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Last names of Minerd, Minard, Miner and Minor
First names beginning with the letters W-Z-Y-Z

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Minor, Walter C. ( ? - ? ) - son of Thomas A. and Florence Miner. Fate unknown.

Minerd, Walter E. (1874-1953) - son of Calvin and Mary (Means) Minerd Sr.  Married Esther Gertrude Conliff (1870- ? ) and Kathryn Anne (McMullen) Orwig (1884-1958).

Miner, Ward C. (1882-1914) - son of Andrew J. and Mary L. (Johnston) Miner.  Never married.

Miner, Warren W. (1870-1951) - son of Martin and Amanda (Williams) Miner.  Married Mary Dannecker ( ? -1959).

Minard, Wesley (1829- ? ) - son of Solomon and Rachel (Little) Minard Sr. Fate unknown.

Miner, Wesley (1902-1976) - son of William H. and Sarah J. (Basinger) Miner.  Married Susie Roslosnick (1902-1965).

Minerd, Wilbert Regis "Patsy" (1896-1972) son of James L. and Catherine (Whalen) Minerd. Married Kathryn "Cash" Kelly (1900-1988).

Miner, G. Wilbur "Will" (1878 -1969) - son of Thomas M. and Meletha A. (Ogburn) Miner. Married Hattie Gaines (1880-1970).

Minor, Wilkie Joseph (1887-1915) - son of Henry Clay and Mattie Hunt (Phillips) Minor Sr. Never married.

Minerd, William (1819- ? ) - son of Henry and Hester (Sisler) Minerd.  Married Elizabeth Rankin (1826- ? ).

Miner, William (1830-1881) - son of Jacob and Mary Ann (Kimmel) Minerd. Married Rachel Simmons (1845-1917).

Minerd, William (1840-1919) - son of James and Sarah (Walters) Minerd Sr.  Married Sara Elizabeth Whoolery (1839-1926).

Minerd, William (1843-1906) - son of Jacob and Ruth (Adams) Minerd Sr. Married Margaret Male (1848- ? ) and Elvira Male (1866-1929).

Miner, William (1870-1957) - son of Nathan and Susan (Abbott) Miner. Married Dora Brewer ( ? - ? ).

Minerd, William (1891-1918) - son of James C. and Suvina (Yauger) Minerd Sr. Married Amy Elizabeth Baird (1894-1956).

Miner, William (-1900-) - son of William H. and Sarah J. (Basinger) Miner. Died in infancy.

Minerd, William Alfred (1893-1950) - son of David E. and Sarah C. (Williams) Minerd.  Married Effie Cooley (1895-1978).

Miner, William Allen (1876-1956) - son of Andrew J. and Mary L. (Johnston) Miner.  Married Osta Arminta Cain (1880-1946) and Laura Thompson (1896-1982)

Miner, William Augustus (1861- ? ) - son of Andrew J. and Elizabeth (Smitley) Miner. Fate unknown.

Minard, William E. (1860-1861) - son of Clenon C. and Mary Ann (Kunkle) Minard. Died young.

Miner, William Ellsworth (1862-1956) - son of William and Rachel (Simmons) Miner. Married Amanda (?) (1865-1910).

Miner, William Frederick (1856 - ? ) - son of Frederick and Catherine (Miller) Miner. Fate unknown.

Miner, William G. (1864-1932) - son of Henry A. and Matilda (Rose) Miner. Married Alice Kuhns (or "Koontz") (1868-1911); Sarah A. Morris (1862- ? ); and Rosa Lee "Rosie) (Walls) Rogers (1867-1939).

Minerd, William "Gaddis" (1857-1870) - son of Samuel and Rebecca (Smalley) Minerd. Died young.

Minerd, William H. (1850-1884) - son of Isaac and Catherine (Smiley) Minerd.  Married Ollie Stull (1860-1939).

Miner, William Henry (1851-1940) - son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Forney) Miner. Married Emma E. Hurd (1858-1919).

Miner, William H. (1876-1953) - son of Martin and Amanda (Williams) Miner. Never married.

Minerd, William Henry (1855-1934) - son of John V.S. and Elizabeth A. (Livingston) Minerd.  Married Missouri Katherine "Zouri" Shelkey (1857-1939).

Miner, William Henry "Squire" (1862-1953) - son of Joel and Catherine (Seneff) Minerd. Married Sarah Jane Basinger (1867-1939).

Miner, William J. (1883 - ? ) - son of Henry C. and Mattie (Hunt) Phillips. Fate unknown.

Miner, William "Lincoln" (1867-1936) - son of Ephraim and Joanna (Younkin) Minerd. Married Alice Pearl Ohler (1888-1973).

Miner, William M. (1878- ? ) - son of Joseph and Mary Jane (Courtney) Miner. Married Mary Eliza Smith (1886-1961) and Fanny Dole ( ? - ? ).

Minor, William Milton (1885-1969) - son of John Gilbert and Harriet E. (Wright) Miner. Married Elsie Lynn (1890-1974).

Minard, William McKinley (1896-1974) - son of William and Elvira (Male) Minerd. Married Mary M. Norris (1902-1971).

Minerd, Rev. William Mullen (1885-1948) - son of Charles Marion and Sabina (Pierce) Minerd.  Married Violet Pearl Johnson (1882-1964).

Minerd, William Osborne (1866-1906) - son of Eli and Mary Ann (Baer) Minerd. Never married.

Minard, William Thomas (1862-1948) - son of Margaret Minerd and stepson of Hiram "Poke" Mayle. Married Berthena Croston (1870- ? ) and Lucy A. Collins (1871- ? ).

Minor, William Thomas (1887-1967) - son of Elias and Elizabeth (King) Minor. Married Elizabeth Orndorff (1893-1916) and Mary Frances (Cole) Kniseley (1888-1938).

Minerd, Winifred Winona (1888-1962) - daughter of Charles A. and Sarah (Kincell) Minerd. Married Harry Rutherford Downs (1877-1966).


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