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Harry O. and Armena (Cain) Miner Family Bible and Paper Artifacts


Sometime after the birth of their fifth child, in 1910, the family of Harry Orlan and Armena Viancy (Cain) Miner of Washington, PA received this gift of a self-pronouncing Bible. Its date and place of publication are unknown. Judging from the handwriting on the inscriptions on the "Holy Matrimony" and "Births" pages, it's likely that the gift-giver was Harry's brother William Allen Miner, a part-time Methodist minister married to Armena's sister Osta. As two more Miner daughters were born in 1915 and 1917, their names were added in blue ink which today is badly faded.

This Bible was a 1977 gift to the founder of this website by his grandmother, Monalea (Ullom) Miner, widow of the Miners' son Odger. A number of slips of paper were found tucked within the pages, containing newspaper clippings, poems and hymn lyrics, showing that the Bible also served as a type of scrapbook or daybook. Scans are shared below.


~ Bible Pages and Inserts ~

Title page
Wedding page for the Miners' marriage on Jan. 24, 1900 held in Hundred, West Virginia

List of birthdates for Harry and Armena and all seven children. The last two births, for Jessie Elizabeth (1915) and Anna Arminta (1917), are in badly faded blue ink underneath the entry for Edward John (1910).

Above and below, the Jan.-March 1911 edition of Berean Primary Stories, a quarterly publication produced by the Methodist Book Concern and edited by J.T. McFarland, D.D. Single subscriptions cost 35 cents per year, and school subscriptions 25 cents annually.

Poem beginning, "The boy stood on the burning deck..."
A three-page transcription of "The Fatal Wedding," a song composed by Gussie Lord Davis (1863-1899), better known for his song "Goodnight Irene"
Handwritten transcript of the 1836 hymn "Deliverance Will Come," also known as "Palms of Victory," authored by Methofdist preacher John B. Mathias (1767-1848). Johnny Cash recorded this as a single, entitled "The Way Worn Traveler," and it also has been performed by Bob Dylan.
Handwritten lyrics of the hymn, "Little Lights," opening with the line "We are little lights for Jesus," authored by Flora Kirkland and composed by Dr. S.B. Jackson and originally published in 1902.
Questions appearing to be for a Sunday School or Bible study lesson
Above left: the poem by F.C. Wellman, "At the Crossroads. Right: the poem "A Woman Can," author unknown, reprinted from The Delineator.
Above: "John Dodge's Sermon," published Oct. 19, 1912, reprinted from the Pittsburg Christian Advocate, a Methodist newspaper.
"Life Would Be Divine" poem, authored by James Newton Matthews, widely published throughout the United States for decades. Newspaper unknown.
Above and below: title page and Morning Worship agenda for the West Washington (PA) Methodist Church bulletin for Sun., Oct. 6, 1956. The schedule for Tuesday includes the funeral of William Allen Miner.
Above and below, page 3 and back cover for the West Washington (PA) Methodist Church bulletin for Sun., Oct. 6, 1956. Page 3 contains a note of sympathy to member Emma (Miner) White on the death of her brother William. The back cover's list of "Stewards" includes the names Armena Marshall, Lucy Martin, and Grace and Lynn White.

Copyright 2020 Mark A. Miner. Reproduction forbidden without permission.