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Coal, Coke and Steel
Honoring More than 400 Cousin Laborers Who
Shaped America's Coal, Coke and Steel Industries

Last Names Starting with ~ A to L ~ 
See also ~ M
~ N to Z ~ Life and Death ~ Introduction


~ A ~


Wilber Ambrose

Ambrose, Wilber L. "Bill" (1894-1975) Husband of Winifred (Hart) Zahn. Policeman of the Vista Mines in Fayette County, PA, before moving to Beaver County, PA and serving as a member of the Beaver County Chiefs of Police, chief of detectives of Beaver County, chief juvenile officer of Beaver County, chief of police of Aliquippa, and a parole officer and probation officer for 26 years.

Anderson, Nelson (1891-1960) Married Jenny Rowan. Coal miner for Rice and Wilkins Coal Company of Mill Run, PA, circa 1917.

Ashby, John Thomas (1910-1978) Husband of Luwilda Elizabeth "Willie" Goins. Coal miner in Rendville, OH in 1940.


~ B ~

Baker, Jamie - Son of Lewis G. and Linda (Garletts) Baker. Welder and boilermaker at a steel mill in Western PA. 

Baker, Lewis G. "Jim” Husband of Linda Rae Garletts. Welder and boilermaker at a steel mill in Western PA. 

Balas, John Daniel ( ? - ? )  Husband of Pamela Sue Gaither. Employed at U.S. Steel' Clairton Works circa 1978. 

Balsley, James E. (1935-1995). Husband of Twila M. Laymon. Employee of Betty Louise Coal Co. of Smithfield, PA and the Purco Coal Co. of Monongahela, PA (20 years).

Barnhouse, Harrison (1829-1875) Married Catherine Minerd. Coker at Vanderbilt, PA circa 1870. On June 25, 1874, the Uniontown Genius of Liberty reported that "We regret to state that Harrison Barnhouse, of East Liberty, had his hand mashed whilst coupling cars. Dr. John R. Nickel was called and three of his fingers were amputated."

Barron, Sheldon Maurice (1901- ? ) Husband of Ruby Evelyn Wable. Miner near Somerset, PA, circa 1930.

Beachy, Earl Clifford inspector for the National Tube Works of United States Steel in McKeesport, PA

Bedillion, John William "Jiggers" (1913-1975) Son of Norton and Margaret (Fisher) Bedillion. Laborer at Washington Tin Plate Co., Washington, PA.


Nort Bedillion (right), National Annealing Box  plant in Washington, 1926


Bedillion, Norton Miner (1886-1965). Son of John M. and Catherine (Minor) Bedillion. For nearly five decades, Nort worked as a laborer for the National Wrought Iron Annealing Box Company in Washington. In April of 1926, he and his co-workers completed a large project -- riveting a 16-ton piece of iron seen on this page. Retired in 1953.


Dick Bedillion receiving gifts
from co-workers at Jessop Steel

Bedillion, Walter K. "Dick" ( ? - ? ) Son of Norton M. and Mary Margaret (Fisher) Bedillion. Employed as a hammer driver at Jessop Steel in Washington, PA before World War II. While in Army combat in Belgium, was paralyzed from the neck down by enemy mortar fire. Seen here, after his return home, co-workers raised $2,400, as a gesture of their commitment and support, as he was the only one of hundreds of Jessop veterans to return from the war fully unemployable.

Birch, Andrew Jackson (1866-1949). Son of Samuel and Susan (Miner) Birch. Worked at Washington Tin Plate Co. for 17 years until it closed. Later was a coal hauler at Prosperity, PA.

Blanock, Gregory "Gus" ( ? - ? ) Husband of Lillian Aline Horstman. Iironworker of Western Pennsylvania.

Blubaugh, Glenn  ( ? -2002) Husband of Bertha Minerd. Dug coal in Somerset County, PA.

Breegle, John Wilkinson Jr. (1903-1962) Married Anna Belle Van Dyke. Worked at the Copperweld Steel plant at Niles, OH until the time of his death.

Brooks, Paul (1917-1996) Husband of Eleanor Minerd. Employed at American Bridge Company, Ambridge, PA from 1942 to retirement.


Leisenring No. 3 coal shaft near Uniontown, PA


Brooks, William Curtis (1895-1959) Husband of Blanche Pritts. Coal miner for U.S. Steel at its Leisenring No. 3 Mine and member of the United Mine Workers of America.

Brown, Wilfred (1915-1971) Son of Robert and Lillie (Romesberg) Brown. Stocker at U.S. Steel's Irvin Works circa 1971.

Bryner, Clyde "Austin" coal miner for East Fayette Coal Company circa 1917-1918 at Ohiopyle, PA.

Bunting, Rosemary Employed by Ryerson Steel, Cleveland, OH.

Bruce, Robert Oliver - blacksmith with the Connellsville Manufacturing, Mine and Supply Company, Connellsville, PA.

Bryner, Fred (1887- ? ) Husband of Mary Firestone. Laborer at H.C. Frick Coke Co.'s Continental #3 Mine in 1910. 

Burgess, Harvey - coal miner for the Washington Coal and Coke Company of Star Junction, PA.

Burgess, Wilmer - in 1930, was as a pattern shipper in a steel mill in Pittsburgh.

Burkholder, Daniel McKinley (1900-1988) Married Kathryn Miner. Retired miner at U.S. Steel's Robena Mine. 

Bush, John H. ( ? - ? ) Husband of Martha McKnight. Miner at Jones & Laughlin's Richeyville mine from about 1930 to 1966. 

Bush, John H. Jr. ( ? - ? ) Son of John H. and Martha (McKnight) Bush Sr. Former coal miner for Jones & Laughlin's Richeyville mine.


~ C ~

Christoff, Charles Joseph (1918-1970) Son of Charles and Alice (Pratton) Christoff. Crane operator for 29 years at Fort Pitt Bridgeworks, Canonsburg, PA.

Cole, Jesse A. (1916-1974) Son of Lutelis and Rachel (Murray) Cole. Member, UMWA Local 9584. 

Cole, Richard ( ? - ? ) Married Grace Clingan. Employed at the Liberty Powder mill in Mt. Braddock, near Uniontown, PA, and by Steel Scaffolding Company in Uniontown.

Collins, Everett (1926-1965) Son of Luther "Lewis" and Blanche Ann (Minard) Collins. Coal miner in the Philippi region of West Virginia.

Collins, Howard Hayward (1929-1975) Son of Luther "Lewis" and Blanche Ann (Minard) Collins. Longtime coal miner in Philippi, WV.

Collins, Luther "Lewis" (1884-1959) Husband of Blanche Ann Minard. Worked as a coal miner in 1920 in Philippi, WV.

Conn, Clarence William (1908-1987) Husband of Alice Catherine Minerd. Employed with Martin Mining Company near Uniontown, PA, circa 1940s.

Conn, Lester ( ? - ? ) Husband of Mae Shroyer. Coal miner near Draketown, PA. 

Cottom, Curtis Earl ( ? - ? ) Son of William H. and Luzetta (McKnight) Cottom. Coal miner in or around Juniata, Fayette County, PA.

Cottom, William H. ( ? - ? ) Husband of Luzetta McKnight. Was clerk and time keeper at the Fayette Coke Works circa late 1860s.

Crawford, Elmer (1882- ? ) First husband of Alice M. Crayton. Coal miner near Smithfield, PA circa 1903.

Crayton, William H. ( ? - ? ) Son of Mary Ann (Minerd) Crayton. Coal miner near Uniontown, PA circa 1900.

Crosby, Francis Yelaine (1910-1991) Son of Lewis G. and Mary Etta (Minerd) Crosby. Coal miner for the H.C. Frick Coke Co. and U.S. Steel Coal Mining Inc. for 35 years, retiring from Maple Creek Mine, PA. UMWA Local 1248. 


Fiery coke ovens at night in Western Pennsylvania.


Crosby, Lewis G. (1866-1931) Husband of Mary Etta Minerd. Master mechanic at the Buckeye Mine of the H.C. Frick Coke Co. circa 1910. His son Francis once said, "All Dad knew was eat, sleep, work."

Crosby, Lloyd (1892- ? ) Son of Lewis G. and Mary Etta (Minerd) Crosby. Laborer at coke works near Bridgeport, PA circa 1910. 

Cross, Heley Patrick (1849-1924) Second husband of Mary Ann (Minerd) Crayton. Dug coal at a "custom coal bank" at Winchester near Alliance, OH circa 1863, prior to re-enlisting in the Civil War. Laborer at Alice Mines, Westmoreland Co., PA, in 1880s. Coal miner and track layer at W.J. Rainey Co.'s Mt. Braddock Mine circa 1883-1890. Was "often compelled to work in the water and wet places."

Croston, Amon (1945-2017) Son of Earl "Roe" and Laura "Fez" (Mayle) Croston. Locomotive engineer within the Republic Steel plant in Canton, joining the company in 1965 and working there for 37 years until retirement in 2002.

Croston, Blaine (1903-1967) Husband of May "Alta" Miner. Coal miner in Moatsville, WV.

Croston, Jethro (1924-2006) Son of Earl "Roe" and Laura "Fez" (Mayle) Croston. Coal miner in Philippi, WV.

Croston, Leroy E. "Roy" (1894-1976) Son of Charles and Mary (Mayle) Croston. Coal miner in Philippi, WV circa 1930.

Culp, Lewis Mortimer (1866-1953) Son of Charles William and Matilda (Miner) Culp. Coal miner in Perry County, OH. According to a manuscript by his grandson, Robert Lewis Culp:

Lewis was a coal miner, railroad switch man, tin smith, plumber and roofer. Lewis was the first man in eastern Ohio to be trained to use the Electric coal mine digging equipment. He worked in several of the mines around Roseville. He later quit mining because he felt that the electric equipment was unfair and took work from miners. He also became fearful when striking miners set fire to a number of mines. 

Cyphert, Charles C. ( ? - ? ) Husband of Lela Kathryn McKnight. Operated two coal mines -- Francis Mine in Dilliner, PA and Martin Hollow Mine in Monongalia County, WV. Also worked in the mines from age 13 around Morgantown, WV. Also owned and operated two coal machinery rebuild shops in Morgantown which employed four of their five sons -- Progressive Industries and Charter Engineering.

Cyphert, Charles R.  ( ? - ? ) Son of Charles and Lela (McKnight) Cyphert. Worked in the family-owned coal machinery business in Morgantown, WV during his college summers.

Cyphert, David  ( ? - ? ) Son of Charles and Lela (McKnight) Cyphert. Works in the family-owned coal machinery business in Morgantown, WV.

Cyphert, Gregory Keith ( ? - ? ) Son of Charles and Lela (McKnight) Cyphert. Works in the family-owned coal machinery business in Morgantown, WV.

Cyphert, Patrick Francis ( ? - ? ) Son of Charles and Lela (McKnight) Cyphert. Works in the family-owned coal machinery business in Morgantown, WV.

Cyphert, Robert ( ? - ? ) Son of Charles and Lela (McKnight) Cyphert. Works in the family-owned coal machinery business in Morgantown, WV.


~ D - E ~

Dalton, Huston (1903-) Son of Jacob Henry Dalton and stepson of Sarah "Sherry" Minerd. At age 16, in 1919, was a coal miner near Philippi, WV.

Dalton, Jacob Henry (1877-1934?) Husband of Sarah "Sherry" Minerd. Circa 1918, he and son William were employed as miners by Mahoning Coal in Lillian, WV, continuing into 1920.

Dalton, Robert Henry "Bob" (1947-2011) Son of Coy Calvin "Pat" and Margaret "Rosaline" (Mayle) Dalton. Employed by Republic Steel in Canton, OH, and retired from the company.

Dalton, Troy Berkley (1911-1956) Husband of Neva Mayle. Killed in a coal mining accident in Dola, WV in 1956.

Dalton, Troy Delbert (1912-2001) Husband of Lucille Mayle. Coal miner circa 1935 in and around Fairmont, WV.

Dalton, William Henry "Bill" (1899- ? ) Son of Jacob Henry Dalton and stepson of Sarah "Sherry" Minerd. Worked for Mahoning Coal in 1918 in Lillian, WV, continuing in 1920.

Darby, James W. (1880-1959) Husband of Jennie Minerd. Worked at Jones & Laughlin Steel Co.'s Shannopin Mine at Bobtown, PA.

Darby, Lawrence E. Sr. (1910-1991) Son of James and Jenny (Minerd) Darby. Worked for eight years for the H.C. Frick Coke Co. mine at Keisterville, PA; then for 18 years with Jones & Laughlin Steel's Shannopin Mine at Bobtown, PA. UMWA.

Deal, Roy L. (1896-1981) Husband of Lillie Belle Romesburg. Coal mine laborer near Humbert, PA, circa 1922. 

Dean, Charles William Sr. (1900-1933) Married a cousin, Mary Louise Turner. On July 3, 1933, was killed in an accident at the Keisterville mine. No details are known. No obituary was published in the Uniontown newspapers, suggesting that bad news was suppressed during that time. William's remains were laid to rest near his father at the Cove Run Cemetery near Uniontown. His grave marker was inscribed, "Farewell ... until we meet again. Beloved, how we miss you." The death was not disclosed publicly until just a little over two months later, in September, when their son David Lewis Dean died at the tender age of 10 months. Fortunately for historians, young David's obituary noted the tragic death of his father just a few months earlier, and may be one of the few public records of the father's fate. 

Dean, David Ray (1902- ? ) Husband of Lela Minerd. Mine foreman near Uniontown, PA, in the 1950s.


Obituary, 1913

Dean, Isaac N. (1861-1913) Married Mary Belle Minerd. Resided in various "patch towns" in and around Uniontown, PA, and is known to have worked at the Youngstown Mine and Lemont Furnace Mine. While at Youngstown early in their marriage, suffered the first of three freak injuries, the last of which took his life. He "was run down by a train ... and dragged some distance before the train could be stopped. It was thought that this accident would be fatal, but the man recovered," said the Uniontown Morning Herald. About 1910, he was "supposed to have been fatally injured when he was run down by a trip in the Youngstown mine. Several cars ran over his body. Little hope was entertained for the man's recovery, but he rallied and seemed little the worse for the narrow escape he had experienced." In 1913, at the Lemont Mine, was caught in a wreck of coal cars in the mine, and "sustained a fractured skull," said the Morning Herald. He was taken to the Uniontown Hospital for treatment. "Because Dean had recovered so miraculously from the other accidents, members of his family entertained high hopes of his recovery," the newspaper said. Sadly, he died at age 54 on Oct. 8, 1913. Son Charles William Dean Sr. also lost his life in a coal mine accident in 1933.

Dean, Ivan (1896- ? ) Husband of Rachel Minerd. Truck driver at a coal company near Uniontown, PA circa 1920. 

Dennis, Harold employed by H.C. Frick Coke near Uniontown, PA circa 1942..

Devore, John E. (1931-2001) Married Lilly Murray. Employed in the blast furnace of Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel's plant at Mingo Junction, WV. 

Dillon, Patrick Thomas Sr. (1875-1963) Married Esther Minor. Coal miner of Roswell, OH, circa 1940s.

Donaldson, George S. (1893-1978) Husband of Viola E. Rose. Employee of Bethlehem Steel.

Durstine, Joseph P. (1915-1984) Husband of Zella M. Rose. Coal miner in the Normalville, PA, area.

Eagle, William Franklin (1900- ? ) Husband of Grace Hauger. Driver in Somerset County, PA coal mines for 18 years, circa 1920s.

Eicher, Earl Stanley ( ? - ? ) Husband of Mary Minerd. Electrician and welder at Jones & Laughlin Steel's plant on Pittsburgh's South Side circa 1919. 


Carnegie Steel laborers, early 1900s, Pittsburgh. L-R: filling molds with steel; ladle pouring molten metal into pig iron machine; modern pig iron machine at rest.



James "Pug" Ellis

Ellis, Eugene (1869 - ? ) First husband of Alice Minerd. Worked as a day laborer at steel mill in Braddock, PA circa 1888-1900, likely the Edgar Thomson Works of Carnegie Steel Company, later becoming U.S. Steel.

Ellis, James "Pug" ( ? - ? ) Pictured and briefly profiled in the book, Uniontown's Part in the World War. After the war, Pug apparently was coal mine laborer for the H.C. Frick Coke Co., working at the company's facilities at Lemont Furnace near Uniontown. Seen below is a rare old postcard image of the Lemont No. 1 mine and coke works, as well as the "Pennsylvania Lines" railroad cars.

Enos, James M. (1878-1957) Son of Perry and Joanna (Minerd) Enos. Former pumper in coal mines near Normalville, PA. 

Everly, John "Ami" ( ? -1930) Married Lillia A. Forman and Lillie M. Wolfe. Resided in Kingwood, WV. Said the Preston County Journal, was "store manager for the Bethlehem Mines stores in the Preston-Monongalia-Marion division."


Lemont No. 1 mine and rail spur near Uniontown, PA



John E. Everly
Obituary, 1930

Everly, John Edward (1893-1930) Son of Robert "Milroy" and Amanda (Hauger) Everly. Grew up near the coal fields of Uniontown, PA and went on to a career as a coal miner. Tragically, was "killed in a fall at the Royal mine of the W.J. Rainey, Inc." on Sept. 22, 1930, reported the Uniontown Morning Herald


~ F - G ~

Farabee, Cleveland (1884-1935) Son of Spencer and Nancy (Minor) Farabee. Coal miner and tin mill catcher near Waynesburg, PA circa 1910-1918. Owned a small coal mine close to where he lived in Dotysburg, Greene County. The coal wagons were pulled by mules. Unfortunately, the small mine did not generate much product, and it eventually closed. Cleve was an amateur photographer and is believed to have made the photograph below himself, using a glass plate negative.


Glass plate image of Cleve Farabee's coal mine in Dotysburg, PA


Farabee, Clinton (1881-1952) Son of Spencer and Nancy (Minor) Farabee. Tin mill laborer in Waynesburg, PA circa 1905-10.

Farabee, Henry Wiley (1876-1948) Son of Spencer and Nancy (Minor) Farabee. Coal miner near Waynesburg, PA circa 1910. 

Farabee, Oliver (1871-1959) Son of Spencer and Nancy (Minor) Farabee. Tin mill laborer near Waynesburg, PA circa 1910.

Farabee, Walter Earl (1895-1971) Son of Henry Wiley and Hetty (Black) Farabee. Coal miner in Washington Co., PA circa 1922-34.

Farabee, William R. (1929-1991) Son of Don F. and Dorothy (Miller) Farabee. Welder at Jessop Steel, Washington, PA, circa 1964-1991.

Fawcett, William Henry Harrison (1857- ? ) Son of William F. and Naomi (Fortney) Fawcett. Coal miner of Preston County, WV, circa 1880.

Firestone, Carl L. (1914-1983). Husband of Verda Snyder. Retired coal miner near Normalville, PA. UMWA.


Connellsville coke worker


Firestone, George E. (1856-1934) Husband of Barbara Helen Minerd. Coke drawer in Connellsville, PA in 1880. Lived at various coal mining and coke oven towns in Fayette County such as Georges Twp., Broadford, Wheeler and Vances Mills.

Firestone, Howard Marion (1897-1978) Son of George E. and Barbara (Minerd) Firestone. Brick layer at H.C. Frick Coke Co.'s Continental #3 Mine in 1923. Later worked at Duquesne Steel Company.

Fischer, Charles "Jesse" (1900-1969) Husband of Iva Lucille "Ivy" Minerd. Earned a living as a coal miner in Sharpsburg, OH in 1930-1940.

Flydell, George H. (1891-1976) Husband of Esther M. Pritts. Retired coal miner for the H.C. Frick Coke Co.'s Leisenring #1 Mine. UMWA Local 1901.

Folkens, Albert Jr. - Bessemer converter operator at A.M. Byers for 34 years.

Folkens, William - Steel mill in Washington, PA in 1940.

Gallentine, James M. ( ? -1908). Second husband of Elizabeth (Minerd) Long. On his farm near Normalville, PA, had a working coal mine mentioned in the 1882 History of Fayette County by Franklin Ellis.

Garletts, Terry Grant ( ? - ? ) Son of Grant A. and Margaret (McKnight) Garletts. Steel worker at U.S. Steel's Clairton Works.

Gary, Charles Glenn (1911-1974) Son of Jacob and Minnie (Miner) Gary. Retired coal miner of Somerset County, PA. UMWA.

Gary, Frank Ferling (1918-2004) Son of Jacob and Minnie (Miner) Gary. Coal miner of Somerset County, PA.


Harry Gary's union card

Gary, Harry R. "Pappy" (1909-1985) Son of Jacob and Minnie (Miner) Gary. Coal miner for 43 years. In his early years he mined at Belltown and Acosta, PA; clay mines at Fort Hill, PA in the 1940s; A&A Coal in the '50s; and at Shamrock, PA for Black Beauty Coal (1948-1955); Brush Creek Valley Co. (1957-1962) and for Everett Snyder from 1963-1967. His union card (UMWA Local 1742) is seen here.

Gary, Howard ( ? - ? ) Son of Harry R. and Cora Grace (Sanner) Gary. Worked for Everett Snyder from 1963-1967.

Gary, James E. (1935-1992) Son of Harry R. and Cora Grace (Sanner) Gary. Worked for A&A Coal in the 1950s and for Everett Snyder from 1963-1967.

Gary, John R. (1926-1994) Son of Jacob and Minnie (Miner) Gary. Coal miner of Somerset County, PA.


News article, 1952

Gary, Lester Elwood (1916-1986) Son of Jacob and Minnie (Miner) Gary. Coal miner near Rockwood, PA, including at the Saxman Coal and Coke Mine in the 1950s and the Brush Creek Valley Co. in the '50s and '60s. UMWA. A newspaper article circa 1952 reported that:


Lester Gary, 36, Rockwood, lost a finger after a mine accident Monday.... The accident occurred in the Saxman Coal and Coke mine, Somerset, R.D. 2. His finger, the first one on his right hand, was amputated in the Somerset Community hospital. A wheel of a coal car ran over the finger, it was reported, and the same wheel barely missed taking his entire hand.

Gary, Norman Clark  ( ? -2002) Son of Jacob and Minnie (Miner) Gary. Coal miner for 43 years in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Survived many cave-ins over the years.

Gary, Paul ( ? - ? ) Son of Jacob and Minnie (Miner) Gary. Coal miner of Somerset County, PA. 

Giles, Albert Franklin ( ? - ? ) At age 18, in 1920, he and his father William Ethelbert Giles Sr. were employed as laborers in a steel mill.  

Giles, William Ethelbert Sr. (1873-1952) Husband of Hannah Turner. Miner at Connellsville, PA circa 1900 and steel mill laborer in 1920. 


Jesse Floyd Goins

Giles, William Ethelbert Jr. (1907-1983) Married Mildred Swink. Retired coal miner for Republic Steel Corporation. 

Goins, Jesse Floyd (1892-1973) Married Reatha Arcelia (McCuen) Goins. Coal miner in and around Zanesville, OH.

Goins, John Henry II (1886-1981) Married Mary Ethel Minerd. Longtime coal miner in the region of Zanesville OH, working in 1918 for Black Diamond Company of Lathrop. When jobs dried up, relocated during the 1920s to Rendville, OH, where he found work in a mine.

Gorsuch, Carl Vincent (1891-1964) Son of Richard and Martha (Minerd) Gorsuch. Coal miner at Rockwood, PA circa 1920.

Gorsuch, Floyd (1887-1916) Son of Richard and Martha (Minerd) Gorsuch. Coal miner killed in a fall of slate at Rogers Mill, PA. On June 27, 1916, the Connellsville Daily Courier reported that:


Daily Courier, 1916

Floyd Gorsuch was instantly killed yesterday in the mine of George Worrick at Rogers Mill when he was caught by a fall of slate. Men who were working near the young man heard the fall and rushed to his assistance, but life was extinct when his body was removed shortly afterwards from beneath the fall. The body was taken charge of by Funeral Director S.C. Brooks of Indian Head and prepared for burial. Services will be held from the home of Russell Miller, where Mr. Gorsuch boarded, tomorrow afternoon. Interment in Maple Summit cemetery. Mr. Gorsuch's home was at Maple Summit and for the past five weeks he had been employed in the Worrick mine. He was single and was well known in the Indian Creek valley. 

Gorsuch, Richard A. (1894- ? ) Son of Richard and Martha (Minerd) Gorsuch. Coal miner at Rockwood, PA circa 1920. 

Green, James Calvin ( 1924-2005) Married Grace Sanfilippo. Employed for 28 years in the blast furnace department and as a trussell operator in the Monessen (PA) plant of Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel.

Grimm, Donald D. (1913-2008) Married Dorothy Minor. Brakeman at the Edgar Thomson works of U.S. Steel.


~ H - I ~

Hagar, Clinton Harrison (1890-1977) Husband of Stella Minerd. Laborer at the Keister and Bobtown Mines in Pennsylvania for many years. UMWA 6159.

Hall, Russell ( ? -1981) Husband of Dora Frances Minerd. Coal miner at Pittsburgh Coal's Fitzhenry Mine and later worked at U.S. Steel's Homestead Works.


Homestead works of U.S. Steel near Pittsburgh, Russell Hall's workplace


Hanshaw, George Lee Jr. employed for many years as an accountant with United States Steel Corporation in Clairton and Pittsburgh, PA.

Harbaugh, Chauncey Clinton (1879-1935) Son of Allen Edward and Margaret (Williams) Harbaugh. Coal mine laborer near Mill Run, PA circa 1920.

Hardy, Amzi career as a sheet metal worker in or around Dunbar, PA.

Harford, Russell M. (1914-1976) Husband of Elizabeth Hart. Retired employee of U.S. Steel's Gary Works with 30 years of service. USW Local 1014.

Hart, Clarence ( ? - ? ) Husband of Bessie Weimer. Crane operator for U.S. Steel circa 1981.

Hart, Clyde E. ( ? - ? ) Son of Ralph S. and Clara Ethel (Miller) Hart. Factory worker at U.S. Steel's Christy Park Works circa 1981.

Heinbaugh, Donald Oren ( ? - ? ) Son of Lloyd and Olga (Vough) Heinbaugh. Superintendent of Construction for Republic Steel Coal Corp. in Phillippi, WV at the time of his death in 1981.

Herchelroath, Howard B. ( ? - ? ) Husband of Betty Gary. Worked at the National Plant of U.S. Steel. 

Herrington, Albert H. (1879-1899) First husband of Jennie (Minerd) Herrington-Worrick. Lamp cleaner at the Oliver coke plant, Uniontown, PA, in 1897-98, prior to his death in the military during the Philippine Insurrection.


Charles Hiles

Hiles, Charles ( ? - ? ) Son of Josiah and Daisy (Minerd) Hiles Sr. Railroad track layer. Later a coal miner at Clairton, PA, ca. 1963. Felt the pull of God to enter Christian ministry and became ordained in the Church of God.

Hiles, John William "Moonie" (1917-1991) Son of Josiah and Daisy (Minerd) Hiles Sr. Retired coal miner with the Hillman Coal and Coke Company. 

Hiles, Josiah Sr. (1885-1917) First husband of Daisy (Minerd) Hiles Predilla. Laborer at the Lafayette Works at Helen, PA, in 1905 and machinist at the Plumer Coke Works at McClellandtown, PA, in 1917. On the fateful day of April 30, 1917, the Uniontown Morning Herald reported that:

Josiah Hiles, a machinist at the Plumer Coke company's works near McClellandtown, met a tragic death Saturday during a friendly wrestling bout with E.W. Eberly, superintendent of the plant. Mr. Eberly, Mr. Hiles and several other employes had gone to the mine to repair a motor. During the interval while a "trip" was being made, Mr. Hiles and Mr. Eberly engaged in a friendly wrestling bout as they had done dozens of times before. Mr. Eberly finally threw Mr. Hiles, both men falling at the same time. Mr. Hiles' head, however, struck on the edge of a bench which had been nearby but thought out of danger. Death resulted from a broken neck. Mr. Hiles is survived by his widow and four children. He was one of the most popular men at the plant. 

Hiles, Josiah Jr. (1906-1930) Son of Josiah and Daisy (Minerd) Hiles Sr. Worked at the Provance Mine of Powell Coal near Masontown, PA. On June 19, 1930, the Uniontown Daily News Standard reported that:  

Josiah Hiles, 24, was instantly killed Wednesday afternoon about 1:30 o'clock when caught beneath a trip of mine cars in the Provance mine of the Powell Coal company, near Masontown. His body was badly mangled. He is survived by his widow, Josephine Hiles and an infant child. 

Hill, James "Guy" (1912-1978) Husband of Ruth Ann Kennedy. Longtime coal miner in Chesterhill, OH.

Hill, Wilbur Dean (1938-2005) Son of James "Guy" and Ruth Ann (Kennedy) Hill. For 28 years, was a coal miner with Central Ohio Coal in Zanesville, OH.

Holdsworth, James Clinton Sr. (1883-1923) Married Alice Jane Minerd. Coal miner of Westmoreland County, PA circa 1904.

Hoover, Heiskell C. "Happy" (1892-1968) Husband of Duella Ritenour. Coal miner for 31 years at mines at Indian Head and Melcroft, PA. UMWA. 


Sam Horstman and grandson

Hoover, Julius - Husband of Katie Gary. Laborer at the clay mines of General Refractories Company near Fort Hill, PA. The clay was used to make brick for steel mill coke ovens.

Horstman, Samuel W.(1877-1956) Husband of Laura Edna McKnight. Longtime coal miner of Canonsburg, PA. An undated newspaper article headlined "L.U. 1826 Salutes 50-Year Member," read:

Horstman, who joined the old Knights of Labor when he entered mining at the age of 11, possesses a gold medal denoting 50 years of membership in the UMWA. Though unable to work now, he is known and liked, as he was during his active years in the mines, for his eager willingness to be of service to his fellow men. Recently, Horstman received his first check from the UMWA Welfare and Retirement Fund, for which he expressed thanks to President [John L.] Lewis and all who made it possible. He believes the Welfare Fund is the greatest single accomplishment in the history of the UMWA and of very real benefit to coal miners.


Continental Can, Canonsburg, PA

Horstman, Wilbert Charles "Bic" (1912-1984) Son of Samuel and Laura (McKnight) Horstman. Worked at Continental Can Co. making tin cans and, during World War II, airplane parts. Later, he was a shearman cutting steel for power transformers for Pennsylvania Transformer. The company's administration building is seen here in a rare old postcard photograph, standing next to facilities of the Standard Tin Plate Co.

Hoyle, Kenneth A. ( ? -1975) Husband of Sarah Agnes Ritenour. Retired from U.S. Steel's National Tube mill in 1951.

Hudock, John (1916-1988) Husband of Alice Jane Weimer. Employed by Standard Steel of Latrobe, PA.

Huey, Andrew (1901- ? ) Husband of Nora Addis. Miner near Denbo, PA, circa 1927.

Hunt, Thomas B. Sr. ( ? -1960) Husband of Mary J. Richter. Active in coal and oil leasing in Uniontown, PA for many years.

Hyatt, John R. Sr. (1923-1996) Husband of Ruth Ritenour. Retired bomb runner for Christy Park Works of U.S. Steel Corp. 

Ingles, George Ewing (1865-1939) Son of Jacob and Sarah (Minerd) Ingles. May have worked at the Alice Mines of Mt. Pleasant, PA circa 1889. Later changed his surname to "Ogle."

Ingles, William H. (1869- ? ) Son of Jacob and Sarah (Minerd) Ingles. Coal miner near Pennsville, PA circa 1891.

Inks, Andrew Jackson (1829-1913) Husband of Minerva Minerd. Was a farmer for many years, taking care of the livestock of the H.C. Frick Coke Co. at Fairchance, PA.

Isiminger, Robert Roy Jr.. electrical engineering for U.S. Steel in 1970.


~ J ~

Jeffries, Hugh (1872- ? ) First husband of Frances "Fannie" Minerd. Laborer at H.C. Frick Coke's Lemont Works near Uniontown, PA circa 1889. On Jan. 10, 1889, the Uniontown Genius of Liberty reported that:

Hugh Jeffries aged 17, met with a painful accident and under the circumstances a sad one last Monday morning at the Lemont coke works. His foot was caught by the flange of a wheel on a coke car and a deep gash cut from the toe to the heel. His wound was dressed by Dr. P.F. Smith, who says he is getting along well, but that it will be many days before he will be able for work. This annoys Hugh very much, as he is at present the sole support of his mother and a large family. 

Jenkins, Dorothy (Minor) (1907-1993) Daughter of Oren Bernard and Lillian (Tong) Minor. Employed in the accounting department of Greer Steel at Dover, OH.

Jenkins, Charles Bentley (1908-1990) Husband of Vera Whetzel. Electrician at a steel mill in Monessen, PA, as a contractor employed by Pages Chain and Cable Co. 

Jennings, Eugene "Gene" (1903-1979) Son of Alvin and Lydia (Kemp) Jennings. Retired coal miner for U.S. Steel's Leisenring #3 Mine. UMWA. 

Johnson, David R. (1833-1918) Husband of Mahala Ann Minor. Coal miner of near Sego, OH, before moving to Concordia, KS in 1877.

Johnson, Gilbert V. (1907- ? ) Husband of Elvarene Rose. Coal miner near Mill Run, PA, circa 1929.

Johnson, John Edward (1901-1972) Husband of Hazel Minerd. Retired miner from Republic Steel's Clyde Mine.


Jones & Laughlin's Aliquippa (PA) Works, which provided summer work for college students such as future banker Gordon Jones


Jones, Gordon Sykes  Husband of Marjean Lee Miner. Financed his college education by working weekends and summers in 1950-1953 at the Aliquippa Works of Jones & Laughlin Steel. Became a banker and managed Mellon Bank's Aliquippa Branch. 


~ K - L ~

Kelly, John  ( ? - ? ) Husband of Lucinda Crosby. Worked at Buckeye Mine of H.C. Frick Coke.

Kennedy, Allen D. "Rock" (1952-2017) Son of Gaston and Farnet Ruth (Poe) Kennedy. Operated a crane for IPSCO, a company making and fabricating steel in or near Koppel, PA.

Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin Sr. worked for 19 years at the Jones Coal Minein or near South Zanesville, OH.

Kennedy, Benjamin "Harrison" (1889-1953) Son of Josiah and Ruth Ann (Minerd) Kennedy Sr.
Circa 1917, worked as a coal miner for Lee J. Sandridge of Philippi, WV. Eventually retired as a miner with Kennedy-Mayle Coal Company.

Kennedy, Clavius Calvin "Tave" (1904-1978) Son of Opha Cleophas and Bertha "Bertie" (Mayle) Kennedy.
Lived in Canton, OH and Detroit. Longtime coal miner, with a membership in the United Mine Workers of America.

Kennedy, Edward Sr. (1939-2010) Son of Raymond and Ollie (Croston) Kennedy. Welder and lift truck operator for American Steel Foundry in Canton, OH.

Kennedy, Ellis "Red" (1900-1062) Husband of Dovie Lee Kennedy. Longtime coal miner in the Berryburg and Flemington communities of West Virginia.

Kennedy, Hayward (1908-1987) Son of Samuel and Sarah (Mayle) Kennedy.
Coal miner in Cecil, WV in 1935-1940. Moonshiner and rumrunner to make ends meet during the Great Depression.

Kennedy, Henry Floyd (1890- ? ) Husband of Susan "Blanche" Mayle. Coal miner of Moatsville, WV.

Kennedy, Howard Lee Sr. (1896- ? ) Son of Josiah and Ruth Ann (Minerd) Kennedy Sr.
Driver in local coal mines of Philippi, WV in 1920.

Kennedy, James Bradley (1911-1968) Son of Opha Cleophas and Bertha "Bertie" (Mayle) Kennedy.
Employed by Clinchfield Coal at its Dola Mine No. 2, in the 1960s, and a member of the United Mine Workers of America.

Kennedy, James Edward (1931- ? ) Son of William "Edward" and Reathel (Mayle) Kennedy.
Coal miner in Sharpsburg, OH circa the 1940s and '50s.

Kennedy, Jefferson (1882-1954) Married Edith May Parsons. Coal miner in and around Philippi, WV circa 1906.

Kennedy, John Henry (1871-1953) Son of Josiah and Ruth Ann (Minerd) Kennedy Sr. Labored in an iron works in Zanesville, OH in the 1920s.

Kennedy, Ray (1894-1990) Married Cora Bell Mayle. Coal miner in Knottsville, WV. 

Kennedy, Raymond (1913-1950) Son of William Bolyard and Osa (Minard) Kennedy. Coal miner in Moatsville and Philippi, WV. 

Kennedy, William Bolyard (or "Boyer") (1885-1932) Married Jessie Mae Minerd. Coal miner in and around Marietta and Zanesville, OH.

Kennedy, Isaac "Brother Ike" (1919-2011) Son of William "Boyer" and Osa Bell (Minerd) Kennedy. Coal miner of Moatsville, WV. Associate pastor of the Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Church of Olive Hill and prayer meeting leader with Chestnut Ridge African Methodist Church.

Kennedy, Opha Cleophas (1876-1965) Son of Josiah and Ruth Ann (Minerd) Kennedy Sr. Circa 1917, was a miner for Sterling Coal in Cecil, WV and in 1923 for Cambria Mines in Flemington, WV. Continued his mining work as of 1930, working with son Clavius. Retired from Simpson Creek Collieries.

Kennedy, Ressie "Ray" Sr. (1894-1990) Son of Josiah and Ruth Ann (Minerd) Kennedy Sr. Longtime miner in Cecil and Knottsville, WV. Also a construction laborer on the Tygart River Dam.

Kennedy, Thomas "Jefferson" (1882-1954) Son of Josiah and Ruth Ann (Minerd) Kennedy Sr. Coal miner in 1910 in Barbour County, WV. Worked for Morrall Coal of Philippi in 1918. Continued mining at least until 1930.

Kennedy, Vulius H. "Kenny" (1944-2014) Son of Rev. Isaac "Brother Ike" and Lillie (Poe) Kennedy. Employed for 22 years by Babcock & Wilcox in Koppel, PA and in 2008 retired from Ellwood Quality Steel.

Kennedy, William "Edward" (1906-1989) Son of John Henry and Emma (Mayle) Kennedy. Coal miner in the vicinity of Chesterhill, OH in the 1960s.

Kennedy, William Henry (1884-1932) Husband of Jesse Mae Minerd. Worked for Black Diamond Company of Lathrop, OH circa 1918.

Kennison, Lloyd J. ( ? - ? ) Husband of Grace Minerd. Coal miner near Smithfield, PA, circa 1921.

Kern, Nelson G. (1869-1945) Husband of Agnes Murray. Farm superintendent for H.C. Frick Coke near Uniontown, PA.

Kimmel, Edward Dale (1931-1952). Son of Irvin Lester and Evanell (Miner) Kimmel. Employee of Connellsville Manufacturing & Mine Supply.

Kooser, John D. (1875-1944) Married Esther Ogle. When the federal census was made in 1930, was listed as working for a foundry. 

Kreger, Harold (1921-1997). Husband of Gladys Gary. Retired mine foreman with GM&W Coal Co. of Somerset County, PA.

Krepps, Charles  ( ? - ? ) First husband of Evelyn Hager. Coal miner at Keisterville and Bobtown, PA.

Kuhns, Jacob Y. (1872-1963). Husband of Minnie Enos. Employed by Indian Creek Coal and Coke.

Lambert, Elmer (1881- ? ) Husband of Caroline Minerd. Miner at Keister and Bobtown, PA.

Laws, James (1896-1981) Husband of Ada Firestone. Longtime coal miner of near Connellsville, PA. UMWA.

Laymon, Myers (1917- ? ) Husband of Dollie Snyder. Miner near Normalville, PA, circa 1938.

Lewis, Lindsay Chester (1899-1974) First husband of Margaret (Miner) Lewis Myers Cowdery. Worked at the Oliphant Furnace, Maxwell and Kyle Mines. Retired from U.S. Steel's Robena Mine. Robena Local 6321, UMWA.

Lowery, Gipson (1873-1933) Husband of Anna Minerd. Laborer at Fairbank, PA in the 1930s.

Lueckert, Eugene steelworker in Youngstown, OH circa 1941.


Typical coal mine operation in Lilly, Cambria County, PA


Lytle, Frederick Fay (1891-1976) Married Josephine Roberts and Dixie Ryan. Coal miner in and around Lilly, PA.

Lytle, George (1883-1898) Son of John Thomas and Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Miner) Lytle. Coal miner in and around Lilly, PA, who died at age 16 of typhoid fever.

Lytle, John Thomas (1857-1916) Married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Miner. Coal miner in Bearfield Township, Perry County, OH before migrating eastward to Cambria County, PA, circa 1890, and continuing to labor in local mines.

Lytle, Clarence Warren "Bobby" (1887-1929) Married Margaret Ethel Smith. Worked with his father in the coal mines of Cambria County, PA.

Lytle, Wilse Gilmore (1896-1982) Son of John Thomas and Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Miner) Lytle. Coal miner in and around Lilly, PA.


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