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Old Harbaugh Family Bible
Of Leonard and Martha (Minerd) Harbaugh Sr.


The old family Bible of Leonard and Martha (Minerd) Harbaugh Sr., is noteworthy in several respects -- first, for providing an excellent record of family names, births, deaths and marriages; second, for surviving a terrible fire in the 1920s; and third, for its longevity into the 21st century.

The Bible was printed in New York by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1844. It is thought to have been presented to Leonard as a Christmas gift in the 1840s. The precious Scripture was handed down to his son David and thence to various of David's children and grandchildren.

In 1926, the Bible was saved from a fire in Connellsville, PA by Charlotte "Lena" (Younkin) Doyle Showman, and preserved by her brothers Warren and David Younkin. When the Harbaugh History book was written in 1947 by Cora Bell and J.L. Cooperider, the Bible was cited as an authoritative record of the family's vital information. The volume was considered 'lost' after that, until it was re-discovered in a cousin's attic in 1999. The pages are reproduced below as a more permanent way to share the invaluable information for all of our cousins.


The words "Leonard Harbaugh Book" on the inside front cover of the Bible. Underneath appears to be written the words "Dec. the ..." suggesting the volume may have been a Christmas gift.

Above, an actual photograph of handwritten pages inside the Bible. Note the scorching around the edges, and the water stains on the pages.

The title page -- "NEW YORK: Published by G. Lane & C.B. Tippett, for the Methodist Episcopal Church, at the Conference Office, 200 Mulberry Street. James Collord, Printer.  1844. Above right, a fancily written notation that "David Harbaugh and Mary M. Whipkey Were Married Dec. 26th 1852."


Above right, page chronicling the births of Leonard Harbaugh and wives Elizabeth Pritts and Martha Minerd, and children Joseph Harbaugh, Elizabeth, Catharine Rowan, Sarah Leonard, Rebecca, Samuel, Mary, Nancy, Jonathan, Elisabeth, Isaac and Leonard Jr. Above right, page listing the births of David Harbaugh and wife Mary Magdalene Whipkey, and their children Albert Franklin, Robert Bacom Sr., Lucinda Younkin Johnson, Rosetta Minerd, Evans C., Joanna Weyant, Martha Jane "Mattie" Laughery, Amos W., Mary Elisabeth, Letitia Alice Stoner, Susannah E. Conn Strickler and Sarah Ellen "Sadie" Ream.



Above left, record of the deaths of Elizabeth (Pritts) Harbaugh (1819), Leonard Harbaugh Sr. (1867), Martha (Minerd) Harbaugh (1878), Mary E. Harbaugh (1871), Evans Harbaugh (1881), David Harbaugh (1910), Robert Bacom Harbaugh Sr. (1921) and Joanna (Harbaugh) Weyant (1917). Above right, page listing the births of Leonard and Martha (Minerd) Harbaugh's children Adaline (Minerd) and David Harbaugh.


Copyright 2001, 2006, 2009, 2021 Mark A. Miner