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Younkin-Cupp Family Bible

Chronicling Births/Marriages of 3 Generations of the Families of Joseph and Anny (Weimer) Bowling - Thomas and Catherine (Bowling) Cupp - and Caroline (Cupp) Younkin of Rockwood, PA
Caroline (Cupp) Younkin and Rockwood Area Historical Society's Kristi Brant


This old Bible, published in 1828 in New York City, holds hand-inscribed birth and marriage information about Caroline (Cupp) Younkin (born 1840), her parents Thomas and Catherine (Bowling) Cupp and grandparents Joseph and Anny (Weimer) Bowling.

Published by J. Emory and B. Waugh, printed by J. Collord and stereotype-set by James Conner, this edition was intended for use by the Methodist Episcopal Church, 14 Crosby Street, New York.

The aged and tattered book was passed down through the family, from Caroline to her daughter Ella Hauger and thence to Ella's daughter Olive Younkin and granddaughter Ellouise Theo Kreger. In September 1981, after Ellouise's parents had passed away, she gifted the Bible to her aunt, Olive Eagle, of Rockwood. Grace was so moved by the gesture that she wrote a note on lined tablet paper and taped it to the title page. Her note read:

This is Grandma Younkins family Bible (Cupp Bible). We think it is at least 200 yrs. old. Someone please keep it and take care of it. Given to me by Olive Younkins family (Clark Younkin). I am Grace Hauger Eagle, this is a very precious piece of property.

Today, the original Bible is preserved in the collections of the Rockwood Area Historical Society in Somerset County, PA. The volume was re-discovered during an inventory in 2019 by Society volunteers and Younkin cousins Kristi (Gross) Brandt (of the family of Harry David Miner) and Linda Marker (of the family of Frederick J. Younkin). Photographs of the key pages graciously were furnished to the founder of this website to post on the site and widely share.


Handwritten note by Grace (Hauger) Eagle of Rockwood, PA, the granddaughter of William "Shedrick" and Caroline (Cupp) Younkin and great-granddaughter of Thomas and Catherine (Bowling) Cupp.
Title page with a publication date of 1828

Joseph Bowling was

born Apr. 14 - AD 1784

Anny Weimer was

born Aug. 9, 1790

Joseph Bowling and

Anny Wimer were married Jan.

3rd 1810

Catharine Bowling was

born Sept. 14, AD 1811

Mary Bowling was born

March 20 AD. 1818

Thomas Cupp was born

Augst. 7, AD 1811

Thomas Cup and

Catharine, daughter of Jos-

eph & Anny Bowling, was

married July 10, AD 1832

Lucy Ann Cup was born

Oct. 6, AD 1833

Caroline Cupp was born

June 21, AD 1840


Cronrad Cupp was born

Nov. 3 A.D. 1809

Cronrand Cupp and

Mary, daughter of Jos-

eph and Anny Bowling

were married May 21

A.D. 1833

Hester Ann Cupp was

born Apr. 19 - 1835

Sarah Catharine Cupp

was born August 22

A.D. 1838

Anna Mariah Cupp

Jan. 31, A.D. 1840



Copyright 2019 Mark A. Miner

Photographs of the Bible by Linda Marker. Reproduced with permission of the Rockwood Area Historical Society.