolic Church of Christ in Zanesville, and was employed for many years as a domestic worker for St. Thomas Catholic Church Convent and Rectory. Circa 1964, their home was at 805 King Street.

John died of renal failure at age 95 on May 20, 1981.

Mary outlived him by five years, and passed away of Alzheimer's Disease on June 9, 1986, at the age of 92. She was laid to rest beside her husband in Mount Hermon Cemetery, following a funeral led by Rev. Henry Mayle and Elder James Gaiters. On their grave marker are inscribed the words "Beautiful Isle."

At the time of Mary's death, a newspaper reported that she was survived by an astounding 136 living descendants, including 29 grandchildren, 66 great-grandchildren and 41 great-great grandchildren.


Henry & Laura Parsons

Daughter Laura "Lucy" Goins (1910-1997) was born on April 30, 1910 in Amesville, Athens County. At the age of 18, she lived with her parents and younger siblings in Rendville, Perry County. She entered into marriage with Charles "Henry" Parsons (Jan. 16, 1903-1990), the son of John A. and Emma P. (Dalton) Parsons. They resided in Athens, and produced one son, James Edward Parsons. Laura was employed as a laborer for Gould National Battery Corporation and was a member of the Haga Mission in Stewart Township, Athens County. Circa 1976, they resided in Athens, Route 4. At the age of 87, Charles passed away in Doctor's Hospital in Nelsonville, OH on Feb. 24, 1990. Brother Steve Heskett led the funeral service. Laura lived for another seven years as a widow. She spent her final time on earth residing on West River Road in Athens. She died at O'Bless Hospital in Athens, at the age of 87, on May 22, 1997. She was laid to rest beside her husband in Mount Hermon Cemetery.

  • Grandson James Edward Parsons ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). He dwelled in Athens, OH in 1990.


Luwilda Ashby

Daughter Luwilda Elizabeth "Willie" Goins (1911-1952) was born five days before Christmas 1911 in Northrup, Gallia County, OH. As a teenager, she relocated with her parents and younger siblings to the coal mining town of Rendville, Perry County, OH. There, she grew into adulthood. Then when she was a young woman, Luwilda lived in Zanesville. In September 1933, the 21-year-old Luwilda married 23-year-old John Thomas Ashby  (1910-1978). He was the son of John B. and (?) (Chapman) Ashby. Together, they produced two known daughters, Esther Lorena Fraticelli and Betty Irene Dexter. In 1940, when the federal census count was recorded, the Ashbys made their home in Rendville, with John earning a living laboring as a coal miner. 

The Columbus (OH) Dispatch has reported that in the 1940s, Rendville was comprised of a post office, bar, two stores and a little more than 100 homes, mostly connected with the local mines. Tragically, at the age of 40, Luwilda suffered from serious health problems of coronary disease and heart blockage. She also was afflicted with growths in her fallopian tubes. So in late October 1952, Luwilda underwent surgery in the Bethesda Hospital in nearby Zanesville to remove the tubes and part of her lower intestinal tract. The operation did not produce the desired effect. Unable to overcome the magnitude of her failing organs, she succumbed on Nov. 7, 1952, less than two weeks before what would have been her 41st birthday. Her remains were brought back to her birthplace region of Athens County to be lowered into eternal rest in Mount Hermon Cemetery near Sharpsburg. John, her widower, signed her death certificate. John survived his wife by more than a quarter of a century. He passed into eternity on July 24, 1978, at the age of 67. By 2011, reported the Dispatch, Rendville had shrunk to become "Ohio's smallest town."


L-R: Esther and Betty; Esther; and Betty and Jack Dexter

  • Granddaughter Esther Lorena Ashby (1931-2012) was born on Oct. 20, 1931 in Rendville. As a young woman, she resided in Perry County, OH and earned a living as a typist. On Jan. 19, 1952, during the Korean War, when she was age 20, she married 22-year-old soldier Charles Mario "Charlie" Fraticelli Jr. (1929-2009). A native of Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii, Charles was the son of Charles M. and Louise (Fergaroa) Fraticelli Sr. After the war, they established their home in northern California, residing in Newark, Alameda County, and remained married for 57 years until separated by death. The couple produced three children -- Debbie Fraticelli, Charles "Chuck" Fraticelli and John Lopez. Charlie is said to have enjoyed sports and music, especially playing the ukulele. Esther is believed to have been an active bowler. Sadly, Charlie died at home on Aug. 21, 2009. He was laid to rest in Cedar Lawn Memorial Park. Esther survived her husband by three years. She passed into eternity on May 10, 2012, at home in Newark. Her obituary was published by Inside Bay Area.

  • Granddaughter Betty Irene Ashby (1934-living) was born on July 19, 1934, presumably in Rendville. On Aug. 24, 1966, she first was united in matrimony with Jack Lee Dexter Jr. (Jan. 3, 1938-20024), son of Jack and Katherine (Jones) Dexter Sr., of Logan, Hocking County, OH. Their two sons were Mark Dexter and Timmie Dexter. Jack was a 1956 graduate of Logan High School, where he played baseball, football and basketball. He then secured employment with Carborundum, but with his early career interrupted by a two-year term of service in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He was deployed to Korea during the conflict. On his return home he returned to his work at Carborundum and remained there until retiring. The pair divorced. Betty married (?) Hughes and had one son, David Hughes. Following Hughes' death, Betty and Jack remarried. They were members of the Church of the Nazarene. Sadly, with his health in decline, Jack was admitted to Pickering House in Lancaster, OH, and passed away at the age of 86 on Feb. 22, 2024. His funeral service was conducted by Pastor John Williams. Interment was made in Oak Grove Cemetery, Logan, with military honors provided by the Hocking County Honor Guard.

    Great-grandson Mark Dexter married Maxie. They resided in Logan, OH in 2024.

    Great-grandson Timmie Dexter wed Deborah. In 2024, their home was in Logan, OH.

    Great-grandson David Hughes has dwelled in Logan, OH. 

The Luwilda and John Ashby family, year unknown 

Son Wilbur S. Goins (1913-1989) was born on Oct. 25, 1913 in Athens County. He was a longtime laborer. Wilbur married Desire Fitch (1920-1994) on March 25, 1935, when he was 22 years of age and she 15. They had two daughters -- Shirley Ward and Shelby Romine. Circa 1976, the family made its residence on Pear Street in Zanesville. Wilbur passed away at the age of 75 on May 4, 1989, at Good Samaritan Medical Center. Desire lived for another five years after her husband's death. She entered eternity on Sept. 6, 1994. They rest together in Zanesville's Woodlawn Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Shirley Goins married (?) Ward.
  • Granddaughter Shelby Goins wedded (?) Romine.

Daughter Elsie Loraine Goins (1917-1981) was born on June 7, 1917 in Lathrop, Athens County. When she was age 12, she lived with her parents and siblings in Rendville, Perry County. Elsie was united in holy matrimony with Carlon Leroy "Carl" Anderson (1908-1980), son of George and Nellie (Kennedy) Anderson of Lathrop and grandson of Christopher Columbus and Belle (Wright Mayle) Kennedy. They produced a family of 15 children, among them 10 who survived into adulthood -- Raymond Leroy "Bo" Anderson, Barbara Ellen Gibson, Joan Taylor, Betty Hodge, Judy King, Linda Newman, Doris Jean Williamson, Joy Stevens, Kim Butcher Jones and Robert E. "Butch" Anderson. Five others died in infancy -- Dora Lane Anderson (premature birth at six months, 1941), Charlotte Ann Anderson (a hole in the chamber of the heart, 1944) and three unnamed infants (1933, 1947 and 1949). The Andersons made their home for many years in Zanesville. The federal census enumeration for 1940 shows the family in Zanesville and Carlon employed as a "shake out" man for a radiator plant. In 1944, the Andersons' address was 812 Zane Street and in 1976 was Railroad Street. Carlon died on Feb. 23, 1980. Elsie outlived him by about a year and a half. She passed away in Zanesville on Aug. 13, 1981. They rest together in Woodlawn Cemetery in Zanesville.

  • Grandson Raymond Leroy "Bo" Anderson (1934-1991) was born on Oct. 7, 1934 in Zanesville. He may not have married. His home in the early 1990s was at 444D Indiana Street in Zanesville. Stricken with cancer for the final seven months of his life, he was treated at the Good Samaritan Cancer Center and at the very end by the Southeast Ohio-Hospice. He died on June 29, 1991, at the age of 56. An obituary in the Zanesville Times Recorder reported that no public viewing was held.
  • Granddaughter Barbara Ellen Anderson (1937-1992) was born on Sept. 16, 1937 in Zanesville. She married Clarence C. Gibson Jr. (1926-1969). He was a veteran of World War II, having served as a private in Company A of the 2806 Engineer General Service Batallion. Clarence died on June 12, 1969. Barbara survived him by 23 years. She joined him in eternity on May 15, 1992. Burial for both was in Zanesville's Woodlawn Cemetery.
  • Granddaughter Joan Anderson (1938- ? ) was born in about 1938 in Zanesville. She was joined in the bonds of marriage with Clarence Taylor ( ? - ? ). They were in Zanesville in 1991.
  • Granddaughter Betty Lou Anderson (1940- ? ) was born in about 1940 in Zanesville. She wedded (?) Hodge ( ? - ? ).
  • Granddaughter Doris Jean Anderson (1942-2000) was born on Nov. 7, 1942 in Zanesville. She was a longtime member of the Apostolic Gospel Church. In about 1960, she and John Ray produced a daughter, Tina (Anderson) Rooks. Then in November 1968, she was united in wedlock with James Albert Williamson (May 7, 1926-2005). He brought a daughter to the marriage, Katina King. A veteran of the Korean War, James was a corporal in the U.S. Army. In 1971, the couple purchased a lot in Zanesville from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As her health failed over a long period of time, Doris Jean wad admitted to Genesis-Good Samaritan Campus in Zanesville. She died there at the age of 57 on June 2, 2000. Interment of the remains was in Woodlawn Cemetery, following funeral services led by Elder Randy Tayhi at the family church. The Zanesville Times Recorder published an obituary. James passed away on Jan. 5, 2005. Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery in Zanesville.

Great-granddaughter Tina Anderson (1960?-2020) was born on July 16, 1960 in Zanesville. She was the mother of Shannon Anderson and Shawna Anderson. By 2000, she was united in matrimony with Ronald Rooks ( -living). He is thought to have brought a son to the marriage, Eric Suber. The Rookses dwelled in Zanesville in 2000 and by 2020 were in Columbus, Franklin County, OH. Sadly, Tina succumbed to death at the age of 59 on April 17, 2020.

  • Granddaughter Judy Anderson ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She married (?) King ( ? - ? ). They resided in Zanesville.
  • Granddaughter Linda Anderson ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She was united in holy matrimony with Ronald Newman ( ? - ? ). The Newmans lived in Zanesville.
  • Granddaughter Joy Anderson ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She was joined in wedlock with Jeff Stevens ( ? - ? ). The couple established a home in Zanesville.
  • Granddaughter Kim Anderson ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She wedded (?) Butcher and by 2000 to (?) Jones ( ? - ? ). The Jones' residence in 2000 was in Newark, OH.
  • Grandson Robert E. "Butch" Anderson ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). He dwelled in Zanesville.


Kenneth L. Goins

Son Kenneth Leroy Goins (1921-1984) was born on June 4, 1920. He grew up in Athens and Perry Counties, OH. In 1940, at the age of 19, he resided with his parents in Zanesville and was locally employed. Whether or not he married is unknown. Circa 1968, he address in Zanesville as 705 Finley Avenue. That year, he was hospitalized for an undisclosed illness, as reported in the Times Recorder during an era when health care privacy was not considered important, and nearly three decades before the such privacy protections were passed into law. In 1976, he is believed to have resided with his brother Wilbur on Pear Street in Zanesville. Kenneth died at the age of 64 on Oct. 4, 1984. His remains were interred in Woodlawn Cemetery in Zanesville.


Mount Hermon Cemetery

Daughter Evelyn "Maxine" Goins (1922-1998) was born on March 3, 1922. She grew up in Athens, Perry and Muskingum Counties in Ohio. On March 8, 1941, Maxine entered into marriage with 20-year-old French W. Mayle (1920-1997), son of Leonard "Comb" and Agnes (Smith) Mayle. As a youth, French had some dustups with the law involving charges of burglary, and he paid his debt to society with incarceration in the state reformatory at Mansfield, OH, receiving a pardon and an early release. Circa 1941, Maxine and French made their home at 719 Franklin Street in Zanesville. They produced five known children -- Patrick J. Mayle, Karen Hill, Beth McKee, Jill L. Beauford and Wendy L. Mayle. French and his brother in law John Goins Jr. operated a whiskey still in an abandoned farmhouse in Gilbert, OH, and they were brought into police custody in May 1954. The two men were charged with operating an unlicensed still, not having alcohol tax stamps on his bottles of liquor and possessing mash without a permit, all reported on the pages of the Zanesville Times Recorder. The case against French was declared a mistrial. Again in 1960, French was arrested for breaking into a school at Bladensburg and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Club of Mount Vernon in nearby Knox County, OH. Their address was at 701 Zane Street in Zanesville in the early 1970s -- 2375 Clay Pike in the mid-'70s -- and 922 Virginia Street in the later 1990s. French earned a living as a union construction worker, with membership in the Laborers International Union Local 530. French passed away at the age of 77 on March 11, 1997. Rev. Henry Mayle officiated the funeral service. He was survived by 17 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Maxine survived him by a year and a half. She died on Sept. 26, 1998. They rest together in eternal repose in Mount Hermon Cemetery. The words "Precious Memories" are inscribed on their red barré granite grave marker.

  • Granddaughter Jill L. Mayle ( ? -living) married Michael "Mike" Beauford. She is believed to have been employed in 2012 by Sterling Transitional Suites in Zanesville, a skilled, short-term inpatient rehabilitation center.
  • Granddaughter Karen Lee Mayle (1941-2020) was born on Aug. 28, 1941 in Zanesville. She graduated from Rosecrans Catholic High School in Zanesville in 1959. In about 1960, she was united in matrimony with Marvin Hill ( ? -living) and their union endured for six decades. Their three sons were Randy L. Hill, Mike F. Hill and Marvin D. Hill. Karen worked at Diebold for 20 years and retired from the position. She was a " traveler and had many adventures traveling the world," said an obituary. She " loved with her whole heart." Their home for years was in Newark, Licking County, OH. Over the Memorial Day weekend in 2016, she met the founder of this website at an event at the Multicultural Genealogical Society in Cutler, OH. Sadly, at the age of 78, Karen was swept away by the Angel of Death in Columbus on May 26, 2020. An obituary said she was survived by 14 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren.

    Great-grandson Marvin D. Hill was joined in wedlock with Dianna Carver, daughter of Claude and Ruth Carver. They lived in Newark, OH and were the parents of Bradley A. Hill and David Cottrell. Sadly, their son Bradley passed away at age two circa 1985 in Licking Memorial Hospital. Rev. Mike Grable led the funeral service, with interment of the remains in Wilson Cemetery.  

Karen Lee Hill with the founder of this website, Cutler, OH, 2016

  • Grandson Patrick John "Patty John" Mayle (1943-2023) was born on Feb. 28, 1943. He married Marla ( ? - ? ). Their union endured for an extraordinary six decades of time. Together, they produced these children -- Patrick Brian Mayle, Brett Mayle, Shaun Mayle, Gina Williams, Lisa Dalton and Ashley Torres. In young manhood, Patrick and Paul Eugene Tracey were arrested in March 1961, reported the Zanesville Times Recorder, charged with stealing wine, whiskey, chewing gum, cigars and candy from the Savoy Cafe in Zanesville. They also were accused of damaging more than $1,000 worth of electrical appliances at the Pioneer Electric Store. On Nov. 20, 1961, he joined Local 530 of the Laborers International Union of North America and remained on its rolls for the balance of his life. He also was an active automobile salesman. Said a newspaper, "He relished in holding the title of the longest standing 530 member, being one month shy of 62 years in. He worked hard most of his active years for Mast Construction, although his good friend and boss Kieth Edwards humorously begs to differ. Another title he enjoyed holding was a car title, [and being] literally 'judged' in court as the most effortless car salesman in Muskingum County. He proudly paid the fines, and the bail bondsman as it was well worth the story to tell down by the river for the next 20 years." In the mid-1960s, they lived in the same house as his parents, at 701 Zane Street. Later, by 1969, they relocated to 1067 Moxahala Avenue in Zanesville. He and Marla enjoyed long car rides in the evenings, although their children clucked that it might have been an excuse to look for more cars to sell. He also liked to play the lottery using the number "1943." The children were always grateful that in his eyes, they could do no wrong, that he would always "pick up the pieces or brush them under the rug..." Sadly, as a patient in Genesis Hospital of Zanesville, he passed away at the age of 80 on Sept. 21, 2023. Interment took place in Mount Hermon Cemetery.

    Great-grandson Patrick Brian Mayle wed Colleen and lives in Frazeysburg, OH.

    Great-grandson Brett Mayle is a companion of Becky Kennedy.

    Great-grandson Shaun Mayle married French "Natasha" and dwell in Zanesville.

    Great-granddaughter Gina Mayle ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). On Valentine's Day 1997, she entered into marriage with 58-year-old Willie Lee Williams (June 12, 1938-2013), son of Willie L. and Veadear (Green) Williams Sr. and a native of Hughes, AR. Four offspring of this family were Anita Hill, Willie D. Williams, Kayla Mayle and Jamarr Rush. Willie was employed as a prison officer at the Mansfield Reformatory. Later, he joined the Laborer's Local 1216 and earned a living with the Shelly Company, a position from which he retired. Gina and Willie made their residence in Zanesville. He was especially close with his wife's brother Brett Mayle and friends Claude "Neil" Mayle, Terry Sephus Sr. and Terry Lee Sephus. Sadly, at the age of 75, Willie passed away at home at the age of 75 on Dec. 4, 2013. Pastor Tim Patton presided at the funeral, followed by burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. The Zanesville Times Recorder printed an obituary. The widowed Gina dwells in Zanesville.

    Great-granddaughter Lisa Mayle tied the knot with Christopher Dalton. Their dwelling-place in 2023 was in Philo, OH.

    Great-granddaughter Ashley Mayle was joined in wedlock with Victor Torres. They put down roots in Parma, OH.

  • Granddaughter Beth Mayle ( ? -living) married (?) McKee ( ? - ? ).
  • Granddaughter Wendy L. Mayle ( ? - ? ) lived in Zanesville in 1997.


Dorothy Williams Taylor

Daughter Dorothy Louise Goins (1927-1976) was born on March 24, 1927, presumably within the bounds of Athens County, OH. She was married twice, first to Henry Williams ( ? - ? ). They produced one daughter, Kimberly Butcher. Circa 1952, they lived in Canton. At some point during the 1950s, the couple separated, with Henry moving out of the home to a new address at 26 Granville Avenue. She made her home at 701 Zane Street. After a period of time, Dorothy filed for divorce, citing his "willful absence." Later, she was united in wedlock with (?) Taylor. The Taylors resided in Zanesville. Dorothy earned a living over the years working for National Battery Company. She was a member of the Pentecostal Church on Jefferson Street. Circa 1975, when she would have been age 47, she dwelled at 865 Lee Street in Zanesville. That year, she was involved in an automobile accident on State Street when another vehicle swerved to avoid another stopped vehicle and instead struck hers'. In coverage of the accident in the Zanesville Times Recorder, no mention was made that she had sustained any sort of injury. The following year, in 1976, her aged mother lived under Dorothy's roof in Zanesville. Having suffered an undisclosed illness for five months, she died on Nov. 20, 1976 at the age of 49, in Bethesda Hospital. A short death notice was printed in the Times Recorder. Burial was in Mount Hermon Cemetery near Sharpsburg, directly beside her uncle Charles Jesse "Jess" Fischer. Her grave marker at Mount Hermon bears her photograph portrait and is etched with the words "Precious Memories."

  • Granddaughter Kimberly Williams married Robert Butcher. They lived on Luck Avenue in Zanesville circa 1976 and had two known children.

Son John Henry "Junior" Goins Jr. (1929-1984) was born on Oct. 10, 1929, either in Athens or Perry County, OH. To his family he was called Junior. John and his brother in law French Mayle operated a whiskey still in an abandoned farmhouse in Gilbert, OH, and they were brought into police custody in May 1954. The two men were charged with operating an unlicensed still, not having alcohol tax stamps on his bottles of liquor and possessing mash without a permit, all reported on the pages of the Zanesville Times Recorder. In 1976, when he would have been 47 years of age, John made his home in Philo, Muskingum County, OH. Little more is known about his existence upon earth. He died on Feb. 19, 1984. Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery in Zanesville.


Stephen and Lucy's adult children, L-R: Harry, Jessie, Mary, Bernice and Ivy

~ Son Everett Minerd ~


Zanesville Times Recorder

Son Everett Minerd (1903-1964) was born on April 17, 1903 in Berryburg, Barbour County, WV. 

He may never have married.

As an adult, Everett resided in Sharpsburg, Athens County, and was a member of the Mt. Carmel Evangelical United Brethren Church. 

When he was counted in the 1940 federal census, at the age of 37, Everett lived at home with his widowed father and widowed sister Jessie Kennedy and earned a living as a farmer.

While making his home with his married sister Iva Fischer in Sharpsburg, Everett died at the age of 61 on Dec. 19, 1964. An obituary was published in the Zanesville Times Recorder and in the Athens Messenger. He was laid to rest beside his parents at Mount Hermon Cemetery, with Rev. Burgess Vogar officiating. 

No permanent marker is known to have been placed on the grave.

Ivy (Minerd) Fischer

~ Daughter Iva Lucille "Ivy" (Minerd) Fischer ~

Daughter Iva Lucille "Ivy" Minerd (1904-1993) was born in 1904 in West Virginia. 

She moved to Ohio as a young girl and grew up in and around Sharpsburg, Bern Township, Athens County.

On Jan. 14, 1922, at the age of 18, Iva was united in holy wedlock with 22-year-old Ohio native Charles Jesse "Jess" Fischer (1900-1969). He was a native of Washington Township, Washington County, OH and the son of William Henry and Rebecca N. (Lucas) Fischer.

The Fischers had seven children -- Jesse Leroy "Bud" Fisher, Garnet L. Ramsey, Betty Jean Smith, Marlene Mayle, Judy Dean, Jo Elaine Davidson and Canda Frost Conkle. 

When the family was counted as part of the 1930 federal census enumeration, Iva and Jesse made their home next to her parents and married sister Jessie Kennedy near Sharpsburg. As did his father in law, Jesse earned a living as a coal miner and as a farmer. By 1935, in the grip of the Great Depression, they had relocated to nearby Morgan County, OH, but by 1937 returned to Sharpsburg, where their daughter Marlene was born.

The 1940 census shows the Fischers making their residence near Sharpsburg in Bern Township, with 40-year-old Jesse employed in local coal mines that year, and 17-year-old son Jesse Leroy earning additional income for the family as a farm laborer.

They were members of the Mount Hermon Evangelical United Brethren Church, and Jess belonged to the Masonic Lodge in Nelsonville. In retirement, Jesse served as caretaker of the Mount Hermon Cemetery.


Mount Hermon Church and Cemetery, 2015

In the 1960s, said the Zanesville Times Recorder, their home was in Amesville Route 1, otherwise known as the Mount Hermon community.

Jesse suffered a fatal heart attack and passed away at home on Feb. 10, 1969, at the age of 69. Rev. Burgess Wogan officiated at the funeral service, followed by interment in Mount Hermon Cemetery. An obituary in the Zanesville Times-Recorder gave the number of his surviving offspring as 13 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, in addition to his sisters Etta Myers of Canton and Goldie Singer of Zanesville as well as brothers McKinly of St. Clairsville, OH, John of Zanesville and Harry of McConnelsville.

Iva outlived her husband by almost a quarter of a century. She died in Aultman Hospital in Canton, Stark County, OH, at the age of 89 on July 13, 1993. Her remains were returned to Athens County for burial beside her husband in Mount Hermon Cemetery. Their grave marker is inscribed with these words from the Lord's Prayer: "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done."


Mount Hermon Cemetery

Son Jesse Leroy "Bud" Fischer (1922-2000) was born in 1922 near Sharpsburg. He "lived most of his life in the Canton area and was a retired labor foreman with Gibbons and Grable Construction, retiring in 1984," reported the Canton (OH) Repository. On July 10, 1942, at the age of 20, Bud was united in wedlock with Frances Elizabeth Smith (Nov. 8, 1924-2022), the daughter of Bishop Vinton Leroy and Lydia Belle (Goins) Smith of Rendville, Perry County, OH. Their union endured the ups and downs of a remarkable nearly 58 years. The Fishers bore a family of eight known children -- Etta Sue Fisher, Mary Louise Fisher, Brenda Jean White Watkins, Renee Pinkerton, Vivian Cindia, Beverly Stiner, Shari Rothacher and Roger D. Fisher. Frances moved to Canton at age 17. She once worked for the Timken Company, Hoover Electric Sweeper Company and Belden Brick. They are known in 1955 to have joined the Apostolic Holiness Church of Canton and remained members for the rest of their lives. In her free time, Frances liked to sew, play piano, view autumn foliage and raise flowers. Bud died at the age of 77 on June 2, 2000, after returning home after a long day on the farm, "following an apparent heart attack," said the Repository. He was laid to eternal rest in Evergreen Memorial Gardens. Frances survived her husband by 22 years and stayed in Canton. She died in McKinley Healthcare Center at age 97 on July 27, 2022. She was survived by 17 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and seven great-great grandchildren. Pastor Stanley Herzog led the funeral service.

  • Granddaughter Etta Sue Fisher was deceased by 2022.
  • Granddaughter Mary Louise Fisher was deceased by 2022. 
  • Granddaughter Brenda Jean Fisher (1943-2021) was born on Sept. 20, 1943 in Canton.. She was married two known times. Her first spouse appears to have been (?) White. They were the parents of seven -- Phyllis White, Shari Spencer, Tina Curry, Regina Singer, Kimberly Harbourt, Frances Knepp and Louis White. Later, she wed Ernest Watkins ( ? - ? ). At some point she helped raise a granddaughter, Jessica Poling. She died in Canton's Mercy Medical Center at age 78 on Nov. 6, 2021. Interment of the remains was in the sacred soil of Evergreen Memorial Gardens.

    Great-granddaughter Phyllis White was deceased by 2021.

    Great-granddaughter Shari White wed (?) Spencer. She relocated to Tucson, AZ.

    Great-granddaughter Tina White married (?) Curry. She settled in Beverly, OH.

    Great-granddaughter Regina White was united in wedlock with Phil Singer. They lived in 2021 in Cutler, OH.

    Great-granddaughter Kimberly White was joined in matrimony with Phillip Harbourt. The pair has dwelled in Canton.

    Great-granddaughter Frances White entered into marriage with Steven Knepp. The couple made a home in Canton but eventually divorced. 

    Great-grandson Louis White wed Kandy. Circa 2021, they were in Beloit, OH. 

  • Granddaughter Renee Fisher wed (?) Pinkerton. Circa 2021, she dwelled in Alliance, OH.
  • Granddaughter Vivian Fisher was joined in wedlock with Ronald Cindia. They made a home in Canton in 2021.
  • Granddaughter Beverly Fisher entered into marriage with Jeff Stiner. The pair were in Canton in 2021.
  • Granddaughter Shari Fisher was united in matrimony with (?) Rothacher.
  • Grandson Roger D. Fisher has resided in Canton.

Daughter Garnet L. Fischer (1924-1995) was born in 1924 in or near Sharpsburg. She married (?) Ramsey. They resided in Canton, Stark County, OH, where Garnet earned a living in the healthcare industry. Garnet passed away at home at the age of 71 on July 17, 1995. 

Daughter Betty Jean Fischer (1929-1971) was born in 1929 in Sharpsburg. She married W. Paul Smith (1924-2000). They had a family. In 1969-1971 the Smiths lived in Amesville Route 1 in Athens County. Sadly, Betty Jean died at the age of 41 on June 12, 1971.Burial was in Mouint Hermon Cemetery. Other than a brief death notice, no obituary is known to have been printed in the Zanesville Times Recorder. Paul survived his wife by nearly three decades. He passed into eternity in 2000.


Mount Hermon Cemetery

Daughter Marlene Fischer (1937- ? ) was born in about 1937 in or near Sharpsburg, Bern Township. She married (?) Mayle. In 1968, they lived in Columbus, Franklin County, OH.

Daughter Judy Fischer ( ? - ? ) married (?) Dean. In 1969, they dwelled in Athens, Athens County, OH.

Daughter Jo Elaine Fischer ( ? - ? ) was united in wedlock with (?) Davidson. Circa 1969, they resided in Columbus, OH.

Daughter Canda Fischer apparently was married twice. Her first husband was (?) Frost. Her other spouse was (?) Conkle. In 1969, she made her home in Columbus, OH. More will be added here when learned.


Bernice and Elwood Smith

~ Daughter Bernice Marie (Minerd) Smith ~

Daughter Bernice Marie Minerd (1909-1985) was born on March 13, 1909 in Athens County, OH.

On Sept. 21, 1934, when she was 25 years of age, Bernice married 28-year-old Elwood "Woody" Smith (1906-1971), the son of James Edward "Ed" and Diantha (Mayle) Smith of Bartlett, Athens County.

The Smiths had two children -- Jerry Smith and Janet Allender. 

In 1935, at a time when the great economic depression kept the nation in its grip, and jobs were scarce, the Smiths resided in Athens County. 


Elwood Smith and children, 
Nimisillen Park, Canton, 1950s

By 1940, when they were included in the federal census count, the family had migrated to nearby Homer, Morgan County, OH where Elwood found work earning a living as a coal miner. 

They eventually migrated to Canton, Stark County, OH where they made their residence circa 1964. Elwood was a construction worker in the Canton area for many years. 

Elwood passed away at the age of 64 on Sept. 7, 1971, in Canton's Timken Mercy Hospital, having "been in failing health some time," reported the Zanesville Times Recorder. The newspaper listed his surviving siblings as Raymond Smith of Canton, Cecil Smith of Zanesville, Bernice Tate of Chesterhill, Sylvia Cook of Mount Vernon (OH) and Agnes Mayle of Canton. Burial was in Mount Hermon Cemetery, with Rev. Ralph Tate of Mount Hermon Community Church preaching the funeral service.

Following Elwood's death, Bernice moved to Chesterhill, Morgan County, where she made her home for the rest of her life. She passed away in October 1985. 

She joined her husband in repose at Mount Hermon Cemetery. Directly below the name "Smith" on their double grave marker is inscribed the words "Parents of Janet & Jerry."

Daughter Janet Smith (1939- ? ) was born in about 1939 in Homer, Morgan County, OH. Janet married (?) Allender. Circa 1971, their home was in Hampton, VA.

Son Jerry Smith (?) resided in Canton in 1971.


Above, L-R: Jess Fischer, Woody Smith, Harry Minerd. Below: Mount Hermon



Harry and Pauline Minerd

~ Son Harry Gillion Minerd ~

Harry Gillion Minerd (1912-1993) was born on May 13, 1912 in or near Lathrop or Sharpsburg in Bern Township, Athens County.

Harry married Pauline Harris (1911-2005), the daughter of Christopher and Della "Mae" (Tate) Harris of Cutler, Washington County, OH. 

The couple produced five children -- Melvin Martin Minerd, Roger Minerd, Richard Lane Minerd, Hilda Norris and Danny Minerd. 

They were members of the Bethel Wesleyan Church.

When the federal census was enumerated in 1940, the Minerds made their residence in or near Lathrop or Sharpsburg in Bern Township, Athens County. That year, Harry worked as a farm laborer, and apparently also made money on the side producing bootleg whiskey. Legal charges were brought against him in June 1940 for "possession of a still, liquor and mash," reported the Zanesville Times Recorder, but he was "given a suspended sentence by Federal Judge Mell G. Underwood at Columbus...."

Circa 1945, the Minerds resided in Bern Township; in 1960 at 853 Lee Street in Zanesville; in 1964-1972 on Route 1 in nearby Cutler, Washington County; and in the early 1990s in Chesterhill, Morgan County. An old postcard view of Chesterhill, with unpaved streets, is seen below. 

Circa 1952, Harry is believed to have been employed by Armco Steel Corporation at its Zanesville Division. That year, he was named in a Zanesville Signal article about local plant winning the company-wide "Iron Man" safety trophy for the third straight year, among "colored employes who shared in setting the safety record." Other Armco plants competing for the award were in Ashland, KY; Butler, PA; Middletown, OH; and Baltimore.


Above, left to right: the Minerd children, Roger, Hilda and Melvin. Below: Chesterhill, Ohio, showing the Masons lodge.


Harry and his sister Mary Goins

In the late summer of 1958, the 44-year-old Harry was employed by Don King Construction Company of Jackson, OH.

On Aug. 18, 1958, he was trapped "when a sewer-line ditch through sandy soil caved in at Zanesville's sewage-disposal plant project at the old Tube Mill site in lower Putnam," said the Times Recorder. Harry was buried under six feet of earth, and it took a team of 20 men a total of 25 minutes to dig him out. He was immediately given oxygen, and eventually recovered.

In 1991, the Minerds endured the untimely death of their son Danny, who passed away in Cleveland Clinic at the age of 50. See more on Danny below.

Harry passed away at the age of 81 on Dec. 22, 1993, at home. With Rev. Delbert Bennett officiating, his burial was conducted at Mount Hermon Cemetery.

Pauline survived her husband by almost a dozen years and lived in Chesterhill. Toward the end of her life she went to reside in the Riverside Country Care Center in McConnelsville. 

She died in the care center at the age of 93 on April 17, 2005. A newspaper obituary noted that she was survived by "several grandchildren and great grandchildren." As he had done for Harry's funeral, Rev. Delbert Bennett preached at Pauline's burial service. Inscribed on their black granite grave marker are the words "Gone but not forgotten."


Mount Hermon Cemetery, 2015


Melvin, Esther and son Sheldon

Son Melvin Martin Minerd (1933-living) was born on Nov. 29, 1933 in Amesville/Sharpsburg, Bern Township, Athens County. He completed eight grades of education. As a young man, he served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War with a post aboard the USS New Jersey. After his service ended, he was employed in production with a General Electric airplane parts business. He was married twice. Melvin's first bride was Esther Mae Tate (1938-2003), the daughter of Leo James and Fearl Beatrice (Harris) Tate of Stockport, OH and granddaughter of Mae Harris of Cutler, OH. The couple eloped to Arlington, VA, with the wedding held on July 25, 1957 by the hand of Evangelical United Brethren clergyman Rev. Arthur L. Maiden. Together, the couple produced a family of several children, among them Sheldon "Marty" Minerd and Ryan "Lee" Minerd. Their address in 1964 was 913 Campus Drive in Belpre, Washington County, OH. Heartache rocked this family twice in the early 1960s when the Grim Reaper carried away both of their sons, Sheldon at age three in 1961, and Ryan Lee as a four-year-old, in 1964, having "been ill almost since birth," said the Zanesville Times Recorder. Rev. Ralph Tate preached at Ryan Lee's funeral service. Both boys sleep for all time in the sacred soil of Mount Hermon Cemetery, with individual markers standing at their graves. The couple eventually divorced, with Melvin making a home at 816 Grant Avenue in Belpre.

On July 11, 1970, the 36-year-old Melvin married 32-year-old Margaret "Peggy" (Ransom) Hughes (Nov. 22, 1937-living), daughter of Willard D. and Martha J. (Mayle) Ransom of Bartlett, OH. The nuptials were held in Winchester, VA, with Methodist minister Rev. Edward J. Taylor officiating. The marriage license registrar recording them as "Negro." Their marriage endured for another 49 years. Melvin was the father of two other daughters -- Randa Lampley and Wendy Milligan. Circa 2005-2011, Melvin and Peggy lived in Belpre, Washington County, OH. He was employed in Belpre as a shipping clerk with Degussa Chemical. The couple is known to have attended Bethel Wesleyan Church near Bartlett. Sadly, Melvin died at the age of 87 on March 12, 2021 as a patient in Marietta Memorial Hospital. An obituary in the Athens Messenger and Morgan County Herald said that burial of the remains was in Mount Hermon Cemetery. Ex-wife Esther Mae passed away on Dec. 7, 2003, relieved of her sufferings, at the age of 65. She was laid to rest in Mount Hermon Cemetery, under the name "Esther Mae Tate."

  • Granddaughter Randa Minerd wedded (?) Lampley. Her residence in 2021 was in Akron, Summit County, OH.
  • Granddaughter Wendy Minerd married (?) Milligan. She relocated to New York and was there circa 2021.

Son Roger Gilland Minerd (1935-living) was born in about 1935 in Sharpsburg, Athens County. At the age of 18, on Oct. 9, 1953, in Cutler, Washington County, OH, he was united in holy matrimony with 16-year-old Mary Ann Kee (1937-living), daughter of Orland D. and Sylvia (Jones) Kee. (On their marriage license application, Roger spelled his name "Miner.") Mary Ann was a native of Countsville, Roane County, WV and is thought to have relocated to Athens in her youth. At the time of marriage, she was a student. The Minerds made their home in Tuppers Plains, Meigs County, OH and bore one daughter, Debra Lynn Finley. Roger at one time worked across the Ohio River in Parkersburg, Wood County, WV. Circa 2021, he is known to have lived in Salem, VA.


  • Granddaughter Debra Lynn Minerd married Joseph Robert Finley, son of Cecil Clay Finley of Morgantown, Monongalia County, WV. They were wed on April 10, 1976 in St. Marks United Methodist Church in Belpre, OH. Debra was employed as a third grade teacher at Little Hocking School in the Warren School District. Their daughter, Alexandra Jolyn Finley, received a master's degree in history, summa cum laude, in 2010 from Ohio State University. Her undergraduate thesis, "Founding Chestnut Ridge: the Origins of Central West Virginia's Multiracial Community," credits Minerd.com as a source for her study. Her master's thesis, completed at the College of William & Mary, described the experiences of interracial families in pre-Civil War Virginia through the lives of Silas and Corinna Omohundro. Her doctoral dissertation explores the economies of the domestic slave trade. In 2014 she was bestowed a Mellon Fellowship from the Virginia Historical Society and a Parker-Dooley Visiting Scholars Grant from the Southern Historical Collection at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. On Nov. 25, 2014, she appeared on the popular PBS Television program Finding Your Roots with Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., explaining that Gates' DNA shows that he and she both are descendants in some way from Wilmore Mayle, the founding father of the Mayle clan of West Virginia.


Daughter Hilda Elaine Minerd (1937-2016) was born on Nov. 2, 1936 in Sharpsburg, OH. She grew up in Bern Township and was married twice -- this all needs to be confirmed. Hilda's first husband is believed to have been James R. Bailey ( ? - ? ), son of Nathaniel Lee and Helen (Mayle) Bailey of Cutler. In the 1950s, they moved to the state capitol city of Columbus and produced several children, among them Shelley Bailey, Michael Bailey and Marsha Kay Bailey. She also had children named Nadine, Lynn, Julie and Paula Sepulveda. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last, and James filed for divorce against Hilda in 1959, but the case was dismissed in Muskingum County Common Pleas Court. In 1962, Hilda was an attendant at the wedding of her brother-in-law Nathaniel Lee Bailey Jr. to Carolyn Simms, as reported by the Zanesville Times Recorder. Later, in about 1967, Hilda married a second time to Paul "Leroy" Norris ( ? - ? ), son of Edwin Norris of 825 Shelby Street in Zanesville. They remained wedded for 49 years and made their residence in Chesterhill, Athens County. Sadly, their unnamed infant died at birth on April 8, 1972 in Marietta Memorial Hospital, and the baby's remains were interred in Chesterhill Cemetery. Reported the Times Recorder, "Hilda was a wondereful wife and mother. In addition to her role as a homemaker, she worked for 24 years at Columbia Gas of Ohio." Circa 1977, at the death of his father, former husband James Bailey continued to reside in Columbus, as noted by the Times Recorder. Hilda passed away on May 19, 2016 "after a lengthy illness," said the Times Recorder.


  • Granddaughter Shelley Bailey (?)


  • Grandson Michael Bailey (?)
  • Granddaughter Marsha Kay Bailey (1960- ? ) was born in 1960 in Columbus, Franklin County, OH.
  • Granddaughter Nadine -- was her birth name Bailey or Norris?
  • Granddaughter Paula was wedded to Lenny Sepulveda.


Danny Lee Minerd

Son Danny Lee Minerd (1941-1991) was born on May 2, 1941, in Canton. He served his nation as a member of the U.S. Air Force in the Vietnam War era. He married Racy Jean (Norris) Viney (1941-living), daughter of Blake and Freda (Smith) Norris. She brought a daughter to the marriage, Threessa Lynn Viney. Danny and Racy had three children of their own -- Gregory Minerd, Mia Kovalsky and Janice Minerd. Sadly, Danny died in the Cleveland Clinic on May 30, 1991, at the age of 50, and was laid to rest in Mount Hermon Cemetery. The details of his untimely death are being researched.


  • Granddaughter Mia Minerd wed Mark Kovalsky.

Son Richard Lane "Rick" Minerd (1945-2012) was born on Aug. 25, 1945, in Bern Township, Athens County, "in a little country house," said the Morgan County Herald. He excelled at basketball at Roosevelt Junior High School and Chesterhill High School in the early 1960s but gave up a college scholarship in order to work to help support the family. "Due to economic times," said the Morgan County Herald, he "went into the construction and the truck driving industry." His occupation took him to all 48 states as well as to Mexico and Canada. He married Paula "Jeannie" and they had two children -- Veronica "Ronnie" Minerd Kovacs and Bruce Allen Minerd. In addition to living in Ohio, Rick enjoyed residing part of the year in Sunrise, FL. Rick died of cancer at the age of 66 in Kobacker House of Columbus, Franklin County, OH, on Feb. 11, 2012. His remains were cremated. Following a divorce, Paula married (?) Norris and resided in Grove City, OH.


  • Granddaughter Veronica Minerd wed Ronnie Kovacs and lives in North Canton, OH.


  • Grandson Bruce Allen Minerd resides in Grove City, OH.


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John Louis Morgan Jr. grave photo by Sue Wolf.