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Laughery Reunion - 1979

The 15th Reunion of the Family of 
David Leander Laughery and Martha Jane Harbaugh

August 17, 1979


The 15th Annual Laughery Reunion was held at the home of Alvin and Nancy Thompson in Harrington on August 17, 1979.  

The weather was warm and sunny.

After the buffet dinner was served, the business meeting was conducted by President Harry Winand.  It was decided that the reunion will be held next year at the home of Robert and Irene Vincent in Harrington.  

Robert Vincent was elected the president, JoAnn Moore will remain Secretary-Treasurer and Susie Gray will take change of entertainment again next year.

It was noted that Kathryn Laughery has recovered from a long illness and is recuperating at home. Mrs. Ralph Wilkerson also could not attend the reunion this year. 

Four babies were added to the family this past year: Regina Lynn Passwaters born to Gene and Donna Passwaters in June, Vickie and Rusty Bartholomew added Kelly Ann of March 7, Jerry and Debbie Webb gave birth to Matthew Allen on February 14, and Linda Webb had a daughter named Nicole Dawn on October 20, 1978.

Two weddings have taken place this past year. Rell Winand married Dayne Zucca on September 9, 1978 and David Laughery and Sharon Jones were married on April 7, 1979.

After all the new business of new members being added to our family, Susie Gray took over with games.

Those present:  Clayton, Loretta, Kim Julie Downes, T.J. Connoway of Milton De., Robert and Irene Vincent, Alvin, Nancy and Barry Thompson, Joe and Susan Gray of Harrington. David, Molly and Sheila Laughery of Seaford, Willis and Dorothy Laughery, Jill Finkbiner and Arthur Laughery of Greenwood, Leroy and Ruth Winand of Cape May N.J. Harry, Lois, and John Winand of Lansdowne, Pa. and Chris, JoAnn and Chad Moore of Felton.

Games - Clayton Downes with three games including guessing how many beans in the jar, eat a cracker and whistle and bust the balloons.  He also won a door prize for having the least hair.  

John Winand was the guy with the longest hair.  Ruth Winand was the shortest person over 16 years.  Jill Finkbiner was the girl with the longest hair.  Buck Thompson had painted most recently.  Chad Moore was the youngest. 

Harry and Lois Winand had the largest number on their license plate.  Sheila Laughery won the Brand name game and Buck Thompson won the cotton ball-spoon game.


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