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Remembering More than 220 Casualties
of Water, Fire & Motor Vehicle Accidents

See also Military Casualties - Workplace Deaths in Manufacturing,
Mining & Metals
- Casualties of Railroad & Streetcar Accidents
In reading thousands of newspaper obituaries over the years, it's been troubling to see that hundreds of cousins lost their lives in accidents in water, fire and motor vehicle accidents. These have ranged from drownings and scaldings to fires, explosions and automobile and motorcycle collisions. So that their lives are never forgotten, this page is dedicated to their memory, to the flame of each life snuffed out far too soon.


~ Drownings and Scaldings (Chronological Order) ~
Name (48)
Death Date
Horse stumbled and fell while fording the Jackson River at Covington, VA during the Civil War
Dec. 20, 1863
Jacob C. Franks - family of Catharine (Weyand) Frank
Swimming in the James River in Richmond, VA during the Civil War
May 20, 1864
Charles N. Sturtz - family of Charles Sturtz
Fishing on a seine near the mouth of Wills Creek along the Muskingum River, OH.
June 1873
John Rochty and daughter Bernice Rochty
Boat sank while crossing the Maumee River near Overty Island, Grand Rapids, OH
April 2, 1878
Boat outing near Lakeside Hotel, Buckeye Lake, OH
Nov. 30, 1884

Firman E. Sturtz - family of Solomon Sturtz

After a heavy deluge of rains, was trying to move cattle off the bottom of where the Rock River had overflowed its banks at Rock Valley, IA.
May 18, 1892
Anna Beaver - family of Anna (Boyd) Sears
Tipped a pan full of scalding water onto herself at home in Greenfield, IN.
June 12, 1902
Ralph Boyd Beaver - family of Anna (Boyd) Sears
Pulled a pail of boiling water on himself at his residence in Greenfield, IN.
Aug. 5, 1902
Harry Overfield - family of John F. Overfield
Fell off a steamboat a quarter mile below the Maidsville landing on the Monongahela River near Morgantown, WV.
Sept. 3, 1903
Rosa Glessner - family of Catherine Ann "Caty" (Comp) Sarver
Fell down a hill at the edge of her yard and drowned in a small stream, only about 6 inches deep, in North Versailles near Pittsburgh.
March 13, 1911
Swimming in the Helen Works reservoir near Smock, PA.
Aug. 9, 1911
Matthias Pauley - family of Hannah (Friedrich) Pauly
Swept over the Klapperthal dam while fishing on the Schuylkill River, Berks County, PA.
May 3, 1913
John A. Williams - family of Emma (Inks) Williams
Swimming in the Helen Works reservoir near Smock, PA.
June 6, 1914
James R. Minor - family of Joseph Minor
Dove off a boat in Maple Swamp in Buckeye Lake, OH.
July 23, 1915
Homer Pringle - family of Bertha (Minerd) Pringle
German Township, Fayette County, PA - details lost
July 7, 1917
Edward Aaron Whitton - family of Drusilla (Welker) Moffitt
Cramped while swimming in Twin Lakes near Paris, IL
May 1921
Roscoe Quinlan France - family of Forest Fay France
Powell Creek near Continental, OH.
May 1922
Harry Rebock Hiles - family of Daisy (Minerd) Hiles
Homemade raft collapsed in the Hope Works reservoir near Smithfield, PA.
April 5, 1928
Cramped while swimming in Mosquito Creek at Youngstown Road Bridge near Warren, OH.
July 4, 1935
Robert Mayle/Maylee and Glenn Mayle/Maylee - family of Hiram Mayle
Automobile crashed over an embankment and into Elk Creek at Nutterdale, WV.
Jan. 16, 1937
Charles P. Turner - family of John Perry Turner
Fell off a sand barge in the Chesapeake Bay at Still Pond, MD.
July 2, 1937
Charles Emmett Harbaugh - family of Winfield Scott Harbaugh
Wading in North Park Lake near Pittsburgh.
Aug. 14, 1938
Gerald Marvin Rankin - family of Flora Belle (Farabee) Miller
Wading in Ten Mile Creek, Morgan Township., Greene County, PA.
June 26, 1941
George Perry Potter II - family of Mary (Leonard) Potter
Swimming in Van Buren Lake south of Rudolph, OH.
June 1944
Luther Mayle - family of Frank Mayle
Swimming in the Tygart Valley River near Philippi, WV.
June 15, 1944
Charles Robert Driscoll - family of Mary Belle (Minerd) Riley
Jumped off Pier 5, Youghiogheny Dam near Confluence, PA.
Aug. 16, 1948
Lester Virgil Miner Sr. - family of William Thomas Minard
While in a rowboat on Lake Erie near Conneaut, OH, jumped overboard to retrieve a comic book. He slipped below the waterline and disappeared.
July 18, 1951
Thomas White Whyel - family of Bertha (Ingles) Stone
Slipped and fell into the Uniontown (PA) Country Club swimming pool.
June 28, 1952
Osmond Lee “Butch” Davis - family of Laura (Brown) Barnum
Swimming in a farm water tank in Maysville, OK.
June 9, 1954
Ephraim “Leroy” Minor - family of John Andrew Miner
Tangled in weeds while wimming in Lime Kiln Lake at Zoar near Mineral City, OH.
Sept. 11, 1961

Wendell Hall - family of Jay Orlando Blythe

While at work for the Zeller Corporation in Defiance, OH, fell into a solution of scalding soap.
Oct. 21, 1962
Jack Hayden Coffey - family of Mary Catherine "Mollie" (McKnight) Pratton
Homemade canoe overturned in the Allegheny River at the mouth of Cowanshannock Creek, 2 miles from Kittanning, PA.
Nov. 11, 1964
Harry “J.D.” Murray - family of Harriet (Younkin) Romesburg
High Point Lake, Somerset County, PA.
July 9, 1966
Donald Walker - family of Mary (Mayle) Croston Hunter
Canoe overturned in Clendening Lake at YMCA Camp, Tippecanoe, OH.
Oct. 23, 1968
Wade Sheets - family of Lewis Musser
Lake Michigan near Ludington, MI.
Aug. 1, 1970
David Fabian - family of Charles H. Rose
New Year’s ritual swim in the Youghiogheny River at Connellsville, PA.
Jan. 1, 1971
Charles R. Conley Sr. - family of Austin Coleman Van Horn
Drowned in a small family pond near Akron, OH, while fishing, possibly from an epileptic seizure.
May 27, 1974
Hazel I. (Halfpenny) Stephenson - family of Ira M. Halfpenny
Found dead on the Susquehanna River bank near Berwick, PA, having been missing for 10 days. She reputedly was despondent just before leaving home.
March 1977
Harold Douglas Pirl - family of Charles H. Rose
Indian Creek near Normalville, PA.
May 11, 1977
Dillon Kenneth Knight - family of Norman W. Knight
Fell through ice while playing on Wixom Lake near Gladwin, MI.
Feb. 14, 1987
Thomas Keally Flaherty - family of Cora Isabelle (Evans Burns) Phelan
Allegheny River at the Highland Park Dam near Pittsburgh.
May 1989
Diane M. Hasch - family of Emma (Minerd) Green
Jumped from the Donora-Monessen Bridge into the Monongahela River at Donora, PA.
Feb. 13, 1990
Wayne R. Heinbaugh - family of Missouri (Younkin) Wingerd
Swimming in hotel pool in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.
May 27, 2005
Kenneth Varnadore - family of Wilbert Regis "Patsy" Minerd Sr.
Motorboating in Lake Wylie near Charlotte, NC.
July 6, 2016



~ Fire and Explosions (Chronological Order) ~
Name (25)
Baby boy was dropped into a burning fireplace when the mother had an epileptic fit near Kingwood, PA.
Dress ignited while burning wood to heat water for carpet-cleaning in Weldon, IL.
May 11, 1883
Ida M. (Snow) Van Horn - family of Andrew Jackson Van Horn
Burned in a fire at home in Robinson, IL.
Dec. 12, 1906
Legs badly burned when his clothing caught fire; died a little more than a week later in Grand Rapids, OH.
March 8, 1922
Caught in a gasoline explosion at the Freedom Oil Company in Mt. Pleasant, PA.
March 1924
Fred A. Johnson and son Darald Gene Johnson - family of Charles A. Dillow
Clothes caught fire while refilling a lighted coal oil lamp at home 7 miles south of Kenney, IL.
Nov. 7, 1926
Dress caught fire while working at a cook stove at home in Belle Vernon, PA
Jan. 1927
Gasoline tank explosion at a small electric power plant in Scullton, PA
July 20, 1931
Fire in an improvised boxcar shanty on a siding of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad in Newell, PA
March 1934
Fannie (McLaughlin) Dean - family of Catherine (Minerd) Nesmith Dean
Can of polish exploded while cleaning a hot stove in the family kitchen in Uniontown, PA
Dec. 2, 1935
Levi Franklin "Frank" Emerick - family of Lafayette Emerick
While in his blacksmith shop, dropped a piece of red-hot on some leaves, which ignited and spread to a nearby barn. Was burned on the face, skull and hands while trying to save a horse trapped inside the burning barn.
April 11, 1945
Ralph Robert Sheely - family of Stanford E. Oberdorf
When trying to light a fire, a 5-gallon can of kerosene ignited and exploded, sending flames into the living room, kitchen and small room.
Oct. 16, 1949
Housefire after a kerosene stove exploded in his home south of Tuscarawas, OH
Feb. 16, 1950
Housefire blamed on a cast iron space heater in Connellsville, PA
Dec. 3, 1961
Peggy Sue (Richey) Bierer and children Lori Ann and John David - family of Jesse "Bruce" Nicklow
Overcome by fumes, smoke and burns when a small fire in their sofa spread to the walls of their living room in Connellsville, PA.
Jan. 26, 1968
Robert D. Cypher - family of Jesse "Bruce" Nicklow
While working at Anchor Hocking Glass Corp. in Los Angeles, and adjusting a kiln, his shirt caught fire, rendering burns of the chest and arms.
April 1968
Housefire in the home of her brother Osborne Ream in Draketown, PA – investigated by the FBI
Sept. 1, 1970
Mary Louise (Giles) Means and son Larry Duane - family of Lucinda Jane "Jennie" (Miner) Turner Stevenson Paolone Fire swept through their home in Elizabeth, NJ
March 26, 1974
Thomas R. Darrell - family of Jesse "Bruce" Nicklow Struck by lightning while walking with friends in St. Rita's Cemetery in Connellsville, PA
June 11, 1976
Richard Lee Ross - family of Mary (Mayle) Croston Hunter Housefire, possibly in Canton, OH.
Sept. 13, 1995
Debra June Gardner - family of Katharyn (Purinton) Haller Tower Housefire in Bowie, MD. Her elderly father was rescued without injury.
Oct. 27, 2000



~ Automobile, Motorcycle and Pedestrian Accidents (Chronological Order) ~
Name (156)
Herbert Clark - family of Lucy (Minard) Clark While riding his motorcycle around the public square of Mt. Vernon, OH, between the rails of a streetcar track, his wheels hit the track switch, throwing him to the pavement.
Fall 1912

George Francis Beltz - family of Matilda (Comp) Beltz

Traveling between Enon Valley and Petersburg, PA, was thrown from a moving automobile.
July 19, 1913
Julia A. Frank - family of Catherine (Weyand) Frank While Christmas shopping in Bloomington, IL, crossed the street at Main and Washington, was struck and knocked down by a motorist, and hit her head on the pavement.
Dec. 1917
Caroline Jane "Carrie" (Dillow) Houchins - family of Charles A. Dillow Her Ford automobile was struck by an interurban trolley near the Clinton (IL) Country Club.
Oct. 1, 1921
Raymond W. Lame - family of Minerva Jane "Jennie" (Miner) Lame Automobile accident in or near Spencer Township, Ralls County, MO
Aug. 29, 1925
Kyle Carles Callen - family of Sabina "Lucretia" (Van Horn) Callan While repairing a wheel on his automobile, the jack collapsed, with the car plunging down and crushing him to death at home in Marion, VA.
Sept. 1, 1927
Charles "Silas" and Rachel (Pritchard Dublin) Miner
As passengers in a car driven by their son, the vehicle skidded while trying to pass another around a sharp curve, plunging down a steep embankment.
Dec. 24, 1927
Arthur Minerd - family of James William Minerd Unexpectedly cut across a road while bicycling with friends in Warren, OH and was struck by an automobile, thrown a distance and hit his head on a curb.
Oct. 9, 1929
Albert Thomas Stone - family of Bertha (Ingles) Stone While riding with his uncle James F. Stone, the vehicle went off the road and wrecked over a dry gully near Silver City, NM.
March 14, 1930

Evelyn Ullery - family of Gertrude (Minerd) Ullery

Struck and killed by a moving automobile near Pennsville, PA
May 1930
Hazel G. (Heston) Gribble Slusher Smith - family of Eugenus C. Gribble Her car turned over while on a curve at high speed near Harrisburg, OH
July 29, 1930
Lafayette Burns - family of Charles A. Dillow South of Clinton, IL, was thrown from a lumber wagon when it was struck by a car attempting to pass on the Salt Creek hill.
Sept. 17, 1930
Ora C. Emrick - family of Josiah Emerick En route to a vacation in Iowa, upon his motorcycle, lost control on a freshly graveled patch of highway and was thrown to the pavement at Grand Mound near Clinton, IA.
Sept. 22, 1930
Albert Doyle Nabors Jr. - family of Pearl (Beggs) Nabors Altman Struck by a car and killed while playing in front of the home of a family about to adopt him. Maybe in Uniontown? Check death certs.
John Willis Krick
Vehicle upset and went off the road, plunging over a 10-foot embankment into the Auglaize River near Paulding, OH.
Aug. 30, 1932
Daniel Mayle - family of Inez Gertrude (Hayes) Crippen Vehicle failed to navigate a turn in Bern Township, Athens County, OH
Sept. 15, 1932
Daniel Shupe - family of Rachel Ruamy (Murray) Cole While driving on Route 119 near Poplar Grove, Connellsville, PA, his automobile collided with another. The force of the crash smashed the left front wheel and tore the top from the couple. The driver was thrown from the vehicle.
March 30, 1935
William Rose - family of Levi Rose After being dropped off at home along Route 281, near Kingwood, PA, was struck and killed by another vehicle.
March 8, 1936
James Austin Harbaugh - family of James Harbaugh Struck by a motorcyclist on the Connellsville-Farmington Highway in Fayette County, PA. His body was found quite a distance away, hinting to authorities that the hit-and-run driver carried the corpse to a spot where he knew it would be found, about 100 feet from a farmhouse.
Nov. 1936
LaVerne Maude (Knight) McMillan - family of Mary Ann (Ream) McMillan While returning from the Christmas party of her husband's sporting goods firm, as a passenger in a vehicle driven by the Terre Haute (IN) Star sports editor, her skull was crushed when the automobile ran off a curving road, plowed into an abutment and overturned.
Dec. 23, 1937
Harold Dwight Harbaugh Hit by a passing vehicle while he tried to walk across Route 40 (the National Pike) at Hopwood, PA. Weighing . 240 lbs., he was knocked about 60 feet to the sidewalk
Jan. 6, 1938
Anna Alice (Kistler) Peters - family of William Gaumer
An automobile skidded on the ice and crashed into their home near Allentown, PA, knocking down the posts holding up the front porch. She came out to the porch to watch her husband and others pull the vehicle out of the wreckage. Without warning, the porch roof collapsed and buried her in the debris.
Feb. 4, 1938
James Henry Braunns, also spelled "Brauns" - family of Alice (Minerd) Holdsworth Vehicle collided head-on with another on Altman Avenue in Punxsutawney, PA.
Aug. 15, 1938
Richard "Curtis" Mull - family of Josiah Emerick Killed on U.S. Route 30, near Ligonier, PA, when his vehicle crashed into the back of a large tractor trailer hauling a large steam shovel.
May 4, 1940
Jack B. "Jackie" Slonecker - family of Josiah Emerick A 9-year-old boy, was run over by a truck in Mount Pleasant, PA, falling under the right real wheel while trying to hang onto the side of the truck.
Sept. 21, 1940

Noel J. Dawkins - family of Dora (Miner) Dawkins

Vehicle failed to make a curve on Route 128 south of Cowden, IL.
April 1941
Hugh W. “Huey” Firestone - family of Grant Louis Firestone Sr. Automobile accident in Wyandotte, MI
May 11, 1941
Lloyd Ellsworth Hayes - family of Mary Jane (Firestone) Sidebottom While standing along Route 3 west of Greensburg, PA, was struck by a moving automobile.
Aug. 24, 1941
David Mansfield “Mose” Newman - family of Sarepta (Kennedy) Mayle
Struck by a moving automobile in Barbour County, WV.
June 23, 1942
Ruby (Comp) Smith Rush - family of Hannah (Sturtz) Comp After surviving a motor vehicle accident on Route 51 near Uniontown, PA, she walked a mile for help only to be struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver.
Dec. 13, 1942

Harry Arnold "Schuf" Overholt - family of Arnold A. Overholt

On wet pavement, as the car reached Jones Mills, PA on Route 31, it skidded and rolled over an embankment
His car collided a coal truck collided at the Gaddis intersection on the Connellsville road in Fayette County, PA. The wreck was buried under 8 tons of coal and debris.
March 23, 1944
Calvin Burr III - family of Mabel Elise (Hayden) Burr
Automobile accident a few miles east of Auburn, NY
Dec. 6, 1946
Frank George Turner
Passenger in an automobile which collided with a truck on U.S. Route 40 near Flint Rock Park, east of Uniontown, PA
Dec. 23, 1946
Robert McKnight - family of Minnie (Minerd) McKnight
Struck by a moving vehicle on Main Street in Uniontown, PA.
Jan. 13, 1947
Philip D. Krick
Automobile accident in Saginaw County, MI
Oct. 15, 1947
Robert Minor - family of Jacob Alexander Minor With a friend, was en route to Michigan to look for work. When he was blinded by the lights of an approaching car, his vehicle went off the road and overturned several times near New London, OH.
Dec. 1947
Twila Nellie Miner - family of Robert Marshall White Sr. While bicycling along Route 40 in Hopwood, PA, was struck by a motorist when she rode out from between parked cars.
Nov. 10, 1948
Harry "Clayton" Rowe - family of Josiah Emerick While driving with cousin Francis Fawl about six miles north of Ottawa, KS on U.S. Route 59, their vehicle collided with an empty gasoline transport truck.
June 10, 1950
Forest Fay France Two-car collision on Route 108, five miles south of Holgate, OH
April 1952
Arthur Ralph “Buck” Minerd Sr. and nephew William Minerd of the family of Harry Russell Minerd
En route to work, their car collided head-on with a coal truck on Route 88 at the outskirts of Greensboro, PA
May 27, 1952
Walter Abram and Harriet Glen (Reddy) Freed
Skidded on a wet road in Winter Haven, FL, crushing the vehicle, just after leaving a Shriner convention
June 20, 1952
David Edward Miner - family of William G. Miner
Near the entrance to the state hospital on Route 36 in Altoona, PA, struck a berm along a durve and skidded sideways before a collision with another auto, just days before he was to be inducted into the Army during the Korean War.
John Harvey Mayle - family of Sarepta (Kennedy) Mayle While en route with a friend from an outing in the mountains, their pickup truck skidded on wet street pavement and overturned near Elkins, WV
April 25, 1953
John Henry Moon - family of Enoch Miner Sr. After a night of drinking and bar hopping, was a passenger in a vehicle which rammed into the back of a stalled truck on Route 119 near Gaddis Crossroads, Uniontown, PA
Aug. 29, 1953
David "Alfred" and Lissie (Russell) Dillow and their daughter Tina (Dillow) Jackson Automobile accident in Tacoma, WA.
Oct. 3, 1953
James Clifford Kennell - family of Solomon Emerick Two miles south of Hyndman, PA, he "applied the brakes on his car as he approached a slower moving vehicle, which was traveling in the same direction," said a newspaper. His car went out of control and sideswiped a southbound car." His door broke open on impact and he may have been "thrown out and suffered fatal injuries when he fell on the road."
Jan. 24, 1954
Ivo "Dale" Miner - family of Hugh Valentine Miner En route to work, the automobile skidded off the road and flipped over an embankment into a ditch along Roiute 34 in Hillsdale, MI.
Jan. 1955
Charles William Phillips - family of Arlene Grace (Menefee) Stuck Critically injured in the chest in an automobile accident on Route 92 near Grafton, WV, and died in Grafton City Hospital.
Oct. 27, 1956
Edward Lewis and Phyllis Margaret (Miller) Youngblood - family of John W. Miller Crashed head-on into a concrete abutment over a small bridge on Oldtown Road, 10 miles southeast of Cumberland, MD.
Feb. 10, 1957
Presley Twining France Automobile accident.
March 23, 1957
Ervin Hartman - family of Austin "Frederick" Van Horn Killed when his automobile collided with a tractor trialer in or around Findlay, OH.

Dec. 9, 1957
Charles Richard "Chuck" Darrell - family of Gertrude (Minerd) Ullery While working as a flagman along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, four miles east of the Allegheny Interchange, was struck by a motorist.
May 27, 1958
Myrtle Firestone
On her usual rounds delivering farm goods using a horse and buggy, was riding up a hill east of St. Joseph’s Cemetery near Connellsville, PA when a pickup truck tried to pass and struck the right rear wheel of the buggy.
Sept. 1958
Thelma Jean (Stairs) Appleby - family of Clarence Garner Stairs Automobile accident near Mulberry, FL.
Sept. 20, 1958

Alice (Carpendale) Cregger Krick - family of Elijah Krick

Two-car collision at an intersection on the eastern outskirts of Grand Rapids, MI, near her home along Knapp Road.
March 3, 1959

Gilbert Van Johnson - family of Charles H. Rose

On Route 381 in Mill Run, PA, his vehicle overturned when it struck an abutment.
Nov. 5, 1959
Paul Loren Kennell - family of Solomon Emerick While driving on a straight stretch of road, good visibility and clear going, ascending a long gradual grade of Route 96 near Hyndman, PA, collided with on coming vehicle. Was "thrown into the back seat of his car by the force of the impact that damaged both machines beyond repair [and] was killed instantly because of internal injuries," said a newspaper.
Sept. 3, 1960
Donald Kuhns - family of Minnie (Enos) Kuhns Accident about 16 miles northeast of Cambridge, Ohio when an oncoming car failed to negotiate a turn and went into the path of the Kuhns vehicle.
July 7, 1961
Horace O. Middlebrook - family of Mary Ann (Ream) McMillan While driving south of Sebetha, KS, along a county road, failed to stop at a stop sign and pulled directly into the path of an oncoming car.
May 21, 1962
Clara (Bruce) Henneman - family of Ostie (Minard) Henneman Struck by a motorist while helping someone having car trouble on the east side of Clarinda, IA.
Aug. 1, 1963
Margaret (Emerick) Kane - family of Josiah Emerick While working in her front yard in Cumberland, MD, was struck by a moving vehicle operated by a 16-year-old boy and thrown over the curb.
April 23, 1964
Geraldine (Gerhard) Yarbrough - family of Thomas Ream Jr.
Three-vehicle accident along Route 32 near Muncie, IN when her car was rear-ended as she was stopped, trying to make a left turn.
Sept. 12, 1964
Dale Edward House - family of Thomas Ira Gribble Passenger in an automobile which rolled over several times along Route 283 in or near Painesville, OH
Nov. 3, 1964
A. Dewey Porter - family of Lydia (Emerick) Beal Struck by a passing motorist while walking to work at Frostburg (MD) State College, sustaining a crushed chest, fractures and internal injuries.
Feb. 3, 1965
Merle Robert Turney - families of Martha (Leonard) Turney and Lucinda Jane "Jennie" (Miner) Turner Stevenson Paolone While driving on the Ohio Turnpike near Berea, was badly injured in a two-car crash and pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.
March 19, 1965
Orville Gary - family of Minnie Edna (Miner) Gary Vehicle lost control and veered off Route 219 in Garrett, PA.
August 1965

Dennis Michael Wilscam - family of Frank Minerd

The brakes locked with the vehicle propelled into a ditch on the Butler-Sedgwick County line near Andover, KS.
Nov. 12, 1966
Kenneth Miner - family of Charles Miner
Believed to have been an automobile accident on U.S. Route 61, about a mile north of Montrose, IA
March 1967
Stephen Minard
Wreck on Route 119 near Philippi, WV on after suffering a heart attack.
July 2, 1967
Terry Brown - family of Harry Minerd Automobile accident in Anderson, CA
Nov. 1967
Beryl Eugene Kennedy - family of Ressie Ray Kennedy Automobile accident in or near Sandusky, OH.
April 11, 1968
Haulzie "Paul" Rhodes - family of Sarah Jane (Addis) Rankin While driving near Outcrop, PA, lost control of his truck. After an impact, was thrown from the vehicle, and suffered a fractured neck and fractures of the skull, crushed chest and internal bleeding.
Dec. 17, 1968
Linda Sue (Barron) Harshman - family of Anna Belle (Trout) Hower While drinking and driving in a small foreign-made sportscar, the automobile lost control and struck the Perkiomen Creek Bridge on Egypt Road before smashing into a telephone pole near Oaks, PA.
March 7, 1970
Dr. Robert William Guie - family of Lydia (Emerick) Beal His vehicle was driving at a high rate of speed along Route 711/Springfield Pike near Connellsville, PA, and cross the centerline on a curve and collided head-on with another car, with both bursting into flames.
July 29, 1970
Roy Eugene Pullin - family of Mary Ann (Ream) McMillan His automobile skidded on an icy road near Cedar Rapids, IA and turned over.
Dec. 12, 1970

Mary Hunsberger - family of Johan George Wetzel

Head-on crash between the Route 512 and Route 191 exits of Lehigh Valley Thruway in Northampton County, PA
Feb. 1971
Lloyd Keith Dalton - family of Emily Jane (Minerd) Mayle While stationed with the 3rd Marine Air Wing at Yuma (AZ) Air Station, was riding in a bus and pushed out the rear door by a fellow Marine and was struck by a trailing vehicle.
June 1971
Jack Phillip Ross - family of Mary (Mayle) Croston Hunter Struck and killed by a moving automobile at the corner of Gibbs Avenue Northeast and Hiner Place in Canton, OH
Oct. 5, 1971
Anna (?) Birch - family of Andrew J. Birch Automobile accident in Odessa, TX
Martin J. Walsh Jr. - family of Barbara Eleanor (Minerd) Walsh
While driving in East Providence, PA, a large rock crashed through the vehicle's windshield.
Eric Allen Welsh - family of John W. Miner Was a passenger in a vehicle which was crossing railroad tracks after a train had passed, only to be struck when the train stopped and backed up.
March 21, 1973
Wanda Kay Rodeheaver - family of Alfred Rankin
Automobile accident near the Valley Iron Furnace on the outskirts of Albright, WV.
July 9, 1973
Donald Gene Morris Sr. - family of Mary "Adaline" (Miller) Shaffer Killed with a co-worker when their company pickup truck was rammed head-on by another truck at Main and Melick Streets in Mount Vernon, OH.
July 30, 1973
James Edward Herbeck and brother Paul David Herbeck - family of David "Nesbit" Miner Automobile accident on Highway 146 near Seabrook, TX.
Dec. 17, 1973
David Gene Grimm - family of Martha (Leonard) Turney Was riding his motorcycle heading north on Route 711 near Normalville, PA. The bike struck a guard rail and he was hurled over the hillside, landing next to a creek.
July 28, 1974
Ralph Lee Smalley - family of Sarah Elizabeth (Turner) Smalley At the wheel of an automobile which crashed into a tree along Coolspring Road near Lemont Furnace, PA
Sept. 29, 1974
John Edward Hall II - family of Thomas Minerd Vehicle rolled over an embankment.
Oct. 1974
James A. Brown - family of Hannah "Lucy" (Murray) Eicher Vehicle went out of control, struck a utility pole, rolled over and came to rest on another utility pole along Route 711 near Connellsville, PA.
March 22, 1975
Dale Alan Geary II - family of Christena (Emerick) Burkett Killed when his mini-bike collided with a pickup truck on a sharp turn about two miles north of Route 36 at Mt. Savage, MD. The mini-bike lodged underneath the chassis.
July 22, 1975
Lillie Kathryn "Kathy" (Solomon) Overturf - family of William G. Miner Injured near Wooster, OH when she was driving north on Ohio Route 57 and collided with a car which had run a stop sign. Pronounced dead on arrival at Wooster Community Hospital.
Oct. 29, 1975
Delbert E. Rankin - family of George W. Rankin Having missed a turn, and then backing up on Route 119 at Collier Crossroads near Fairchance, PA, was struck by a truck.
Dec. 30, 1975

Melvin Rose - family of Charles H. Rose

Vehicle crossed the center line and collided head-on with another on the Springfield Pike near Connellsville, PA.
June 15, 1976
Curtis Allen Gibbs - family of Mary Catherine "Mollie" (McKnight) Pratton Motorcycle accident in Key West, FL
Aug. 27, 1976
Albert J. Porterfield - family of Thomas Ream Jr. His International station wagon skidded on an icy road near Confluence, PA and plunged down an embankment, colliding with a tree.
Dec. 3, 1977
Darrell Wayne Dean - family of James "Andrew" Dean Automobile accident in or near Terre Haute, IN
Jan. 1, 1978
Carl Henry Richter Jr. - family of Mary Ann (Miner) Richter Motorcycle accident
Clark “Bunky” Kusaj - family of Charles Arthur "Charleroi Charley" Younkin
At age 15, was among 10 children en route to a party in a pickup truck along Patuxent Road in Anne Arundel County, MD. The driver lost control and careened into a row of trees. The Washington Post called it "Maryland's worst traffic accident in a decade."
April 23, 1979
Charles Lewis "Skip" Miller Jr. - family of Irene (Miner) Welsh Automobile accident, possibly in West Virginia
April 28, 1979
Harry Edward Roe - family of Hannah "Lucy" (Murray) Eicher While on Route 51 near Perryopolis, PA, the driver of a northbound truck crossed a small concrete median barrier and collided with Harry's truck headed southbound.
Oct. 28, 1981
Diana Lynn (Shaffer) Houze - family of Harry Russell Minerd Motorcycle accident in or near Smithfield, PA
Sept. 5, 1983

Arthur Minor - family of William Thomas Minard

Struck and killed by two automobiles near the intersection of Lake Road in Clarendon, NY. Suspecting foul play, the family engaged a psychic to try to solve the mystery and asked that additional assistance.
June 7, 1984
John "Wayne" Prinkey - family of George E. Rowan
Accident while driving on Route 35 north of Corriganville, MD
Elmer David "Wink" Stillwagon - family of Irene (Miner) Welsh Stopped to assist someone in an automobile accident, and suffered a heart attack with death following soonafter.
Sept. 14, 1985
Alan R. Leslie - family of Amanda (Younkin) Hechler Vehicle left Route 55044 in Milford Township, Somerset County, PA and struck two trees.
May 1986
Charles J. Haggard - family of Harry Minerd While driving alone eastbound on the Gene Snyder Freeway at the overpass of Interstate 65 near Louisville, KY, the car struck a bridge abutment, continued down the road, went off the side, struck a guard rail and overturned.
June 21, 1987
David Houghton Jr. - family of Jesse Floyd Goins Automobile accident in Charlotte, MI
Nov. 23, 1987
Joseph William Shaffer Jr. - family of Harry Russell Minerd Automobile veered across into the oncoming lane and crashed into a tree, bursting into flames, on Route 119 north of York Run Crossroads near Smithfield, PA
Sept. 26, 1988
Joseph Cassius Cooperrider - family of Allie (Johnston) Cooperrider Automobile accident believed to have been in San Jose, CA.
Nov. 11, 1990
Russell E. Johnson - family of Laura Belle (Younkin) Shroyer One-vehicle accident in Saltlick Township, Fayette County, PA
Charlotte Delight (Moore) Tanner - family of David "Nesbit" Miner

While riding with her aunt Orabelle Courntey in League City near Galveston, TX, their Ford Crown Victoria turned from the Interstate 45 feeder road onto FM 646 and collided with another vehicle.

Aug. 13, 1992
Larry Ray "Butch" Anderson - family of George E. Rowan Automobile accident
July 11, 1993
Alicia Ann Mayle - family of George Riley Minard Automobile accident south of Grafton on U.S. Route 199 and Route 250.
Dec. 4, 1994
April C. Mayle - family of Sarepta (Kennedy) Mayle
Struck by a hit-and-run driver in Michigan
May 6, 1997
Timothy Daniel Pirl - family of Charles H. Rose Automobile accident
July 10, 1997
Stacy Halbrook - family of William G. Miner While making a sharp curve on Mountain Road, Berks County, PA, her van veered across the road and into a tree, rolling over and coming to rest in the middle of the road.
May 29, 1999
Gary Allen Peck - family of Amanda (Younkin) Hechler While driving on Route 281 in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, PA, his truck veered off the road, hit a dirt embankment, rolled and plunged down a steep hill.
Oct. 29, 1999
Howard E. Walter - family of William Samuel Jewell Automobile accident in or near Toledo, OH.
Dec. 19, 1999
Leslie D. Quairiere, RN - family of Mary "Alice" (Minerd) Ellis Doughty
At age 28, driving near her home in DuBois, PA, her venicle was struck by one operated by a drunk driver. She was life-flighted to Pittsburgh and died soon after arrival.
June 12, 2000
Pauline (Kennedy) Sephfus Flowers - family of John H. Kennedy Automobile accident near Chesterhill, OH
Nov. 20, 2000
Jeremy Robert Henderson - family of John W. Miner At age 12, killed in a vehicular accident south of Montana City, MT
July 28, 2001
Scott Love - family of Elijah Krick Automobile accident in or near New Haven, IN
March 28, 2002
Ray Lou (Brunner) Miner - family of John W. Miner Automobile accident in or near Alliance/Cleveland, OH
Oct. 19, 2002
Larry Steven "Steve" Rose - family of Charles H. Rose Fell asleep at the wheel, drifted off the road and collided into a tree near Kreager, PA.
Dec. 3, 2002
Thomas M. Isiminger - family of Andrew Jackson Birch Killed when the vehicle in which he was a passenger was speeding on Interstate 79, lost control and crashed into a bridge abutment.
Sept. 18, 2003
Justin Lee Kingan - family of Thomas Minerd Vehicle crossed into the median strip and went out of control into the oncoming lane and into the path of a tractor trailer on Route 119 near the Fayette County Fairgrounds near Dunbar, PA.
Dec. 6, 2003
John R. and Sandra Ann (Anastasion) Means - family of Mary Ann (Miner) Richter Automobile accident on Route 31 near Donegal, PA when their vehicle was struck head-on by another car which had crossed the centerline on a curve in the road.
Jan. 1, 2004
Joshua Isaac Allen - family of John William Rankin Vehiclular accident, possibly in or near his home in Cave Junction, OR
July 7, 2004
Jeanetta Pearl (Donaldson) Loncharick Nicholson - family of Charles H. Rose During a domestic dispute in front of their home near Normalville, PA, she moved onto the road and was struck by an oncoming vehicle, flipping her body flipped over where it was hit by another car moving in the opposite direction.
Nov. 29, 2004
Melanie Mayle - family of Inez Gertrude (Hayes) Crippen Automobile accident on Route 550 near Bartlett, OH.
April 6, 2005
Ryan Charles Jobes - family of Charles Ray Minor Automobile accident on Interstate 64 near Beckley, WV
Dec. 20, 2005

Joseph Norman Miner III - family of William M. Miner

Automobile accident in Delton, MI
Sept. 27, 2006
Donald E. Nichols Sr. - family of Rachel (Minerd) Mayle Automobile accident - details not known
Frederick Alan "Sudz"Bernichio - family of Charles S. Luckey
Motorcycle accident near his home in New Mexico
Dec. 18, 2007
Matthew David McLaughlin - families of Martha (Leonard) Turney and Charles H. Rose
Vehicle accident, possibly in or near Connellsville, PA
March 18, 2012
Dawnielle Paige Victor - families of Charles H. Rose and Enoch Miner Sr. Passenger in a two-car automobile accident along Breakneck Road in Connellsville, PA
Jan. 13, 2012

Amber Hall - family of John Andrew Miner

Automobile accident in or near Magnolia, OH
Jan. 1, 2013
James Eugene "Jim" Jones - family of Agnes (Younkin) Crabtree Passenger in a vehicle which collided with another vehicle which had run a stop sign at the intersection of Ohio Rouite 231 and Township Road 43 between Nevada and Sycamore, OH.
March 30, 2015
Kodie Maray Hollinshead - family of Dora (Miner) Dawkins All-terrain vehicle accident in Effingham, IL
Oct. 23, 2016
Jamilyn Renee Hull - family of John Andrew Miner Automobile accident in The Woodlands, TX
June 25, 2015
Timothy Arl Helms - family of Mary "Adaline" (Miller) Shaffer "Fiery" motorcycle accident on State Route 3 and Fulton Road in or near Wooster, OH.
June 12, 2016
Andrew James McLaughlin - family of Martha (Leonard) Turney
Vehicle accident, possibly in or near Connellsville, PA
April 30, 2017

Tiffany Shelby Minerd - family of Arthur Ralph “Buck” Minerd Sr.

Vehicle crashed into a tree and fence along East Main Street near Uniontown, PA, careening into the porch of one house and coming to rest against another.
April 4, 2019
Brian Michael Starkey - family of Emily Jane (Minerd) Mayle Motorcycle accident in or near Carrollton, OH
Oct. 3, 2020
Matthew Wayne Sealock - family of Ollie Margaret (Miner) Plants On oncoming vehicle crossed Martha Berry Highway near Berry College in Rome, GA and collided with his car head-on
April 22, 2021
Sharon (Mosley) Jones - family of Clyde J. Jones Motorcycle accident, probably in Texas.
James William Madden - family of Martha (Fawcett) Shomaker Automobile accident



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