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Laughery Reunion - 1974

The Tenth Reunion of the Family of 
David Leander Laughery and Martha Jane Harbaugh

August 18, 1974


The 10th Annual Reunion of the descendants of David Leander Laughery and Martha Jane Harbaugh will be held at the home of Gene and Jeannette Passwaters at N.W. Front Street, Milford, Delaware on August 18, 1974, at 1 P.M.

They have a lovely pool and and a pond nearby, so bring swimsuits and fishing poles, and join in the fun planned for the day.

For those who have been unable to come or it has been a while since you last came to a reunion, make plans to come to this our 10th year.  Good food, ice cream and games are always a treat, but most of all it is important that we gather for fellowship of the family, as it seems most families only get together in times of sorrow.  If you are unable to make it drop a few lines about your family, what they are doing, any pictures , births and marriages that may be shared with all present at reunion.  This way we can keep posted on all and how we have grown.

We pray this letter find all well and looking forward to being together on Sunday, August 18.


The 10th annual reunion of the descendants of David Leander Laughery and Martha Jane Harbaugh, was held at the home of Gene and Jeannette Passwaters of N.W. Front St., Milford, Del., on August 18, 1974 at 1 P.M.

With the lovely pool and pond and lots of food, homemade ice cream and cake, a great setting with lots of good fellowship.  After a lovely buffet dinner, the meeting was brought to order by Ronald Case, the president.  Scriptures and prayers were led by Nancy Thompson.

It was decided to research and draw up a family tree.  The committee appointees were Dorothy Laughery, Lorretta Downes, Ruth Laughery and Nancy Thompson.

Officers for coming year remain the same with entertainment to be led by JoAnn and Chris Moore. Two new members have been added to our gang.  Debbie Vincent married Jerry Webb on October 27, 1973 and JoAnn Thompson became Mrs. Chris Moore on April 13, 1974. Jean Laughery was in charge of entertainment and gifts were given.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy C. Thompson

Guest attending the 1974 Reunion

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Passwaters and Tommy
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Laughery, Wendy and Lisa
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Art Laughery
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilkerson, Linda and Johnny
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Laughery
  6. Tim and Jill Finkbiner
  7. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Case, Karen and Blair
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Winand, Keith and John
  9. Relland Winand and Dayna Zucca
  10. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Winand
  11. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Winand
  12. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Passwaters and Renee
  13. Mrs. Ruth Wilderson
  14. Mrs. Loretta Downes, Julia, and Kim
  15. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Moore
  16. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vincent
  17. Mr. .and Mrs. Alvin Thompson, Jerry, Barry, Susie, Eddie Phillips


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