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Inez Gertrude (Hayes) Crippen



Inez and Zean Crippen

Inez Gertrude (Hayes) Crippen was born on Feb. 27, 1890 in Rome Township, Athens County, OH, the daughter of Susanna Minerd and -- reputedly -- Mahlon Hayes. Because of her mother's biracial heritage (Pennsylvania German and Native American), she and her children faced lifetimes of racial discrimination.

Family lore states that the girl's father was Mahlon Hayes (1852-1924), the son of Bartlett and Lucinda (Butts) Hayes. Mahlon -- who was white and married -- was a farmer who employed Susanna and her brother Jacob. Hayes was married to Ida M. (Crippen) Hayes and had a family of eight children. 

Two other sources -- official documents of their adult children -- give Inez's maiden name as a form of "Mayle." 

Thus Inez's half brothers and sisters were Carl Hayes, Kenneth Hayes, Thomas Hayes, Riley B. Hayes, Emmett T. Hayes, Winifred A. Hayes, Everett R. Hayes and Guy Hayes.

When Inez was age one, her mother married former slave Fleming Woody (1855-1915). He may have adopted the young Inez unofficially as his own. Inez may also have taken on his surname -- "Woody" -- as she was listed in the 1900 federal census.

Inez grew up in the same community as her father and half-siblings, but it is unknown whether she had any relationship with them.

At the age of 18, in about 1908, Inez married Zenas Lafayette "Zean" Crippen (1886-1965). He was a farmer, and the son of Lorenzo Dow and Almeda (Wyers) Crippen of Champaign County, OH. This must have been somewhat awkward as Inez's birth father was married to a Crippen, who in turn was the daughter of James R. Crippen (1819- ? ).


Zean, Inez and their children



Zean and Inez, upper left, with clockwise, from top: Nellie and Daniel Haffner, 
Carrie Barker and Zeanas Crippen

Inez and Zean went on to have nine children, among them Walter Walter Crippen, Mamie Louise Bond, Harry Lorenzo Crippen, Lena Leota "Lennie" Barnhart, Erma Gertrude Crippen, Winifred Frances Crippen, Carrie Irene Barker, Nellie M. Haffner and Zeanas Albert Crippen.

The photograph seen here shows Zean and Inez, at upper left with some of their family. Clockwise, from top: daughter and son in law Nellie and Daniel Haffner, daughter Carrie Barker and son Zeanas Crippen.

Zean apparently could not write, as he signed his name with an "X" on a daughter's marriage license application. 

When the federal census enumeration was taken in 1910, Zean and Inez and two-year-old son Walter made their home along Hocking River Road, with Zean employed as a farm laborer. That year, they lived just two doors away from James D. Kyle (who later married Inez's cousin, Edna Minerd). 

The 1920 census shows the Crippens living in Rome Township, Athens County, with Zean continuing his occupation as a farmer. When the census again was taken in 1930, the Crippens were in Rome Township, with eight children and granddaughter Norma L. Deininger in their home.


Inez and daughter Carrie

The photograph seen here shows Inez with her daughter Carrie Barker. 

On Feb. 3, 1924, Inez's father Mahlon Hayes died at the age of 72, caused by uremic poisoning and chronic swollen kidneys. He was laid to rest in the Bean Cemetery.

Interestingly, the 1930 census taker marked Zean as "white," while Inez and their children all were listed as "negro." 

Inez suffered from chronic congestive heart failure, and died from its effects at the age of 59 on June 19, 1949. On her official Ohio death certificate, her mother was listed as "Susan Minard" and her father as "unknown." She is buried in Wyer's Cemetery near Stewart, Athens County. 

Zean outlived his wife by 16 years. He passed away on Oct. 20, 1965, at the age of 79.


The Crippens' grave at Wyer's Cemetery near Stewart, Ohio


~ Son William Walter Crippen ~

Son William Walter Crippen (1908-1974) was born in 1908. 

He married a first cousin on his father's side, Goldie Marie Crippen (July 25, 1915-1977), a native of Luwig, OH, and the daughter of Harry W. and Goldie G. (Brooks) Crippen.

Together, they produced a brood of three children -- Helen Marie Crippen, William Charles Crippen and Walter Marvin Crippen. 

The family made a home in Stewart, OH and belonged to the Pilgrim Holiness Church. In an interesting twist, Goldie's sister Lucille Doris Crippen was married to Hayward C. Younkin, son of Carl Cyrus and Dorothy Leah (Yahn) Younkin of the family of "Squire" John and Anna Margaret (Trout) Younkin.

William died in 1974, a the age of 66.

Goldie outlived her husband by three years. When her health failed, she was admitted to Selby General Hospital in Marietta. There, she died at the age of 61 on May 11, 1977. An obituary was printed in the Times Recorder. Her survivors included seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held in the family church, with burial following in Wyer Cemetery near Stewart. 

Daughter Helen Marie Crippen ( ? -1988) was born in (?). She appears to have been twice-wed. Her first husband was (?) Newton ( ? - ? ). Their brood of children included Tammy Caplinger, Lee Newton, John Newton, Rodney Newton, Stanley Newton, Scott Newton and Jeff Newton. Later, she entered into marriage with Harry Gheen ( ? -1981). The Gheens resided in Malta, OH in 1977-1988. Helen earned a living with Malta Manufacturing, part of Phillips Industries of Malta. Sadly, Walter died in 1981. Helen outlived him by seven years. After suffering a heart attack at age 54, Helen was admitted to Bethesda Hospital where she surrendered to death on Oct. 20, 1988. Evangelist Heil Gilliland led the funeral service, with the remains then cremated. Her obituary appeared in the Zanesville Times Recorder.

  • Granddaughter Tammy Newton married (?) Caplinger. Her home in 1988 was in McConnelsville, OH.
  • Grandson Lee Newton resided in 1988 in McConnelsville, OH.
  • Grandson John Newton made his home in McConnelsville, OH circa 1988.
  • Grandson Rodney Newton dwelled in McConnelsville, OH.
  • Grandson Stanley Newton lived in Malta, OH.
  • Grandson Scott Newton put down roots in Malta, OH.
  • Grandson Jeff Newton was in Stockport, OH in the late 1980s.

Son William "Charles" Crippen (1936-2007) was born on Oct. 18, 1936 in Athens County. He is known to have served in the U.S. Army and worked for years as a laborer at Malta Manufacturing Company. Charles He dwelled in 1977 in McConnelsville, OH -- in 1988 in Malta, OH -- and in 2007 at 133˝ South Seventh Street in McConnellsville. He belonged to Rose Farm Church of Christ, volunteering his time as a deacon. When his health plummeted, he was admitted to Genesis Health and Rehab Center, where he surrendered to the angel of death at age 71 on Dec. 18, 2007. The remains were cremated. The Zanesville Times-Recorder printed an obituary.

Son Walter "Marvin" Crippen (1942-2011) was born on Aug. 2, 1942 in Stewart, OH. In young manhood he pursued boxing and lived for a time in Chicago. He apparently was married twice. His first bride was (?). Their brood of children were Michele Kirkbride and Amber Hill. Then circa 1981, at the age of 39, he wed Linda K. Whitehouse ( ? - ? ). He was in Chesterhill, OH in 1977 -- Deavertown, OH in 1988 -- and Crooksville, OH in 2011. Marvin was employed for many years by Malta Manufacturing. He was a member of the Crooksville lodge of the Eagles and belonged to the Rose Farm Church of Christ. He died at the age of 68, at home, on Feb. 9, 2011. His obituary was printed in the Zanesville Times Recorder. Pastor Larry Taylor officiated the funeral service, at the family church, followed by cremation.

  • Granddaughter Michele Crippen was joined in wedlock with (?) Kirkbride. Her home in 2011 was in Crooksville, OH.
  • Granddaughter Amber Crippen was united in matrimony with Bruce Hill. The pair lived in New Concord, OH in 2011. 


~ Daughter Mamie Louise (Crippen) Bond ~

Daughter Mamie Louise Crippen (1909-1997) was born on Aug. 29, 1909 in Stewart, Athens County. 

On Feb. 4, 1931, when she was 21 years of age, Mamie married 31-year-old farmer Howard A. Bond (1899-1968), son of Thomas and Allie (Buff) Bond of Coolville, OH. The bride was 11 years younger than the groom. Their nuptials were conducted in Athens County, by the hand of justice of the peace C.H. Porter.

Howard was divorced from Edith Marie Cole (1903-1952) and brought a stepson to the marriage with Mamie -- Garrett Bond. 

The Bonds went on to have 10 more children -- Norma Nelson, Hazel Pinnell, Charles Bond, Clyde Bond, Ronald Bond, William Harry "Bill" Bond, Garner Bond, Judith Brunty, Clarice Gonzales and Jimmy Ray Bond. 

Circa the 1920s-1930s, the Bonds dwelled in Coolville, OH. 

Sadly, their soldier-son Clyde was badly burned in a firing range explosion at Fort Sill, OK in 1954 and succumbed to his injuries after seven weeks of suffering.

Howard died in 1968. 

Mamie outlived him by nearly three decdes. She passed into eternity in 1997, at the age of 87. They sleep side by side for eternity in Wyers Cemetery, Guysville.

Stepson Garrett Bond (1921-1997) was born on May 18, 1921 in Pomeroy, OH. In young manhood he found a job with an optical company. Garrett was thrice-wed. On June 6, 1942, at the age of 23, he was united in matrimony with his first wife, fellow optical worker Mary Josephine Bean (1912-1994). She was the daughter of Newton and Clara (Beatty) Bean. Rev. F.P. Reynolds officiated. Mary claimed to have only been three years older than her husband but in fact it may have been nine years in actuality. His second spouse was Marie Eileen ( ? - ? ). In tme he was joined in wedlock with Patricia ( ? - ? ). In all, he was the father of Gary R. Bond, William M. Bond, Catherine Brooks, Christine Ogden and Tricia McCann. Evidence suggests that their home was in Columbus, OH. He was a member of the Columbus lodge of the Moose and the African Violet Society. Their last years together were spent in Cape Coral, FL. There, he died at the age of 75 on June 27, 1997. An obituary appeared in the Columbus Dispatch and a notice of his passing was printed in the Fort Myers News-Press. The body was returned to Ohio. Fr. Charles Cotton led the funeral service, and the remains were lowered under the sod of St. Joseph Cemetery.

  • Step-grandson Gary R. Bond ( ? - ? ) was married twice. His first spouse was Cherryl ( ? - ? ), daughter of Ruby Morris. The children they bore were Gary W. "Jack" Bond and possibly also Shari Webber and Becky Hagen. They put down roots in Columbus. Later, Gary was joined in union with his second bride, Marsha ( ? - ? ). Sadly, Gary was deceased by 1996. Cherryl married again to Robert Jansen and lived in 2015 in Nappanee, IN.

    Step-great-grandson Gary W. "Jack" Bond (1969-2015) was born on Sept. 20, 1969 in Columbus, OH. At the age of 33, in Las Vegas on Feb. 7, 2003, he was united in wedlock with Beth Monroe ( ? - ? ), daughter of Richard A. and Sondra L. Monroe. The couple lived in Elkhart, IN and were the parents of a son, Dillon Bond. For more than a dozen years, Gary was employed at plant 26 of Lippert Components in Goshen, IN, attaining the title of assistant general manager. In this role he helped support a number of local charitable organizations. He also liked to fish, hunt and work in their yard. He also coached little league baseball and followed his son's hockey and baseball teams at St. Joseph High School. Sadly, Gary became seriously ill and at the end was admitted to the Hospice House of Elkhart County. There, at the age of 45, he surrendered to death on June 6, 2015. An obituary appeared in the Goshen (IN) News.

    Presumed step-great-granddaughter Shari wed Rod Webber and in 2015 were in Nappanee, IN.

    Presumed step-great-granddaughter Becky married Iner Hagen. They have dwelled in Syracuse, IN.

  • Step-grandson William M. Bond ( ? - ? ) entered into marriage with Jenny ( ? - ? ). They have dwelled in Grove City and Columbus, OH, and were named in the 2015 Goshen (IN) News obituary of their nephew Gary W. "Jack" Bond.
  • Step-granddaughter Catherine Bond ( ? - ? ) was joined in wedlock with (?) Brooks ( ? - ? ).
  • Step-granddaughter Christine Bond ( ? - ? ) wed William Ogden ( ? - ? ). They established their home in Columbus.
  • Step-granddaughter Tricia Bond ( ? - ? ) was united in matrimony with Brian McCann ( ? - ? ). The pair was in Columbus in 1996. 

Daughter Norma Bond (1929-2010) was born on Nov. 7, 1929 in Frost, Athens County. She was joined in holy wedlock with Thor Nelson (June 2, 1919-1985) and lived over the years in Coolville and Guysville, OH. Together, the pair produced a brood of 11 offspring -- Sharon Butler, Delores Calvert, Rebecca "Becky" Stine, Wanda Cline, Lisa Nelson, Billy Nelson, Mark Nelson, Michael Nelson, Robert Nelson, Clyde Franklin Nelson and Ruth Boggs. Sadness cascaded over the Nelsons when Thor died on Oct. 29, 1985. The family endured the heartbreak of the deaths of sons Robert and Clyde and daughter Ruth. As a widow, Norma made her residence in Guysville. She passed away at the age of 80 on Jan. 21, 2010. Leading her funeral service was Pastor George Horner, followed by burial in Fairview Cemetery. The Athens Messenger printed an obituary.

  • Granddaughter Sharon Nelson ( ? - ? ) wed (?) Butler ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Delores Nelson (1953-2014) was born on Oct. 23, 1953 in Parkersburg, WV. She was the mother of Chad Hudnell and Amy Evner. At some point Delores was united in matrimony with (?) Calvert ( ? - ? ). Her home circa 2014 was in Athens, OH. Sadly, she surrendered to death on April 11, 2014 while a patient at Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus. Interment was in Fairview Cemetery, with Pastor Gene Goodwin presiding at the service. Delores was survived by six grandchildren.

    Great-grandson Chad Hudnell wed Lynn.

    Great-granddaughter Amy marriied (?) Evner 

  • Granddaughter Rebecca "Becky" Nelson ( ? - ? ) was joined in wedlock with (?) Stine ( ? - ? ).
  • Granddaughter Wanda Nelson ( ? - ? ) married (?) Cline ( ? - ? ).
  • Granddaughter Lisa Nelson ( ? - ? )
  • Grandson Billy Ray Nelson (1954-2016) was born on Dec. 20, 1954 in Athens, OH, a twin with his brother. Billy Ray lived in Guysville. He was said to be "a great guy who had lots of good friends," said the Athens Messenger. As he became ill and more seriously so, he received loving care from his niece Jodi Torres-Butler. Death spirited him away at the age of 61 on Aug. 20, 2016. His remains were lowered under the sod of Bethany Cemetery in Guysville, with the service led by Pastor Jim Lambert.
  • Grandson Mark Nelson ( ? - ? ) married Stacy ( ? - ? ).
  • Grandson Michael "Mike" Nelson ( ? - ? )
  • Grandson Robert Nelson ( ? - ? ) was deceased by 2006.
  • Grandson Clyde Franklin Nelson (1956-2006) was born on Feb. 17, 1956. The family was plunged into mourning when he died at the age of 50 in Athens on Sept. 18, 2006.
  • Granddaughter Ruth C. Nelson (1952-1993) was born on July 2, 1952. She wed (?) Boggs ( ? - ? ). The angel of death spirited her away on Oct. 23, 1993. The body was interred in Fairview Cemetery in Coolville.

Daughter Hazel Leota Bond (1931-1997) was born on Aug. 5, 1931 in Frost, Athens County. She entered into marriage with (?) Pinnell ( ? - ?). As of 1996-1997, she was living in Grafton, WV. Death enveloped her at the age of 66 on Nov. 5, 1997. Her remains are said to be interred in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Preston County, WV.

Son Charles Bond put down roots in Guysville, OH.

Son Clyde Elwin Bond (1933-1954) was born on Jan. 2, 1933. As a young man, he dwelled in Frost, Athens County. He joined the U.S. Army and in 1954 was stationed at Fort Sill in Lawton, OK in Battery C of the 967th Field Artillery. Tragically, while  at the Fort Sill firing range on July 27, 1954, a shell exploded, igniting gunpowder and burning him and several other fellow soldiers. The burns covered the upper and lower extremities, face, neck and chest. Reported the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "A round of high explosive anti-tank ammunition exploded in the barrel of a 105 mm self-propelled howitzer,... burning six crew members and two rescuers, three of them seriously. Quick thinking by two soldier spectators, themselves burned about the hands and face, was credited with saving the lives of two crewmen who ran from the scene, their clothes ablaze... The shell burst in the gun, shattering the breecn block from which flames shot out among the crew and set off a smoke shell in the turret." He was treated in Brooke Army Hospital at Fort Sam Houston, TX, remaining there for seven weeks. During that time, he contracted staph and yeast infections as well as hepatitis and bronchial pneumonia. Death mercifully carried him away at the age of 21 on Sept. 15, 1954. The body was transported back to his native Athens County for burial in Wyers Cemetery, Guysville.

Son Ronald M. "Ronnie" Bond (1936-2017) was born three days after Christmas 1936 in Frost, Athens County, OH. Circa July 2959, he tied the knot with Sarah E. Barnhouse (July 28, 1941-2012), daughter of Hunter and Geraldine (Farnsworth) Barnhouse of Cadiz, OH. They became the parents of six -- Larry Bond, Andrew Bond, Pamela Bond, Kim Bond and Sandra Erwin in addition to a son who died in infancy. Ronald and Sarah were local legends at a dirt racing track near Marietta known as Skyline Raceway. He was known locally as "Ronnie" and competed in a "No. 10" Buick racecar later driven by a grandson. When the track's finances fell on hard times, the Bonds stepped in and operated the facility for several years, during which time it was renamed "Bond Raceway." Ronald is said to have had a "laid back demeanor" but competitive drive on the track which made him popular among fans. He is said to have maintained racing Buicks in an era when Chevrolet small-block engines had become preferred among the racing set. He also promoted spring car races. Sarah earned a living as a longtime school bus driver for Federal Hocking Local School District. One source has called her "an avid dirt track race mome to all. Everyone called her Momma Bond." Sarah succumbed to the spectre of death on July 20, 2012 as a patient in O'Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens. In tribute, a race was named in her honor -- Sarah Bond Memorial -- taking place in August. As a widower, Ronald is known to have been in Coolville, OH circa 1996-2017. Sadly, he died at home at the age of 80 on April 30, 2017. The remains were cremated. An obituary in the Athens Messenger noted the headcount of his survivors as 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. On their grave marker were inscribed the images of two checkered flags, a race car and a school bus.

  • Grandson Larry Bond married Gina. He and his brother Andrew are known for winning a number of racing championships at Skyline Speedway and in the Ohio Valley and Midwest.
  • Grandson Andrew Bond wed Tabitha. He and his brother Larry are known for winning a number of racing championships at Skyline Speedway and in the Ohio Valley and Midwest.
  • Granddaughter Pamela Bond ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Kim Bond was married to or a companion of Dean Robinsin.
  • Granddaughter Sandra Bond was joined in wedlock with Dylan Erwin 

Son William Harry "Bill" Bond (1928-2008) was born on Nov. 25, 1938 in Coolville, OH. In young manhood he liked to race Ford automobiles at Bond Speedway, later named Skyline Speedway. William appears to have spent his life in Coolville. He entered into marriage with Mary Ann ( ? - ? ). Their four offspring were Laura Bond, Sherry Bond, Susan Bond and Glen Emrick. The couple eventually divorced but remained on good terms. Sadly, William surrendered to the angel of death on Dec. 18, 2008. Rev. George Horner led a graveside service at Coolville's Fairview Cemetery. An obituary was published in the Athens Messenger.

  • Granddaughter Laura Bond ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Sherry Bond ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Susan Bond ( ? - ? )
  • Grandson Glen Emrick ( ? - ? )

Son Garner Bond has lived in Coolville, OH. Circa 1970, his wife served as secretary of Coolville's Grace Brethren Church.

Daughter Judith "Judy" Bond ( ? - ? ) wed (?) Brunty ( ? - ? ). She made her home in 1996 in Coolville, OH.

Daughter Clarice Bond ( ? - ? ) married (?) Gonzales ( ? - ? ). She relocated to Illinois and in 1996 was in Aurora, IL.

Son Jimmy Ray Bond Sr. (1948-2009) was born four days before Christmas 1948, the youngest child in the family. He resided for years in Coolville, OH, with an address of Brinstone Road in 2009. Jim was wed to Candace Clay ( ? - ? ), daughter of Sharon Stark, and to Denise ( ? - ? ). Three children in this family were Josie Bond, Jerry Bond and Jimmy Ray Bond Jr., as well as two stepchildren, Kenny and Kelly. Jimmy and his son Jimmy Jr. enjoyed working together on automobiles, especially Ford Mustangs. The family was plunged into mourning when Jimmy Sr. died at the age of 60 on Jan. 31, 2009. Said an obituary, "He was always smiling and happy." Funeral services were conducted at Coolville's Fairview Church. Interment was in Fairview Cemetery. Former wife Candace married again to Steven Clay and resided in 2020 in Athens, OH.

  • Granddaughter Josie Bond ( ? - ? ) made her residence in 2020 in Torch, OH.
  • Grandson Jerry Bond ( ? - ? ) resided in Torch, OH in 2020.
  • Grandson Jimmy Ray Bond Jr. (1993-2020) was born on April 30, 1993 in Marietta, OH. In boyhood he worked with his father on automobiles and especially Ford Mustangs. He was the father of Jimmy Ray Bond III. Jimmy Jr. received his high school education at Federal Hocking High School and obtained his graduate equivalency diploma. He learned the welding trade at Tri County Joint Vocational School and began a career as a mechanic and welder. His home at the end was in Long Bottom, OH. Sadly, Jimmy Jr. suffered from addiction and died at the age of 26, at Holzer Meigs in Pomeroy, on Feb. 13, 2020. His obituary was printed in the Athens Messenger.


~ Son Harry Lorenzo Crippen ~

Son Harry Lorenzo Crippen (1912-1970) was born on Aug. 5, 1912 in Stewart, Athens County. 

He had a grammar school education. In adulthod he stood 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighed 165 lbs., with blue eyes and red hair. 

There is conflicting information about his marriage(s).

Federal census enumeration records for 1940 show Harry at age 27 cohabitating with his 20-year-old "wife" Bertha. At that time, they lived in Alexander Township, Athens County, with him earning a living through employment with the Works Progress Administration. The WPA was one of the ways President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the federal government tried to overcome unemployment during the Great Depression. It's widely considered one of the Roosevelt's largest and most ambitious undertakings of his "New Deal" to get the nation back on sound economic footing. Over the years, the WPA hired millions of out-of-work individuals to build public works projects, such as roads, bridges, retaining walls and buildings.

When required to register for the military draft in October 1940, Harry disclosed that he was living near Athens, was self employed and that his wife was "Bertha Miltia Crippen."

Then on April 1, 1943, when he was about age 30, he married 30-year-old practical nurse Bertha Marie Matthews (May 22, 1912-2000), a native of Ames Township, Athens County, and the daughter of John and Bessie (Everett) Matthews. The wedding was held in or near Chillicothe, Ross County, OH, by the hand of Rev. G.W. Whyman of the Walnut Street Church. At the time of their marriage, both lived in Chillicothe, he at 180 East Main Street and she at 174 West Main Street. On their marriage license, both groom and bride marked that they had not been previously married. News of their marriage license was published in the Chillicothe Gazette.

The very next day after the marriage, on April 2, 1943, Harry went to Clarksburg, WV to enlist in the U.S. Army. He served as a corporal with the 356th Sta Hospital, for a term of more than two years. 

After hismilitary service ended, Harry returned home. Over the ensuing years of their marriage, the pair did not reproduce. 

The 1950 U.S. Census lists Harry and Bertha residing on a farm in Columbia, Meigs County, OH. 

Their home together in 1970 was in Albany, Athens County, at the address of 51 Clinton. He held a membership in the Albany post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Harry's final employment was for two decades with Tennessee Gas & Transmission Company in line maintenance. 

The Crippens took a driving vacation to Oklahoma in the spring of 1970. While on the way home, on June 5, 1970, in Carthage, Jasper County, MO, Harry became stricken. He was taken to McCune Brooks Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. The cause of death was pronounced "presumed natural causes." Bertha provided details for the official Missouri death certificate, giving the maiden name of Harry's mother as "Inis Mayles." 

His remains were shipped back to Ohio to sleep for all eternity in Athens County Memory Gardens. Rev. James Grooms led the funeral service, and an obituary was publishedin the Athens Messenger.

Bertha survived her husband by three decades. Death swept her away in Columbus, OH at the age of 88 on Oct. 16, 2000. 


~ Daughter Lena Leota "Lennie" (Crippen) Barnhart ~

Daughter Lena Leota "Lennie" Crippen (1914-1993) was born on Aug. 17, 1914 in Frost, Athens County. 

In nuptials held in Athens County on Feb. 1, 1934, when Lennie was age 19, she married 19-year-old farmer Roy Monroe Barnhart (Aug. 14, 1914-2000). He was a native of Coolville, Athens County and the son of Lod and Argosia (Cole) Barnhart. Because both bride and groom were underage, their parents had to sign legal consents.

Roy was 5 feet, 11 inches in height and 160 lbs. in weight. 

They bore three children together -- Clyde "Eugene" Barnhart Sr., Patricia Barnhart and Phyliss Barnhart. 

Roy was required to register for the military draft in 1940. He revealed that, at age 26, he lived in Coolville and that he generated income as a farm laborer and in direct government relief. He also stated that Isaac Barnhart of the Guysville exchange was his telephone connection. 

The federal census enumeration of 1950 shows the family living in Rome Township, Athens County. That year, Roy earned a living as a railroad laborer for a construction company while Lennie was postmistress of the community. 

The couple eventually divorced.  

Lennie died in Athens at the age of 79 on Sept. 18, 1993. The remains were lowered under the sod of Wyers Cemetery in Guysville, Athens County. Her official Ohio death record lists her mother's maiden name as "Hayes."

Roy dwelled in Athens during his final years. The angel of death carried him away in Athens on Sept. 29, 2000. 

Son Clyde "Eugene" Barnhart Sr. (1934-1991) was born in on Jan. 3, 1934 in Frost near Stewart, Athens County. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, enlisting on April 30, 1952. Evidence suggests that he entered into marriage with Creszentia "Susie" Wiesmair (Nov. 11, 1931-2016), a native of Vienna, Austria and the daughter of Maria Weismeyer. They became the parents of Johnny H. Barnhart, Roy M. Barnhart, Darlene Faye Barnhart, Clyde Eugene Barnhart Jr., Michael Barnhart and Debbie Dailey. Clyde Sr. spent two decades in military service and circa 1953 was posted in Austria. Then in 1956-1957 he was stationed at Fort Hood, TX. Later in 1957, he was transferred to Germany, with the entire family moving in November and making a home in Mannheim-Kaefertal. Grief swept over the Barnharts when nine-month-old son Clyde Jr., stricken with acute infection of the larynx, died in McKee Barracks in Crailsheim, Germany on June 6, 1958. His tender remains were shipped back to Ohio for burial in Guysville, with proper reports filed with the Foreign Service of the U.S. Department of State. Clyde received his Army discharge on June 30, 1972, and the family returned to Athens County. They were plunged into mourning in mid-summer 1979 when their son Johnny drowned while boating in the Ohio River near Parkersburg, WV. Sadly, he died on Sept. 8, 1991, in Parkersburg, WV. An obituary was published in the Marietta (OH) Times. The widowed Susie outlived Clyde by a quarter of a century and resided in Guysville. As a patient in O'Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens, she surrendered to the angel of death at age 84 on April 17, 2016. Her remains were placed into eternal repose in Guysville's Carthage Cemetery. Her obituary appeared in the Athens Messenger and the Gallipolis (OH) Daily Tribune.

  • Grandson Johnny Harold Barnhart (1953-1979) was born on March 23, 1953 in Salzburg, Austria. He resided in adulthood in Guysville. Tragically, shortly before 3 a.m. on July 22, 1979, the 26-year-old Johnny and 15-year-old friend Matthew Newbanks drowned in the Ohio River near Parkersburg, WV "when the boat they were riding in capsized," reported an Associated Press story printed statewide. "Two other passengers in the boat ... managed to swim to safety. The four were en route to Mustapha Island, where a party was underway..."
  • Grandson Roy M. Barnhart entered into marriage with Tammy.
  • Granddaughter Darlene Faye Barnhart has been wed twice. She first married (?) Ashcraft ( ? - ? ) circa the early 1990s. By 2016, she was the wife of Rick Hudnall ( ? - ? ). Darlene and Rick bore one known son, Michael Hudnall. 
  • Grandson Michael Barnhart was joined in wedlock with Missy.  
  • Granddaughter Debbie Barnhart also was twice-married. Circa 1991, her first spouse was (?) Dailey. Her second husband was Michael "Mike" Whitlock ( ? - ? ). 

Daughter Patricia Barnhart ( ? - ? )

Daughter Phyliss Barnhart ( ? - ? )


Mount Hermon Cemetery

~ Daughter Erma Gertrude (Crippen) Mayle ~

Daughter Erma Gertrude Crippen (1916-2003) was born on June 10, 1916. 

Circa 1933, she married widower Luther Elsworth "Lute" Mayle (1883-1952). Luther was 35 years older than his bride, and the son of John and Sarah (Dalton) Mayle of nearby Wesley Township, Washington County, OH. 

Luther's first wife Chaney (also known as "Jennie" or "Janey") (Parsons) Mayle (1894-1924) had died of organic heart disease on April 23, 1924, and he brought these children to the marriage with Erma -- Forest A. Mayle, Sarah "Faye" (Mayle) Mayle, Daniel Mayle, Okey Roscoe Mayle, Al Gershen Mayle and Harley Mayle. 

Erma and Luther resided in Chesterhill, Morgan County, where he was a coal mine laborer. 

They produced 10 children of their own -- Russell Mayle, Delores Mayle, Robert G. "Bob" Mayle, Shirley Carnes, James Mayle, John Mayle, David Lee Mayle, Marion Mayle, Karen Mayle and Sharon Mayle. (Click to see the summary of all the known marriages between Minerd- Minard- Miner- Minor and Mayle-Male families over the years.)

Luther passed away at the age of 69 on March 27, 1952, of colon cancer. In his obituary, the Zanesville Times-Recorder said he had "dug coal more than 50 years in the mines around Sharpsburg." Burial was in the old "miner" section of Mount Hermon Cemetery.


Typical coal mining operation in Athens County in which Luther E. Mayle would have labored for more than half a century.


So significantly younger than her husband, Erma outlived Luther by more than half a century. She remained in her home four miles south of Chesterhill during part or all of that time and generated income through her work as a practical nurse. Her world was filled with sadness when enduring the untimely deaths of a number of her children and grandchildren.

She died on May 29, 2003 as a patient at Marietta Memorial Hospital in Marietta, OH, at the age of 86. Her remains were interred in Mount Hermon Church Cemetery, with Rev. Delbert Bennett officiating. An obituary in the Zanesville Times Recorder noted that she was survived by 24 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren. Her grave marker was colorfully decorated with orange, purple, pink and yellow flowers when photographed by the founder of this website in September 2015.


Sarah Faye and William's grave, Mount Hermon

Step-daughter Ethel May Mayle (-1910-) was born on Feb. 11, 1910 in Bern Township, Athens County. Sadly, the baby girl died of typhoid fever at the age of seven months on Sept. 6, 1910. The infant's tender remains were placed into eternal rest in Chesterhill Cemetery. Ed Mathew of Sharpsburg signed the Ohio death certificate.

Stepdaughter Sarah "Faye" Mayle (1911-1997) was born on Feb. 3, 1911 in Lathrop, Athens County. She married William L. Mayle (1912-1999). They resided in Utley, Athens County in 1946, Sharpsburg in 1952 and London, OH in 1968. Their nine children were Arlis A. Mayle, William "Luther" Mayle, Roger D. Mayle, Patricia Miller, Julius E. "Judy" Mayle, Anthony "Wayne" Mayle Sr., Richard Mayle, Chaney Fischer and Daisy Mayle. When the federal census enumeration was made in 1940, the couple dwelled in Bern Township, Athens County. That year, the census-taker recorded the family as "negro," and William was employed by the federal government's Works Progress Administration as a laborer on a road construction project. They belonged to the Lathrop Mission Church. In 1995, they dwelled in Marietta, Washington County, OH. Faye died two days before Christmas 1997. Rev. Henry Mayle and Pastor Lael Barkman co-officiated at the funeral service. In an obituary, the Zanesville Times Recorder noted that she was survived by 34 grandchildren and 67 great-grandchildren. William only survived her by a little more than a month, and joined her in eternity on Jan. 30, 1999. They rest side by side in Mount Hermon Cemetery near Amesville. Their grave marker was highly decorated with white crosses, flowers, statues and plantings when photographed by the founder of this website in May 2016.


  • Step-grandson William "Luther" Mayle (1930-2017) was born on Sept. 20, 1930 in Lathrop, Athens County. He was twice married. His first bride was Carma Kennedy ( ? - ? ). After her death, he was joined in wedlock with Shirley Tackett ( ? - ? ), who had been married previously to James C. Kennedy Sr. and brought two stepchldren into the union, James C. Kennedy Jr. and Yolanda Shaw. The Mayles' six known children were Luther Nelson Mayle, Lawrence M. Mayle, Jason Mayle, Jo Ann Mayle, Loretta Stacy and Elizabeth May. Luther earned a living over the years as a construction worker with Local #423 in Columbus. They endured the death of stepdaughter Loretta Stacy and grandson Michael at early ages. At the age of 86, on May 16, 2017, he passed away at home. Burial was in the Mount Hermon Church Cemetery near Amesville, following funeral services held in the adjacent church. An obituary was printed in the Athens Messenger.

Great-grandson Luther Nelson Mayle (1951-2020) was born on Dec. 9, 1951 in Columbus, Franklin Couinty, OH. At the age of about 26, circa 1977, he was united in the bonds of matrimony with Joyce "Peeper" Male ( ? -living). Their union endured for 43 years. The children born to this couple were Luther Nelson Mayle Jr., Brian Mayle, Shane Stacy, Teresa Mayle, Carrie Tabler, Heather Hill and William Mayle. In 2020, the family resided in Athens, Athens County, OH. Luther died at home at the age of 68 on Oct. 29, 2020. An obituary said that he was survived by 17 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Great-grandson Lawrence M. "Barney" Mayle ( ? -living) dwelled in Amesville in 2020 and Bartlett in 2023.

Great-grandson Jason Mayle lives in Columbus.

Great-granddaughter Jo Ann Mayle has made a home in Amesville in the 2020s.

Great-granddaughter Loretta Stacy was deceased by 2017.

Great-granddaughter Elizabeth May established her residence in Columbus.

Step-great-grandson James C. Kennedy Jr. (1970-2023) was born on Jan. 14, 1970 in Columbus, OH to James C. and Shirley (Tackett) Kennedy Sr. He was employed as a detailer for the Greyhound Bus Lines. Circa 1999, when he was 29 years of age, he entered into marriage with Ruth Goins ( ? - ? ). Their union endured for 24 years until the separation of death. She brought two stepsons into the marriage, Clint Goins and Jesse Mayle. Together, the pair bore one daughter, Jessica Kennedy. The Kennedys resided in Chesterhill in the 2020s. Sadly, at the age of 53, James died at home on Sept. 20, 2023. Funeral rites were conducted in the Mount Hermon Church, with the remains interred in the church burying ground. He was survived by eight grandchildren.

Step-great-granddaughter Yolanda Shaw was deceased by 2020.

  • Step-grandson Julius E. "Judy" Mayle (1932-1995) was born on April 3, 1932 in Utley, Athens County. He married a distant step-cousin, Vivian L. "Biddy" Hill (1935-2010), daughter of James "Guy" and Ruth Ann (Kennedy) Hill of the family of John Henry and Emma (Mayle) Kennedy. See the Hill/Kennedy biography for more.
  • Step-grandson Richard Mayle ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). His home in 1997-2007 was in Zanesville. He was deceased by 2016.
  • Step-granddaughter Chaney Mayle (1934-2007) was born on Feb. 6, 1934 near Amesville. She married William Fischer (1933-1995). They were the parents of Donald Mayle, Todd Fischer and Lisa Fischer. She was a member of the New Testament Church of Christ in Columbus. Sadly, William died in 1995 at the age of 62. Chaney outlived her spouse by a dozen years. She passed away in Riverside Hospital in Columbus at the age of 73 on July 28, 2007. Her survivors included 10 grandchildren. Her remains were placed into repose in Mount Hermon Cemetery, and an obituary was published in the Zanesville Times-Recorder. Inscribed on their grave marker are the words "Love always."
  • Step-grandson Arlis A. Mayle (1935-2016) was born on Dec. 21, 1935 in Athens. He wedded Wanda ( ? - ? ). Their children were Debra Kidd, Victoria Collier, Samantha Zirkle, Wendell Mayle, Steven Mayle, Tracey Mayle, Nita Kay Mayle and Freda May Mayle. Sadly, they outlived two sons and three daughters. Arlis was a longtime construction worker and roller operator. At one time they lived in Chesterhill before relocating to Columbus, Franklin Couinty, OH. They were members of the Apostolic Light House of Columbus. As Arlis' health failed, he was admitted to Doctors Hospital in Columbus. He succumbed there the day after his 81st birthday on Dec. 22, 2016. Rev. Kevin Ross preached the funeral sermon at Mount Hermon Church, with burial in the adjoining cemetery. An obituary reported that his survivors included 10 grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren.
  • Step-grandson Roger D. Mayle (1944-2022) was born on Nov. 19, 1944. He was joined in marriage with Stacy R. Croston (June 16, 1966-2020), daughter of Philip and Shirley (Mayle) Croston. They did not reproduce. Roger made a living through his work for Shelly and Sands in Zanesville. He was a life member of the Operating Engineers Local 18. Stacy was employed by the Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster as an office assistant. He liked to travel, collect automobiles and attend auto shows, and she belonged to the Chesterhill Church of Christ. The couple dwelled in McConnelsville, OH in 2007 and in Malta, OH in 2020. Sadly, Stacy passed away at age 53 on Jan. 2, 2020. Roger outlived her by two-and-a-half years. At the age of 77, Roger surrendered to the spirit of death at home on July 7, 2022. Pastor Rich Lemal officiated at the funeral, with interment taking place in Chesterhill Cemetery.
  • Step-granddaughter Patricia Mayle ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She wedded Lee Miller. In 2007-2016, their home was in Columbus.
  • Step-granddaughter Daisy Mayle ( ? - ? ) was deceased by 1997.
  • Anthony W. Mayle's grave, Mount Hermon

    Step-grandson Anthony "Wayne" Mayle Sr. (1947-2002) was born on Oct. 6, 1947 in or near Amesville, Athens County. Wayne was united in holy matrimony with Freda M. (Aug. 8, 1948- ? ). Their family of five known children were Anthony Wayne Mayle Jr., Mark Mayle, Marie Mayle, Jeanette Mayle and Annette Mayle. Their home in 1997 was in Columbus. Grief blanketed the family when Wayne died in Mount Carmel West Medical Center in Columbus at the age of 54 on April 7, 2002. Interment was in Mount Hermon Cemetery.


Stepdaughter Sarah Mayle (1912- ? ) 


Stepson Daniel Mayle (1913-1932) was born on Feb. 3, 1913. He labored during his teenage years as a farmer. Tragically, on the fateful day of Sept. 15, 1932, he was killed in an automobile accident at the age of 19 when his vehicle failed to navigate a turn in Bern Township, Athens County. Authorities said that the vehicle had been going too fast to navigate the curve. Burial was at Mount Hermon Cemetery.


Mount Hermon Cemetery

Stepson Forest A. Mayle (1915-1946) was born on Sept. 12, 1915 in Athens County. He served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II as a corporal and member of the 715th Medical Sanitary Company. Forest never married. He was employed as a coal miner with Black Diamond Coal in Athens County and made his residence in rural Sharpsburg, Athens County. Heartache struck the family when, on June 14, 1946, the 30-year-old Forest was shot and killed by a .22 cal. rifle wielded by Willard Edwin "Eddie" Norris in Bern Township. The interment of the remains took place in Mount Hermon. "No reason was ever given for the shooting," said the Athens Messenger. "Norris and Mayle, with other companions, had spent the evening together in the Tick Ridge area of eastern Athens County. Norris stopped at a friend's house to borrow a gun on the pretext of going ground hog hunting, then returned to the car and shot Mayle who was standing beside the vehicle." (The 5 a.m. incident is believed to have occurred at the home of cousins Jesse and Ivy [Minerd] Fischer.) "Throughout his trial Norris declined to give a reason for his action." Norris was found guilty of murder and spent more than two decades in prison before his sentence was commuted by Ohio Gov. James Rhodes.


Mount Hermon Cemetery

Stepson Okey Roscoe Mayle (1917-1983) was born on Feb. 12. 1917 in the coal mining community of Lathrop, Athens County. He married Dorothy (Beckwith) Williams (1916-2013), a Chicago native and the daughter of George and Jennie Beckwith. In all, he had 18 children -- including Carole Ann Lucas, Juanita Miller, Denise Marie Mayle, Lisa Renee Mayle, Robert Mae Williams, Nora Jeanne Gandy, Cynthia Diana Coombs, Thomas Williams Jr., Richard H. Williams, John Henry Mayle, Okey Michael Mayle, Byron Edward Mayle, James R. Mayle, Forrest Woody Mayle, George Leslie Mayle, Theodore Allen Mayle, Sandra Mayle and Dorothy Mayle. Okey served as a private in the U.S. Army during World War II. They lived in Detroit in the 1940s and '50s, but by 1968 had returned to Athens, Athens County. He died on Nov. 4, 1983, at the age of 66, "as a result of injuries received while working on his automobile," said a local newspaper. He is buried at Mount Hermon, with the funeral services led by Rev. Frank Peoples of Philippi, Barbour County, WV. Dorothy survived her husband by three decades. Reported the Athens Messenger, "After graduation of high school in Chicago, she completed two years at Ohio University. She was employed at River Valley Community School as a caregiver, and was active in her church, the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses." At the age of 97, having outlived seven of her children and one son-in-law, she joined Okey in eternal life on Sept. 29, 2013, and is buried beside him in Mount Hermon.

  • Step-grandson Thomas Sankey Williams Jr. (1948-2003) was born on Valentine's Day 1948. He resided in Athens County. He was married and had six sons -- Andrew Williams, Jonathan Williams, Thomas "Tommy" Williams, Walter Williams, Teddy Williams and Gary Williams. Thomas died at age 55 at Mount Carmel West Hospital in Columbus, Franklin County, OH on Sept. 21, 2003. Burial was in Mount Hermon Cemetery.
  • Granddaughter Carole Ann married Joe Lucas. He was deceased by 2013.
  • Grandson James Mayle married Susan and lived in Baltimore, OH.
  • Grandson John H. Mayle was united in wedlock with Cindy and called Florida home.
  • Grandson Vyron Mayle was wedded to Donna and lived in Chesterhill.
  • Grandson Forrest Mayle married Vickie and made their residence in Columbus, OH.
  • Grandson Mike Mayle was united in matrimony with Angie and resided in Columbus. 
  • Granddaughter Juanita married (?) Plocher and lived in Florida.
  • Granddaughter Christa was wed to a distant cousin, Paul Mayle ( ? - ? ), son of Julius "Judy" and Vivian "Biddy" (Hill) Mayle and grandson of Guy and Ruth (Kennedy) Hill of the family of John Henry and Emma (Mayle) Kennedy. The pair has made their home in Ohio.
  • Granddaughter Lisa Renee Mayle (1961-2016) was born on Nov. 13, 1961 in Athens. She was a graduate of Athens High School and is known to have studied at Hocking College. She was married two known times, first to (?) Smith and then to (?) McCormick. Lisa was the mother of Brittany Smith Flowers and Ashley Smith. and dwelled in Austin, TX. Sadly, as her health declined, she was admitted to St. Davids Hospital in Austin, TX, where she succumbed to the spectre of death on July 9, 2016. An obituary was printed in her hometown newspaper, the Athens Messenger.
  • Granddaughter Denise was united in wedlock with Steve Mayle of Nelsonville, OH.
  • Granddaughter Cynthia Mayle married Brent Combs and lived in Denver.
  • Granddaughter Nora Jean was wedded to (?) Hoffman. Her home in 2013 was in Charlotte, NC.

Mount Hermon Cemetery

Stepson Al Gershen Mayle (1919-1991) was born on July 1, 1919 in Lathrop, Athens County. He was united in the bonds of holy matrimony with Rose Spats ( ? - ? ). He is known to have been the father of four -- Al Kaylen Mayle, George B. Mayle, Jesse E. Mayle and Sophia Davis. When he was age 27, circa 1946, Al lived in Sharpsburg, Athens County. He relocated to Akron, Summit County, OH and was there in 1952. He earned a living for many years as a construction worker. In matters of faith, he belonged to the Baptist church. In 1968, he made his residence in Columbus, Franklin County, OH and in 1991 in Millfield, OH. Sadly, at the age of 72, he passed away in Athens' O'Bleness Hospital on Dec. 11, 1991. His funeral services were conducted in  Mount Hermon Community Church near Amesville,  by the hand of Brother Steve Heskett. Interment of the remains was in the sacred soil of the adjoining church cemetery. An obituary was published in the Zanesville Times Recorder. Inscribed at the top of his grave marker, photographed by the founder of this website in September 2015, is the single word "Father." The marker was highly decorated with flowers, a cross and other colorful objects.

  • Step-grandson Al Kaylen Mayle ( ? - ? ) was located at Fort Knox, KY in 1991.
  • Step-grandson George B. Mayle ( ? - ? ) made a home in 1991 in Grove City near Columbus, OH. 
  • Step-grandson Jesse E. Mayle resided with his parents in Millfield, OH in 1991. 
  • Step-granddaughter Sophia Mayle wed (?) Davis ( ? - ? ). She dwelled in Millfield, OH. 

Stepson Harley Andrew Mayle (1921-1998) was born on April 5, 1923 in Amesville, Athens County, OH. In 1949, at the age of about 24, he was joined in wedlock with 17-year-old Clara Marie Kennedy (1932-1978). The couple produced a family of these known children -- John Andrew Mayle, Alberta May Norris, twins Conny Mayle and Johnnie Mayle Sr., Tony Andrew Mayle, Rhonda Mayle, Sheila Matheny, Delores Marie Mayle, Janet Sue Kennedy and Gloria Jean "Jeannie" Reynolds. Harley made his home in Sharpsburg in the 1940s and '50s and was the informant on his father's death certificate in 1952. The family lived for a time in Detroit and Saginaw, MI and also in Columbus, Franklin County, OH. Sadly, Clara succumbed to death in 1978. Burial was in Pritchard Cemetery in Clemtown near Philippi. Harley lived for another two decades after his wife's passing. Circa 1983-1997, he resided in Philippi, Barbour County, WV. He was named in the 1997 Zanesville, OH obituary of his sister Faye Mayle. Harley died in Philippi on Jan. 15, 1998. The remains were interred in the Pritchard Cemetery in Clemtown near Philippi.

  • Pritchard Cemetery, Clemtown, WV

    Granddaughter Alberta May Mayle (1948-2017) was born on March 1, 1948 in Detroit and spent her growing-up years in Columbus, OH. She married Sam Percy Norris ( ? -1982). They raised three daughters -- Mary Montero, Roberta Seay and Sophrona Chinoy. Grief swept over the family when Sam died on Jan. 5, 1982. Said an obituary, "She had a strong spirit and work ethic and in addition to raising three children on her own after Sam’s early passing, she was a loving caregiver and housekeeper to many of the elderly in and around the Philippi area. Family and friends were Alberta’s passion and delight and she will be remembered fondly for her ability to bring people together. There was no stranger at Alberta’s table and would feed anyone who came to her door. She had organized countless family reunions as well as BBQs and holiday spreads. She enjoyed farm-to-table style cooking, gardening, birdwatching (nature) and traveling." Alberta lived in Philippi and in 2000 relocated to Stafford in northern Virginia near where her three daughters were making homes. She remained in Stafford for the balance of her years. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and endured the illness for a baker's dozen years. Death carried her away on March 11, 2017, at the age of 69. Her remains were transported back to Barbour County for burial in Pritchard Cemetery. Pastor Geneva Mayle preached the funeral sermon.
  • Grandson John Andrew Mayle ( ? - ? ) lived in Grafton, Taylor County, WV in 2011 and in Kentucky in 2013.
  • Grandson Johnnie Mayle Sr. (1953-2012) was born on Jan. 10, 1953 in Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI, a twin with his brother Connie. He served in the U.S. Army. On New Year's Eve 1975, Johnnie was united in holy matrimony with Sharon Lynn Fagons (1951-2011), a native of Chester, Delaware County, PA and the daughter of Rev. George and Elsie Marie (Stevens) Fagons. The children born to or raised in this marriage were Christa Lynn Marshall, Misty Dawn Colins, Ronald Franklin Fagons, Johnnie Mayle Jr. Ralph Edwin Mayle, Marcus Alva Fagons and Ritchie Edward Mayle. Sharon earned a living as a receptionist for "world servants" and was a member of the People's Chapel Church in Chestnut Ridge near Philippi. The family was plunged into grief when 28-year-old son Johnnie Jr. died on Nov. 21, 2007. Sadly, the 60-year-old Sharon succumbed to death on June 9, 2011 as a patient in Ruby Memorial Hospital in nearby Morgantown, Monongalia County, WV. Her remains were lowered under the sod in Welch Cemetery in Philippi, with Pastor Ruston Seaman preaching the funeral sermon. Johnnie lived for another year and passed into eternity on Sept. 19, 2012, at the age of 59. His obituary was printed in the Clarksburg Exponent Telegram.
  • Grandson Conny Mayle (1953-2008) was born on Jan. 10, 1953 in Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI, a twin with his brother Johnnie. On Aug. 2, 1980, he married Ann Annette Reynolds ( ? -2006), daughter of John T. and Frone (Kennedy) Reynolds. Their only daughter was Frona Marie Mayle. Conny worked over the years as a construction laborer. He enjoyed fishing and hunting. The family home was in Moatsville, Barbour County, and they worshipped at the Peoples Chapel Church in Chestnut Ridge near Philippi. Ann Annette died on Nov. 6, 2006, terminating their marriage of 26 years. Conny only lived for another two years. Sadly, as his health failed, he was admitted to Davis Memorial Hospital. He passed into eternity there at the age of 55 on Leap Day 2008. Interment of the remains was in Pritchard Cemetery, with Rev. David Brown leading the funeral service.
  • Grandson Tony Andrew Mayle (1957-2011) was born on April 5, 1957 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, OH. When he was 20 years of age, on Dec. 23, 1977, he wedded Rosella "Tresia" Runner ( ? - ? ). The couple did not reproduce. They lived in Moatsville, Barbour County, WV, Tony made a living as a stucco mechanic on commercial construction projects, employed by Rider Construction. In his free time, Tony liked to fish, collect model antique automobiles, play with his dogs and work in his yard. Having suffered a long illness, he succumbed to death at home in Moatsville at the age of 53 on March 9, 2011. Rev. David Brown officiated at the funeral service. He rests for all time in Pritchard Cemetery.
  • Granddaughter Rhonda Mayle married Franklin Mayle. Their home in 2011 was in Columbus, OH.
  • Granddaughter Sheila Mayle was joined in wedlock with Steve Matheny. They established a residence in Shinnston near Clarksburg, Harrison County, WV.
  • Granddaughter Delores Marie Mayle (1950-2014) was born on Feb. 3, 1950 in Home Township, OH. She married Ezera Franklin Mayle (Aug. 3, 1945-2013), sometimes spelled "Ezra." He was the son of Garfield Mayle of rural Chesterhill. The couple bore three offspring -- Ezera Franklin "Frank" Mayle Jr., Tonia Mayle and Eric Mayle. The couple resided circa 1972 in Columbus. Heartbreak blanketed the family when daughter Tonia died at the age of one month on Feb. 21, 1972. Her tender remains were lowered into eternal rest in Mount Hermon Cemetery following funeral services at the Mount Hermon Community Church, led by Rev. John Montgomery. Her obituary was printed in the Zanesville Times Recorder. Delores and Ezera later divorced. She generated income for her family through employment with Roxane Pharmaceutical Laboratories in Columbus, OH, and spent her final years in Philippi. She was Pentecostal in her church affiliation and enjoyed listening to Christian music. She also liked to crochet. Sadly, over time, Delores Marie endured the death of her daughter Tonya and granddaughter Latosha Marie Parsons Mayle. Her former husband died in or around Columbus on April 6, 2013. At the age of 64, undergoing treatment for a lengthy illness at United Hospital Center in Bridgeport near Clarksburg, WV, Delores Marie was swept away by the Angel of Death on Aug. 25, 2014. Rev. Geneva Mayle led the funeral service and burial at Pritchard Cemetery.
  • Granddaughter Janet Sue Mayle wedded (?) Kennedy. She was in Philippi in 2011-2017.
  • Granddaughter Gloria Jean "Jeannie" Mayle (1954-2013) was born on Dec. 2, 1954 in Columbus, Franklin County, OH. At the age of 21, on New Year's Eve 1975, she was united in matrimony with Stanley A. Reynolds ( ? - ? ). Children born to this marriage were Kimberly Dawn Peters and Stanley A. Reynolds, Jr. They resided in Moatsville near Philippi, Barbour County, WV. Gloria attended the Olive Hill Apostolic Church. Sadly, as Gloria's health failed, she was admitted to Monongalia General Hospital in Morgantown, WV, where she succumbed to death at the age of 58 on Sept. 18, 2013. Interment of the remains was in Welch Cemetery in Philippi, with Rev. Ruston Seaman and Rev. Dave DeRouchie both officiating at the service.

Daughter Karen Mayle ( ? - ? ) lived at home in 1968. She was united in matrimony with (?) Robinson ( ? - ? ). Her home in 1991 was in Vincent, OH and in 2003 was in Zanesville. By 2023, she had relocated to Veto, OH.

Daughter Sharon Mayle ( ? - ? ) resided at home in 1968. She wedded (?) Evans ( ? - ? ). She was in Baltimore, MD in 1991 and in Pittsburgh's Sewickley community in 1997-2005.


Mount Hermon Community Church


Son Russell Benny Mayle (1934-2005) was born on May 27, 1934 in Stewart, Athens County. When he was 18 years of age, on May 7, 1953, he was joined in wedlock with 19-year-old M. Melzena Mayle (Oct. 21, 1933-2013), a native of Cutler, Washington County, OH and the daughter of Harry and Gertrude Mayle. At the time of marriage, Russell earned a living as a laborer, and Melzena lived in Athens County, OH. The Mayles bore three sons -- Timothy Mayle, Terry Mayle and Richard "Rick" Mayle. Russell worked for many years for Central Ohio Coal Company as a driller an doiler. He belonged to the United Mine Workers of America local 1604. The family were members of the Chesterhill Church of Christ, and Russell enjoyed hunting and sports. They were in Pennsville, OH in 1997 and in Stockport, OH in 2003. Russell died in Pennsville, Morgan County, OH at the age of 70 on March 3, 2005. Interment was in Mount Hermon Cemetery, with Rev. Delbert Bennett preaching the funeral sermon. Melzena survived her spouse by eight years. She passed away as a patient in Genesis Health Center of Zanesville, Muskingum County, OH on Aug. 5, 2013. Evangelist Rich Lemal officiated at the funeral service. An obituary was printed in the Morgan County Herald.

  • Grandson Timothy Mayle married Dixie and later Kristi. They have lived in Pennsville, OH.
  • Grandson Terry Mayle wedded Arlene. They have resided in McConnelsville, OH.
  • Grandson Richard "Rick" Mayle was joined in matrimony with Jody. They have dwelled in Stockport, OH.

Daughter Delores Mayle ( ? - ? ) was deceased by 2003.

Son Daniel "Dan" Mayle ( ? - ? ) lived in Guysville in 1991 and in Chesterhill in 1997. He was deceased by 2020.

Son Robert G. "Bob" Mayle (1940-2020) was born on April 3, 1940 in Amesville, Athens County. When he was 21 years of age, on April 26, 1961, he was united in holy matrimony with Gloria Lee Croston ( ? - ? ). Their marital union endured for 58 years. The couple dwelled in Stockport and Chesterhill, Morgan County, OH. They produced a family of four children -- Barbara Mayle, Tonya Mayle, Rex Mayle and Ginger Mayle. For half a century, from about 1947 to retirement in 1997, Robert worked for Laborers Local No. 639 in Marietta. In his spare time, he liked to coach softball and baseball, pitch horseshoes, hunt deer and tend his garden. He also liked to cut grass, said his family, "probably while singing 'Running Bear'." He also is said to have "never met a stranger and helped anyone, friends and family alike." Sadly, at the age of 80, he was gathered in by the angels on April 3, 2020. Interment of the remains was in Chesterhill Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Barbara Mayle ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Tonya Mayle ( ? - ? )
  • Grandson Rex Mayle ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Ginger Mayle ( ? - ? )


Mount Hermon Cemetery

Son David Lee Mayle (1949-1968) was born on May 12, 1949 in Athens County. Tragically, the 18-year-old David and 19-year-old Mayle cousin Larry Vernon Hill died of carbon monoxide poisoning on April 6, 1968 while sleeping in an automobile near Amesville, Athens County. The Zanesville Times Recorder speculated that the two men "had apparently pulled off Ohio 329 about two miles south of Amesville to sleep sometime early Satruday. A resident in the area noticed the car and notified the poatrol." Hill was the son of Hobart and Martha Marie (Mayle) Hill of Zanesville, and at the time of the tragedy had been employed at Burnham Boiler Corporation. Bishop Vinton Smith presided at the funeral service held at the Mount Hermon Evangelical United Brethren Church. David's remains were lowered into repose in Mount Hermon Cemetery near Amesville.

Daughter Shirley Mayle (1941?- ? ) was born in about 1941. Evidence suggests that she has been married twice. Her first spouse was Everett DeCosta ( ? - ? ), son of Harold Thompson of Chesterhill and grandson of Clara DeCosta of Grafton, Taylor County, WV. They were the parents of a son, Everett Eugene DeCosta. The marriage collapsed when Everett was convicted and jailed for non-support and issuing bad checks, reported the Zanesville Times Recorder. He was imprisoned in Columbus, and Shirley and the baby moved back into her mother's home four miles south of Chesterhill. Grief shattered the family when her 10-month-old son Everett suffocated in his sleep on March 31, 1966. Local sheriff told the Times Recorder that "the infant pulled a blanket over his mouth and nose during the night" and that the death was "accidental." Shirley and Everett divorced. By 1968, she had married again to (?) Carnes ( ? - ? ). In 1968-2023, they dwelled in Chesterhill.

Son James "Jim Bill" Mayle ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). He lived in Chesterhill in 1997-2023.

Son John "Jock" Mayle (1946-2023) was born on Dec. 10, 1946 in Sharpsburg. He grew up in Chesterhill. Jock  was the father of seven -- Nelson Mayle, Brian Mayle, John Mayle, Teresa Mayle, Lisa Mayle, Julie Stevens and William Mayle. Jock dwelled in Amesville, OH in 1997, Bartlett, OH in 2003 and Chesterhill in 2023. He earned a living as a construction worker affiliated by Union Local 423 of Columbus. He surrendered to the angel of death at home on July 6, 2023. An obituary was published in the Morgan County Herald. in which the count of his survivors was given as a dozen grandchildren and baker's dozen great-grandchildren. Funeral rites were held at the Mount Hermon Church, with burial following in the adjacent cemetery.

  • Grandson Nelson Mayle lived in Sharpsburg in 2023.
  • Grandson Brian Mayle has made a home in Chesterhill.
  • Grandson John Mayle has resided in Chesterhill.
  • Granddaughter Teresa Mayle moved to Parkersburg, WV.
  • Granddaughter Lisa Mayle makes her dwelling in Chesterhill.
  • Granddaughter Julie Mayle wed (?) Stevens. Circa 2023, she was in McConnelsville, OH.
  • Grandson William Mayle was deceased by 2023.

Son Henry Mayle ( ? - ? ) grew up in Chesterhill.

Son Marion E. Mayle (1951-1997) was born on June 7, 1951 in Amesville, Athens County. He grew up in Chesterhill, Morgan County. He married Juanita (Mayle) Miller ( ? - ? ). She brought two offspring into the union, Kevin Lee Miller and Christa Mayle. The couple went on to bear two more daughters of their own, Shelly Nichols and Renee Miller. For many years, he was employed by Complete General as a construction laborer in Columbus. He belonged to the Laborers Union Local 639 of Marietta. Having become ill, he was forced to retire in 1991 at the age of only 40. His final years were spent in Athens. Sadly, he died at the age of 45, at Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus, on Jan. 7, 1997. His obituary was printed in the Zanesville Times Recorder. Interment of the remains was in Mount Hermon Community Church Cemetery. The widowed Juanita relocated to Myrtle Beach, SC and was there in 2003.

  • Stepson Kevin Lee Miller lived in Fort Lewis, WA in 1997.
  • Stepdaughter Christa Mayle was in Albany, OH in 1997.
  • Daughter Shelly Mayle married (?) Nichols. Her home in 1997 was in McConnelsville, OH.
  • Daughter Renee Miller was at home in 1997.


~ Daughter Winifred Frances "Winnie" (Crippen) Boyer McGill ~

Daughter Winifred Frances "Winnie" Crippen (1918-2001) born on Oct. 22, 1918 and was married twice. 

Her first husband was Howard Clinton Boyer (1896- ? ), a farmer and a West Virginia native. They tied the knot together in Aug. 1933 in a ceremony in Wood County, WV. The groom was 22 years older than the bride.

Evidence suggests that Howard had been married once before and brought two stepsons into the union with Winifred -- Orville Boyer and Phillip Boyer. He moved his family to Ohio sometime before 1935.

The couple bore four children of their own  -- Eugene Boyer, Barbara "June" Boyer, Donald Boyer and Nellie Boyer. 

The 1940 United States Census lists the Boyers in Rome Township, Athens County, OH, residing next door to Winifred's parents.

Their marriage was troubled, and Howard sued for divorce in Clark County, OH, on the "grounds of gross neglect of duty," reported the Springfield News-Sun. "The plaintiff charged that his wife refused to live with him." The divorce was granted in November 1948.

Winifred's second husband was farmer Leonard LeRoy McGill (June 9, 1920-1990). 

They also produced four children -- Leonard Mickey McGill, Robert Gary McGill, Debra McGill and William Wayne McGill 

Circa 1950, the federal census enumeration shows the family living on a farm in Waterloo Township, Athens County. 

Leonard is believed to have passed away in Athens on March 14, 1990.  

Winifred died on April 20, 2001 at the age of 83.

Stepson Orville Boyer (1923- ? ) was born in about 1923. When he was age 17, in 1940, he lived with his father and stepmother in Rome Township. At that time, Orville worked for the National Youth Administration (NYA), within the Works Progress Administration (WPA), President Franklin D. Roosevelt's sweeping plan to get America moving during the Great Depression.  

Stepson Phillip Boyer (1927- ? ) was born in about 1927 in West Virginia. 

Son Eugene Boyer (1934- ? ) was born in about 1934 in Ohio.

Daughter Barbara "June" Boyer (1936- ? ) was born in about 1936 in Ohio.

Son Donald Boyer (1938- ? ) was born in about 1938 in Ohio.

Daughter Nellie Boyer (1942- ? ) was born in about 1942.

Son Leonard Mickey McGill (1950-1998) was born on March 27, 1950 in Guysville, Athens County. He was the father of three -- Lance McGill, Ben McGill and Marc McGill. At some point he relocated to Idaho. Sadly, the 48-year-old Leonard died on April 23, 1998. The remains were interred in family plot in Wyers Cemetery in Guysville, Athens County. The Lewiston (ID) Tribune printed an obituary.

Son Robert Gary McGill ( ? - ? )

Daughter Debra McGill ( ? - ? )

Son William Wayne McGill ( ? - ? )


Carrie Barker

~ Daughter Carrie Irene (Crippen) Barker ~

Daughter Carrie Irene Crippen (1920-2000) was born on Nov. 17, 1920 in Stewart, Athens County.

She left home at the age of 20 and moved to Springfield, Clark County, OH, where she found employment. While in Springfield, she met her future husband, James Clarence Barker (1922-1957), a native of Green, KY, and the son of Everett and Lucy (Musick) Barker. They were wed in Kentucky in August 1946. 

The Barkers had five children -- Clarence Barker, Patricia "Patty" Darnell, Thomas Barker, Virginia Barker and Betty Dill.

They made their home in Springfield for 10 years, where all of their children were born. In 1956, they moved back to Stewart and Coolville, Athens County. 

Tragically, on Feb. 12, 1957, James was killed while driving a trailer truck on the West Virginia Turnpike near Princeton, WV, when the brakes failed and the vehicle careened off a concrete bridge abutment into a small stream. 

Widowed at the age of 37, Carrie made her home with her children on Bethany Ridge until 1965, conveniently located just two miles from the home of her widowed father. When her father died in 1965, Carried relocated several times in and around Albany, Athens County, and finally settled in Stewart ("The Plains") toward the end of her life. 

She passed away on Nov. 11, 2000, at the age of 79. Maudie Perry presided over the funeral service. She was laid to rest in Wyer's Cemetery with her parents and many siblings.

Son Clarence Barker married Lois. They lived in Gallipolis, OH in 2000.

Daughter Patricia "Patty" Barker ( ? - ? ) wedded (?) Darnell. Her home in 2000 was Tuppers Plains, OH.

Son Thomas Barker ( ? - ? ) resided in Ravenswood, WV.

Daughter Virginia "Ginny" Barker ( ? - ? )  was in The Plains circa 2000.

Daughter Betty Jean Barker ( ? - ? ) was born in (?) She was joined in matrimony with Paul Frederick Dill (Dec. 2, 1954-2010), the son of Carl Frederick and Sara Rose (Curtis) Dill. They put down roots in Paul's hometown of Pomeroy, OH. The offspring produced or raised by this marriage were Valerie McClintock and Zean Wilson. Paul served with the U.S. Air Force following his graduation from Meigs (OH) High School. Then for 35 years, he was employed by the Meigs County Highway Department. They joined the Shepherds Chapel in about 2005. Paul became seriously ill and was admitted to Pleasant Valley Hospital in Point Pleasant, WV. He died there at the age of 55 on Oct. 18, 2010. His remains were lowered into eternal repose in Wyers Cemetery. His obituary appeared in the Athens Messenger.

  • Granddaughter Valerie ( ? - ? ) wedded Brian McClintock. Their home in 2010 was in Pomeroy.
  • Grandson Zean Wilson ( ? - ? ) resided in Columbus, OH.


~ Daughter Nellie Marie (Crippen) Haffner ~

Daughter Nellie Marie Crippen (1923-2009) was born on Feb. 11, 1923 in Stewart, Athens County, OH.

On Dec. 19, 1943, when she was 20 years of age, Nellie married Daniel John Robert Haffner (Jan. 10, 1912-2001). Their union endured for a remarkable 56 years.

They produced six children -- Paul Haffner, Peggy Craig, Marjorie "Margie" Wright, John Haffner, Robert Haffner and Susan "Sue" Stevens.

During World War II, Daniel served as a private in the U.S. Army. Sadly, he succumbed to death on July 9, 2001.

Nellie is known to have resided circa 2003-2009 in South Charleston, WV.

She passed into the arms of glory on Feb. 13, 2009 as a patient in Springfield Regional Medical Center in Springfield, Clark County, OH. Her obituary was published in the Springfield News-Sun, which counted among her survivors 15 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. Interment of the remains was in South Vienna Cemetery in Clark County, OH.

Son Paul Haffner ( ? - ? ) married Beverly Sue Edwards ( ? - ? ), daughter of John and Goldie (Evilsizor) Edwards. One known son borne by this couple was Paul A. Haffner. They were in Mechanicsburg, OH in 2009.

  • Grandson Paul A. Haffner was a 1990 gradaute of Mechanicsburg High School. He joined the U.S. Air Force and in 1991 trained at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. 

Daughter Peggy Haffner ( ? - ? ) wedded Louis Craig ( ? - ? ). They established a home in Urbana, Champaign County, OH.

Daughter Marjorie "Margie" Haffner ( ? - ? ) was united in matrimony with (?) Wright ( ? - ? ). She dwelled in South Charleston, WV in the late 2000s.

Son John Haffner ( ? - ? ) was joined in wedlock with Cindy ( ? - ? ). They lived in 2009 in Langsville, OH.

Son Robert Haffner ( ? - ? )  relocated to Montana.

Daughter Susan "Sue" Haffner ( ? - ? ) was married to Douglas Stevens ( ? - ? ). They have resided in Springfield, OH.


Zeanas Crippen

~ Son Zeanas Albert Crippen Jr. ~

Son Zeanas Albert Crippen Jr. (1929-1999) was born on Valentine's Day 1929 near Stewart, OH. 

He was united in holy matrimony with Mary E. Hayes (March 16, 1935-2001). Their marital union endured for 46 years.

They lived in Guysville, Athens County and in Clark County, OH.

The couple produced five children -- David Crippen, Allen Crippen and Roger Lee Crippen plus a son and daughter who died in infancy.

Zeamas earned a living with the Carpenters Local 104 located in Dayton, OH. 

Zeanas died at home on July 15, 1999, at the age of 70. His obituary appeared in the Springfield (OH) News-Sun. He was survived by several grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Mary only survived as a widow for about two years. She entered eternity in or around Guysville on Feb. 4, 2001. They rest for all time in Wyers Cemetery in Guysville.

Son David Crippen lived in Guysville, OH in 1999-2016.

Son Allen Crippen ( ? - ? ) entered into marriage with Jackie ( ? - ? ). He relocated to Kiowa, CO and was there circa 1999-2016. Evidence suggests that he was a certified welder and owned ACC Enterprises, a company providing services for tree trimming and removal as well as steel building erection.

Roger Lee Crippen
(1960-2016) was born on June 20, 1960 in Springfield, Clark County, OH. On Jan. 21, 1984, when he was about 23 years of age, he married 21-year-old Tammy Denice Betton (1962- ? ), his girlfriend from high school and the daughter of Roger and Pat Betton of Springfield. The couple remained together for 32 years until cleaved apart by death. Two daughters born in this family were Ashley Lynn Crippen and Allison Nicole Crippen. The family's longtime home was in Springfield. For 27 years, Roger was employed by the Clark County Building Department. When time allowed, he enjoyed the out-of-doors with a special love for hunting mushrooms as well as wildlife such as coyotes, deer, raccoons, squirrels and turkeys. Roger died at homeon Feb. 7, 2016, at the age of 55. Interment of his remains took place in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in New Moorefield, Clark County. Inscribed on the base of his grave marker are the words "Love you to the moon and back."

  • Granddaughter Ashley Lynn Crippen 
  • Granddaughter Allison Nicole Crippen 


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